ATTENDANCE : (list lost)  BROTHERS Kelleher, Goodall, Cole, A.Rahimi, N.Rahimi, Ash,  Grant, Deacon,  Marris                                               SISTERS Halfpenny, Ceresa, Taylor, Rahimi
Apologies: BROTHERS - Childs (retired CWU), Hardacre (ASPECT), Muir (CYWU)  Goodall (UNISON Health)
1. WELCOME - to all delegates and visitors, new and old.
2. MINUTES of November Delegate meeting agreed as correct.
 Matters Arising
 3.4 Brothers Kelleher, Goodall and Cole attended Indian Workers Association 24/11/07.
 3.3 Sis. Halfpenny did not raise at Executive as she was not able to attend due to OFSTED.
 4.e No response from Wolverhampton Together.
 4.h Stop Aids Campaign leaflets (postcards) please take & distribute. 
 3.1 Re-affiliate to WEA £20 including donation and national PSC £25.
  LGBT Network – EC recommends Bro. Deacon.
  Women’s Committee is open
  Lack of Black Workers’ nomination forms. Useful to know framework of these different groups.  Secretary to contact Roger McKenzie to clarify how various groups are co-ordinated. E.g. Young, Disabled, Black etc.
 3.5   UNISON report on Trades Council affiliation which Bro. Kelleher will use to encourage branches to affiliate and pass to County Association for others.
 3.6   Badge for Bevin Boys to recognise service in World War II. Bro. Kelleher will send details to branch Secretaries.
 3.10  MultiFaith Cultural Calendar – Workers Memorial Day, May Day missing – delegates to fill in comments slip.
 3.13 TU against EU reform treaty.  More information from both sides is needed.
 6.  Anti BNP campaign – Steering Committee meeting due 31st January 2008 of Wolverhampton Together.  Could we involve Wolves FC to be anti BNP?  Rob Marris may have possible contacts.
• Princes End - BNP lost heavily, vote dropped from 38% to 19%.  Day of action S.Stoke 25/1/08 re-BNP.
•  Wolverhampton College - Stage 1- 10 Tuesdays from 22/1/08. Stage 2 – another venue – 10 Thursdays from 24/1/08.
• Bro. Kelleher on behalf of WB&TUC attended presentation by Inland Revenue for Migrant Workers.  No one else was able to attend from Midlands TUC or Birmingham TUC Unemployed Centre.
• Christmas Party Nite 19/12/07 – over 200 tickets sold.  Should be a profit.  Thanks to Bro. Kelleher for all his efforts and Congratulations.  It should be continued.
• Motion proposed by NUT (printed on Dec Sec. Report)..  Bro. Cole spoke in support of the motion.  Karen Reissmann spoke out against cuts and privatisation in Manchester Mental Health Social Care Trust and was sacked as a result.  Suggestion as to how motion could be split.  Rob Marris has written to Trust to ask them to reconsider the split coming after loss of earnings.  “Mental” inserted after Manchester.  Local dispute is now National.  Cuts (and privatisation) – can County delegates take motion to meeting in January for TUC AGM February.                             Seconded,  Motion Carried.

 (b) TREASURER’s report - Healthy Balance.

 (c) UNISON single status - Very busy.  Large numbers of people compromise agreements whole process has   been to split workforce, “divide & rule”.  Solidarity has been lost.  No appeals because no procedure has been agreed.  Section 188 to be issued to entire workforce. A complex issue that was well debated.

 (e) WMC Association of TUC. Bro. Kelleher President again.  Congratulations. Midlands TUC is only organisation that doesn’t give set of accounts – to be raised.

 (f) MIDLANDS SHOP STEWARDS NETWORK. Written report.  Problems – no special role. Met Prison Officers Assoc.from Wolverhampton.

5. AOB
 County Association nominations: Chair N.Kelleher, Vice Chair G.Hickman,   Secretary/Treasurer S.Hart
Festive refreshments were provided and TU DVD shown - MEETING CLOSED 8:45pm



MINUTES OF Delegate MEETING 15th November 2007

BROTHERS: Rahimi (UNISON) Muir (CYWU) Hardacre (ASPECT) Deacon (UNISON) Grant (UCU) Cole (NUT) Kelleher (UNISON) Marris (T & GWU/UNITE) Baynham (AMICUS/UNITE) Ash (UNISON)
SISTERS: Halfpenny (NUT) Ceresa (UNISON) Petford (AMICUS/UNITE)
Apologies:  BROTHERS –Bechler (ATL) Juss (GMB) Clarke   SISTERS – Taylor (CWYU) Walters (ATL)
1. WELCOME to all.  - Introductions will be made routinely in future. 
 Not correct record of attendance.  Attendance.  SISTERS: Dugmore, Halfpenny, Pearson, ni Mharchadha, - BROTHERS: Cole, Grant, Kelleher, Jones, Clarke, Rahimi, Ash, Hardacre   Apologies: Sis Ceresa, Taylor Bro. Marris, Muir, Childs, Goodall, Juss,

 Matters Arising
 (4.c) Now a settlement.
 (4.a) Nat. Health Service  Demonstration – 7000.  March good, rally flat, local organising.  27 members of New Cross UNISON and Bob Deacon.

(3.1) Regional Shop Stewards Network meeting 24/11/07, leaflet circulated, Secretary will attend.
 (3.3) Osanloo, Iranian bus union leader campaign (see leaflet).  8000 members voted   for him.  Ali will give us some more websites with further information.  Venezuela   Solidarity Campaign have also raised this with Venezuelan trade unionists.
 Sis. Halfpenny to raise at TUC executive.
 (3.4) Invite to Indian Workers Association Shaheed Bhagat Singh commemoration @    5.30pm Saturday 24th November.
 (3.7) Solidarity magazine subscription renewed - £6.
 (3.16) CSC raffle tickets circulated and sold
 (3.17) sent to Oxford Union, protest at fascists – Irvine and Griffin 26th November.
 (3.23) £20 Troops out speakers expenses.
(a) Secretary –verbal report only - UAF day school attended by Bro. Kelleher.
Love Music, Hate Racism demo disk from band in Walsall.  Gig before Christmas of major band possible.  NME magazine – CD sleeves that you can download free CDs. It runs out  in January.  Bro.Goodall could produce own disks with TUC logo on front.  Leaflets and sleeves distributed.

(b) Treasurer – Healthy balance.  Half of money from festivals to go to Morning Star as is arrangement with work teams.  Adverts/Fighting Fund split.

(c) Workplace reports:
NUT Pay Campaign – Ballot in December for discontinuous action. Ballot in January for political fund.
UNISON - Single status reported on by Bro.Deacon at the end of 3 years 1,000 people’s wages will go down out of approximately 10,000.  Job evaluation process is still incomplete, so pay could still change up or down.  The Union may ballot.  Jobs have all been scored.  They all have scores, and rank order of jobs.  Could be a pension claim for people who have been under paid.

(d) Christmas party night – 19th December.  Booked at Revolution - £250 deposit   which we should get back if enough people come. Tickets available £3

(e) Wolverhampton Together (anti-BNP campaign).  Rob Marris has    requested Bishop to convene meeting of steering group of 12.  Bro.Kelleher has sent   information to Rob Marris. Local  bye-elections discussed.

(f.) Palestine Solidarity – No report.
(g.) Cuba Solidarity – No report.
(h)  World Aids Day vigil – St Johns in the Square – Saturday 1st December 2007 – doors open 2.30pm – Vigil 3pm – about 1 hour.  Information from Terence Higgins Trust – 242-244 Bond House, Bond Street, Wolverhampton WV2 4AS.  Tel.No. 01902 711818.  Website www.tht.org.uk

BRO.DEACON Midlands TUC LGBT Network, gave background of his Tory law changes, particularly relating to LGBT people.
December 2003 legislation – right not to be discriminated against at work following treaty of Amsterdam.  Now cannot discriminate on grounds of goods and services.  Same sex partners have more rights for immigration.  Civil partnerships have helped.  Green paper on equality which is “timid”.  “Tidying up legislation”.  Transsexual people do not have this protection from discrimination.  Keep an eye on debate.
TUC Sexual Orientation and Religious Belief Cases – can have legal rights but hard to exercise rights.  Level of knowledge and confidence needs to be built up amongst reps and shop stewards.
Repeat of clause 28 and equalisation of age of consent.  Adoption of children.

Showing of DVD – Columbia Trade Unionists in the firing line – very moving.
Regime supported by USA.  Bro.Cole spoke passionately about it.
6. AOB None.





SISTERS: Dugmore, Halfpenny, Pearson, ni Mharchadha, 
BROTHERS: Cole, Grant, Kelleher, Jones, Clarke, Rahimi, Ash, Hardacre  
Apologies: Sis Ceresa, Taylor Bro. Marris, Muir, Childs, Goodall, Juss,

1. WELCOME to all delegates.
2. MINUTES OF MEETING – 20th September 2007 Minutes agreed correct.

 Matters Arising
 4.c Not pay claim, “offer”.
 5. Bros. Cole and Kelleher still to write.
 6. AOB – Bro Kelleher still to write to Chainmakers Black Country Museum.


 1. CND reaffiliation £5 agreed.
 2. West Midlands County Association of TUC – 2008 affiliation more than previously so   higher cost.
  Nomination of officers – Bro. Kelleher proposes “Steven Hart” Secretary and    Treasurer seconded and agreed.
  Nominate Bro. Kelleher from County Association of TUC’s to attend Regional    Council –proposed,  seconded and agreed.
  Nominate Bro. Kelleher for Chair of County Association.  Bro. Deacon proposed,    seconded and agreed.
  Nominate G Hickman for Vice Chair – proposed, seconded – agreed.
 3. Invite to HM Revenue and Customs presentation for migrant workers – Wednesday   28th November – 1.30pm – Dunstall.
  Expenses should be paid for Secretary to attend – moved and seconded – agreed.  A   report should follow.
 4. Race Equality Partnership Wolverhampton – urgent request for nomination – Sis.   Halfpenny nominated with Sis. Taylor reserve.
 5. Anti BNP Workshop – Saturday 10 Nov – TGWU Birmingham – 10am-12:45pm and   forwarded to Rob Marris.
 7. Reply from Rob Marris re: Migrant Domestic Workers Rights, removal of rights.
 10. Birmingham TUC – Thursday 25th October - Climate change public meeting –   7.30pm– Council House.  Good speaker recommended.
 11. Wolverhampton Stop Climate Change Group launch of coalition – faith groups linked   to Wolverhampton Poverty Action and Friends of the Earth.  Information will be put   onto website.


 a) SECRETARY – written report circulated.
  Saturday 3rd November -  coach from New Cross Hospital – 7.30am - will be put on   website.  Phone UNISON Health to book place.
Trades Council Christmas party.  £250 deposit returnable if £1500 over bar.     Revolution Bar –Wednesday 19th December -  £3.   Fundraiser for council and health unions – others to contact secretary. Wolverhampton TUC agreed.

 b) TREASURER – Healthy Balance minus £250.
  Fundraiser for us and individual Unions.

  (i) CWU Postal Strike.
  Industrial action led to talks and possible deal.  This went to executive who were not   too happy.  20 amendments to deal.  May not go through.  Moral very low.  May be   hard to get members to take action.  All support is appreciated.  Long drawn out    dispute.
  (ii) Public Services – UNISON ballot on current offer.
   If ballot successful 2 day strike 13/14th November.  NUT would like to know    outcome.
  (iii) New Cross Heart and Lung Centre – Consultative balance supported     industrial action.  Now Trust are making concessions and re-opening     negotiations.  Thanks for written report from Bro. Goodall.
 d) WMCA – meeting 6th October – Coventry – very active.
  Womens Committee Midlands TUC - White Ribbon Day – 25th November.  Balloon   release at football matches.  Wolves are playing.  Women delegates interested contact   Midlands TUC.
  Sandwell BNP – 2 Councillors may have been suspended.


 g) CUBA SOLIDARITY – Leonard Wineglass is principal lawyer for Miami 5.  Nearest   meeting Derbyshire, no details yet.

 TROOPS OUT MOVEMENT – Could not show DVD, will show later.
 Mary Pearce – National Secretary and Caroline ni Mharchadha,
 5000 troops still there.
 30 years Belfast delegation to Northern Ireland.  Commemorated every year in August.  Now  popular festival in week.  Delegates are welcome.
 This year was march and rally for truth – collusion.
 Rosemary Nelson – killed by car bomb.  Example of collusion between Loyalist Paramilitary  and British Army.  Changes in law mean that the minister will decide whether there can be an  enquiry or not.  Judge Long was neutral (Canadian) but others may not be.

6. AOB
 Report on Midlands Regional TUC.  Child Poverty Campaign.  Item for agenda next meeting.




Halfpenny (NUT), Ceresa (UNISON), Taylor (CYWU/UNITE). Petford (AMICUS 0758m/UNITE),

Kelleher (UNISON GENERAL), Cole (NUT), Muir (CYWU/UNITE), Farmer (UNISON GENERAL), Deacon (UNISON GENERAL), Goodall (UNISON HEALTH), Grant (UCC), Ash (UNISON), Marris (TGWV/UNITE), Baynham (AMICUS/UNITE),  Cryer (T&G/UNITE).
Purchase M.P, Hardacre (ASPECT),  Childs (CWU) Brackenridge (FBU).

 Welcome to all delegates new and old. Welcome to Sis. Petford from UNITE.

 Agreed correct record with addition of  Sis. Halfpenny sent apologies.

 Matters Arising
 2.1  Going through cheques at present.
 3.5  TUCJCC minutes are not yet on the website.  Should be on TUC website nationally    according to our TUCJCC rep Dorothy Heath.
 3.6 No response from Liberty re: ID cards.
 4. e Bro. Deacon expenses paid after delay. Thanks for LGBT TUC report on website.
  Signatures on cheques discussed.

• Faslane 365 Blockade -  1/10/07 coach £25.  Contact Bro.  Kelleher if interested asap.
• Cuba Day – Coventry 29/9/07 – 11a.m.
• Show Justice for Columbia DVD at future meeting – short 5 minute film.
• 23rd September - Unite rally at Labour Party Conference. Free coach leaves West Bromwich at 7a.m. Let Bro.  Kelleher know.
• Unite Against Fascism - agreed to affiliate for £20.
• Troops Out offered speaker.  Agreed we invite a speaker.
• Stop Academies public meeting – 27th September – 7p.m - Victoria Square, Birmingham.  Ken Purchase M.P speaker.

 (a) SECRETARY – No interest in “Stop the War” demo - Monday 8/10/07.
  3/11/07 UNISON – National NHS demonstration.  Thanks to volunteers at Leeds and   Glastonbury festivals.  £1,150 raised at Leeds for W B & D TUC.

 (b) TREASURER - healthy balance reported.

(c) WORKPLACE REPORTS – Bro. Deacon – UNISON said pay claim of 2.475 % rejected, ballot for action, 2 day strike in Mid November, CYWU/UNITE -  pay claim – offer unlikely to be above 2%. Ballot possible in October, depending on meeting.  NUT is intending to ballot members on pay also.  Organise local rally in St. Peters Square during strike.  Bro. Kelleher to be informed of local progress.  Could get reports from Unions who are not represented here.
 Public Service Unions need to know what each other are doing.
 Bro. Goodall reported on situation at New Cross Hospital.  Higher posts are being decreased and lowest graded increased.  No pay protection being offered to staff that are affected.  Vote likely for strike action.

(d) MIDLANDS TUC EC – Brief verbal report from Sis. Halfpenny.

(e) TRADES UNION CONGRESS –verbal report. Sis. Taylor to distribute written report

(f) WOLVERHAMPTON TOGETHER (anti BNP campaign) – Rob Marris M.P spoke.  Well attended meeting.  Idea to broaden out anti- fascist movement in Wolverhampton 
 Delegate from W, B & D TUC is needed for this movement.  Sis.  Halfpenny, Ceresa and Taylor are willing to be delegates to Wolverhampton Together.  TUC policy is to campaign against BNP.  Rob Marris M.P will contact Sis.Halfpenny

 (g) PALESTINE SOLIDARITY– possible film night around 20/11/07 depending on   Lighthouse.
  Arms trade with Israel.  Possible boycott of Israel is still a hot debate.

 (h) CUBA SOLIDARITY – Garden party in garage due to weather.  Profit was made &   enjoyable.  Bro. Brackenridge – good place for venue.
  Dave Cole has family problems and has not been able to organise AGM.  Luis   Marron is now based in London Embassy.  Hopefully will visit. 

JOHN CRYER T&G/UNITE.  Parliamentary Campaign Officer on the EU & Migrant  Workers.
 Described conditions of exploited migrant workers.  Treatment of agency workers.  No equal  treatment.  Campaigning work of T&G re: Herefordshire strawberry pickers and Domino pizza  workers.  Problems over EU legislation. 
Suggested that Bro.Cole & Kelleher contact  constituency M.P Pat McFadden re: migrant workers.

6. AOB
Chainmakers Festival – WB&DTUC banner on march – good number of our delegates went.  Good turn out.  Write to Museum and congratulate them.  Difficulty with obtaining tickets.
 Venezuela Solidarity Conference 20/10/07 – 9.45a.m – 5p.m.  Midlands Arts Centre,  Birmingham.




Attendance: SISTERS: Taylor (CYWU-UNITE), Walters (ATL), Kelsey (CWU) BROTHERS: Cole (NUT), Kelleher (UNISON G), Deacon (UNISON G), Goodall (UNISON H), Jones (CWU), Childs, (CWU), Bechler (ATL), Brackenridge (FBU), Hardacre (Aspect), SC, Rahimi, Rouse
Apologies: Farmer, Ash, Turner & Ceresa (UNISON G), Juss (GMB), Goalby (FBU),  Grant (UCU)

1.  WELCOME: to all delegates and visitors. New delegates from CWU, UNISON Health and ATL were welcomed.
2. MINUTES OF MEETING 21st June 2007 agreed with corrections: Sister Walters in attendance, Bro. Deacon gave apologies.
Matters Arising: Sec. to check with Treasurer re. whether agreed cheques from June meeting had been drawn up.

3.1 TUC shop stewards courses Stage 1, ten Tuesdays from 2 October,
H&S Stage 1, ten Tuesdays from 3 October, City of Wolverhampton College, Wellington Road  0121 666 6101
3.2 United Campaign Repeal Anti-Union laws – rally Thurs 18 Oct London, details available
3.3 Midlands TUC meeting cancelled due to weather
3.4 Trades councils’ conference draft national report
3.5 TUCJCC minutes, in response to our letter – put on website
3.6 ordered 300 copies of the Liberty "ID Cards Fiction and Fact" booklets for distribution

(a) Secretary’s written report accepted. September delegate meeting speaker – Sis Taylor to approach John Cryer to speak on Trade Union Freedom Bill/ EU Constitution/migrant labour. Leeds festival - Bro. Rahimi volunteered.

(b) Delegate Workplace reports – CWU delegates gave a detailed report on their current industrial action and thanked trades council delegates and other trade unionists who had visited picket lines. 100% out in Bilston and two other local offices. 40,000 job losses, later start times, cuts to allowances, casualisation as well as pay rise. Literature was distributed along with details of the ongoing campaign. WHSmith boycott due to them undercutting post office franchises and closing local P.O.s 3 weeks of rolling action planned.
CYWU – negotiating on 3 redundancies
FBU attended Durham Miners annual Gala along with 60,000
UNISON Health - £10.8M savings by April 08 will result in bed cuts & downgrading threats

(c) Anti-BNP campaign – letter from Rob Marris re Wolverhampton Together  launch of anti-BNP campaign July 27th. Sec. & Pres. both unavailable – other delegates will be in attendance.
(d) Cuba Solidarity - Garden Party – 21st July bring veggie food/puddings
(e) LGBT TUC report – written report circulated – put on website

5. GUEST SPEAKER – Dr Andrew Rouse spoke on his trip with other doctors to Gaza & Hebron, Palestine. Exchange visit with PhD student, blocked from undertaking finals by Israel.  Sec. to send copy of WB&DTUC History in thanks.

MINUTES OF MEETING 21st  June 2007

Attendance: SISTERS: Taylor (CYWU/ UNITE), Ceresa (UNISON), Halfpenny (NUT) BROTHERS: Cole (NUT), Farmer (UNISON), Walters (ATL), Childs, (CWU) Alan Wilkins
Apologies: Muir (CYWU), Kelleher (UNISON), Hardacre (ASPECT)

1.  WELCOME: Welcome to all delegates and visitors.
2. MINUTES OF MEETING 21st June 2007
5. Norman Brackenridge also an excellent report
Warinder Juss - Black Workers Trade Council discussion.
4d. Trades Council registered their concern over the offensive language used to the TUC Secretary by the leader of the Council. When we have meeting we need to put this on the table. This addition was voted on and agreed.
3.11 Halfpenny had discussion with Warinder Juss. Can Secretary write to Race Equality Council for paperwork? More information about what it would take to be a director?

ATL now affiliated
3.5 £30 for TGWU 6/1400/7 Manchester - agreed
3.6 British Pensioners Burston rally £20 - agreed
3.7  Only one Labour member present
3.8 Re affiliate Morning Star website £20
3.14 Meeting with Professor Rainnie. – 14 June 2007.

(a) Secretary accepted.
(b) Treasurer - none
(c) DelegateWorkplace reports - none
(d) Palestine. Solidarity - none.
(e) Cuba solidarity - next meeting Thursday- 28th June. Garden Party – 21st July

5. GUEST SPEAKER - Alan Wilkins Report on Cuba
Have taken musical instruments. Visited as delegate of British Pensioners & TU Action Association, 'Visited Pina del Rio, reliant on tobacco crop. Very poor town.
What happens after Fidel Castro dies? Miami Cubans could come back to take over properties? - bloodshed?
Cruel American. blockade so alliances with Russia.
Changes in Cuba - churches being restored - growth of religion.
Bureaucracy at 6s & 7s. Money from tourists and black market for some. Limit on amount that can be taken in to Cuba - £125. This restricts, the amount of goods that can be taken into Cuba. Some or the problems could become a "diversion" to undermine Cuban State.
Frank discussions needed with Cubans about the way they will go? Dave Cole had a positive slant that Cuba will be helped b¬y other Latin American countries, such as Venezuela. 
Trade Unionists should support Cuba.




ATTENDANCE - BROTHERS; Kelleher (UNISON) Brackenridge (FBU) Deacon (UNISON) Farmer (UNISON) Cole (NUT)  Grant (UCU) Hardacre (ASPECT)  Juss (GMB)
Ash (UNISON) Childs (CVVU) SISTERS: Halfpenny (NUT) Ceresa (UNISON)

1. Welcome to all delegates and visitors. Apologies taken; Rob Marris (TGWU). Taylor (CYWU) Muir (CYWU)

2.    Minutes of last delegate meeting agreed correct. Matters arising:
2.1  Affiliation received from ASPECT, form needed.
2.2  (5b) Trade Union Conference is tomorrow. N. Kelleher found it was too much. Did not get much out of it last year. It will be expensive. Need to consider who should be delegate next year. He is not going this year.
2.5   Black Country Living Museum - Women's Trade Union memorabilia.
2.8   Claire Gough may not be as knowledgeable as first thought. Some difficulties.
2.9   7th July 2007- Nick is attending Shop Stewards Conference and will give report.

3.2 - Council by-law on public leafleting - Trades Council would be exempt.
3.8 - Professor Rainnie, Leicester University will meet delegates at Nick's house for research. 3.9 - English for speakers of other languages. City of Wolverhampton is doing what it can. Ask UCU to come to Trades Council to give us a steer as to how to promote this.
3.10 - Agree Morning Star renewal of progressive website listing - £20
3.11 - Marion Halfpenny, Norman Brackenridge are interested in Race Equality Council and will contact Warinder Juss who is currently "a director".
3.14 & 3.15 - Affiliations from UCU, FBU still outstanding. 

(a) Secretary - Volunteers distributed leaflets well. BNP did lose in each ward. BNP got no seats in West Midlands. BNP Councillors who were elected were new councillors. Some lost seats as sitting councillors.
Congratulations to the way Nick Kelleher ran the campaign. Thanks to all who took part. Highest two polling BNP candidates were ex Tories. Rob Marris thanked leafleters.
 (b) Treasurer - Bank balance reported, hoping for a May Day TUC Development grant. Nick will also apply for grant for anti-fascist leafleting.
(c) Delegates Workplace - Reports - None.

(d) Hope Not Hate Campaign - Paper suggesting what future options might be. Labour party have the problem and should approach Trades Council. Need to consider the most appropriate methodology. May be Union initiatives could support in areas  where BNP are most active. Trade Council needs a presence more over that side of the city.
This could form a basis for discussion with Labour Party. Next Executive take up idea of paper with proposals.
1. Nick sends email to ask for suggestions.
2. Proposal forward to June meeting as how to proceed. 
3. In difficulty with Labour Councillors and need to meet with them to try and sort the matter. Question as to why Labour Party have an issue.
Agreed this course of action.

(e) Palestine Solidarity - 40th Anniversary of Occupation of Palestine. "Enough" rally in London – 9th June. Union branches could pay for number of seats on coach. NUT has DVD of Iron Wall which could be reviewed at Trades Council. Boycott Israeli goods.

Bro. Brackenridge - Relief work in Philippines. Typhoon in typhoon -prone area, destruction is unbelievable. poor area. Rebuilt 7 schools. Commissioned 23 boats. Very humbling experience.

Bro.Juss excellent report.

6. AoB
Next executive meeting 7pm at Nick Kelleher's home. 2nd Thursday. Thank you to Secretary for excellent work on May Day Festival.


Minutes of Delegate Meeting – 19th April 2007

Attendance: Sis Ceresa (UNISON), Taylor (CYWU). Bros. Kelleher (UNISON), Farmer (UNISON), Dodd (AMICUS), Hardacre (ASPECT), Rahimi, Deacon (UNISON), Cole (NUT), Jones (CWU), Childs (CWU), Ash (UNISON), Marris (T&GWU) Goodall
Apologies: Sis. Halfpenny (NUT), Kelsey (CWU). Bros. Juss (GMB), Brackenridge (FBU), Muir (CYWU).

(1) Welcome to all the delegates and visitors, old and new. Bro. Hardacre AGREED to chase up the affiliation from ASPECT, which is still outstanding.
(2) Minutes of delegate meeting – 15/03/07 – Correction: Item 4, page 1, first line; after the word “will” the last line of the item on the second page should follow to complete the sentence correctly. With this one correction the minutes were AGREED as a true & accurate record.
Matters Arising:
(3) The letter to the parole board re: Samar & Jawad is still outstanding.
Re: TUC JCC Minutes – Bro. Kelleher has received a reply, he has still not received the minutes as they are not normally distributed, this issue will be raised at their next meeting.
(5b) The documentation to elect Bro. Kelleher as Trade Union Conference delegate was not sent off, this will be actioned immediately.
(7) Learning Disability Campaign: Bro Grant wrote to UNISON in support of Sis Ceresa & Bro Kelleher. Bro Kelleher was informed of the investigation 2 days after its completion. Both activists have been vindicated. The leader of the council has replied (to correspondence from UNISON & Bro. Grant) to say that Councillors cannot instigate or halt investigations and that there have been no complaints from councillors in recent memory. Bro. Kelleher has written and complained to his employer, seeking a full investigation into this flawed enquiry and asking for the instigator to be identified, Sis Ceresa is seeking Regional advice from UNISON. 
(8) Claire Gough is the new Equality & Diversity Officer for Children & Young Peoples Services, she appears to be knowledgeable and interested in challenging homophobic bullying. Bro. Hardacre apologized for not attending the recent event at the Science Park.
     (3)  Correspondence – (1) Birmingham May Day Event (2) New Affiliations:
           CYWU, GMB, T&G 748, UNISON University. The FBU are still to affiliate but
            have given £500 sponsorship to the May Day Committee. (3) TUC have written
            re: May Day Demos asking for us to adopt the theme of  Anti- Privatisation. (4)
            European petition re: public services, aiming to get one million signatures. (5)
            Letter from Black Country Living Museum, they have set up the worker’s                         
            Institute and are now appealing for women’s Trade Union memorabilia to go in         
            this building; badges, banners etc. If anyone can help they can get a copy of this
            letter from Bro. Kelleher. (6) Military Families Against War – who were involved                       
            in the vigil to mark the 100th death last year – are appealing for support – Noted.
           (7) Details of all slave trade abolition events in Wolverhampton. Plenty of events
            but not well publicized. Some events have been over subscribed, many events are
            being held at The Lighthouse up until October. (8) Cuba Solidarity Affiliation is
            about to expire, renewal at a cost of £30 was AGREED. (9) Saturday 7th July is
            National Shop Stewards Conference – details to be included in the next mailing.
           (10) Tolpuddle Martyrs Event, details to go in next mailing – no local transport.
           (11) The Regional office of UNISON has written to local branches to find out
            which branches are affiliated to local TUC, a new affiliation has followed. (12)
            An invitation to the annual council meeting & buffet – Noted. (13) Various
            Newsletters & magazines – circulated during the meeting.

(4a) Secretary’s Report – Covered by Agenda items – however the secretary reported that  Tony Benn has been confirmed as a speaker at The Chainmakers’ Festival.
(4b) Treasurer’s Report – None.
(4c) Delegates’ Workplace Reports – None.
(4d) Hope Not Hate Anti-Fascist Campaign – The close of nominations for the local election was 2 weeks ago. The BNP have put up 6 candidates, in the following wards; Bushbury North & South, Wednesfield North & South, Fallings Park and Tettenhall/Wightwick. Research is currently being undertaken. The Wednesday before the meeting of local labour councillors, agents and leaders of the strategy group met, the Branch Secretary and Chair of Wolverhampton General Branch of UNISON were invited as was a Regional Officer. Roger Lawrence has since spoken to Bro. Kelleher, and said that Searchlight leafleting would increase the BNP vote and that the recent mass leafleting of Sandwell was a waste of time! Councillor Andrew Johnson has sent a list of areas which he doesn’t want to be leafleted,
these directions are contradictory to Searchlight advice. Bro. Kelleher has sought advice from Roger McKenzie (TUC), he has contacted searchlight and confirmed the proposals of the secretary. There was then substantial debate around this issue and delegates were invited to assist. Bro. Marris proposed that an Anti-Fascist conference should be convened when the results are known, this was seconded by Bro. Deacon and AGREED.
Bro. Marris suggested that the conference should be arranged for the third week in June, he then offered to facilitate and this was also AGREED.
(4e) Workers Memorial Day – Saturday 28th April – leaflets have been put in the mailing. Delegates were asked to publicize this event. Benson Healey from Dudley will be conducting the service.
(4f) May 1st Festival – Appeal for volunteers to help set up and publicise the event. Extra copies of programmes, posters and flyers can be provided. This event will be held at The Pegasus pub in Whitmore Reans. Doors open at 7pm, everything free – except the bar!
Main act is Attila the Stockbroker. An application has been made to the TUC Development Fund – to assist with this event. Bro. Cole said that the NUT would contribute.

Meeting closed at 8.45pm. Sister Taylor’s report (re: TUC Women’s Conference) was
circulated, she will answer questions at the next delegate meeting.

Minutes of Delegate Meeting – Thursday 15th March 2007

Attendance: Sis: Ceresa, May Bros. Kelleher, Farmer, Grant, Hardacre, Deacon, Ash & Rahimi
Apologies: Bro Williams, Marris, Cole, Juss  Sis Halfpenny, Taylor

In the absence of the chair and vice-chair, it was agreed that Bro. Kelleher would chair the meeting.
(1) Welcome to all delegates and visitors, old and new.
Bro. Hardacre agreed to chase up the affiliation due from ASPECT.

(2) Minutes of delegate meeting – 15/02/07  The minutes were agreed as a true and accurate record.
Matters Arising;
The Walsall WEA (Health & Safety Bulletin) Bro. Kelleher believes that the affiliation should be £7.50. Bro. Kelleher proposed that the affiliation should include a donation and that the sum of £20 should be sent. This was AGREED.
Last months affiliations should now be actioned.

  (4n) Bro. Hardacre has not received any leaflets re: BNP activity and there is currently no evidence of a BNP candidate in the Bushbury area. A conference to deal with this issue has not been arranged - executive meetings have been inquorate. Bro. Kelleher spoken to councillors
  (4e) County Association (which meets quarterly) – The efforts of Sandwell TUC, to open a bank account, were discussed. This may be possible, through Unity Bank; Bro Kelleher agreed to check on their progress. It was felt that Sandwell TUC would gain support and meet activists through anti BNP campaigning. It was a agreed that a joint meeting between UAF and Sandwell, after the local elections, would be beneficial.

(3) Correspondence
It was AGREED to send £30 to the United Campaign to Repeal the Anti-Trade Union Laws. John Hendy is prepared to speak to us about this matter, Bro. Kelleher will ask him to be a May Day speaker.
A donation of £20 to The Working Class Movement Library was AGREED.

Samar and Jawad Freedom for Justice Campaign. Bro Deacon gave an update. They are now halfway through their prison sentences. Jawad’s first application for parole was rejected by the Home Secretary. They are non-British Nationals and therefore subject to deportation upon release. The Home Secretary can hinder the process by continually calling for reports. Jawad is appealing for the second time, now his case will go before a parole board. Samar has been waiting for 18 months for her parole application, this process usually takes 5 weeks. Concerns were expressed around the way Jawad had been treated, he recently received medical treatment for cancer and was double hand cuffed for hospital appointments, thankfully he is now in remission. Bro Kelleher offered to write to the parole board in support of their applications, this was AGREED.

A reply from Rob Marris has been received re: Solidarity (is registered as a Trade Union but is not independent of the BNP).
Correspondence received from Football Action Alert protesting against the England V Israel match – to keep racism out of football.
Post Office pack from CWU is available for delegates to look at. Secretary will put details on the website.

Correspondence sent:
The Secretary has written to the TUC (twice) asking for TUC JCC minutes. No reply received as yet.

The secretary has written to the 3 local MPs asking them to do everything possible to oppose Trident replacement. He made six key points:
• There has been no public consultation.
• The costs involved.
• The war with Iraq – which was accused of having weapons of mass destruction.
• The nuclear non-proliferation treaty.
• The fact that the existing system will not be obsolete until 2024, why replace it now?
• Tony Blair could change his legacy as a warmonger – it is shameful that a Labour government is pushing this through.
Ken Purchase has AGREED to vote AGAINST Trident replacement.
Rob Marris sent a lengthy reply, this was circulated. Pat McFadden has NOT responded.

(4a) Secretary’s Report
There was leafleting (anti-fascist) on 10/03/07. The Hope Not Hate event in Sandwell on April 1st will The Christmas party night at Sugar. The secretary wrote to this establishment in January requesting the return of the deposit of £200. He has been down to the venue, written, E-mailed and rung without success. He has been informed that the establishment has now closed down. The secretary is doing research as there is another club in Nottingham; according to them the Wolverhampton site is in liquidation. Trading Standards have informed the Secretary that WB&D TUC will be a creditor if the business is in liquidation. The Treasurer advised that if this is the case the money probably would not be recovered because WB&D TUC would be “at the bottom of the list as a unsecured creditor”. Bro Grant proposed that Bro Kelleher should be reimbursed (as he had paid the deposit). Bro Hardacre proposed an amendment; that this payment should be an honoraria – this was AGREED.
feature Billy Bragg. Leafleting sessions are starting in Redditch.

(4b) Treasurer’s Report
There was one question regarding the accounts. Bro Deacon queried the unpresented cheque made out to “Broken Arrow” this should actually be “Broken Rainbow” – no reply has ever been received from this group. The accounts are still to be audited.

(4c) Workplace Reports - None 

(4d) Midlands TUC AGM – Bro Kelleher attended, a written report was circulated. There was a presentation from AMICUS about a campaign to supply footballs – details will be on our website.
There was also a written report from the Midlands TUC Executive meeting which was attended by Sis Halfpenny. Bro. Deacon requested clarification on point 3 of the report and Bro Kelleher agreed to raise this. There were no further comments/questions.

(4f) Pensions Campaign - a brief report was given by Bro Kelleher. Some activists attended a conference at Alexander Palace on behalf of UNISON. A proposal to ballot for strike action was LOST so future industrial action related to this issue is unlikely.

(4g) Worker’s Memorial Day – Plans are fairly standard. Bro Kelleher has spoken to one of the Industrial Chaplains. It falls on a Saturday this year, Bro Kelleher proposed organising the event in the same way as other years, this was AGREED.
May Day – This is not yet planned. Bro Kelleher has ‘phoned venues but has yet to receive replies. Suggestions for speakers and entertainment were welcomed. Bro Kelleher suggested convening a planning meeting at his house on Thursday next week, refreshments will be provided from about 6pm onwards.  As it is the 40th Anniversary of the occupation of the West Bank Bro Deacon agreed to track down a speaker. Suggestions were made regarding a jazz quartet and a singer who had performed in the past.

(4h) Public Meeting re: Palestine – Bro Deacon circulated leaflets about this meeting. It is to be held on Friday 23rd March 7-9pm at St. Andrews Church Hall, Avion Centre, Whitmore Reans. Bro. Deacon asked delegates to display posters, circulate leaflets and to attend! There is a national demo. in London on 12th June, to mark the 40th anniversary of the occupation. He is trying to get financial pledges to enable interested groups to book a coach.
A motion has been put through the County Association re: Palestine, this was nearly ruled out of order and has now become a composite. The composite motion will be circulated when available.

(4i) No report - Bro Cole absent.
(5a) No nominations for vacant EC seats.

(5b) Bro Kelleher was elected as Trade Union Council Conference delegate at the last delegate meeting, this should have been minuted.

(6) Resolutions – None

(7) Speaker – Sis Ceresa – The Learning Disability Day Centres Campaign.
Sis Ceresa updated delegates about this ongoing campaign (which is supported by Wolverhampton General Branch of UNISON and is conducted in partnership with the families of service users). The joint implementation plan was put before cabinet on 21/02/07 and a group of people (including parents and workers – who had booked leave) lobbied councillors. The plan suggests the substantial downgrading of about 20 posts and parents are concerned about possible reductions in services. The employer has, as yet failed to respond to UNISON’S concerns. Since the lobby two Unison members, who are delegates to WB&D TUC have been subjected to investigations by their employer (W.C.C.). It is believed that they are being victimised for their Trade Union activities and that this is an attempt to stifle free speech. Bro Hardacre proposed that a letter of support be sent to the Branch Secretary of UNISON (Wolverhampton General Branch). It was AGREED that the Treasurer Bro Grant would write this letter in the absence of the Chairperson.

(8) A.O.B. – Bro Deacon informed delegates that the Children & Young Peoples Services Department were launching an action plan on gender and sexual orientation equality. At present no Trade Union names have been put forward, there are no delegates from youth & play or the youth council etc. The meeting will take place on Tuesday 27th March at 7.30pm at The Science Park.


ATTENDANCE: Taylor (CYWU), Deacon (UNISON),  Cole (NUT), Muir (CYWU), Childs (CWU), Dolan (COMMUNITY).
Apologies:  Kelleher (UNISON), Halfpenny (NUT).

 Welcome to all delegates and visitors new and old.

2. MINUTES OF MEETING 18/1/07 - Add Bob Deacon to attendance,  no matters arising.

 Executive report – None
• WEA Walsall affiliation   £7.00     approved.
• Justice for Columbia affiliation  £50.00  approved.
• BPTUAA affiliation    £20.00  approved.
• LRD affiliation   £36.00  approved.
• TUFS affiliation   £30.00  approved.
• Nottingham NUM Ex & Retired Miners Association – Noted.
• TUCs conference delegate – Nick Kelleher.
• TUCJCC – Nominate Dorothy Heath.
• RTUC – Later on agenda.
• Union Learn – 23/3/07 – Workshop – Re-serving on public bodies.  Leave till next meeting.
• Rob Marris re-signing EDMs.
• Pat McFadden – Sexual Orientation (Provision of Goods and Service) Regulations.
• Pat McFadden – Arms Sales to Israel – awaiting FCO reply.
•  BTUC – May Day - Saturday 5th May.
• Pat McFadden – Redwatch.
• BTUC – Other.

 (a) Secretary – Noted.
 (b) Treasurer – Absent.
 (c) Community Secretary –Steve Dolan – Industrial dispute at Ralph Martindale, Strawberry  Lane.  Outstanding pay increase due 1/1/06.  Ballot 100% in favour.  75% density.  Series of 1 & 2 day strikes.  Now suspended while negotiations take place.  Good public response.  Good  relations with police.   
 (d) Delegates workplace reports – None.
 (e) County Association of TUC – Bob Deacon – TUC conference, Bedworth.
 (f) Midlands TUC EC – Marion Halfpenny – Absent, refer to next agenda – Sandwell to Chair County Association.  Need formal move to establish TUC in Sandwell.
 (g) Rebuilding Trade Union Councils outcome applicable for WB&DTUC – Defer to next meeting – Report on website.
 (h) Anti-BNP campaign – Need to follow up with Mike Hardacre.
  School closure campaign on Ashmore Park.
  Holocaust Memorial Day – Not religious dominated.  Well attended, well organised.  Follow up with Interfaith group.  No conference.
 (i) Public Services Campaign – Phil Goalby – No report
 (j) Palestine Solidarity – Bob Deacon.
 (k) Cuba Solidarity – Dave Cole.

 (a) Vacant EC positions (up to 12 available under rule).
 (b) Trades Union Council conference delegate, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne 19/20th May.

6. AOB – a) Saturday 17th March – Aston University, Birmingham – TGWU & CYWU rally opposing outsourcing of youth work.
b) NUT Wolverhampton – proposal regarding academy has been accepted by Government.  Still seeking sponsors.