Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC

Sisters:  Taylor (CYWU),  Ceresa (UNISON)
Brothers:  Kelleher (UNISON),  Cole (NUT),  Ash (UNISON),  Tinsley (FBU),  Juss (GMB),  Deacon (UNISON)
Apologies:  Marris (TGWU), Sagoo (UNISON),  Halfpenny (NUT),  Farmer (UNISON), Grant (NATFHE),  Goalby (FBU).

Correction: 3.2.14; Nick Kelleher had already written to TUC re: Organising Unions Organising Communities - he had also received a reply - which indicated that Trade Union Councils had been omitted from the mailing list.
With this one amendment the minutes were agreed as a true and accurate record. Matters arising:
2.3.4. No response from Councillor Tersaim Singh re: public liability insurance and the use of Dunstall Hill Community Centre.
3.2.5. Letter to UNISON Health branch (re:disaffiliation) still to be actioned.
4g.     Letter has been drafted.

3. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORT meeting cancelled therefore no report
3.1.4. Response about the F.L.A.G. Staff Association at Wolverhampton City Council. Issues about this group were discussed. It was AGREED that letters would be sent to Councillors outlining our concerns.
3.1.5. Bro. Deacon has drafted letter for MPs.
3.1.6. Bro. Kelleher attended a meeting of the Rahimi Family Must Stay Campaign; he asked that delegates write in support (if they haven't already done so) and that copies of letters should be retained. They are asking for a review of Ali's case, Zoriah's is a new case. After seven weeks the family is still awaiting news, if unsuccessful they will seek a judicial review. At a recent meeting, Navid, their young son gave a speech. Next campaign meeting: St Patrick's Church, Wednesfield Road (rear entrance), 17th January 2006 at 7.30pm.
3.1.6. Saturday 17th December 2005 the Rahimi family are holding a Xmas Party at St Patrick's Church Hall, 7.30/8pm start. It was agreed that a small gift would be sent to Navid.
3.1.7. Midlands Region TUC has sent paperwork seeking nominations for LGBT Network, Women's Committee and Race Task group. The paperwork appeared to be aimed at county associations. It was agreed to nominate Warinder Juss for the Race Task Group. Nomination agreed for the LGBT Network – Bob Deacon.
3.1.11 Rob Marris has received a response from local Trading Standards re: Data Protection Agency scam. Locally Trading Standards have a lack of funds to pursue this unlawful activity and the matter is further complicated by the fact that the company in question is located in Blackpool. After discussion it was agreed the Bro. Deacon would write to the W.V.S.C. - asking that they include a news item in their next mailing to warn local groups and charities about this scam. It was also agreed that the secretary would write to Blackpool Trading Standards and to Rob Marris.
3.1.16 Wolverhampton LGBT Census Report - Questions supplied by Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC were not included. The Census identified employment issues but there was no mention of Trade Unions. Equality courses are not running locally early next year. There was discussion around circulating the findings of the census it was AGREED that the LGBT Network would follow this up.


a) Secretary - The Stop the War Vigil will take place in Queen's Square when the 100th British soldier is killed. Press releases need to be prepared and publicity is required. There was discussion around the anti-terrorism laws and concerns that they are being used to silence peace protesters, pensioners and individuals wearing T-shirts with slogans on them! Suggestions were invited for a speaker at the AGM. It was AGREED to invite a speaker to address us about anti-terrorism laws.
b) Treasurer - On holiday, apologies received.
c) Pensions Campaign - The Local Government Scheme is expected to abolish the 85 year rule in October. More information is expected and ballots likely in due course. Teacher's pensions - The Government has backed down from initial proposals but concerns remain. This issue will be discussed at the next meeting, after the AGM.
d) WB&D TUC Employment Advisory Sub Committee - Sis. Taylor has spoken to Andy Burford. Funding and business plans need to be addressed, a meeting is to be arranged for the new year and the WB&D TUC will be updated.
e) Workplace Reports:
FBU - Ballot finishes tomorrow. Same offer as before. Result will be announced shortly, update will be given at next meeting.
NATFHE - Day of industrial action has taken place, no delegate present to report.
f) West Mids. COUNTY ASSOCIATION of TUC’s AGM - Bro. Kelleher re-elected as President. We haven't applied for a fund development grant. Suggestion to seek funding for May Day celebrations - perhaps to make a DVD of the event? Attempting to merge West Bromwich and Warley T.U. Councils to form a Sandwell TUC. Halesowen was a very active group but is now struggling since the death of its Secretary - the County Association is to offer support. There were concerns about the report of the review of Trades Councils It was suggested that Roger McKenzie be invited along to speak.
g) Rahimi Family Campaign - covered under Matters Arising.
h) CSC - Quiz raised over £90, refreshments were available and the venue was praised. Nationally, Trades Union Conference in February is bringing European and Cuban Trade Unionists together in London.
i) PSC - Held a successful meeting in November, which was well attended. Plan to arrange follow up meeting to try to increase active membership. Ken Purchase has been on a Parliamentary visit to the occupied territories, the aim is to invite him along on Thursday 5th January 2006, venue to be confirmed. Fundraising Xmas cards are available from Bro. Deacon.

Justice For Colombia - Rob Marris has signed the Early Day Motion. Delegates were urged to write to Ken Purchase.
New OFSTED Inspection Framework - now each child within a school is to receive a letter which is critical of teaching staff and Governors. This is intended for children of infant school age upwards. This process is demoralising for staff and is leading to conflict between parents and teachers. This issue will be discussed at the February meeting.
The meeting closed at 8.45pm

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC

Sisters:  Halfpenny (NUT),  Ceresa (UNISON) Welch (NATFHE)

Brothers:   Kelleher (UNISON),  Grant (NATFHE), Baynham (AMICUS), Turner (UNISON),  Tinsley (FBU), Hardacre (NUT),  Juss (GMB),  Ash (UNISON)

Apologies:  Cole (NUT),Davis (UNISON),  Sagoo (UNISON)  Taylor (CYWU),  Farmer (UNISON)


Mike Hardacre was welcomed as a new member to the meeting.

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed to be a true record
 2.3.4 Inquiries had been made concerning public liability insurance re. use of Dunstall           Hill Community Centre to Councillor Tersaim Singh
3.2.5 Letter had been drafted as a response to UNISON Health branch disaffiliation.
3.2.7 Cheque will be sent to ACTSA
4g)   LGBT TUC  1. Letter to congratulate CWU’s stance sent.
           2. Suitable letters will be sent Pat McFadden if necessary.

3.1 No Executive Committee report as no meeting
3.2 Correspondence -
3.2.1   Some delegates have already taken part in activities to support the  Rahimi family’s campaign to stay in Wolverhampton.
 3.2.5    An excellent public meeting organised by WB&DTUC/STW Nick   Kelleher has copies of a computer CD video of the event available to   delegates.
3.2.8    Rob Marris has written to Wolverhampton Caterpillar MD to ascertain  whether any parts manufactured in Wolverhampton are used for  demolition of Palestinian communities.
3.2.12 Warinder Juss was the only member present who could represent as an  observer at the TUC Black Workers Conference but he had left the  room at this moment.
3.2.14 TUC Organising Unions Organising Communities sounded interesting  but notice was too short to participate.  NK to write complaining about  short notice
3.2.15 Wolverhampton Cuba Solidarity Quiz, White Rose, Bilston 30.11.05  on website
 3.2.18  Agreed TUCND affiliation £12
 3.2.19 Agreed West Midlands CATUC affiliation 2006 £30
 3.2.20 Agreed Hazards 2006 sponsorship £25
 3.2.23 Abortion Rights Defend the time limit campaign – postcards completed   by delegates to send to MPs
 3.2.24 Wolverhampton Council consultation on Community Involvement will   be done on line ends 19.12.05
 3.2.25 M Halfpenny will complete Regional Spatial Strategy questionnaire on   behalf of WB&DTUC

a) Secretary – Iraq the Way Forward (See 3.2.5) John Grant thanked Nick Kelleher for organising the event.  A Murray was an excellent speaker.  When the 100th soldier is killed in Iraq supporters will assemble at 5pm at Queen’s Square the following day.  10.12.05 ‘Who Shot the Sheriff’anti racist film at Lighthouse.  
b)  Treasurer –  £2536 in hand
c) Pensions Campaign - Rob Marris met,  he had discussion with Alan Johnson pensions minister.  Local Government schemes are locally based.  West Midlands not in deficit but other are.  “Media Lies” regarding pensions.
d) WB&TUC Employment Advisory Sub committee – no report
e) FBU – integrated risk management plan is produced annually 2004-5 plan reduced night time cover from 15 to 13 appliances, revised shift system.  New shift system proposed was unacceptable to FBU.  Since action started 65 fire-fighters joined FBU. Letter of support to be sent to Pete Gallagher at union office.
f) No reports from CSC and PSC as delegates not present.  CSC quiz see 3.2.15. PSC  public meeting 26.11.05 at St Andrew’s Church
Two reports were tabled from Tracy Morgan TU Congress report and     Wolverhampton Council Lifelong Learning Scrutiny Panel

5. RESOLUTION : ‘Rahmi Family Must Stay Campaign’ from UNISON General Branch
Moved Nick Kelleher Seconded John Grant
This TUC agrees to write to the Minister of State for Immigration, Tony McNulty MP asking him to grant full refugee status to the family.  Also to write to our local MPs raising the issue with them.  WB&DTUC will support the campaign by making a financial donation.
This was passed unanimously and a donation of £100 was agreed.

6. Speaker Alireza Rahimi
 Gave an account as to how workers could no longer be organised in Iran as workers organisations had been ended with the revolution and private contractors brought in.  Activists and organisers were imprisoned, tortured or they and their families were threatened with death.  It was very moving.
 There was an article on The Chronicle front page regarding setting up a BNP group in  Wolverhampton. Delegates need to be vigilant to try and ascertain if a branch is  really being set up.

The meeting closed at 8.45pm





Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC

Sisters: Halfpenny (NUT), Taylor (CYWU),  Ceresa (UNISON)
Brothers:  Deacon (UNISON),  Grant (NATFHE), Baynham AMICUS,  Turner (UNISON)
Apologies: Kelleher (UNISON),  Morgan (UNISON), Ash (UNISON),  Sagoo (UNISON)

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed to be a true record
Final mailing to those that have not renewed their affiliation will be sent.
2.3.2 Andrew Murray of Stop the War confirmed for November meeting
2.3.4 Bob Deacon asked ‘What are we doing re public liability charges?’

3.1 Executive Committee report none as only one member present at meeting
3.2 Correspondence - This was tabled after item 4 (i) due to a lack of photocopies
3.2.3    Noted Midlands TUC to CATUC regarding Agency Labour and Job crisis  conference.
 3.2.4    EDM on ICL/Stockline – petition to sign
3.2.5    Unison Health branch disaffiliation – Sam Cole had attended TUC as rep.  Nick Kelleher to write and find out why they are NOT affiliating with copy of correspondence to Roger McKenzie.  What is their objection?  Also write to UNISON regionally and remind them that all should affiliate.
3.2.7   Agreed to reaffiliate to Action for Southern Africa
3.2.8  Details of Norwich Festival ‘Raise Your Banners’ 11-13 November were circulated.
3.2.9   Noted Unite Against Fascism conference at Congress House on November 5th
 3.2.13  Peoples Press fighting Fund donations
 3.2.14.  Launch of ‘LGBT Census Wolverhampton’ was not attended by any Local Government Officials or Councillors who were invited.  Disappointing.  The excellent census was circulated to delegates
a) Secretary – Written report – In the absence of Dave Cole John Grant volunteered to chair the meeting for Stop the War on 2.11.05 ( Nick Kelleher to make arrangements) Women Chain Makers Festival 22.10.05 Black Country Museum,  Banner Theatre ‘Wild Geese’ 28.10.05 Arena Theatre
b)  Treasurer –  £2002 in hand
c) WB&DTUC Employment Advisory Service Sub –Committee                                                        – Nick Kelleher, Warinder Juss and Marie Taylor met.  There is a need, if we want to take this forward, to find a local place where people could find information.  Group have approached Andy Burford (Chief Officer Community Play and Youth) who was very supportive.  There will be another meeting of the group.  A discussion followed.  Points raised.  What happened to the Alan Garner Centre for Trade Union studies at Old Hall Street?  Could the work be funded through the TUC OFFA fund contact Roger Mackenzie?  Hopefully the centre could raise the TUC profile.  It would be open to the public - the majority of workers are not in a union.  A telephone with someone on the end.  Funding could be obtained from the Trade Union Learning Fund if Trade Union Studies and could include a café.  We would be able to get start up grants but would need an income to keep going.  A business plan will be necessary with options available explored.  A building survey will need to be done.
d) West Midlands County Association of TUCs – Bob Deacon gave a written report which led to some discussion about the Regions remodelling agenda.  We would like contact with the task group – John Freeman, Dorothy heath, Robert West and Martin Eversfield who will report to the Regional AGM.  Resolved to invite a member of the working party to our December meeting so we can have input into the restructure.
e) TUC Congress no report from Tracy Morgan
f) Wolverhampton Council Lifelong Learning Scrutiny Panel excellent written report from Tracy Morgan – John Grant particularly congratulated her.
g) LGBT TUC report written report from Bob Deacon – the meeting supported the 2 recommendations- 1. Write to CWU congratulating their principled stand urging they continue to pursue the objective through the TUC.   The inconsistency of other unions was discussed. 2. Write to MP’s within the terms of the Congress resolution and also expressing concern about section 52 of the bill which exempts faith schools from the bill’s provision to outlaw discrimination on grounds of religion or belief.  This problem with education was discussed.  Ken Purchase and Rob Marris have signed the Early Day Motion, letter to Pat McFaddon.  Trade Union profile for World Aids Day 1.12.05 through own unions.
h) No workplace reports
i)  No CSC report as Dave Cole not present.  PSC There is an event at St Andrew’s Church with a speaker from Christian Aid – Saturday 26th November 6 to 8 pm

From UNISON General Branch on ‘Combined TU Pensions Campaign
At the recent TU conference a motion was passed calling for a Public Sector Demonstration in support of Public Sector Pensions.
In light of information being received that Government proposals being made to unions on pensions are worse than the ones put to us at the beginning of the year which led to a successful strike vote.

Wolverhampton , Bilston & District TUC calls on the TUC JCC  to support calls for the immediate setting of  date for the demonstration in order that the strength of feeling and opposition to government attacks on our pension can be known to both the government and that any other attacks be met by united action by public sector unions.

We further support the call for the setting up of a Wolverhampton Public Sector TU campaign Committee by the Trades Union Council.

There followed a discussion as to the best way forward in the light of some settlement within teacher unions, health sector, and fire-fighters. The point was raised that we should not sell jobs of the future in order to help settlement. UNISON plans to meet with MPs.  The motion will go to Regional Council on November 3rd.    The motion was proposed and seconded and agreed by union delegates.

Future action
• Leave Trades Council to decide where the motion should be sent
• As negotiations are still on going Adrian Turner will contact other local government unions.
•  Watch the website as it may change quite quickly.
• Dave Cole to check NUT position.
• Local demo may still be needed.

 Marion Halfpenny raised the restructure of teachers pay and management points which may lead to some schools being in dispute with governors.  Smestow and Woodfield Infants were mentioned.  The meeting closed at 8.45pm

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC
MINUTES of Delegate meeting    15-9-05

Sisters:   Taylor (CYWU), Ceresa(UNISON), Lowe(TGWU) and another sister..
Brothers: Kelleher(UNISON),  Brackenridge(FBU),  Cole(NUT),  Deacon(UNISON),  Juss(GMB),  Marris(TGWU),  Grant(NATFHE), Lowe (Amicus),  Turner (UNISON),  Jones (PCS)
Apologies: Marion Halfpenny (NUT), Penny Welch (NATFHE), Sagoo(UNISON) Goalby(FBU) Tinsley(FBU), Farmer(UNISON),  Sahota(UNISON),  McFadden MP, Purchase MP

2. Minutes of the last meeting - agreed to be a true record.  MATTERS ARISING:  Employment Advice sub-committee to meet 20-9-05.
2.7  Bro. Brackenridge that he met Pat McFadden and he confirmed Government website that there are no plans to means test firefighters' pensions if they were born before 1948.

3.2 Black Country STW invite to co-sponsor proposed meeting in November, speaker - Andrew Murray - agreed Secretary make arrangements.
3.4 Bro. Deacon re public liability charges for council premises for voluntary groups eg for Dunstall.  Cheapest quote £195 p.a.  No decision to purchase annual insurance.  Need more info from council.
3.5 Chief Executive W'ton Council survey of W'ton Advice Agencies on race cases - to be completed by Secretary & copy to UNISON General
3.6 Robin2 reply re Manning - Secretary abroad, info was passed to delegates & BCUAF but demo not held
3.7 TUC re Proposed International LGBT conference - in response to our letter - there will be an invitation to TUCs but there will also be a fee.
3.8 Chief Executive W'ton Council re plans for Civil Partnership ceremonies- in response to our letter - plans are in place and ceremonies are expected before the end of the year.
3.16 Cuba Solidarity raffle tickets sold to delegates at meeting - passed to CSC group
3.21 Invite to LGBT Network `census` report back Sat 15th Oct 11am-12.30 open to all.  Trade union questions in census.
3.22 Monthly unemployed claimant - made request to be able to circulate via email and website to council.
3.25 B'ham NUT conference 8th October Against City Academies - passed to NUT
Correspondence Sent:
3.28 WB&DTUC submission to Future of Midlands TUC discussion - deadline now closed
3.31 Secretary UNISON Health re non-payment of affiliation fee - no response

a) Secretary – Written report circulated
b) Treasurer –reported a healthy balance to delegates.
c) workplace reports - Bro. Lowe, at the invitation of the Executive, attended and spoke to thank delegates for their letter of support to Amicus.  His case is ongoing and he has trade union representation.
d) Cuba Solidarity Campaign report - £500 plus stock held. They have developed links with Santa Clara and may be in a position to invite a Cuban TU'ist over to the West Midlands.  Assistance from union branches appreciated.

5. No resolutions

6. Speaker: Rob Marris MP addressed council on the Equality Bill. Merger of agencies 2007, CRE to be separate until 2009. Increase in overall budget. New CEHR agency won't be able to represent at Employment Tribunals. He also gave his views on the possible New Cross merger.  Proposals are due out October 2005.

7. AOB  - Bro. Cole proposed a vote of thanks for the report on the visit to meet trades unionists in Venezuela by Bro. Kelleher & Goodall.  Agreed invite speaker to give update on the revolution.

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC

Sisters:  Halfpenny (NUT),  Taylor (CYWU),  Welch (NATFHE),  Cole (UNISON)
Brothers: Kelleher(UNISON),  Brackenridge(FBU),  Cole(NUT),  Deacon(UNISON),  Juss(GMB)
Apologies:  Ceresa(UNISON), Marris(TGWU), Grant(NATFHE),  Farmer(UNISON), Sagoo(UNISON)

2. Minutes of the last meeting - agreed to be a true record.  MATTERS ARISING:
5c  Agreed to invite MPs to September meeting to speak on New Cross
2.5 £200 May Day Committee donation to be sent
2.7 £100 bricks donation to be sent to Black Country Museum
2.8 Employment Advice Service group still to meet - Marie, Nick, Marion Dave ? when?

3.1 Executive Committee report.  Copies circulated
3.2.2 Working Class Movement Library donate £20 agreed
3.2.3 TUC LGBT excellent report.  Bro Deacon to receive full expenses entitlement £122.40 despite kind offer of half.
3.2.5  Community Planning Involvement plan pass to Indian Workers Association
3.2.6  Newsletters circulated and available for delegates to take
3.2.7  No response from Robin2 re Bernard Manning’s performance 20.8.05 good press coverage.  Response from Leader's office.  Sis Marion Halfpenny proposed demo at club but due to holidays it seemed attendance would be poor.
3.2.9  T Morgan not able to attend Lifelong Learning Scrutiny Panel  but issue of homophobic bullying needs to be raised.  D Cole does not believe the issue is covered in any detail in LEA bullying policy
3.8.2 Information on minimum wage will be added to website
3.8.4  Invoice for Data  Protection £135 seemed  possible mal – practice. Matter to be raised with MPs to see what they will do about it.  Letter to Trading Standards in Wolverhampton as response on telephone was disappointing.  Also copies of correspondence to Council Portfolio holder.
3.8.5  Messages of support for sacked deputy convenor and Rolls Royce walk out

a) Secretary – Written report – Make Poverty History Rally,  Solidarity Garden Party
b)  Treasurer – not present no report
c) LGBT TUC report (see minute 3.2.3)  written report.  Recommendations:
 Invite MPs to discuss concerns about Equality Bill
 Seek assurances from Wolverhampton Council that arrangements are in hand to register civil partnerships and that same sex couples registering will be treated like opposite sex couples  marrying
 Affiliate to Broken Rainbow
 Check what is available to schools to tackle homophobic bullying (see minute 3.2.9)
 Write to TUC to seek assurance that Trades Councils be invited to take part in proposed International Conference
 Moses Must Stay petition was circulated
 Submit motion to next year’s Trades Councils' Conference about building trades council participation in the equality conferences and the TUC’s equality work
 Revisit some of these in October
d) No workplace reports
e)  Bob Deacon  and Marie Taylor attended WM County Association of TU Councils
f) No time to cover Midlands TUC
g) No time  to cover CSC & PSC reports
h) TUC structure agreed to have an extra meeting at Civic Centre 3.8.05 at 7.15 to discuss restructure of TUC


6. BANANA LINK CAMPAIGN -Video shown by Dave Cole
It was more than about bananas but about the way we live.  What can we do? Need to discuss this at a future meeting
• Need to buy Fairtrade
• Can LEA help by ensuring Fairtrade bananas are used in the Fruit For School campaign and School Meals Service?
• Good website www.bananalink.org.uk

7. AOB 
 Significant sum paid by Europackaging for 62 former employees relating to redundancies 2004.  AMICUS now recognised
 Information given on Pre-retirement courses for firefighters etc.  raised a question on possible means testing for State Pensions.  This was thought unlikely.


16 JUNE 05

Kelleher (UNISON),  Deacon (UNISON),  Grant (NAHTFE),  Taylor (CYWU),  Ceresa (UNISON),  Baynham (AMICUS),  Cole (UNISON),  Cole (NUT), Ash (UNISON),  Davis (UNISON),  Dodd (AMICUS).

Apologies.   Juss,  Farmer,  Clemments.  Halfpenny.

 Chair welcomed Sis. Cole as a new delegate.

 Agreed with these corrections:
1. Matters arising April Delegate meeting
Still waiting for Regional TUC proposals for discussion from Roger McKenzie - put on next agenda
2.4  Make Poverty History postcards completed by delegates and sent
 Sec to contact UNISON re Lifelong Learning Scrutiny panel.
3. Correspondence
3.9.13 Sec to write to Ken Purchase supporting his stance against City academies
5. Agreed donate £200 May Day Committee
7. Women Chainmakers 1910 strike £100 donation to buy 10 bricks Trade Union festival planned for October 2005 at Black Country Museum.  Delegates encouraged to buy out individual bricks at £10.
8. A.O.B. - Employment Advice service - group to meet Marie, Nick, Warinder, Marion, Dave?
 Suspended Colleague (Tom Lowe) is still suspended.  AMICUS Wolverhampton have not been  passed any information about the problems.

 No Executive Committee.
 3.1 Arena theatre request for donation for Banner performance.  Event to be put advertised   on website.  Agreed to ask why more money is needed.
 3.3 Voice of the Unions – Agreed to reaffiliate.
 3.7 Scrutiny Panel (Lifelong Learning) Tracy Morgan of UNISON will be new delegate.    Nick to write to ask her to come to TUC meetings to give reports.
 3.13 Nick will ask about Trades Councils Directory
3.14 Make Poverty History.  4 coaches booked.

 Vacancy on West Midlands County Association.
 No volunteers.

 (a) Secretary
  Uncertainty over Corin Redgrave speaking at next meeting.  He has had a heart attack.
  Agreed to write to MPs, Leader of Council & Management of Robin 2 and to the   Bishop to protest at Bernard Manning appearing in August.
  Nick attended AGM of Peoples Press Printing Society.
 (b) Treasurer
  No report
 (c) Future of New Cross Hospital – UNISON Health
  Sam Cole reported.
  Agree to write to MPs to come to a meeting and discuss the matter.
 (d) Black Country Unite Against Fascism
  Nick attended a meeting last week. 
  Labour won the Darlaston by-election, BNP were ahead of the Tories.
  Nick will circulate details of the meeting
  23 June is election in South Staffs: the Freedom Party and English Democrats are   standing.  Paul Kalinaukas is standing for Labour

 (f) W'ton Cuba Sol. Campaign - Dave Cole reported on AGM of CSC
  W'ton Palestine Sol. Campaign - Bob Deacon reported.


 Nick Kelleher on TU. Council Conference.
 Motions have to go to County Association and not directly to conference.  Bob Crow spoke at  opening rally.  127 Trades Councils were registered.  Venezuela motion from Wolverhampton  was passed.  Nick felt workshops were largely a waste of time.
 Nick presented a written report.
 Bob Deacon presented a paper of TUC Regional Structure.

8. A.O.B
 Some confusion (by newly – affiliated UNISON branch) about fees
 Agreed to offer the branch a warm welcome


Kelleher (UNISON).  Taylor (CYWU),  Halfpenny (NUT),  George (Retired Prospect),  George, (UNISON),  Ceresa (UNISON),  Deacon (UNISON),  Scott (Black Country Living Museum),  Juss (GMB), McFadden MP, Dave Cole (NUT), Tinsley (FBU), Ash (UNISON) Marris (T & G),  Davis, (UNISON)

Apologies.  Sagoo,  Farmer,  Grant,  Goalby 

1. April delegates agreed correct record. MATTERS ARISING:
2.3.4 no NUT hasn't got material
'A better way to work' circulated by Bro. Deacon
May Executive
Roger McKenzie TUC. not received. 
Sis. Halfpenny at Executive.

2. Correspondence ACTIONED
2.4 Make Poverty History postcards
2.6  Petition
2.8 Lifelong scrutiny Panel Vacancy. Dave Cole who is a delegate explained remit, can be quite a, bit of work
2.9 Paid up
2.10 Sent off for
3.3 Food Justice bill - reduce food miles MPs took copies,
3.4 Cuba Solidarity garden party meet 26/5, Andy Goodall's house re arrangements
3.13 Ken, R spoke out against City, Academys 

4. Vacant executive committee places, WMCATU -  No nominations

5. a) Secretary -Bar volunteers needed
Workers Memorial Day well attended wreathes laid
Excellent May Day - need more volunteers to do it, DVD of May Day TUC funded to promote in future years. Could be at Trade Union Conference, to promote, May Day
Palestine - International tent for Wolverhampton show 9/10 July "One City - One World" Marquee
Birmingham delegates were not allowed, into Israel - Ranci sent back

b) Treasurers Report £2002 in balance
c) Workplace - Coventry Unison on strike single status has been imposed
d) Rob Marris- Thanked for support at General Maim
e) Black Workers' TUC- written report Warindcr Juss Resolution access to Justice, since Trevor Phillips took- over cut down on number posts &- harder to go, t legal help from CRE, Criminal Injuries compensation scheme.  Should have a racial harassment element, Questions and discussion followed

Donate £200 from WB & D TUC to May Day, Committee, S JT'B

BCUAF 7/8 June Sandwell. meeting, Sandwell Council Oldbury
23rd June bye election in South Staffs.

7. speaker Suzy Scott gave account, of workers Institute & lives  of women chain makers & work of Mary Macarthur who persuaded Cradley Heath chain makers to strike for minimum wage. ANY two weeks employers agreed to Pay increase. We. saw pan of a documentary
 from 70 ~ s where some of the chain makers spoke about their
experience of die 1911 strike.
The building was never really used by women's Trade Unioists but by men! k 100 donation to buy a brick for institute.

8. A0B
Employment Advice service -group still to meet
AMICUS branch Secretary suspended by employer, Letter form John Grant in support of the member endorsed by delegates.

(Agreed at June meeting)
Corrections to MINUTES OF MEETING 19 May 05


ATTENDANCE Warinder Juss

Apologies. Satwant Sagoo

1. Matters arising April Delegate meeting
Still waiting for Regional TUC proposals for discussion from Roger McKenzie - put on next agenda

2.4  Make Poverty History postcards completed by delegates and sent
 Sec to contact UNISON re Lifelong Learning Scrutiny panel.

3. Correspondence
3.9.13 Sec to write to Ken Purchase supporting his stance against City academies

5. Agreed donate £200 May Day Committee
7. Women Chainmakers 1910 strike £100 donation to buy 10 bricks Trade Union festival planned for October 2005 at Black Country Museum.  Delegates encouraged to buy out individual bricks at £10.

 8. A.O.B. - Employment Advice service - group to meet Marie, Nick, Warinder, Marion, Dave?



Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC

Sisters: Halfpenny (NUT),  Taylor (CYWU),  Ceresa (UNISON)
Brothers:  Kelleher (UNISON), Tinsley (FBU),  Grant (NATFHE),
 Ash (UNISON),  Deacon (UNISON),  Juss (GMB), McKenzie (TUC Regional Secretary),  Marris(TGWU) and  Goodall – arrived towards end of meeting,

Apologies Phil Goalby(FBU), Norman Brackenridge (FBU), Dave Cole (NUT), Rob Marris (TGWU)

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed to be a true record
3.3 Low Pay Unit NK and MT had discussion with R Lawrence, leader of the council, and ascertained that the money had already been committed
3.4 Working with Schools and colleges.  There are some excellent materials produced by the TUC nationally.  Do the NUT have copies of these materials?   BD will try to obtain up-to –date resources.

3.1 Executive Committee report.  Copies circulated,
3.1.1 Cater killer and Motorcade events past Hockley Heath were successful – well decorated vehicles, well organised
3.1.2 TUC LGBT observer nomination none made
3.1.3 Still hope to get speaker from Black Country Museum for next meeting
3.1.5 BNP candidate in South West Constituency.  Searchlight to be distributed around Merryhill Ward.  No response regarding possible campaigning in Wombourne.  There are worries about Stoke and the Mayoral Campaign there.
3.1.6 Workers memorial day is organised.
3.1.7 May Day – Everything is produced.  Leaflets need distributing  around Dunstall.  Stalls 3o’clock set-up.
3.2. RMT Save our railways campaign postcards circulated for completion
3.3.Abortion Rights postcards for delegates to send to prospective candidates.     .
 New website hosting £35 for transfer and annual hosting £30 per year.
 Black Country Unite Against Fascism £50 donation agreed
 Make sure your union is listed in Yellow pages as it is free and so is Thompson’s.  NK has details.

a) Vacant Committee places – for Executive – no nominations.  Next meeting Agenda
b)  NK is president of the County Association . West Midlands County Association of TU.  Still one place vacant.  Put on next agenda.

a) Secretary – Written report.- more unions still to affiliate,  need names for Leeds Festival  Bar Volunteers
b)  Treasurer - £2000 approximately in funds
c) Anti-fascist sub-committee- see earlier minute 3.1.5
d) Delegates workplace –Roger McKenzie updated delegates concerning the MG Rover task group.  Learning and Skills Council involved.  Steve Evans to be asked to update delegates at the next meeting
e) Pensions strike 23.03.05 called off.  Await to see what will happen following the election.
f) Workers Memorial Day 28 April St Peters Square 12.30pm
g) May Day 1.05.05 3.30pm to 7.00pm at Dunstall Hill Community Centre.  Main speaker Rodney Bickerstaffe



Discussion about different ways that the TUC regionally could be organised. 
• Practical work we can do in the community
• Organise black workers
• New structures needed to support locally based activities
• Trust between TU councils and regional TUC affiliates
• Roger McKenzie is inviting Trades Councils to FULLY participate in the discussion about future structure
• Trade Unionism should have a broader appeal – unemployed, agency workers etc.

Discussion followed

8.       AOB  none

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC

Sisters:  Halfpenny (NUT),  Taylor (CYWU),  Sagoo(UNISON)
Brothers: Kelleher (UNISON),  Brackenridge (FBU),  Grant (NATFHE), Sahota (UNISON),  Deacon (UNISON),  Cole (NUT),  Marris(TGWU) – arrived towards end of meeting,

Apologies  Juss(GMB),  Ceresa (UNISON), Ash (UNISON),  Turner (UNISON)

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed to be a true record

3.1 Executive Committee report.  Copies circulated,
1.3.2  D. Cole aid for Cuba: medicines. Still needed to be sent
1.3.9 Letter re Oldham sent to police and to TUC regarding arrest of TUC secretary
1.3.11UNISON are negotiating – council is downgrading people not ALMO, UCATT is not affiliated to WB&D TUC
3.2. Grenada 17 appeal agreed to affiliate for £20 and donate £30
3.3. Low Pat Unit is closing, no campaign from them, due to lack of funding.  TUC to indicate to council that money for LPU could be ring-fenced to set up a centre at Whitmore Reans Centre, Leicester Street. This is where the Indian Workers Association already gives out advice. Discussion with council officers needed re: possible proposals and a way forward.     .
 Questionnaire from a local school re: trade unions was distributed and completed by some
 Black Country Museum - Women Chain Makers – buy a brick campaign.  Possible donations in the future.
 PCS Women’s day petition circulated
 Invitation to Kurdish event 20.3.05
 Reply regarding digital TV switch over will only occur when over 95% have digital TV and analogue will be switched off completely
 Money returned from Unite Against Fascism - £105
 Neena Gill MEP reply concerning EU Israel agreement
 April Delegate meeting with Roger McKenzie – TUC future, structures, rules
 Workers’ Memorial Day 28.4.05 – battling against bureaucracy, usual wreathe laying
 Adverts in May Day programme as soon as possible
 Miami 5 Video show 12 .4.05
 Reimburse Nick for purchase of Norton Anti Virus Software - £28.09
 Workers Beer Company – 6 places Glastonbury, 6 places National Adventure Sports, 12 places Leeds Festival August Bank Holiday Need to know quickly
 Abortion rights campaign AGM 23.04.05

a) Vacant Committee places – for Executive – no nominations.  Next meeting Agenda
b) West Midlands County Association of TU.  Still one place vacant.  Put on next agenda.

a) Secretary – Written report.- more unions still to affiliate
b)  Treasurer - £2000 approximately in funds
c) Anti-fascist sub-committee – BNP contesting 22 constituencies in Midlands, 3 Stoke seats including Newcastle, 9 in Black Country.  Dudley North and West Bromwich W most dangerous.  Centrally organised activity Sunday afternoons.  Help in Stoke needed.  Wombourne problems regarding candidate for Staffordshire County Council.  Searchlight has election Newspaper and we could have a Black Country Edition.  Activities need to be co-ordinated.  Leaflets for groups to distribute e.g. Church, Sikh Community.

d) Delegates workplace – UNISON delegates report that if contracted to work on a public holiday then were not needed they should still be entitled to double pay.  Playgrounds closing for 5 days over Easter so play leaders etc not needed.

e) Pensions strike 23.03.05 Unison and other unions on strike.  Picketing of the Civic Centre – rally co-ordinated by Trades Council.  Solidarity from NUT who will also be balloting for strike action.

f) Midlands TUC 26.02.05 Pensions

g) Stop the War campaign  National Demonstration 19.03.05

h) May Day see previous minute 3.13 Rodney Bickerstaff speaking

i) Workers Memorial Day 28.04.05 see minute 3.12


TUC Women’s’ Conference
Issues – Women and work still not equal pay,
Childcare costs,
Poverty or work till you drop,
Pregnancy and maternity leave,
Raise national minimum wage to £6.00,
Flexible working week,
Bullying at work,
Saharan refugees,
Very few black delegates

West Midlands PSC
CaterKiller Motorcade Protest
Caterpiller owns Turner Power Train TUC to write letter re PSC.  The bulldozers, which are made, are used to destroy Palestinian homes etc and to build apartheid Wall.
7.       AOB  none

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC

 Halfpenny (NUT), Kelleher (UNISON), Ceresa (UNISON),  Taylor (CYWU), Brackenridge (FBU), Farmer (UNISON), Goalby (FBU),  Grant (NATFHE), Deacon (UNISON),  Cole (NUT),  Ash (UNISON),Tinsley (FBU),  Davis (UNISON),  Verrall (Oxfam Christian Aid),  Fyffe (Trade Justice)

Apologies :  Marris(TGWU),  Juss(GMB)

3.22 not addressed

4f Holocaust Memorial Day – Oldham problems under correspondence

Executive Committee report.  Copies circulated, item 2 E.C rep.  D. Cole material aid for Cuba : pencils, pens, medicines.
3.2. level of information on unemployment counts seems to have changed from 5.5% to 3.8% Fig for Wolverhampton above National Average & West Midlands Average.  Take matter up next meeting.  Nick to write.
3.3. NOR SCARF – Nationally BNP targeting Stoke by election Thursday 3rd March leafleting weekends.  BNP standing in Wolverhampton S.W. against Rob Marris.  Worries about BNP gaining controls & lack of campaigning
Anti- racist sub-committee meeting proposed.
 Compensation for pensioners changing to digital T.V.  Rob Marris letter noted.
 Working with schools, need volunteers for this.  TUC initiative
 TUC J.C.C. nomination form currently Dorothy Heath from Walsall.  Now receiving regular reports.  Support Dorothy Heath moved & seconded.
 Churches together – re: city show – international tent – fair trade, Trades Council would be better placed assisting local solidarity groups.
 Ken Purchase’s comments re: Heath Town article in Express & Star.  Nick Kelleher wrote letter to Ken.  Got Hansard back - Heath Town not named.
 Oldham TUC secretary arrested at Holocaust Memorial Day service. held in custody for 8 hours.  2 BNP activists try to lay wreath in middle of speech.  He laid his on top & BNP claimed criminal damage.  Letters of support to Oldham T.C.
 Cuba A.G.M. 7 o’clock.  24/2 plus speaker at Holly Bush Penn Road.  Donations towards costs needed.  Agreed £50 donation.  Come along.
 ALMO delayed 6 months.

a) Vacant Committee places – for Executive – no nominations.  Next meeting Agenda
b) West Midlands County Association of TU.  Still one place vacant.  Put on next agenda.

a) Secretary – Written report.
b) Treasurer
c) Delegates workplace - none.

d) WM County Assoc. of TUCs – Venezuela motion gone to Regional TUC.  Correspondence re: low paid unit missing
     Birmingham TUC looking for paid secretary
     Walsall TUC – Unison closed down & facility line removed, may be strike action.
e) Midlands TUC AGM 26th February.  Bob Deacon written report.  TUC LGBT National .History month
    4/3 Arena play ‘Gate way to Heaven.
    TUC 2 day course on Sexual Orientation & Religion or Belief Regulations.  D Cole can circulate information to NUT members.
f) Pensions day of Action 18 February.  Rally tomorrow FBU some action, UNISON ballot for strike action.
g) STW National demonstration 19th March – coach from Walsall liaise with Nick Kelleher.
h) TUC disability conference.  Venue details will be sent.  Make poverty History

Fair Trade 11th March 2005.  Open meeting Lea Rd URC 7.30.
Problems in poorer countries due to Dumping, Pressure, Poverty, Hierocracy, Privatisation.
World Trade Organisation in relation to developing country will have many more delegates.  Decisions therefore unfair.  Issues that trade justice movement do discuss.
Saturday 16th April Trade Justice Day in Wolverhampton.  Morning: Market Square, Afternoon: Queen Square.  Would welcome participation from Trades Council.
Fair Trade is a way around an evil system.
Trade Justice is a different way of approaching this.