Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC
Treasurer-John Grant Secretary-Nick Kelleher  WB&D TUC, P.O.Box 2917 Wolverhampton WV2 2YA
 01902 686613 e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. website: www.wolvestuc.org.uk

minutes: Thursday 18th December 2003

Attendance: Bros. R Marris, P Davis, N Kelleher, R Deacon, G Baynham, D Ash,
Sis. M Taylor(Chair), S Sagoo, H Aujla, D Brown, P Welch, M Williams, Millicent

Video of Colombian Sinaltrainal trade union campaign against death squads linked to their employer Coca-Cola was shown. Coca-Cola had today been ordered to find an alternative water source within 4 weeks for its plant in Kerela, India. Boycott Coca-Cola campaign going well in Ireland. July 22nd is anti-Coca-Cola Day.

1. Welcome to visitors. Apologies: Bros. N Brackenridge, D Joynson, D Turner, W Juss, J Grant, G Dodd

2. Minutes of November delegate meeting - Agreed a true and accurate record with addition of R Marris apologies Matters Arising:
3.3.14) Regional TUC written re Midlands TUC LGB&T Network, whether nominations have to come from CATUC.
It was reported at CATUC that only 1 motion could be put to Regional TUC. This was queried by Bro. Deacon. Secretary to check with regional TUC.
a) Motion "Meetings involving lay members should be organised outside works time" was not put since another was put on anti-fascism. Bro. Deacon pointed out that UNISON had already lodged a similar motion and that there was a need for communication.
b) re LGBT Network, had been put via PCS
c) Trade Union Rights - no motion drawn up due to cancellation of EC

3. Executive (11-12-03) cancelled due to number of apologies. Correspondence:
3.1) Walsall WEA reaffiliation request. AGREED donation £25 to financial appeal.
3.2) Sylvia Pankhurst Memorial Committee request to lobby MPs re siting of statue on Abingdon College Green- MPs were written to re lobby, which turned out to be successful
3.3) North staffs Miners Wives Action Group 20th anniversary of miner's strike plaque, AGREED donation £20 - request to circulate to branches
3.4) Wm. Cooks 130 weeks newsletter - put on website
3.5) Birmingham TUC re campaign against Labour/Tory pact on council
3.6) TUC publications list, flyer for updated Your Rights at Work £10
3.7) TUC - Guide to trades union councils, TUCs newsletter, conference resolutions 2003, registration form. Despite our complaints at conference, once again the same nomination forms have been left out.
3.8) NUJ national low pay campaign - speaker invited for AGM -approach local NUJ
3.9) CLPD mailing
3.10) WB&D TUC affiliations 2004: NASUWT, NUT, FBU, Amicus-MSF 0758 (5 years advance)
3.11) WM CATUC affiliation 2004 receipt
3.12) Newsletters Voice of the Unions, Searchlight, Walsall WEA H&S - circulated at meeting
3.13) Unite Against Fascism affiliation request - Sis. Welch to report on group to next delegate meeting.
3.14) TUFSearchlight - Fircroft College courses on race & politics 2004 details circulated at meeting and by email

3.15) second TUC Development Grant requested on basis of CATUC decision that we seek affiliation of Dudley branches as their TUC is defunct £140 and continued rent for website £100
3.16) MPs (Sec action due to deadline) re Sylvia Pankhurst Memorial Committee request
3.17) CATUC officer nominations
3.18) WM CATUC officer nomination forms
3.19) WB&D TUC 2004 AGM mailings to Branch secretaries
3.20) Searchlight, Cnllr Lawrence re fascist party leaflet
3.21) TUFSearchlight newsletter, email only, contact Sec if you want a hard copy
3.22) receipts NASUWT, NUT, FBU, Amicus-MSF 0758
3.23) civic centre bookings 2004
3.24) Thurs 18th Dec media release and wider mailing

4. Reports:
a) Secretary - written report had been circulated

b) WB&D TUC Anti-Racist sub-committee - meeting with Cnllr. Bilson 3pm next Monday Civic. Statement of commitment circulated, still to go out in mailing with invite for meeting Tues. 27th Jan at friends meeting House, Summerfield Road. Jewish trade union activist to speak. ASSISTANCE ON THE SUB-COMMITTEE WAS SOUGHT. URGENT ASSISTANCE NEEDED WITH THIS MEETING.

c) Palestine group - next meeting Thurs 5th Feb. 2004, Dudley Road Community Centre.

5. Resolutions - none received

6. Speakers: Friends of Mikey Powell Campaign for Justice - Marcia Williams, Mikey's partner and Millicent, his cousin (and brother of Benjamin Zephania, who refused an MBE), spoke about the campaign.
Mikey died in police custody 7th Sept at Thornhill Road Police Station, Handsworth. Still no cause of death has been released, no officers suspended, no police report. Family devastated and his 3 children still coming to terms with their father's death. Investigation by Northampton police and prosecution underway. Support still being sought. SPEAKING OFFERS ARE BEING SOUGHT BY THE CAMPAIGN. Agreed to send out publicity, already on website. £100 donation agreed £15 travel expenses WB&D TUC History presented.

7. Any Other Business - Seasonal greetings were given by Chair and refreshments were enjoyed.

Secretary: Nick Kelleher: P.O. Box 2917, Wolverhampton WV2 2YA
01902 686613 e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. website: www.wolvestuc.org.uk

Minutes of Delegate Meeting
Thursday 20th November 2003

Attendance: Bros. N Brackenridge, N Kelleher, R Deacon, W Juss, G Baynham, D Ash, A Turner
Sis. M Taylor(Chair), S Sagoo, H Aujla.

1. Apologies: Bros. D Joynson, D Turner, J Grant, S Murphy, G Dodd, P Goalby

2. Minutes of October delegate meeting - Agreed a true and accurate record
Matters Arising:
2.3.7) local speaker who had attended ESF, not available on Thursdays. Sec. has contact in youth CND who attended ESF who could be invited to speak.

3. Executive report (13-11-03) matters arising:
3.3.2) WM CATUC officer nominations: Steve Hart-Secretary/Treasurer, M Taylor-President, N Kelleher- Vice President, John Swift EC & auditor
3.3.3) Workers Beer Company de-briefing meeting agreed to send WBC delegates if they have issues to raise.
3.3.6) EDM 1689 Sec to ask Bro.Purchase to sign
3.3.14) Bro. Deacon nominated to Midlands TUC LGB&T Network. motions to Regional TUC (to be put via CATUC) a) "Meetings involving lay members should be organised outside works time", b) re LGBT Network, via EC c) Trade Union Rights - via EC

4. Reports:
a) Secretary - written report provided.
b) WB&D TUC Anti-Racist sub-committee - minutes distributed. Discussion on plans for Holocaust Memorial Day 27-1-04.
c) Stop the War group, Stop Bu$h week - report given on activities: STW meeting, banner drops, film and public meeting. Radio interviews were used on news broadcasts all week. There was an interview with the E&S but it was not covered. Others from the local group got on radio and TV on the huge national demo.
d) Palestine group next meeting 4th December. There will be public activity Queens Square 12-2pm against Israel's Apartheid Wall Sat.13th December.
e) FBU - Bro.Tinsley gave a report on the employers' failure to honour the second stage of their pay claim. Unofficial action had taken place in some areas. The government's Fire Service bill means that they can now impose terms and conditions. Ballot closes 29th November.
f) Bro.Turner reported on three of his branch members who had just left for Cuba, fundraising for the Haven, and taking medical supplies and money from the local CSC group.

5. Resolutions - none

6. Speaker: Bob Deacon (UNISON) spoke on the Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regs 2003

7. Any Other Business no time to show video of Colombian Sinaltainal TU campaign so will show at 7pm, before next meeting. Seasonal refreshments to be arranged as usual.


Secretary: Nick Kelleher: P.O. Box 2917, Wolverhampton WV2 2YA
01902 686613 e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. website: www.wolvestuc.org.uk

Minutes of Delegate Meeting
Thursday 16th October 2003

Attendance: Bros. J Grant, J Cessford, N Kelleher, R Deacon, W Juss, R Marris MP.
Sis. M Taylor(Chair), S Sagoo, H Aujla.

1. Apologies: Bros. D Joynson K Purchase MP, G Dodd

2. Minutes of September delegate meeting - Agreed a true and accurate record
Matters Arising:
2.3.3) Love Music Hate Racism festival in Stoke had been quite costly and would need substantial financial backing if it were to be attempted locally
2.3.5) Sec to contact Bro. Purchase & UNISON re Colombian TU visit

3. Executive report (9-10-03) matters arising:
3.1. Wm. Cooks 217 weeks newsletter - put on our website
3.2. N.I. Office - response re N.I. elections - expected "in the autumn"
3.3. WM CATUC affiliation 2004 £29 paid. Nominations for officers to be taken at next delegate meeting
3.4. Justice for Columbia affiliation request £50 - affiliation agreed
3.5. Abortion Rights campaign formed. Our NAC membership transfers.
3.7. European Social Forum, Paris 12-16 November - Sec had been contacted for information. Agreed invite to speak at next delegate meeting to explain ESF
3.8. Leaflet re deadline March 2004 for all new respiratory claims for miners or relatives of deceased miners- put on website, a number of solicitors can represent these cases, but NUM is first point of call
3.9. WM CATUC report on Union Rights seminar - put on website
3.11. request £44 from UNISON General - to cover STW demo loss - agreed to pay
3.12. WB&D TUC 2004 branch affiliation forms have gone out to all delegates
- please bring to the attention of your branch
Further Correspondence: W.C.Council Remembrance Sunday invite - noted, but issue raised that in some areas, holocaust-denying BNP councillors have been invited to lay wreaths alongside veterans of the war against fascism.

4. Reports:
4.1. Secretary - written report provided.

4.2. Treasurer - healthy financial report given to delegates

4.3. Palestine group:
next meeting Thursday 6th November, 7.30pm, Dudley Rd Community Centre.
next leafleting Saturday 8th November Queens Square noon-2pm, campaigning against Israel's building of an Apartheid Wall in Palestine.

4.4. Stop the War group - George Bush state visit 18-21 November, London. Local activity is being planned. Demo in Trafalgar Square on Thurs 20th.
Students Group had been set up at the University after stalls were run at their freshers fayre.
Lighthouse cinema film showing in November being arranged. Sis Aujla reported on the 100,000 demo in London against the occupation of Iraq. £44 was lost on the train tickets, though this will be covered by TU donations. Block-train booking worked well, all 32 tickets sold. Next meeting 20-10-03.

4.5. Trades Union Congress - Bro. Deacon gave a report on last months Congress. Last year there was a pro-war vote 2:1 and remarks about "Baghdad TUC" but this year, in hindsight, it had been unanimous against! General Council was tending to make statements on areas where motions had been passed which was weakening the democracy of conference. "TU Friends of Israel" had a meeting that was well attended by leading TUists.

4.6. Searchlight anti-fascist weekend school - Bro. Kelleher had attended. Report given. WB&D TUC Anti-Racist sub-committee set-up, Sis Taylor, Aujla and Bros. Deacon, Grant & Kelleher to meet next Thursday in order to organise Holocaust Memorial Day meeting at Lighthouse, Jan 27th and plan anti-BNP campaign.

5. Resolutions - the meeting agreed a motion for consideration at our AGM:

Amendment to Rule 4:

" Contributions: Each affiliated organisation shall contribute an affiliation fee of 8 pence per member per annum payable in advance on or before the 1st January."
Replace "8 pence" with "10 pence"


6. Speaker: TUCJCC - Report Back by Bro. Jim Cessford - next TUCJCC 27-10-03 will decide workshops/motions and arrangements for TUC conference, which is being held in Birmingham next May. There will be an anti-BNP rally on the Friday night of the conference, local TUCs need to help build. ALL TUC COUNCIL OFFICERS INVITED TO MEET AFTER Dec 13th WM CATUC meeting for an aggregate to discuss working together in the region. A new General Council and new TUCJCC members are due to be elected.

Robert Deacon (UNISON) on the Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation)
Regulations 2003 - no time to take the speaker, information has been posted on WB&D TUC website.



WB&DTUC Minutes of Delegate Meeting
Thursday 18 SEPTEMBER 2003

Sis. M Taylor (Chair)

Bros. D Joynson, N Kelleher, R Tinsley, R Deacon. P Goalby, D Ash, S Evans, J Grant. Sis. M Taylor, K Clarke, S Sagoo, H Aujla (observor)..

1. Welcome to New Delegates & Apologies
Bros D Cole, D Turner MP, T Tonks, K Purchase MP, G Dodd, B Piper, R Marris MP, W Juss K Farmer, S Murphy MEP.

2. Minutes of July delegate meeting Matters Arising.
Agreed a true and accurate record
Secretary has completed all tasks.

3. Executive report (11-9-03) & Further Correspondence
3.2) Searchlight Campaign. Bro. Kelleher already nominated by UNISON.
3.3) Love Music - Hate Racism Festival was well organised, attended by Bro. Kelleher who gave a verbal report. It was agreed to put the issues of campaigning against local BNP candidates and the Holocaust Memorial Day on the October Agenda.
3.4) WM Cooks. Verbal report by Bro. Evans.
3.5) Columbian Tuists, Secretary to contact Bro. K Purchase.

4. Reports:
a) Secretary, written report provided.
b) Treasurer. No Report.
c) Palestine group. Verbal report given by Bro. Deacon. No August Meeting.
d) Stop the War group. Next meeting 29th September.
e) WM CATUC. Verbal report by Sis. M Taylor
f) OTUC LGBT conference report. Verbal report given by Bro. Deacon.
g) FBU. Vebal report by Bro. Goalby. Thanked TC for support during recent dispute.
LandRover. Verbal report by Bro. Evans.
h) T.U. Congress. Report to be taken at next meeting.
5. Resolutions.

6. Speaker:

7. A.O.B.
Meeting closed.

WB&DTUC Minutes of Delegate Meeting Thursday 17th July 2003

Sis. M Taylor (Chair)

Bros. D Joynson, N Kelleher, K Farmer, R Deacon. R Marris MP, Sis. M Taylor.

1. Apologies: Bros D Ash, D Cole, D Turner MP, J Grant, K Purchase MP, Sis. S Sagoo, J Pearce, H Aujla.

2. Minutes of June delegate meeting Matters Arising.
Agreed a true and accurate record

3. Executive report (10-7-03) & Further Correspondence
3.2. W.C. Council, City Centre Action Planning Event. Bro. Deacon may attend.
3.3. Calderdale TUC re: Iraqi TU rights, Secretary to Contact M Sourani
3.4. Searchlight re: Fighting Fund £25 agreed.
3.9. Banner Theatre re: Migrant Voices details to CATUC, UNISON & Bro. Deacon (Heath Town Day event).
3.11. Left-Click £100 agreed.
3.15. Triodos Bank, details to Bro. Deacon.

1. F.O. letter, copy to Dave Auger.
7. Unity Campaign. Bro. Deacon attended and gave a verbal report. Meeting proposed and agreed for September.

4. Reports:
a) Secretary, written report provided.
b) Treasurer. Apologies.
c) Palestine group. Garden Party raised £279. Agreed £70 for merchandise. Meeting September 4th 7.30pm 138 Leicester St.
d) Stop the War group.
e) Beacon Industries.
f) Other Workplace report.

5. Resolutions - None.

6. Speaker:
TUCC - Report Back by Bro. N Kelleher.

Agreed to invite speaker from Western Sahara for September Meeting.

7. A.O.B.

Sis. D Heath failed to be elected TUCJCC. Secretary to write to Bro. J Cessford for regular reports.


Minutes of Delegate Meeting Thursday 19th June 2003

Attendance: Bros. N Brackenridge, D Ash, N Kelleher, W Juss, J Grant, J Eastalow, S Evans, C Stoll, K Whitson, A Gething, D Cole, S Godward Sis. M Taylor, P Welch, S Sagoo, H Aujla

1. Welcome to New Delegates & Apologies: Bros. R Marris, Ken Purchase, D Joynson, B Patel, A Turner, R Deacon, K Farmer Sis. K Clarke, T Morgan

2. Minutes of May delegate meeting Agreed a true and accurate record.
Matters Arising - 3.2 Sis. Taylor examined material, comment unnecessary, 3.3,3.13 not done. Send Pensioners Convention details to Bro. Brackenridge.

3. Correspondence
3.1) Unity Campaign & ANL - anti-fascist demo Dudley 28th June - lack of local community involvement discussed but message of support agreed to be sent by Sec.
3.2) UNISON General resolution re Bro. Marris - delegate agenda item, apologies June & July delegate meetings from Bro. Marris due to Parliamentary business
3.3) Bro. Barnsby - lessons of the war on Iraq
3.4) Mailings: Birmingham TUC - lack of information re new club to existing union club members raised
3.5) TUC re Globalisation & Gender conference Fri 27 June, London
3.6) TUC re Bradford TUCs conference, agenda, motions etc
3.7) Pinar del Rio Project (musical instruments for Cuba via Coventry)
3.8) Nat. Abortion Campaign AGM 12 July, London
3.9) Newsletters, available at meeting: CND, Wm Cooks week 107, Voices, Searchlight, PSC, Walsall WEA H&S bulletins, Republic newsletter
3.10) WC Council - Lifelong Learning Scrutiny Panel - our new co-optee Bro. John Grant
3.11) decrease in W.C.Council official unemployment (i.e. JSA claimant count)
It decreased by 32 to 6,711. Current rate of unemployment for the Borough is 6.6%.
The current rate of unemployment in the West Midlands County is 6%.
The current national rate for unemployment is 2.7%
3.12) STW activist conference 21 June London - details given out
3.13) MStar website annual listing £20
3.14) MStar adverts for TUC conference "Victory to Wm Cooks & Friction Dynamex" & TUC reportback
3.15) WC Council facility request for TUC Conf Sis Sagoo, Taylor & Bro. Kelleher (rejected)
3.16) WBC bar team for Glastonbury (7 places)

4. Reports:
a) Secretary, written report provided. STW group, Landmine Action campaign is next event planned, Bro. Marris provisionally agreed to assist, action likely to take place 18-30 July window.
Corporate manslaughter legislation - Bro. Marris raised problems that public sector not included, no further likelihood of custodial sentences, minister pushing it though had changed jobs, possibly not in next Queen's Speech - TU pressure on government still vitally important
b) Palestine group - Garden Party invites circulated for July 12th.
c) Stop the War group
d) FBU. Steve Godward gave a verbal report on outcome of pay dispute.
e) Other Workplace report. Bro. Eastalow gave verbal report on the state of Beacon Industries - letter of support to be sent

5. Resolution - submitted by UNISON General Branch:
"Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC is disappointed that despite previous good positions on Iraq and the Middle East, Rob Marris, Wolverhampton South West MP, voted with the government in support of a pre-emptive war on Iraq.
We call upon Rob Marris to resign his position as Vice-President of WB&D TUC. " moved by Bro.Kelleher was DEFEATED. A letter from Bro.Marris was read out. Secretary to send letter to Bro. Marris expressing disappointment at his vote and urging him not to take any future similar positions.

6. Speaker: Steve Godward on his sacking as a firefighter minutes before the first strike and of the campaign around his 3-year old son who was kicked out of the fire station nursery. No current financial campaign. Circulate future details of any solidarity support needed.

7.0 AOB none

WB&DTUC P.O. Box 2917, Wolverhampton WV2 2YA

Minutes of Delegate Meeting
Thursday 15th May 2003

Sis. M Taylor (Chair)

Bros. D Joynson, N Kelleher, W Juss, R Tinsley, J Grant, K Farmer, J Eastalow, S Evans,
D Ash, P Davis, R Deacon. Sis. M Taylor, K Clarke, P Welch, S Sagoo

1. Welcome to New Delegates & Apologies
Bros. R Marris MP, N Brackenridge, R Scroop, P Goalby, I Brookfield.

2. Minutes of April delegate meeting Matters Arising.
Agreed a true and accurate record
3.3 Bro. Davis gave a verbal report on local election results and the involvement of Conservatives in anti-asylum racist literature.
3.9. William Cooks rally Sat 7th June 11.00am Town Hall, Sheffield
3.18 Lighthouse Cinema Anti-war films will be shown Thursday 22 May.

3. Correspondence.

2. Unity Development Plan. Volunteer needed to read and submit comments/objections by June 6th - Sis Taylor nominated.
3. Wolverhampton Pensioners Convention AGM, to ask Bro. N Brackenridge.
5. Coach to Tolpuddle Martyrs Sunday 20th July see Secretary for places.
6. Morning Star web site listing, agreed renew £20.
13. TUC Women's confidence building course - circulate to branch secretaries.

4. Reports:
a) Secretary, written report provided. Workers Beer Company need more helpers for festivals - contact Secretary if you want free entry to the likes of Glastonbury, Leeds etc.
b) Treasurer, profit of £36 made on coach 12th April, balance of funds ~£2000.
c) Palestine group Bro. Deacon gave verbal report. K Rana to hold garden party 12th July.
d) Stop the War group. See Secretary's report.
e) FBU. Steve Godward unable to attend. Bro. Tinsley gave a verbal report. A written report to be provided at next meeting.
f) Other Workplace report. Bro. Eastalow gave verbal report on the state of Beacon Industries. Starting on 12th July 12 employees will be taken on, this may rise to 45.

5. Resolutions- None.

6. Speakers:
Women's TUC - Sis Welch spoke to the written report provided.

Black Workers TUC - Bro.Warinder Juss -Verbal report given, two main observations. 1. A number of motions on racism/fascism made. It was felt that new legislation should not only apply to public sector but also the private sector. 2. Iraqi war situation. An emergency motion was passed on the FBU dispute.

7.0 AOB none

Minutes of Delegate Meeting WB&DTUC
Thursday 17th April 2003

Attendance Bros. B Deacon, D Ash, J Grant, N Kelleher, W Juss, G Baynham, S Evans Sis. P Welch, H Aujla

1. Welcome to New Delegates W Juss, S Evans & apologies Sis. S Sagoo. M.Taylor

2. Minutes of March delegate meeting not available - could the minute taker from that meeting please supply them.

3. no Executive Committee, Correspondence raised:
3.1 TUJCC election ballot paper - Jim Cessford nominated
3.3 Conservative Party leaflet from "ashamed Tory" - use in letter to press
3.4 GMB 223 Rover has also affiliated
3.5 Midlands TUC re LGB&T leaflet - ordered 100 not received - write again
3.9 William Cooks strike bulletin week 104 & receipt £100 donation - result due April 23rd, full report June, 42 days to appeal, rally in Sheffield in June
3.10 discussion on position of Rob Marris MP/WB&D TUC Vice President, on war vote - any further discussion would need to be initiated by affiliated branch
3.11 3.12 Ken Purchase surgery dates circulated
3.13 Bros. Ash, Cole, Kelleher reported on anti-war discussion at Dennis Turner surgery
3.14 A.Jones two anti-war poems for us to use which he wrote - one printed in May Day programme - write and thank
3.16 Birmingham TUC -report on Palestine twinning - passed to Palestine Group, Birmingham May Day Sat 3rd May 12.30 Chamberlain Square
3.18 Lighthouse cinema re anti-war films 21/22 May, offer of 10 fee tickets plus discount for TUC only £2.50 - to be circulated
3.19 CLPD model motions on Firefighters dispute available
3.20 Request from Newcastle TUC for letter of support for Unemployed Centre -write
3.22 Samar & Jawad requesting letters of support for de-categorisation. V already decatagorised Samar appealing - letter of support
3.25 Sandwell Unity campaign, anti-fascist leaflets, and seeking help for Sunday leafleting

4. Reports:
a) Secretary - written provided. Palestine rally May 17th tickets available.
b) Treasurer - account healthy
c) Workers` Memorial Day - press releases to be done. Sponsorship from Amicus-MSF 0758, GMB, UNISON, WB&D TUC, Ken Purchase, Rob Marris, Dennis Turner, Thompsons solicitors, shop stewards and delegates. Covered costs.
d) May Day - programmes and publicity circulated. Volunteers sought from 6pm.
e) Palestine group - meet 1st Thursday each month 7.30pm Whitmore Reans Advice Centre

5. Resolutions - none received

6. Speaker: Secretary led debate on anti-war activity and report on local group and 12th April demo. Quaker vigil Queens Sq. noon 26th April. Support for George Galloway.

7. Any Other Business -
a) affiliation to local Cuba Group agreed £25 , Free Miami 5 petition circulated. Further support requested for Group affiliation £5/£2 individuals - contact NUT
b) Women's TUC report provided, put on next agenda

WB&D TUC Delegate Meeting Minutes Thurs 20th February 2003
Present: Sis Aujla, Clarke, Sagoo, Taylor, Welch Bro Ash, Baynham, Deacon, Evans, Farmer, Grant, Juss, Kelleher, Marris, Williams
Apologies: Bro Joynson, Brackenridege, Tinsley, Goalby, Purchase
1. Welcome to new delegates Sis Clarke, Bro Farmer
2. Minutes of December delegate meeting agreed correct, matters arising:

3. Executive Committee (13-2-03)cancelled as EC were pursing anti-war activity at Lighthouse cinema
Affiliations received: Amicus-MSF 0758, Amicus MSF 13/D Craft, CYWU, FBU, GPMU, NASUWT, NATFHE(Bilston), TGWU 5/748, UNISON General, UNISON Healthcare
1. WM CATUC next meeting 29th March
2. NUT re Cuba Solidarity Group launch 24-3-03 Graiseley Centre 7pm - circulation paid by NUT
3. Midlands TUC re BNP - May elections 18th March 1pm B'ham - no delegate, Sec to request a similar evening meeting
4. William Cooks strike bulletin week 96 AGREED DONATE £100
5. Trades Union Council newsletter
6. WBC festivals dates 2003 - Sec to produce leaflet but dates printed in Sec Report
7. Whittacker Books WB&D TUC book 1 ordered
8. Rob Marris MP re EDMs signed Firefighters support, Occupational H&S, Palestine Wall
9. Conflict in Columbia conference 22 March, London
10. CSC AGM April 5th London, Annual plan - put to next meeting
11. Re-affiliation requests:
TU Friends of Searchlight £50, ACTSA £30, Liberty £21, CLPD £10 AGREED
12. WC Council official unemployment Claimant increased by 45 (+0.7%) to 6,007 current rate of unemployment for the Borough is 5.9%. The current rate of unemployment in the West Midlands County is 5.6%. The current national rate for unemployment is 2.5%.
13. mailings Norwich TUC, Birmingham TUC - new Union Club opened Bread & Roses, Paradise Place, RHS exit revolving doors from Paradise Forum, Central Library towards Broad St - MEMBERSHIP FORMS CICULATED
14. Pinar del Rio Project invite 28-3-03 6.30pm , forwarded to NUT
15. Modernisation - the facts from the FBU
16. Newsletters, available at meeting: ILO World of Work, Cuba Si, Walsall WEA H&S bulletins, CND, Labour Research (with the review!), Ex&Star TUC coaches report & UNISON/FBU photo, PSC
17. Income from coaches, TU donations listed in Sec Report, also £45 from W'ton PSC
18. Letter to Ex& Star re war
19. WBC work agreement
20. Whittacker Books WB&D TUC book order invoice
21. TUC Registration
22. Revitalising TUCs TUC Consultation
23. PPPS (MStar) £100.80 advertising pre-payment
24. TUC conference observers: Womens, Black Workers, LGBT, Trades Councils
25. LPUnit affiliation £20
26. Payments to Iraq demo coaches £1,830
27. TGWU Region invoice for 5/748 affiliation
28. Receipts for affiliation

a) Secretary's written report handed out. Report on meeting called by Bishop & MPs re Ex&Star Heath Town refugee reports - no Heath Town involvement and little outcome.

b) anti-war activities - report on Feb 15th demo. Difficult organisation went well and 250 were taken. Large email base, as the website was used for many booking enquiries. Possible Birmingham demo 1st March. Rally in Queens Sq 6pm on evening of war if it was to happen.
c) Palestine group - next meeting Thurs 6 March, Whitmore Reans Advice Centre

d) Workers` Memorial Day - Bro.Deans has agreed to assist. Sec. has got prices for a balloon release. There won't be wreath laying due to the new venue so sponsorship will be sought

e) May Day - Bro.Deacon requested that the view be put to use Dunstall Community Centre again. George Galloway MP has agreed to speak, Tony Benn has said that next year is likely

f) Any other business:
Bro.Deacon Midlands LGTG network - SEC TO WRITE TO MPs re SECTION 28
Amicus-MSF Learning Reps meeting, open invite Tues 4th March, Newhampton pub

5. Resolutions
6. Speaker: Alf Williams(UNISON) gave a report of his participation in a lay member trade union delegation to Nicaragua. The promosed prosperity from the US has become poverty. There was no time to take his report from Searchlight conference on anti-fascist election work, but written reports were handed out on each subject.

7. Any Other Business ends 8-45pm


WB&DTUC Minutes of Annual General Meeting

Thursday 16th January 2003

Brothers: D Joynson, N Kelleher, D Ash, P Kalinauekas, R Tinsley, K Rana, A Turner,
N Brackenridge, J Grant, G Baynham, B Deacon, P Davis, P Goalby, W Juss
Sisters: H Aujla (observer), S Sagoo, P Welch, S Allen, M Taylor (in the Chair).

1. Welcome to New Delegates

2. Apologies
Brothers: R Marris, D Turner, K Purchase, D Cole.

3. Minutes of 2002 Annual General Meeting.
Agreed a true & accurate record.

4. Matters Arising.

5. Presidential Address.
Bro. N Brackenridge gave the address in the absence of a President.
Congratulations to the Secretary and the Trades Council for all his hard work in the past year. The Trades Council had been represented at two rallies this week one in Stoke (anti-racist/fascist), and in Birmingham in support of a FBU colleague. Bro. Brackenridge emphasised the Trades Council's continuing stance on anti-globalisation and the Labour Party not delivering to the Trades Unions and the people. Delegates were thanked for their attendance and wished a happy new year.

6. Reports.
a] Secretary. A written annual report was provided.
Supplementary report.
d) £25 donation to London Hazards agreed.
4) a) Friction Dynamics rally invite (also thanks for support) Sat 25th Jan. - Contact Steve/Nick
d) Palestine Solidarity conference London 1st March. Unison sending delegates by rail, there maybe spare seats please contact Bro. Deacon, Turner or Kelleher.

b] Treasurer. Audited accounts were presented and the financial report adopted. Thanks were given to both the Treaurer and Auditor. The balance of the accounts remained roughly the same as last year.

7. Election of Scrutineers.
Bro. Tinsley elected.
(Bro. Kelleher takes the Chair)

8. Elections.
The nominations of:

a] President M Taylor Elected
(Sis. Taylor takes the Chair)
b] Vice-President R Marris Elected
c] Secretary N Kelleher Elected
d] Treasurer J Grant Elected
e] Minutes Secretary D Joynson Elected

f] Executive Committee Members:
S Sagoo, P Davis, D Ash. Elected

g] Auditor:
A Turner. Elected

h] Lesbian & Gay TUC Observer - Bro. Deacon nominated & agreed.
j] Women`s TUC Observer - P Welch nominated & agreed.
k] Black Workers` TUC Observer - W Juss nominated & agreed.
l] Disability TUC observer Agenda Item.
m] W.Mids County Association of Trades Councils - 4 delegates.
N Kelleher, P Kalinauekas, M Taylor, P Davis (N Brackenridge reserve) nominated & agreed.
n] Trades Union Council Annual Conference delegate - Bro. N Kelleher nominated & agreed.
o] Publicity Officer - Bro. D Ash nominated & agreed
p] WREC - Sis. S Sagoo & Bro. N Kelleher nominated & agreed.

9. Speaker: Sharon Allen, Birmingham Women's Aid on Domestic Violence - negotiating policies and dealing with members. Agreed to put a link to their web site on WB&D TUC web site.

10. Bro. Goalby gave a verbal report on the latest position of the FBU strike action which will commence on Tuesday21st Jan with a 24hr stoppage with further 48hr stoppages on 28th, 29th Jan and 1st, 2nd Feb.
It was reported that the latest pay offer equated to less than the original offer by the employers and this was only available on acceptance of the Bains report in full. The government are preparing to smash the strike by use of one or more of three methods; 1) Legislation, 2) Injunction and 3) Removal of appliances from Fire stations. The Government is also preparing to force a no strike agreement on fire fighters.
Bro. Goalby also thanked Trades Council for its support of his colleague Bro. Steve Godward, who was suspended for offering Health & Safety advice to colleagues during action.

11. A raffle was held during the meeting, with the £30 proceeds being split between the FBU Hardship Fund and the William Cooks strike fund.