Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC

1. ATTENDANCE:  Sister Rahimi Brothers: Baynham (Amicus), Kelleher (UNISON), Grant (UCU), Davis (UNISON), Ash (UNISON), Cole (NUT), Marris (TGWU), Rahimi, Rahimi  Apologies: Sis Taylor (CYWU)  Halfpenny (NUT), Ceresa (UNISON), Bro. Juss (GMB), Childs (CWU), Hardacre (Aspect)

2. The minutes of November meeting were agreed as a true record.  MATTERS ARISING:
2.1 Election to inaugural Race Equality Partnership Wolverhampton, Board of Directors (4 years, 4 meetings per year) – Bro.Deacon  declined, Bro.Juss elected
2.2 Need to respond to Cnllr Dass re council’s response to report of fascist graffiti

3. Executive Committee cancelled. Correspondence:
3.1 Amicus 0758 donations £30 for Workers Memorial Day (also £80 May day Committee)    – receipts sent
3.2 Midlands TUC £250 Development Grant towards costs of Oct 28th demo
3.3 2007 affiliations to WB&DTUC; UCU(University), CWU(W.Mids), ASLEF, Community (Hall Palm) – receipts sent
3.4 £20 donation towards Union Party night D. Heath, Walsall TUC
3.5 Bro.Dolan, secretary Community (Hall Palm) –re potential strike first for 26 years
3.6 RMT & TSSA Don’t Privatise East London line campaign – agreed to write to MPs
3.7 Receipt for our £25 donation to Manchester electricians. (FBU sent large donation and delegation this week)
3.9 Campaign for labour party democracy 24 Feb. 07, London. Affiliation £10 agreed
3.10 CATUC AGM election results - Bro Kelleher Chair
3.11 West Mids CND Trident mailing – invite as speaker at AGM, postcards to be distributed
3.12 Rob Marris MP signed EDMs: Race Relations & Minimum wage, White asbestos, Young Workers, Minimum wages and tips in service industry, leader of Tehran bus drivers, Assaults on railway employees, Injury victims of road accidents, Trade Union week & Labour rights in Iraq.
3.13 Rob Marris MP surgery dates – listed on our website
3.14 Rob Marris MP – statistics for 2005/6 workplace accidents. 212 killed at work. – copy to WEA & Midlands TUC
3.15 Birmingham TUC mailing. John McDonnell MP to speak now on 8pm on Thursday 4 January 2007 Rooms 3 & 4 The Council House Colmore Row Birmingham – open meeting
3.16 UAF national conference 17 Feb 07, London
3.17 Voices (Iraq) funding appeal £20 AGREED
3.18 Several telephone enquiries to join a union
3.19 Women Fight Back demo Ipswich 29 Dec
3.20 Sent:
3.21 £33.98 spent on 2 laser toner cartridges (eBay) as requested
3.22 £20 donation to Hazards 2007
3.23 Rob Marris – council’s maximum working temperature agreement in response to his signing of EDM
3.24 Request to answer Redwatch letters to Pat McFadden & Ken Purchase MPs
3.25 Appeal for funds re Oct 28 demo
3.26 to local trade union branches 2007 affiliation reminders (2nd request)
3.27 TUC LGBT Network nomination

4. Reports
a) Secretary –written report circulated.
b) Treasurer- balance reported.
c) Union Xmas Party night – 180+ attended went down well, ticket sales lower then expected. Expected to break even or small surplus. Brought together all council unions
b)  Save the Council Older People’s Homes campaign – report given by UNISON, one home to close, two saved , another  safe for three years.
c)  Rebuilding Trade Union Councils regional conference (18th Nov) – written report spoken to giving recommendations
d)  Anti-BNP campaign discussed. Speak to Roger Lawrence re a conference, will have to be after 27th January. Need to arrange speakers to claim back Holocaust Memorial Day from religious dominance of last year.

5. Any Other Business - Seasonal food & drinks were provided

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC

1. 1. ATTENDANCE:  Sisters: Taylor (CYWU)  Brothers: Kelleher (UNISON), Grant (UCU), Deacon (UNISON), Muir (CYWU), Cole (NUT), Apologies: Sis Halfpenny (NUT), Ceresa (UNISON), Bro. Juss (GMB),
2. The minutes of October meeting were agreed as a true record.  MATTERS ARISING:
2.1 Ken Purchase paid £25 for wreath for Workers Memorial Day
2.2 Bro.Cole ordered CND anti-Trident postcards
2.3 Need to respond to Cnllr Dass re inquiry into council’s response to report of fascist graffiti

3. November Executive Committee report, matters arising: addition of sis Taylor’s apology
Correspondence actioned:
3.1 £25 donation towards 28th Oct demo – from Bro Hardacre, ASPECT
3.2 CATUC 2007 affiliation £32.50 - sent, nominations for officers to be taken at delegate meeting
3.3 Hazards Campaign 2007 appeal –£20 donation agreed
3.4 Ali Rahimi – offer of help as TU volunteer, NUT & UNISON to raise at their EC meetings – invite him to our EC and write to other unions
3.5 Rob Marris letter to minister re Redwatch in response to our request. Postcards to be circulated at delegate meeting – other MPs to be chased up.
3.6 Sent: questions and documents for circulation prior to Nov 18th TUCs conference to Roger McKenzie, who agreed to circulate
3.7 Sent: Civic room booking requests
4. Election to inaugural Race Equality Partnership Wolverhampton, Board of Directors (4 years, 4 meetings per year) – Bro.Deacon elected
5. Reports
a) Secretary –written report circulated, discussion of success of Defend the NHS/Save Older Peoples Homes demo TUC Dev Grant £250, applied for towards costs of over £440 borne by WB&DTUC, Report by Sec. distributed – seek funds from branches
b)  Treasurer- balance reported, Dec 18th Union Xmas Party night club expected to raise funds.
c)  Delegates' workplace reports
d)  Save the Council Older People’s Homes campaign – report given by UNISON. Council decision early December.
e)  Midlands TUC – written report circulated. Anti-abortion EDM has not been signed by any Wolverhampton MPs
f)  Rebuilding Trade Union Councils regional conference (18th Nov) – 3 delegates to attend
g)  Save British Manufacturing campaign – Amicus leafleting in Queens square went ahead, deadline for petitions 17 Nov.
h)  Palestine Solidarity Bro.Deacon reported on Boycott Israel campaign. Public meeting 25th Nov. POSTPONED (maybe Feb 3rd) due to unavailability of Ken Purchase. Sec. to send out email notifications.
i)  Anti-BNP campaign agenda for local conference with LP and Interfaith Group discussed. Speak to Roger Lawrence re a conference, suggested date 27th January claiming back Holocaust Memorial Day from religious dominance of last year. At Civic – check availability for Sat 27th. Parkfield High school recently visited Auschwitz. Invite Searchlight. Education theme of conference with practical outcomes and decisions, not just speeches. Workshops? Labour Party still not contacted us. Need to get copy of report distributed at LP?Searchlight conference.
6. Speaker: Searchlight LP conference written report was distributed and discussed.

7. Any Other Business :
 a) 1st December World aids Day co-ordinated locally by Terrance Higgins trust – see their website. HIV in the workplace leaflets distributed and available from WB&DTUC.
b) Secretary was requested to buy new laser cartridge for printer.

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC

1. ATTENDANCE:  Sisters: Taylor (CYWU), Dacres (UNISON)  Brothers: Kelleher (UNISON),  Farmer (UNISON), Baynham (Amicus), Grant (NATFHE), Deacon (UNISON), Ash (UNISON), Turner (UNISON), Hardacre (ASPECT), Cole (NUT), Apologies: Sis Halfpenny (NUT), Ceresa (UNISON), Morgan (UNISON, Bro. Juss (GMB), Muir (CYWU), Childs (CWU obs.),Marris (TGWU)

2. The minutes of September meeting were agreed as a true record.  MATTERS ARISING:
2.1 Ken Purchase still to pay £25 for wreath for Workers Memorial Day
2.2 Bro.Cole to get CND anti-Trident postcards
2.3 Swastika graffiti on rail bridge removed after over 13 weeks of complaining.
2.4 ‘Public Services not Private for Profit’ campaign Sec written to Rob Marris & Ken Purchase welcoming their support for EDM, the only action currently proposed.
2.5 107 Australian construction workers being prosecuted for striking – send message of support
2.6 Leafleting by Amicus Queens Sq Sat 21st.Save British Manufacturing

3. October Executive Committee report, matters arising:
Correspondence actioned:
3.1 SW CLP - Women & Pensions meeting November, seeking assistance.  Pensions info sent in response. Circulate flyer, when received.
3.2 Midlands TUC Awards 2007 nominations form - noted
3.3 PSC Wolverhampton meeting 25th Nov advance notice – Ken Purchase & Palestinian General delegation to Britain representative agreed donation £50
3.4 Cnllr Dass re fascist graffiti – council inquiry launched
3.5 Tameside TUC – seeking financial support for 22nd week of lockout TGWU officials Manchester Royal Infirmary PFI agreed £25
3.6 MPs written to re Redwatch website which now shows local activists.
4. Reports & discussion:
a) Secretary –written report circulated
b) Treasurer. Balance reported
c) Delegates’ workplace reports:
UNISON reported meeting in Ashmore Park of parents very angry at proposed closure of Danesmore school due to cost cutting and falling student numbers. Discussion ensued around protection of terms and conditions of members and involvement with community campaigns. Protesters asked to join demo. Possibility of approaches by fascists to campaign since it is same area where they stood in May.
Local Government Pension Scheme Lobby of Parliament 22 November, offer of shared coach
NUT – Council put in bid for funding linked to Academy school. NUT & Ken Purchase opposed to academy schools but Pat McFadden supporting one in Wolverhampton.
d) Save the Council Older People’s Homes campaign – 10,000 signatures so far. Decision to be taken at November Cabinet. Discussion of Labour Group meeting.
e) Defend the NHS demo Sat 28th October West Park-Civic-Molineux – Bring banners. 7,000 leaflets being distributed, some leafleting still to be done. Costs borne by WB&DTUC, Development grant to be applied for. Seek affiliation of 3 unaffiliated UNISON branches.
f) CATUC – TUCs Regional conference discussed. Delegates encouraged to attend. Very important opportunity for us.  Documents written by Sec: How WB&DTUC Works (circulated at meeting), others to be circulated by regional secretary to delegates of conference.
g) LGBT Network – written report circulated.
h) Cuba Solidarity - Bro.Cole reported on a successful dayschool and garden party. Miami 5 public meeting Oct 6th.
i) Palestine Solidarity – good leafleting, good public response but police hostile, twice asked to leave, quoting public order offences.
j) Anti-fascism – W’ton LP Local Govt. Cmttee agreed anti-BNP campaign with WB&DTUC and InterFaith Group. Agreed to organise conference. EC to look at setting an agenda, then arrange meeting with them before end of year.  Need to arrange speaker and contact Council Leader re Holocaust Memorial Day 27 Jan 2007.

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC

1. ATTENDANCE:  Sisters: Taylor (CYWU) Ceresa (UNISON)  Brothers:  Muir (CYWU), Kelleher (UNISON),  Farmer (UNISON), Juss (GMB), Baynham (Amicus),  Dodd (Amicus), Grant (NATFHE), TL( Amicus),  Hardacre (ASPECT), Cole (NUT),Childs (CWU obs.),Marris (TGWU)

2. The minutes of July meeting were agreed as a true record.  MATTERS ARISING:
2.1 website has reached maximum capacity so 50Gb extra purchased £3.55 until renewal.
2.2 Ken Purchase still to pay £25 for wreath for Workers Memorial Day
2.3 Voice of the Unions £7.60 sent
2.4 Need to get CND anti-Trident postcards
2.5 Swastika graffiti on rail bridge reported to council(June)and Network Rail(July) but still no action. Sec raised with councillor.
2.6 social with Banner Theatre/Rahimi campaign in W’ton – no progress
2.7 ‘Public Services not Private for Profit’ campaign info supplied at meeting Sec to action.

3. September Executive Committee report, matters arising:
Pensions campaign – local unions united in opposition to plans from council to cut costs further by reducing discretionary pension payments. No other West Midlands authority has done this.
Correspondence actioned:
3.1 Midlands TUC – rebuilding Trades Council Movement 18 Nov Leicester delegates Taylor, Kelleher, Hardacre agreed
3.2 Black Country Museum Women’s History conference 14 October – put on website
3.3 W.Mids CATUC Secretary standing down. Next meetings 7 October, 9 Dec.
3.4 TSSA virgin Trains 727 Affiliation – receipt sent
3.5 Re-affiliation agreed: WMCND £5,PSC £24,W’ton CSC £25,Liberty £26
3.6 TUC courses in Wolverhampton –both Stage1 courses now confirmed but Learning rep course likely to be cancelled for lack of numbers
3.7 RMT re National Stewards conference 28 October London – clashes with local NHS demo
3.8 Rob Marris re 107 Australian construction workers being prosecuted for striking – send message of support
3.9 Tameside TUC re sacking of 3 TGWU stewards at Manchester Royal Infirmary send letter of support
4. Reports & discussion:
a) Secretary –written report circulated
b) Treasurer. Balance reported, no money raised this year from Workers Beer Company as no festivals worked for first time in 8 years. Need branches to promote festival bar work for next year.
c) Save the Council Older People’s Homes campaign – Sis Ceresa gave report on UNISON’s campaign. Lively lobby of councillors by over 40 residents, and union members. Branches to be contacted with details of next lobby.
d) Defend the NHS demo Sat 28th October West Park-Civic-Molineux – UNISON Region requested help. Bro Cole & Kelleher  Sis Tay;lor volunteered as stewards. Bring banners.
e) Cuba Solidarity - Bro.Cole reported on a successful dayschool and garden party. Miami 5 public meeting Oct 6th.
f) Anti-fascism – local LP GC agreed anti-BNP campaign reported. Need to arrange meeting with them.
5. Resolution from Amicus 3120M: “That WB&DTUC supports the Amicus & TGWU campaign to Defend British manufacturing.” was passed unanimously. Bro.Dodd spoke about the campaign. Public leafleting to be arranged. UNISON already pledged support. 2% drop in sales already. Campaign will send message to other manufacturers.
6. introduction to the TUC’s UnionLearn DVD was shown. -   The meeting closed at 8.45pm

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC

1. ATTENDANCE Sisters:  Taylor (CYWU)  Ceresa (UNISON)  Pearson – T.O.M.  Brothers:   Kelleher (UNISON),  Deacon (UNISON), Cole (NUT),  Farmer (UNISON), Juss (GMB),  Smith (Amicus obs.)  Taylor (obs.)
Apologies –  Grant (NATFHE), Hardacre (ASPECT),  Childs (CWU obs.),

2.`The minutes of June meeting were agreed as a true record with the inclusion in 5 that “only one motion was submitted by WMCATUC to annual conference” , MATTERS ARISING:
2.2  Letter not written to council re FLAG
3.12 Ken Purchase still to pay for wreath for Workers Memorial Day
3.2.1  Voice of the Unions renewed £7.60 agreed
3.2.18  Our website is working again. Web Host renewal fee £30 was paid
2. 3. There was no Executive Committee.  
3.1) Delegates asked to publicise TUC Education courses at Wolverhampton College, Wellington Road Campus, Bilston
Applications to: WEA Office, 78-80 Sherlock Street, Birmingham    0121 666 6101
M086 UNION REPRESENTATIVES STAGE 1 10 Tuesdays from 3rd October
M087 HEALTH AND SAFETY STAGE 1  10 Wednesdays from 4th October
M088  UNION LEARNING REPRESENTATIVES   5 Fridays from 6th October
3.2) Midlands TUC plans for Regional TUC conference November. Sept EC to discuss concerns discussed.
3.3) Bro.Deacon - Regional TUC report – copied for delegates. TUC LGBT report to be put on website
3.4) Sis.Taylor undertook follow-up interview  after questionnaire – “TUs and Community Politics”. Bro. G.Taylor from Bristol Business School reported on his work with Central Labour Councils in the US, our equivalent. He will be able to give us a report in the next few months.
3.5) Trades Union Council Midlands Regional Conference – copied for delegates and emailed
3.6) protest at west midlands PSC 22 July protest leafleting and a die-in against Israeli war crimes in Palestine and Lebanon
Birmingham TUC mailing noted
3.7) Socialist Health Alliance meeting Wed 26 July 7pm QE, Birmingham
3.8) various Newsletters – available at meeting for delegates to take away
Correspondence sent:
3.9) Solidarity magazine (Bridgewater TUC) £6
3.10) Asylum & Immigration tribunal re Shapol Said
3.11) CATUC expenses for Bro.Deacon TUCo. Conference
3.12) Dudley PCS info re affiliation after request
a) Secretary’s written report circulated. Need to get CND anti-Trident postcards. Young Labour Save Omar campaign meeting no details yet will email. Swastika graffiti on rail bridge reported to council and Network Rail but still no action. Sec to raise with councillors.
b)  Delegates’ Workplace reports - none
c) Anti- fascist election campaign – meeting to be called still
d) PSC report- delegation in B’ham 15 Sept. Possible Civic reception in W’ton and tree planting – AGREED to pay for tree if needed.
e) CSC – day school with Indian workers Assoc on 23 July
f) Rahimi Family Must Stay campaign – social in late September with Banner Theatre in W’ton, they are seeking our help. Approach W.A.R.S. and Kurdish group.

5.  Speaker Mary Pearson troops Out movement gave video presentation commemoration of 25years since Irish Hunger strikers seeking political status, pre-cursor to peace negotiations. Troops Out Belfast delegation 10-14 Aug

6. RESOLUTIONS submitted by CYWU
1) WB&DTUC supports ‘Public Services not Private for Profit’ campaign

2) WB&DTUC condemns with horror the disproportionate response of Israel in its actions in its actions in Lebanon. We condemn the targeting of innocent civilians in this conflict and the mass slaughter of Lebanese civilians by the indiscriminate bombing by Israel.
We reject the comments made recently by Margaret Beckett as Foreign Secretary and urge her to intervene and carry out strenuous efforts to bring about peace in that region. We believe this will be achieved in the short term by calling for an immediate ceasefire and working towards a negotiated settlement. Seek a negotiated settlement in Gaza based on international law. Send to TUC General Council where Midlands TUC had already sent correspondence
The meeting closed at 8.45pm



Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC

Sisters: Halfpenny (NUT),  Taylor (CYWU)

Brothers:  Kelleher (UNISON),  Grant (NATFHE),  Childs (CWU), Deacon (UNISON),  Davis (UNISON),  Smith (GMB), Davis(UNISON), Hardacre (ASPECT),  Ash (UNISON)      

Apologies –  Marris (TGWU),  Sagoo (UNISON),  Cole (NUT),  Farmer (UNISON),  Ceresa (UNISON)

Introductions were made

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed to be a true record
 2.2  Letter not written to Pat McFadden re EDMs – He is now a minister! or to the council re FLAG
3.3  Mike Hardacre now on scrutiny panel for Children and Young People
 3.5   Trade Union Courses to go ahead in Wolverhampton.  TUC working through WEA at              Wolverhampton College.  There were problems in Sandwell.  Bob Deacon has had a            discussion with Peter Try (regional education officer).   All the courses are published in a            booklet for whole region 3 times a year.  Need to investigate whether college media course            could design a suitable local leaflet.
  3.6  Secretary to send in response to request from solicitor of Shapol Said of Wolverhampton            Kurdish Association
  3.8   Subscription still to be sent to ‘Solidarity Magazine’ £6.00
  3.12 Ken Purchase still to pay for wreath for Workers Memorial Day
  3.13 Guantanamo Bay speaker not arranged for June instead a discussion on the Trades Council            Conference
  5.     Book given to Dave Cole to present to Brian Carter for speaking on the Education White Paper
6.     CWU dispute - aggrieved person on holiday – waiting return before manager can be investigated. CWU not an affiliate.

3.1 There was no Executive Committee
3.2 Correspondence -
3.2.1  Voice of the Unions renewed £7.60 agreed
 3.2.2   No affiliation to Campaign for Labour Party Democracy
3.2.3   TUC Development grant of £250 received for anti-fascist work
3.2.7   Secretary attended Islam Means Peace Meeting which was not very productive, but      we will keep in touch with developments
3.2.10  NHS demo 15.7.06 more information needed as to whether it is supported by the TU     locally
3.2.12   Report from Birmingham TUC on Iranian Bus workers strike and their May Day –  1,000 police – 250 people!!
3.2.18  Our website down since 1st of June but this is being sorted.
a) No Secretary’s report
b) Treasurer – adequate funds reported
c) Delegates’ Workplace reports Local Government Pensions scheme, slight shift by government.  There may be more industrial action.  How pay had been deducted following the last strike was queried?
      TUC Disabled Conference- 24.5.06 – 25.5.06 brother Davis’ report was discussed
d) Anti- fascist election campaign – need to meet to discuss work we could do re anti BNP campaign.  Correspondence in Ad News discussed.
e) PSC report- At Demonstration 20th May Wolverhampton was the most steadfast delegation concerning the banner!
f)  CSC – 16th July  summer fair 12 Richmond Road ‘a barrel of real ale’  23rd July Cuba Day School Dunstall Hill Community Centre
g)  Rahimi Family Must Stay campaign 16th June Newhampton Arts Centre Dunkeley Street.  Advertised on local radio.

5. Speaker Trades Union Councils’ 2006 Annual Conference – Brother Kelleher
         & Brother Deacon
Discussion on recommendations of circulated report
 There was an interesting discussion on the detailed report presented to the council.  There are 133  Trades Councils in Britain.  Only one motion was submitted.  This needs to be addressed in future  years. We need a timetable for motions. A draft agenda was needed to enable full participation of  delegates in future years.  All the issues raised in the report were endorsed.  The way forward is that  all the concerns should be communicated to Dorothy Heath JCC delegate.

6. RESOLUTIONS non submitted
The meeting closed at 8.45pm





Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC

1. ATTENDANCE: Brothers: Kelleher (UNISON), Grant (NATFHE), Dolan (Community), Deacon (UNISON), Cole (NUT), Hardacre (ASPECT), Juss (GMB), Marriot (UNISON observer), Ash (UNISON), Carter (NUT)
Apologies: Sis. Halfpenny(NUT), Ceresa (UNISON), Taylor(CYWU) Bros.  Farmer(UNISON),  Marris(TGWU)
THIS MEETING WAS ALL MALE – delegates could not recall this happening before.

2. Minutes of the April meeting were agreed to be a true record. MATTERS ARISING:
2.1 Sec wrote to Midlands TUC with our comments on the consultation on the role of trades unions councils in the regional TUC.
2.2 letters still to be written to Pat McFadden re EDMs and council re FLAG
2.3 Rahimi Campaign Public meeting Bro.Cole will chair – Sec to circulate details for 16 June
2.4  affiliations campaign – PCS written to by Sec.

3. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORT: Correspondence actioned:
3.1 ABCD offer of free TU stall 2 July Pheonix Park, Blakenhall – insurance required for stalls, cost prohibitive – no volunteers forthcoming
3.2 Cuba Solidarity meetings: June 29, Sept 28, Nov 30 Thursdays 7.30pm, 38 Goldthorn Rd.  copies of EDM 1959 postcards, circulated at meeting.
3.3 Wolverhampton Council - Children & Young People Scrutiny Panel, formerly Lifelong Learning. Bro. Hardacre nominated
3.4 TGWU & Amicus re Peugeot Ryton – circulated at meeting
3.5 Bro.Marris & Bro.Marriot re TUC courses in Wolverhampton – discussed. Bro.Marriot congratulated for getting agreement for TUC courses to return to Wolverhampton.
3.6 Request from solicitor of Shapol Said of W’ton Kurdish Assoc. – Sec to send
3.7 Midlands TUC re certification of BNP’s “union” Solidarity.  Sec. wrote to TU Certification officer and received reply that they accept it as TU but will contact us if a Certificate of Independence is sought so that we may lodge our complaint. – copy to Aspect.
3.8 Magazine “Solidarity” from Sec Bridgewater TUC no connection with above - subscription £6 agreed
3.9 Appeal from Sec Bridgewater TUC re recording of working class history. Copied to Bro.Barnsby.
3.10 Brent TUC appeal  to commemorate 30th anniversary of Grunwick strike. £30 agreed
3.11 Rob Marris surgery dates – put on website
3.12  WMDay – all wreath cheques in except Ken Purchase still to pay £25
3.13 June delegate meeting speaker on Guantanamo bay to be arranged
3.14 News release not done for this month’s meeting, due to lack of time of Sec.

4. Reports & discussion:
a) Secretary written report circulated.
b) Workers Memorial Day, lessons to be learnt - Need local interest story for future events as TV coverage would then be available. Sec. spoke to Reg. TUC Sec. about it. 
c) May Day - Decoration worked well. Good compere. £200 agreed donation to May Day Committee towards shortfall in funds. Event cost £1050. Donation still to come from NUT?
d) Treasurer – healthy balance reported
e) Local Govt. Pensions Strike Campaign – negotiations on-going will require new ballot for further action.
f) No delegates' workplace reports.
g) Anti-BNP election campaign – need to establish local group to work between elections. Press release after election had been printed as a letter by Secretary in Adnews.
h) Palestine Solidarity - train tickets for PSC demo on Saturday were available.

5. Brian Carter, National Union Teachers Regional Secretary, spoke on the Education Bill, school academies & trusts etc and distributed campaign material from the NUT. There was a full and excellent discussion and it was agreed to lobby MPs to amend the Bill, put on website. Copy of our history to be sent to Bro. Carter

6. Any other business – report of CWU walkout at main sorting office. 100 workers reported to have walked out yesterday after management refusal to suspend a shift manager alleged to have racially abused a postal worker.

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC

1. ATTENDANCE: Sister: Ceresa (UNISON), Brothers: Kelleher (UNISON), Grant (NATFHE), Childs (CWU observer), Deacon (UNISON), Cole (NUT), Hardacre (ASPECT), Juss (GMB)  Apologies: Sis. Halfpenny(NUT), Taylor(CYWU), Sagoo(UNISON)  Bros. Ash, Davis & Farmer(UNISON),  Marris(TGWU)

2. Minutes of the March meeting were agreed to be a true record. MATTERS ARISING:
2.1 Bro. Hardacre has raised issue of TUC course at Wolverhampton College in his capacity as a governor.
2.2 GMB Walmart(ASDA) – Sec written to 2 GMB branches offering assistance and seeking affiliation.
2.3 letters still to be written to Pat McFadden re EDMs and council re FLAG

3.1 Midlands TUC Trades Union Council Task Group update received – Sec to send comments that arose from discussion. Only invite speaker if we have further discussion points to raise.
3.2 W’ton Council invite to annual meeting 17 May – pass to Vice-Pres.
3.3 Workers Beer Company 2006 festival dates – recruitment leaflet updated
3.4 Worcester May Day request to circulate info – email & web done
3.5 Eyes Wide Theatre Co. seeking interviews about racial discrimination – pass to Racial Harassment Network
3.6 Ken Purchase MP in support of ID cards
3.7 Palestine Solidarity national demo Sat 20 May London – transport details 450640
3.8 RAF Civic reception invite – pass to STW
3.9 TUC Tolpuddle leaflets 14-16 July -circulate in next mailing
Correspondence Sent:
3.10 TV, local radio and press coverage of Pensions rally as a result of media release
3.11 Liberty EC ballot, voted for trade unionists AGM 20th May
3.12 All other correspondence noted.
3.13 May delegate meeting speaker Education Bill/School Academies –Bro. Cole to arrange speaker
3.14 affiliations campaign – need to approach NATFHE –Bro.Grant. he spoke at PCS retired section meeting seeking affiliation.  UNISON & GMB written to by Sec branches mentioning joint work on pensions and anti-fascism.

4. Election: West Midlands County Association of TUCs – Bro.Hardacre elected

5. Reports & discussion:
a) Secretary written report circulated
b) Treasurer – healthy balance reported
c) Local Govt. Pensions Strike Campaign – UNISON delegates, reported April strike dates suspended pending negotiations brokered by TUC. 100% support offered by NUT.
d) Delegates' workplace reports – Bro.Cole gave NUT conference report, highlighting international issues. Commended Morning Star for best coverage.
e) TUC Black Workers’ Conference – written report from our observer Bro. Davis. Bro. Juss gave verbal report. Main issues: Anti-BNP campaigning, H&S discrimination of black workers, all schools have anti-racism policy – automatic Ofsted improvement notice if not. Report of superb Cuban Health system and their help for developing nations.
f) Anti-BNP election campaign (Wednesfield N) – still need local quotes from churches/Kick Racism out of football for leaflet – 5000 leaflets. Volunteers and dates for leafleting agreed.
g) May Day– publicity distributed. Volunteers needed to set up venue from 11-30am on May 1st
h) Workers’ Memorial Day– order wreath @£25, enquire about making of a banner. Leaflets to be given out to public at start of event-Bro.Grant & Deacon to organise. Media release needed. Bro.Cole to speak on workplace stress if required.
i) PSC trade union conference – Bro.Deacon commented on Hamas victory. TUC nationally is giving even handed treatment to Israel, the occupiers. Public service workers not been paid last month due to withholding of money to the elected Palestinian government. Christian Aid is available to give excellent power point presentations on issues. Write to MPs re British government stance
j) Rahimi Family Must Stay Campaign – Bro Kelleher reported from last campaign meeting that 1st judicial review had been cancelled by current solicitor since it was based on the initial single page submission that almost led to their deportation. Bro. Kelleher to see Ken Purchase with family to seek assurances during this legal ‘in limbo’ period. WB&DTUC to chair forthcoming public meeting organised by the support campaign.
6. Any other business -none

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC

1. ATTENDANCE: Sisters: Halfpenny (NUT),  Ceresa (UNISON), Taylor (CYWU)   Brothers:  Kelleher (UNISON), Grant (NATFHE), Childs (CWU),  Deacon (UNISON), Cole (NUT),  Davis (UNISON), CS (GMB), Paul Davies(GMB)   
Apologies:  Marris (TGWU),  Sagoo &  Farmer (UNISON),  Hardacre (ASPECT), Juss GMB
Bros. Davies and Childs were welcomed as a new member to the meeting.

2. Minutes of the February meeting were agreed to be a true record. MATTERS ARISING:
3.2.4 Someone who lives on Low Hill estate may be BNP candidate.  Young Labour would like to work with Trade Unions to do anti BNP work
6.  There was a discussion concerning the resolution on No2ID Cards and other view points but it was agreed that the matter had been fully debated previously.

3.1 There was an Executive Committee report and some letters were still to be written.  The minutes secretary apologised for the lateness of the minutes.
3.2 Correspondence -    There are currently no TUC courses in Wolverhampton as the city college was not interested when invited to be involved.  Courses are running under the auspices of the WEA but not in Wolves.
3.2.6 DAF TGWU Electricians (previous speakers here – won tribunals but  employers have been bouncing cheques since July. Therefore there is still an on-going dispute despite having won
3.2.13     TUC - GMB Wal-Mart (Asda) have anti-union practices and have tried to break collective bargaining agreements.  See Midlands website for more details http://www.tuc.org.uk/the_tuc/tuc-11571-f0.cfm  if action is being taken in Wolverhampton we would support members at Asda.
3.2.14     Launch of Midlands TUC International Forum Thursday 23 March 4.30 – 6.30 pm.  Will contact to express interest Bob Deacon and Dave Cole both expressed an interest.  Ask for further information and that meetings are accessible by public transport and at appropriate times.
3.2.15      cheques have been written Cuba Solidarity £40, TU Friends of Searchlight £30
3.5          Workers’ Memorial Day 28 April 12.30 was discussed. Leaflets distributed
3.8           ASPECT has affiliated
3.10         May Day preparations were discussed. See our Website

a) Secretary – Still vacant posts for WMCATUC 2 delegates. Troops Home from Iraq, Don't Attack Iran national demo Saturday 18 March. Coach from Falkland St. Rahimi meeting cancelled
b) Treasurer - healthy account. We won £100 from Cuba Solidarity 267 Club standing order prize draw.
c) Pensions Campaign- Out of percentage of votes in for ballot average yes vote 81% should be the biggest strike since the General Strike.  WB&DTUC have organised a rally at noon on the plaza 28th March 2006.  There will be other strikes prior to May elections.  All workplaces to be picketed
d) Delegates’ Workplace reports - Education Bill only achieved through votes of the Tory party. Letter from Rob Marris MP circulated.  Ken Purchase MP is still opposed to the bill
e) TUC Disability Conference- brother Davis’ report was discussed
f) Midlands  TUC- papers were circulated
g) Anti- fascist election campaign – need to use literature as last time, amended and updated.  Sister Taylor to check election deadlines.  There is leafleting every weekend in Dudley
h) CSC Trade Union Conference – D Cole gave a brief account – written report circulated
i)  PSC report- At a future meeting
j) Rahimi Family Must Stay campaign – update given
k) Stamping Out Homophobia conference – written report circulated

5. RESOLUTIONS non submitted

6. Speaker Sister Jane Ceresa, Campaigning in the community – UNISON’s Successful Save Our Day Centres campaign.  There followed a detailed and stirring account of this campaign and the importance of involving the service users and their families as the main activists.  The centres are saved for now but the situation needs monitoring.

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC

Sisters: Halfpenny (NUT), Ceresa (UNISON),  Taylor (CYWU)
Brothers:  Kelleher (UNISON), Grant (NATFHE),  Baynham (AMICUS), Deacon (UNISON), Cole (NUT),  Dolan (COMMUNITY), Davis (UNISON), observers: CS (GMB),  Millington (AMICUS), Goodall(UNISON),
Apologies –Marris(TGWU), Muir(CYWU), Ash (UNISON),  Farmer( UNISON)  Mansell-Green ( the speaker)
Bro. Dolan  was welcomed as a new member to the meeting.

2. The minutes of the last meeting were agreed to be a true record, MATTERS ARISING Letter sent as a response to UNISON health branch disaffiliation but no response
3.1.4  Letter to be sent to councillors re FLAG Staff Association
3.1.11  Data Protection Agency Scam letter to be sent to Blackpool Trading Standards and Rob Marris MP

3.1   No Executive Committee report as no meeting
3.2  Correspondence:
3.2.2   We do not appear to be covered regarding Community Centre Hirers Liability insurance.  Secretary to contact Councillor Peter O’Neil re May Day
3.2.4   Anti BNP activities.  BNP leafleted part of Wednesfield North.  BNP may be standing in Bushbury.  name?  Wednesfield south and north have highest white population in Wolverhampton.  Leafleting will need to be done against BNP in Wednesfield North, fallings Park and Low Hill.  How are BNP recruiting local people?  We need to monitor situation.  BNP have formed ‘union’ Solidarity for racist trade unionists kicked out of other unions and this has been recognised.  Would it be worth contacting Midlands TUC about this?
3.2.6    Delegates informed of Alan Marriot’s desire to implement some local trade union courses.
3.2.9 H S E consultation on control of asbestos.  Pat McFadden MP does not sign early day motions,  Renew our call to say we want extra coating staff to be licensed.   Secretary to write to Pat McFadden for an explanation as to why he does not sign early day motions.
3.2.19  6th March, Loughborough, Domestic Violence is a Workplace Issue – daytime event.  This issue is not taken seriously enough by Wolverhampton Council.  Details to be sent to A Dokov and Louise Miles to encourage them to go to this event
3.2.20  Confusion about campaign against closure of the Eye Infirmary when Walsall WEA believes there is asbestos in the building.  Suggest  Walsall contact UNISON hospital branch for clarification.
3.2.21 Affiliate to Labour Research rather than ACTSA which is no  longer a campaigning group but more a charitable organisation now.  We need to  ensure we get the right information from Labour Research.
3.2.28 Agreed affiliations Walsall WEA £20, Abortion Rights, TU friends of Palestine £10, Cuba Solidarity £30
No further discussion as time for the Speaker
a) Secretary – NONE due to time
b) Treasurer- NONE due to time
c) Pensions Campaign- NONE due to time
d) TUC Disability Conference written report but NO oral, due to time
e) WB&DTUC Employment Advisory Service Sub Committee -NONE due to time
f) West Midlands County Association of TUC’s -NONE due to time
g) Delegates’ Workplace reports - NONE due to time
h) Rahimi Family Must Stay campaign - NONE due to time
i) CSC & PSC reports - NONE due to time

5.  Speaker Andy Goodall VSC
Spoke at length about changes made by the president Chavez since 2003 bosses’ lockout.  Workers took control of the oil industry.  He has won 10 national democratic elections which were internationally accepted. Eliminated illiteracy, free health service with 10,000 Cuban Doctors, free education system, land redistribution, He will stand as president again in 2006.  Showing of Llaguno Bridge at Lighthouse on March 2nd 2006.  More information from venezuelasolidarity.org.uk

6. RESOLUTION : No to ID cards:
The Wolverhampton, Bilston and District Trades Union Council expresses concern that the Government’s proposals to introduce identity cards, coupled with the way that its anti-terrorism legislation is being enforced, present a genuine threat to civil liberties.
In particular, the concern lies not with the idea of an identity card but the nature of the card that is proposed. In Europe, identity cards are already in use but with safeguards and checks which are not part of the proposed British model.
The National Identity Register will strip British citizens of their rights of privacy and open their lives to the scrutiny of any individual or body that the Government deems fit to do so. With the Government’s current admiration of the market place, that may mean that the details of your life are offered up to private companies.
Today, there is widespread identity theft and it is logical to assume that the technical expertise of organised criminals will be able to breach the security of the new ID cards. When that happens, a great deal more information about individuals will available to the criminals than they can get at present. Consequently, identity theft is likely to increase both in quantity and quality.
The Government claims that the introduction of identity cards is necessary as part of the war against terrorism. Last year’s bombings in London are evidence against that argument: the bombers were established members of the community who would have found it as easy as any other British citizen to obtain a card and, therefore, not even have to resort to defeating technology designed to prevent identity theft.
The system will be extremely expensive. One estimation puts the cost of each identity card at as much as £500. That money could be better spent on health and education and even more effective methods of combating crime.
Finally, glitches in the complex system or human error could have serious consequences on individuals. For example, there is evidence that a significant number of people are still being wrongly labelled as criminals by the Criminal Records Bureau.
The Wolverhampton, Bilston and District Trades Union Council intends, therefore, to campaign against the current identity card scheme and, as part of that campaign:
 to write to the City’s MPs to urge them to vote against the Government’s proposals
 to urge all affiliated unions to actively oppose the proposals
 to support No2ID (www.no2id.net), in their campaign against the cards

7. AOB – issue of security was raised re use of full names in minutes.  Need to discuss again.
The meeting closed at 8.45pm with a great deal of unfinished.