Delegate meeting minutes of Thursday 19th DECEMBER 2013  Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council

held upstairs room Newhampton pub, Riches St WV6


Present:  Sis. Taylor (UNITE-CYW)   Bros.  Juss (GMB), Baynham, & Marris (UNITE), Kelleher, (UNISON Gen), Chadwick (UNISON), Childs (CWU), Lynch(NUT visitor).    Apologies: Bros. Retnasingham & Rahimi (UNITE). Deacon (UNISON)Grant (UCU), Grant (NUT), MacMillan(CWU)  Sis Halfpenny (NUT), Elson (PCS)


  1. Minutes of last delegate meeting

a)     agreed no corrections; matters arising: new mesh banner be purchased @about £90;

  1. Executive Committee in December was inquorate;  correspondence:

a)    Correspondence:

1)     2014 WB&DTUC affiliations received from: NUT, UNISON University, UNITE WM/6151Lock&Metal workers, ASLEF & Community 17000 – receipts sent

2)     Midlands TUC re donation for Chainmakers festival 7 June 2014. £150 agreed

3)     Midlands TUC regional observer nomination forms for TUC Black Workers’ Conference  & TUC Women’s Conference - noted

4)     Trades Union Councils Midlands conference Dec14 was CANCELLED due to lack of delegates; there was no response to our letter re the agenda from Midlands TUC or TUCJCC representative

5)     Black Country People’ Assembly launch 20,000 leaflets (for 4 TUCs) £146.64 were distributed; £986.64 joint TUC Development grant application from four Black Country TUCs has been sent to cover launch costs and has been agreed by Midlands TUC; food @ last meeting £20

6)     Adverts placed in MStar for filmshow, Chainmakers & Peoples Assembly launch from our credit balance

7)     Cuba Solidarity Campaign renewal £40 agreed

8)     Hazards 2014 sponsorship appeal £25 agreed

9)     Shrewsbury 24 petition was served at Number 10 Downing Street on 16th December

10)   TUC Tolpuddle Martyrs calendar

11)   Save central baths petition –details on our website

12)   Thatcher is [still] Dead CD sale £2.70 mug and WB&DTUC History book sales £12

13)   TUC Union Reps Stage 1  ten Mondays from 20th January at Wolverhampton City College

14)   Save New Bradley Hall public meeting, 17th December – details put on our website


15)   2014 civic centre room bookings - confirmed

16) Midlands TUC nominations: delegate Sis. Taylor & Pensioners Network Bro Deacon

17)   WB&DTUC affiliation and 2014 WB&DTUC officer nomination forms

To send

18) £40 Sis Taylor paid room hire Newhampton for filmshow

19) £942.50 to Morning Star; half of money raised from Workers Beer Co work @Latitude & Leeds

20) Future meetings our January AGM will be our 150th – invite Rob Johnston to speak on the year ahead for the Midlands TUC; future speaker Tom Watson MP?


3)    Reports/discussion:

a)     UNISON –CYW-UNITE – unions put alternative proposals to threat of youth service

b)     Black Country People’s Assembly launch Sat. 25 Jan Arena Theatre.

c)     Friends of Chainmakers Bro Lynch reported a successful launch meeting on 3 Dec with a good range of local groups in attendance and willing to help including a local current woman chainmaker. Contact Jean Cooper re future Friends of Chainmakers meetings. The following motion was proposed by Bro.Marris and passed unanimously; to be sent to Midlands TUC for debate at 22nd February AGM:

Friends of Chainmakers

We welcome the formation of the “Friends of Chainmakers” group which will build support for the Midlands TUC’s Cradley Heath Women Chainmakers’ festival, particularly in the Black Country.

    Midlands TUC agrees to assist the “Friends of Chainmakers” in its work. 


d)     A short eulogy of the revolutionary hero Nelson Mandela was given by the Secretary and a minute silence held before a screening of The Condition of the Working Class which had an attendance of around 20.


Delegate meeting minutes of Thursday 21st NOVEMBER 2013

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council


  1. welcome & introductions

Present:  Sis. Taylor (UNITE-CYW) & Battell (NASUWT).  Bros.  Juss (GMB)  Millard (UNITE-CYW), Purchase, Rahimi  & Marris (UNITE), Grant (NUT), Kelleher, Cardy, Deacon Turner & Everall (UNISON Gen), Stoll & Royle (UNISON Dudley), Grant (UCU), MacMillan & Childs (CWU) , Millington (NUJ), Rashim & Draper (BFAWU)

Apologies: Bros. Retnasingham, Baynham & Sourani (UNITE). Sis Halfpenny (NUT) Ceresa (UNISON Gen)


  1. Minutes of last delegate meeting

a)      agreed no corrections; matters arising: new mesh banner be purchased @about £90;

b)      George Barnsby/Eric Hobsbawn books which were donated to us have been passed onto the tutors of the TUC Education courses for students to use in their library.

c)      Update re Anton Apiania last month’s speaker; Upper Tribunal, case rejected - no mention in outcome of previously needed evidence that was produced to confirm 4years of his 19 year residence in Britain. Appeal lodged for new hearing at Court of Appeal.


  1. no Executive Committee in November;  correspondence:

a)      TUC re trades councils Midlands conference Birmingham Sat Dec 14th we are invited to send one motion and up to two delegates to the conference; at least one of the delegates must be either a woman or BAME.  The conference is designed to facilitate discussion between trades councils on delivering effective campaigning around the campaign plan. Wrote to TUC Regional Secretary re content of day as TUC’s priorities to be discussed not those for Trades Union Councils – no rely. No-one volunteered to attend.

b)       Public Petition: Save Central Bathsonline petition  invited Carol Bailey to speak but was unwell.

c)      People’s Assembly - Francesca Martinez (comedian and activist) and Sam Fairbairn (national People’s assembly secretary) will be able to participate/ speak at Black Country event on the 25 Jan 2014

d)      TUC Regional Council AGM 2014 nomination for delegates (WMCATUC inactive/ended?) Sis Taylor nominated.  Bro.Deacon nominated for Pensioners Network.

e)      £455 Workers Beer Co for work @Latitude received and £1430 Workers Beer Co for work @Leeds received (total for year £3,025; over 15 years we have raised £27,000 this way). We sent £570-37 (half of Glastonbury funds) to Morning Star Fighting Fund receipt & thanks received

f)         Cllr Roger Lawrence re SIGOMA ‘Stop the Growing Divide’ petition circulated also he replied to our resolution about council cuts; but not Chief Exec did not.

g)      University of Wolverhampton student asked to do a one minute radio interview about racism in football and the effects it has on people - Bro Marris volunteered.

h)      N.Staffs Miners Wives seeking donations for Women Against Pit Closures celebration film £25 donation agreed & sent.

i)          Palestine Solidarity AGM 25 Jan 2014 London Bro Deacon going and will give us a report

j)          Spent £50 stamps; £5.75 expenses delivering Greggs leaflets and talking to staff re meeting; £6.98 lead for PA equipment

k)       Sent:

l)         WB&DTUC affiliation forms 2014 to branches

m)    Invites to Greggs workers re meeting. Bakers Union application form from Sedgley – sent to BFAWU

n)      Orgreave Truth & Justice Campaign £25 donation; Shrewsbury 24 £25 re-affiliation



4)   Reports/discussion:

a)      UNISON – “consultation” ongoing.  Over 160 cuts proposed, £8m still short of legal budget. Central government 40% cut to Wolverhampton council. Voluntary Redundancies being refused by council, despite threats to 1,000 council jobs and previous promises to unions. Threat to all elderly services.  3,000+ signed petition against closure of Central baths.

b)      CYW-UNITE – unions putting alternative proposals to threat of youth service privatisation.

c)      NASUWT/NUT teachers’ regional industrial action success, national action postponed until Feb, empty government promises so far.

d)      UCU, UNISON & UNITE took industrial action together for first time at universities on 31st October

e)      Black Country People’s Assembly next meeting 26 Nov; report from NAPO about their 24hr strike on Nov 5th expected there – delegates encouraged to get involved – public launch Sat. 25 Jan Arena Theatre.

f)         Friends of Chainmakers launch 3 Dec Bro Deacon to attend; bigger venue booked

g)      Secretary’s report successful Action for Rail leafleting of commuters; joint work with ASLEF & RMT took place on Nov 5th. Bro.Millington said that local press want “human interest angle” for stories they cover.

h)      Wolves PalestineSolidarity Campaign national lobby of parliament Wed 27 November most ever going locally all MPs to be lobbied excellent PSC briefings available. Film season November 29th.  Friday 10 Jan public meeting on West Bank visit.


5)   speaker:  Ronnie Draper, General Secretary Bakers Food Allied Workers Union on the recent Hovis strike victory and also recent local strike threats to protect pensions.  BFAWU are very specific with their sponsorship of MPs. A consultative ballot of members showed an overwhelming support for a general strike. Benefits for working families are a subsidy for poorly paying employers. They have a roll call at conference and fine delegates if they were not to show up or be on time. FTSE 100 directors have had a 16% pay rise this year – there is a class war gong on.


Next meeting: 7pm Thurs 19th December:  delegate meeting will include at 7.30pm a screening of The Condition of the Working Class

new venue (not at Civic) upstairs room Newhampton pub, Riches St WV6


Delegate meeting minutes of Thursday 17th OCTOBER 2013

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council


1)                  welcome & introductions

Present:  Sis. Taylor (UNITE-CYW), Jassal & Sharkey (UNISON Gen), Battell (NASUWT)  

Bros.   Rahimi  & Marris (UNITE), Kelleher, Deacon (UNISON Gen), Grant (UCU), MacMillan & Childs (CWU) Apiania, Brown (MU)

Apologies: Bros. Turner, Everall, Grant (NUT), Retnasingham (UNITE), Juss (GMB)  

Sis Elson (PCS) Halfpenny (NUT) Ceresa (UNISON Gen)


2)        Minutes of last delegate meeting –agreed no corrections; matters arising: new mesh banner be purchased @about £90; contact Mike Edwards to see if they have a library to use books donated to us. UNISON Mary Seacole event very successful over £400 raised, excellent performance by Sis Dixon, UNISON steward as Mary Seacole


3)        Executive Committee report October;  correspondence:

a.   Update from Sis Ashcroft re WW1 play no funding as yet; possible joint work still but not currently

b.   FBU invite to attend picket lines – attended. Further strike due Sat 19 Oct 6.30-11.30pm

c.    Bridgwater TUC Centenary celebration Saturday 19th October, request for our trades council to be represented Sis Taylor, Bro Kelleher & Rahimi have volunteered

d.   TUC Women’s conference Wed 12th March-14th 2014

e.    Workers Beer Co £1140.75 paid for work @Glastonbury

f.     PCS(Valuation) affiliation to WB&DTUC £15.20

g.   £460 Coach Choice Ltd NHS demo; Midlands TUC £250 grant for NHS demo transport; £60 seat sales (rest free) cost to us was £150. Information about coach parking was not sent out and only given to march stewards which made it hard to locate coaches after rally.

h.    People Assembly 20,000 NHS demo leaflets £174.31 (£21.61 back from Dudley TUC) meeting costs room hire £10, food £20

i.     Bought laser cartridge £13.80; paper £23.46; stamps £50;labels £24.85; Condition of Working Class DVD £8


j.     Sis Taylor is still chasing UNITE for details of Frank Clapham.

k.    £455 invoice to Workers Beer Co for work @Latitude; £1430 invoice for work @Leeds

l.     £570-37 half of Glastonbury funds to Morning Star Fighting Fund – receipt received

m.  Orgreave festival £25 donation; Shrewsbury 24 £25 re-affiliation

n.    Last month’s Resolution to Council leader and Chief Exec

To send

o.   Agreed invite to local public sector union branch secretaries to see if there was a demand for a joint meeting to discuss co-ordinated public sector campaigning against government cuts (as sub-committee of WB&DTUC)

p.   future meetings agreed:


Thurs 21st November: @ Civic centre Ronnie Draper, General Secretary Bakers Food Allied Workers Union on the recent Hovis strike victory – delegates need to build meeting. Contact regional officials and all local Greggs stores.


Thurs 19th December:  delegate meeting will include a screening of The Condition of the Working Class new venue (not at Civic) confirmed by Bro Bassett CYW-UNITE as upstairs room Newhampton pub, Sis Taylor has arranged projector.



4)        Reports/discussion:


a)   Fire Brigades Union 2nd industrial action over pensions expected Sat 19 Oct

b)   UNISON – re threat to council jobs. Over 160 cuts proposed. Central government 40% cut to Wolverhampton council; £96m by 2019. Unions meeting 21 Oct, Cabinet meeting Oct 23

c)   UNITE-CYW youth services and Sis Taylor’s job to be cut by June 2014

d)   NASUWT/NUT teachers’ industrial action good turnout at 1st Oct Birmingham strike rally and media coverage. Unclear where job losses will be, plundering of pensions; move to a traditional curriculum. Industrial action in South East today.

e)   CWU Save Royal Mail campaign – Tories privatisation sale at £3b yet financial institutions valued higher and stock market doubled price of shares straight away, losing taxpayers billions. Terms and conditions attack expected strike action due 4 November

f)     UCU, UNISON & UNITE taking industrial action together for first time at universities on 31st October

g)   Black Country People’s Assembly minutes of 24 Sept meeting distributed Next meeting 4 November @ The Pegasus WV6 0QQ, prior to activity on Nov 5th         – other Assemblies formed in Birmingham (24 Oct launch), Leicester, Nottingham & Derby

h)   Midlands TUC report - our Chainmakers motion was passed with almost full support, which should confirm event to be held next year (Sat 7 June) though Midlands TUC EC will discuss finances in November. Tues 3rd Dec 3pm Friends of Chainmakers meeting Cradley Heath Library – to assist in fundraising, organisation and increasing local involvement.

i)     Secretary’s report – 2 in 5 Wolverhampton tenants affected by Bedroom Tax pushed into arrears since 1 April 2013 (1,153: Sept figures; Bro Marris reported this had since risen)

j)     Wolves Palestine Solidarity Campaign national lobby of parliament Wed 27 November most ever going locally all MPs to be lobbied excellent PSC briefings available. Film season November 1st, 15th & 29th

k)    NHS - Support Stafford Hospital; Bro Deacon reported over 5,000 attending demo on 28th September


5) speakers: 

Anton Apiania (housemate of Bro Kelleher) – changes to UK immigration law (Para 276ADE) which requires 20years stay before amnesty instead of 14. He faces possible deportation to Suriname due to technical difficulties in his own application and a new application would be affected as he has lived and worked in Britain for nearly 19years after leaving the Soviet Union which had sponsored his study.

Suggestions for assistance: Dave Stamp ASIRT; Refugee Migrant Centre, Pat McFadden, media campaign? produce leaflet about how immigration system works use Anton as example?


Stephen Brown – Musician’s Union regional organiser explained most their members were self-employed or involved in creative education. Wants more Musician’s Union involvement in creative union campaigns. They have a directory of musicians and can put unions in contact with local union member musicians.

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council

Delegate meeting minutes Thursday 19th SEPTEMBER 2013


1)       Present:  Sis. Taylor (CYWU-UNITE), Jassal (UNISON Gen), Battell (NASUWT)

Bros.   Rahimi  & Marris (UNITE), Kelleher, Turner, Everall, Fraser, Deacon (UNISON Gen),  Grant (NUT), MacMillan & Childs (CWU) Juss (GMB), Millington (NUJ)

Apologies: Bros. Thomas (Community), Grant (UCU), Retnasingham (UNITE), Cole (NUT)

Sis Elson(PCS) Halfpenny (NUT) Ceresa & Sharkey (UNISON Gen)


2)        Minutes of last delegate meeting –agreed no corrections; matters arising: contact Mike Edwards to see if they have a library to use books donated to us.

3)         Executive Committee report September - correspondence

a)            Orgreave mass picnic and festival Sat 14 June 2014 30years after strike, agreed £25 donation and put on website

b)            England bus pass petition – Walsall pensioners – filled, to be sent

c)            Shrewsbury 24 petition filled & sent for presentation next month – re-affiliation £25

d)            Update from Sis Ashcroft re WW1 play – joint venture including Archives being looked into as funding not looking good

e)            Hope not Hate re anti-gagging campaign in W’ton SW too late

f)              Correspondence re Frank Clapham – awaiting response from UNITE.  MT has chased up.

g)            £100 deposit on coach £360 to pay 29th October £40 income so far for tickets

h)            Local People’s Assembly organising meetings for Black Country TUCs in Wolverhampton spent 15 July (room hire £10) 2 Sept (food £20); 20,000 29 Sept leaflets £174.31 (5,000/TUC £21.61 back from Dudley TUC)

i)               Musicians Union organiser to speak at our Oct meeting - Stephen Brown


j)               Our Chainmakers motion to Midlands TUC, and PCS report were passed at Midlands TUC Exec it was believed and cancellation of the festival or a move back to the Museum seemed ruled out.  Future work to develop links with community proposed as still little local knowledge of festival.  Costs have been high in past.

k)             £250 grant application to Midlands TUC re 29 Oct transport

l)               £1140.75 invoice to Workers Beer Co for work @Glastonbury – payment processed

m)          to Labour councillors and 60 GP surgeries/medical centres re Sun 29th Sept 

n)            to branch secretaries re supply of leaflets – UNISON Gen & ret. section, UNISON Uni, UNITE-CYW, UCATT, NUT and NASUWT have distributed copies


4) Reports/discussion:

a)                UNISON – re threat of 1,000 council job cuts. Government cut of £89m by 2019 to Wolverhampton Council. No recruitment freeze currently. Voluntary redundancy being pushed heavily by council. 3,500 at three mass meetings to hear cuts. No specific areas to be cut/privatised currently known.


Motion passed, send to WCC Chief Exec, Co. Leader and Ex&Star:


Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC

  1. Recognises the massive cuts to council funding by the Coalition government
  2. Notes with great sadness and anger WCC’s proposals to make 1,000 staff redundant
  3. Learns with alarm that some senior managers at WCC appear to favour outsourcing and disfavour public services provided by public sector employees.
  4. Urges WCC to do all it can, through working with the recognised trade unions, to avoid redundancies for example by:
    1.                                        i.      a recruitment freeze
    2.                                       ii.      cutting the number of interim managers
    3.                                     iii.      cutting the number of agency staff
    4.                                    iv.      cutting the amount of overtime
    5.                                     v.      open meaningful negotiations and discussions with the trade unions
  5. Encourage the leader of WCC to meet frequently with representatives of the recognised trade unions.


b)                After two years of action short of strike action, in the dispute over pay, pensions, working conditions and jobs.  Media has been ignoring action, teachers are being sacked on spurious capability grounds; teacher retention is poor already.

Since no meaningful negotiations are taking place, main teaching unions the NUT and NASUWT which cover 90% of staff have announced regional rolling strike actions in England on Tuesday 1st October. Wolverhampton teachers will join other colleagues from across the Midlands, Eastern, Yorkshire and Humberside regions on strike.  All teachers from across the region urged to attend the Regional march and rally Tuesday 1st October 2013 assemble 10am Victoria Square, Birmingham; 10.30 march through Birmingham with banners; 11amrally at ICC, Birmingham.  Dept of Education has launched another review of facility time consultation for teachers

c)                CWU Save Royal Mail Campaign – meeting held previous night of workforce. Sec to contact Sis Kelsey for local info.

d)                Firefighters will strike over pensions on Wednesday 25 September, noon-4pm the Fire Brigades Union has announced. Sec to contact Rose Jones.

e)                PCS – no report

Black Country People’s Assembly minutes of 2 Sept meeting distributed.  Next meeting Tuesday 24th September @ The Pegasus WV6 0QQ

f)                   Secretary’s report - 29th September demo, encourage Bedroom tax protestors to join coach.   27 seats available similar numbers left on UNISON coach no other W’ton coaches

Leafleting of Wednesfield High St Sat 14 Sept – 500 distributed no additional enquiries. Several hundred of our 5,000 leaflets left. Sec to produce info handouts for coach.

Mary Seacole event on 11 Oct to be held at Heritage centre where current owners were previously colour barred from the premises when it was a Tory club and had hosted its MP Enoch Powell. Local school of Nursing is named after Mary Seacole.

g)                LGB&T TUC Conference 2013 – no report

h)                Diggers festival in Wigan Bro Deacon had attended – worth going.  Condition of the Working Class film agreed to be shown as our December’s meeting if available, possibly at alternative venue.

i)                    Palestine Solidarity Campaign £430 raised at garden party, good public meeting last week, national lobby of parliament Wed 27 November several going locally, more needed

j)                     Hovis Strike – Bro Millington gave eye witness account from strike demo in Wigan, good turnout but demonstrators arrested.  Seems that BFAWU may win on zero-hours contracts but still issue of agency workers.  Send letter of support. Several delegates commented that the only media coverage was by Morning Star.  Possible speaker – Bro Juss/ Sis Taylor to arrange.

k)                 Support Stafford Hospital Saturday 28th September -The March for Children is starting from Stafford Market Square 2pm.  40,000 at last demo there.


5) Any Other Business; new mesh banner was lost on train by Sec after demo – another to be purchased @about £90

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council   Minutes 18 July 2013


Present: Sis. Taylor (CYWU-UNITE), Halfpenny (NUT) , Jassal (UNISON Gen)

Bros.   Turner, Everall, Fraser, Deacon (UNISON Gen),  Grant (UCU),  Marris (UNITE), Retnasingham (UNITE Legal&Finance),  Grant (NUT), Thomas (Community, ) MacMillan & Childs (CWU)

Apologies: Bros. Juss (GMB), Rahimi  & Baynham (UNITE), Kelleher (UNISON Gen)  

Sis Elson(PCS) Kelsey (CWU) Sharkey & Ceresa(UNISON Gen)

Delegates were welcomed and introductions made.


Minutes of last delegate meeting (June) agreed,

Matters Arising 3. Jefny Ashcroft has been in touch and the project is ‘moving forward’    

                             4d Bro Marris had attended the Indian Workers Association Drama and said  ‘it was good’.    






















Executive Committee 11th July inquorate  Correspondence of note:

7a)   Donation of a set of George Barnsby’s books. It was discussed what we could do with the books.  This may be dependent on the number of books. Suggestion to give to archives, library, Alan Garner Centre etc. We have no suitable storage place.

b) Mayday 2014 funds raised to cover 2013 and money in account for float for 2014.

d) Costings for transport to Manchester Sunday 29th September 2013. Decision needed

UNISON has already booked a coach and would book second. Bro Kelleher to be point of contact for Wolverhampton. NUT would be willing to contribute to costs.

Bro Marris moved to purchase 40 return train tickets Bro Grant seconded and this was carried.

Pricing structure £15/£5 free agreed.


e) Motion regarding the Chainmakers’ Festival 2014 to encourage more grassroots participation from Sandwell and national support. Bro Marris spoke to the motion and amended it, which was agreed


Chainmakers Festival 2014

We congratulate Midlands TUC employees and those involved with the organisation of the 2013 Chainmakers’ Festival in Cradley Heath.

The increased turnout, particularly of local people , was testament to their good work and confirms the correct decision to bring the festival back to Cradely Heath, the home of chain making.

To improve on this year’s efforts we suggest for 2014 for example:

(i)        A local organising committee to assist the current work done. To involve local           

            community groups, schools and Sandwell Council as well as trade unions and trade     

            union councils.

(ii)     Increased involvement with Sandwell Council in advance to utilise their publicity


(iii)   Co-ordination with national TUC to send out publicity along the lines of their             

         Tolpuddle festival publicity for South West TUC, reminding affiliates and members     

          that this is a flagship celebration of women’s magnificent contribution to trade                   

          union struggles.  Publicity should be along the lines of the only women’s national festival.

The motion was carried unanimously.

This motion to be sent directly to Midlands Regional TUC.





























Delegates’ reports:

a) LGB&T  TUC Conference 2013  - no report at present

b) CWU –  Save Royal Mail Campaign- Campaigning events, parliament lobby, street stalls, leafleting. The public are more on board against sell off. 2 day forum coming up. The Investors are not coming forward due to sell off. Will the trade council support any action?

c) PCS- No report.

 d) CYWU-UNITE / UNISON – Youth Services- report to cabinet to develop and transform the youth service. 10 Youth clubs to be outsourced to voluntary groups. Youth council to be relocated. The Gorge Residential Centre and Sam Sharpe Project to be tendered out. Change to J&C and 4 night working – management will look at this. It will not be in next week’s report.  Unions want to protect national bargaining and harmonise terms and conditions. Using 35 full time posts. It is a deeply unsatisfactory situation. It seems to be difficult for managers to make decisions.  Can we as trade unionists mobilise community groups, as lack of youth provision leads to problems in areas?  There are 2 petitions which are still live until the end of August.  Need to reach 2,500 signatures to initiate debate in full council. Work through Wolverhampton tenants associations.  Consultation has not been honest or effective. Support for Youth Council needed by Trades Council next Wednesday 24th July 4.30 at civic centre.


e) UNISON – Children’s Centre campaign, pay campaign. 17 job losses. UNISON aware of 400 job losses where section 188 notices have been issued. Consultation has been in the day while parents are at work!

f) Other delegates’ workplace reports – NUT and NASUWT – Strike action at the end of September hopefully all the schools in Wolverhampton will close. The NUT intends to get into schools and educate members to stand up for their rights. Need to protect current conditions which have been in place for decades. A Local Authority pay policy has been given out to schools that does not meet NUT checklist. The end of the national pay agreement for teachers could lead to the same for UNISON members in schools etc.

g) Secretary’s Report: Sunday 28th July PRIDE Do we want to do stall? No volunteers. UNISON members could carry WB&DTUC banner.  Volunteers through website.  Information for members on TUC courses,

Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign online petition and lobby MPs Delegates to submit this to own unions.

WB&DTUC to write letter of support for the campaign

Affiliation to Marx Memorial Library to executive

h) Palestine Solidarity  Campaign- Garden Party -  fund raiser -17th August  2-5pm

























 Speaker – After the People’s Assembly, What Now? Action plan for local people.

There was a discussion of the way forward and how ‘new’ people could be involved, apart from the ‘usual suspects’. There was some clarification as to the question ‘What is the Peoples’ Assembly?’ There needs to be campaigns around issues Working together – no particular group causes divisions not apolitical party. The Labour party is not offering an anti-cuts agenda. NK has ordered leaflets and it was agreed to fund these.


 Any Other Business - Bro Retnasingham attended Black workers Conference and a report of this will be an agenda item at the next meeting.



Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council Minutes 20-JUNE-2013



Present: Sis Taylor (CYW-UNITE)  Jassal (UNISON Gen), Ashcroft (UCU)

Bros. Kelleher & Deacon (UNISON Gen), Beuno (UNISON), Rahimi & Marris (UNITE), Retnasangham (UNITE Legal&Finance), J.Grant (UCU), Macmillan & Childs (CWU)

Apologies: Bros Turner,& Everall (UNISON Gen) Juss (GMB) Sis. Ceresa, Brealey, Sharkey & Whyte (UNISON Gen), Elson (PCS), Kelsey (CWU), Halfpenny (NUT)


Minutes of last delegate meeting (May) agreed with matters arising:

Bro Kelleher & rahimi fees for Peoples Assembly to be paid if they available to go.

No response from Roger Lawrence re Procurement meeting – write again.


speaker: Jefny Ashcroft UCU activist and playwright, put a proposal for a potential joint project recognising Conscientious Objectors within the WW1 commemorations next year.

It would not involve cost from us as it would if successful be grant-funded from heritage Lottery Fund. Sis Ashcroft would write play and co-ordinate performances. Agreed. Future updates to be given
























 Correspondence of note:

 We have a boxful of Bedroom Tax & benefit change info leaflets from UNITE Sis Rainey PCS has offered help. Stall at Pride? Involve W’ton Federation of Tenants. Repeal Bedroom Tax & build homes. Involve Labour Party? Vox Pop?

Cnllr responses to our Bed Tax postcard campaign

Indian Workers Assoc. invite to drama Sun 23 June 3-7pm,@ Pegasus WV6 0QQ

Walsall TUC Fri 19 July Banner Theatre performance + tickets@£3

Liz Millman - invite to Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council to be part of Wolverhampton International Links Association to recognise your international links – agreed. She has also offered us some George Barnsby books

Request Wolverhampton BME Citywide Council for rep from Wolverhampton May Day Committee to join – seek further info possible del Bro.Rahimi

Cnllr Waite re Childrens Centres campaign – forwarded to campaigners

Pride Wolverhampton Sun 28 July – on or website

Sun 29 Sept Save NHS demo@Tory conference Manchester

Midlands PSC & Kashmir joint event  - unusual linking of groups?

Asbestos postcards – distributed at meeting and put in next mailing

Mary Macarthur Trust – holidays for women in need – distributed in mailing; to put on website

Paul Uppal refusal to help re Palestinian Youth refused visa to speak at our delegate meeting. Other 2 MPs no response.


Lead cnllr re Childrens Centres campaign,

Nomination Bro Deacon visitor to TUC LGBT conference £6 fee paid

Cuba Solidarity raffle tickets £16, International Brigade Memorial Trust re-affiliation@£30

To send

Campaign for Trade Union Freedom re-affiliation request @£35 agreed

BPTUAA £30 - Burston School Strike trip by Sun 1 Sept seats £10 inc roast dinner agreed purchase of 3 tickets
















PCS industrial action – no delegate present so no report

Secretary’s report - £300 from WB&DTUC to be sent to Wolverhampton May Day Committee – latest donations received: £250 from UNISON General, £50 UCATT, £50 CWU, £100 UNITE region (£50 expected from FBU); which leaves £175 still to be raised.

TUC Chainmakers’ festival had a much bigger turnout and was a very successful day. Our stall raised us £25

Pride – contact organisers to offer our support for future if they wish to challenge fenced-in cordon of event.

CYW-UNITE / UNISON Youth Services meetings ongoing – support needed to protect national bargaining an attack on single status. Workforce demoralised, future privatisation plans expected. Summer event planned.

NUT – north west regional strike on 27 June – send message of support; November strike across England.

UNISON: Children’s Centre campaign, pay campaign

Bro Deacon reported attendance at TUC Austerity Bus campaign in Dudley Sis Dugmore gave interview on private social care problems.

Palestine Solidarity Campaign garden party 17 August



speaker:  Marie Taylor -Trades Union Councils’ conference  report

Full copy of report on our website


The Chinese TU delegation from Hubei Province due to attend our meeting and speak, were unable to obtain visas. The third group of international visitors due to speak to us in a year that this has happened to.

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council Minutes 16 May 2013



Present: Sis Taylor (CYW-UNITE)  Jassal & Sharkey (UNISON Gen), Dixon (speaker)

Bros. Thomas (Community), Turner, Cardy, Kelleher, Everall & Deacon (UNISON Gen), Juss (GMB), Rahimi & Marris (UNITE), Retnasangham (UNITE Legal&Finance),

Apologies: Bros. Heathcock (RMT), Hardacre(Prospect), S.Grant (NUT), J.Grant (UCU), Macmillan & Childs (CWU), Sis. Ceresa & Whyte(UNISON Gen), Elson (PCS), Kelsey (CWU), Halfpenny (NUT)


Minutes of last delegate meeting (April) agreed with following corrections: 3.6. email was from Roger Lawrence;  4c.grant applications NEED clear standards for inclusion. Approximately 30 jobs could be lost. There is a joint CYW-UNITE/UNISON campaign.   No matters arising




















Executive Committee April; correspondence of note:

 agreed re-affiliations: International Brigade Memorial Trust @£30, Unite Against Fascism £50

Possible joint work with Whitmore Reans Advice Centre Bro Juss & Marris to discuss with EC

TUC new trades union councils leaflet called “Community” which EC thought confusing

TUC Chainmakers & Tolpuddle festival leaflets – some available for branch use, contact us

Birmingham Black Activist Rising Against Cuts (BARAC) 6.30pm Thursday 6th June @The Drum, Potters Lane Birmingham, B6 4UU – circulated. Bro. Retnasangham will attend and report back

People’s Assembly Against Austerity Sat 22 June, London – Sis Taylor attending

£19.67 income from mug sales & Thatcher is Dead CD

WMDay wreath spent £25

Morning Star adverts we have a credit balance of £337.18 – we’ve since placed some ads for Chainmakers

June meeting for Chinese TU delegation from Hubei Provincial Trade Union Federation who will be in Britain that month – no more details received – contact again


Letter in support of Palestinian Youth refused visa to speak at our delegate meeting & to 3 MPs with covering letter seeking their support; send again to Wolves PSC.

Cllr Roger Lawrence re Procurement Policy meeting

Chainmakers stall application - approved

Venezuela Solidarity financial appeal £50;  Warrington TUC Fiddlers Ferry Hardship Fund appeal re Bro. Steve Acheson Blacklisting Campaign £50;  Troops Out £20 re-affiliation; POBox renewal £303.60

TUCJCC ballot for WMids rep J.Hill













branches affiliated for 2013: ASLEF, Community 17000, Community (W’ton Craft), Community Hall Palm, Community (West Midlands), CWU (W’ton),  FBU, GMBx13, NASUWT, NUT, PCS(West Mercia),  POA, Prospect,  RMT, UCATT, UCU College, UCU University, UNISON Acute,  UNISON General, UNISON Police Staff, UNISON University, UNITE (Finance &Legal)


16 female delegates, 33 male. 15,000 affiliated trade unionists from 22 branches;

last year 28 branches affiliated 18,000 trade unionists with 38 male and 18 female delegates.


Update on Re- affiliations

UNISON CVS branch AGM was inquorate though new affiliation was proposed

ATL Brenda Walters rang – AGM 2 May – ring again

UNITE branches: UNITE-CYW, 0758M, 5/836 & 5/998 awaiting outcomes of branch meetings - Bro Retnasangham has had letter sent out to UNITE branches seeking affiliations to local trades union councils

CWU (W.Mids & Worcs) – no response


dates: for stalls:       theme:

Sat. 25 May  CHILDRENS CENTRES 10am-1pm Wednesfield near Co-op/Alfred Squire Rd junction UNISON plus local campaigners plus WB&DTUC assistance

Sat. 1 June    YOUTH SERVICE 11am near market/Skatepark, Wolverhampton CYW-UNITE plus UNISON plus WB&DTUC assistance

Sat. 8 June    WB&D TUC stall @Chainmakers festival 11am-5pm

Sat. 15 June       Sat. 22 June       Sat. 29 June       to be decided

Possible themes:

  • Bedroom Tax – have materials from UNITE as well as own postcards to Wolverhampton councillors
  • Keep the Post Public – contact CWU with possible dates
  • NHS – contact UNISON Health again with possible dates

Possible venues: Bilston entrance to market: Thurs, Fri or Saturday; Wednesfield High Street: Wed or Saturday best?; Wolverhampton near market rather than Queen Sq: Tues or Saturday

Equipment available: We have 2 aluminium traders table; pvc anti-cuts banners for tables; clipboards & pens; small PA or megaphone if needed; leaflets for: joining a union, bedroom tax, Chainmakers, petitions for Youth service and Children’s centres


























CYW-UNITE / UNISON - Youth Services - initial meeting held 5 evenings per week working pattern rejected unanimously. Alternative proposals to be discussed with trade unions re terms and conditions.

UNISON – 1% pay offer consultative ballot being organised.

Children’s Centre campaign - speaker Nicola Dixon

Campaign in new phase – initial campaign aims appeared to be achieved as 9 centres threatened to close appear now not to be.

HOWEVER, as with libraries recently, the council proposes severely reducing the hours of opening of a number of centres for the 6,000 families that the Express and Star said use the council’s childcare services.

£1.5million has been cut by the government of the early Intervention Grant, the equivalent of 60 full-time council jobs.

Childcare for working families is currently offered at 7 centres but this appears to be ending if proposals go through.

“This means an attack on working women of Wolverhampton” said campaigner Nicola Dixon.  “We want our children to mix with other children of all backgrounds, financially and culturally, which private care does not offer. 

Public childcare offers a better staff:child ratio from better qualified and better paid staff.”

The council has an obligation to provide affordable childcare and given the death of Baby Ryan here, the council should be especially vigilant.

There is a lack of publicity from the council around the consultation but it is here  the first consultation consisted of just 40 questionnaires being collected in a week in the Mander’s Centre during working hours thus excluding working parents who use the services.


NUT/NASUWT regional rally last weekend with over 1,000 in Birmingham. Autumn strike in West Midlands plus one-day national strike in November and action in individual schools in addition.

CWU – Delegates were tonight conducting gate meetings on a consultative ballot on: pay, resolving workplace issues, an end to unfair competition and Save the Royal Mail campaign

Midlands TUC – no delegates were present

Secretary’s report; Workers’ Memorial Day over 60 there speeches went well. Bedroom Tax campaign; materials available for stalls; possible volunteers from Facebook group. Sis Sharkey reported a lot of recently boarded up larger properties,

Wolverhampton May Day Committee good turnout, cost £1,180– letter has been sent to TU branch secretaries affiliated to Wolverhampton TUC Re: sponsorship of 19th Wolverhampton May Day rally; promises from UNISON Gen £250, CWU £50, FBU £50, NUT; to be discussed by UCU Univ & Bro Marris’s UNITE branch.  Agreed donation from WB&DTUC of £300.   £530 still to raise. Planning meeting for next year to be arranged.

Palestine Solidarity Campaign – recent public meeting had much lower turnout than previous meetings despite leafleting of area as before. Stall on 1st May went well. Good PSC stall at USDAW conference impressive activist training.


Black Workers’ TUC report speakers: Suresh Retnasangham (UNITE) & Warinder Juss (GMB) theme was “Put Race back on the Agenda” – but when was it off it? Conference seemed a bit stagnant.  GMB’s motion on Carillion and racial harassment at Swindon hospital was ruled out of order.  An RMT delegate praised Thatcher which caused a stir! The conference was not recognising gains in racial equality won by trade unions and their education of their memberships.

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council   Minutes 18 April 2013


Present: Sis. Taylor (CYW-UNITE), Halfpenny (NUT), Jassal & Ceresa  (UNISON Gen)

Bros.  Kelleher & Deacon (UNISON Gen), Macmillan &Childs (CWU), J.Grant (UCU), Purchase, Rahimi & Marris (UNITE), Retnasangham (UNITE Legal&Finance),  Dodd (COMMUNITY), Cole (NUT)

Apologies: Bros. Juss (GMB), Turner, Everall (UNISON Gen), Sis. Elson (PCS) Sharkey (UNISON Gen)

Delegates were welcomed and introductions made. The Chair Sis Taylor made a brief speech concerning the death of Thatcher and the cost she inflicted on workers then and subsequently. There is an irony that she advocated independence and individualism yet “we” had to pay towards the cost of a lavish funeral when working people are reliant on food banks.  As trade unionists we need to promote an alternative so the current generation is not a lost generation.


Minutes of last delegate meeting (March) agreed; matters arising 10. Bro.Cole still to do last 25 years of History of Wolverhampton TUC.






















Executive Committee April was inquorate.  Correspondence of note:

1)   TUC/Action for Rail picketing railway station led to RMT affiliation.

4)   Warrington TUC Fiddlers Ferry Hardship Fund appeal re Bro Steve Acheson Blacklisting Campaign – Carillion - £50 donation agreed.

Discussion regarding Carillion’s influence in Wolverhampton. Are they courting the Local Authority?  The council is adopting a procurement policy and can this be used as a means to highlight employment issues? e.g. Living wage employer , ethical considerations.

Secretary to write to leader of the council for a meeting with Trade Union Delegates. Sis Brealey  has a lot of knowledge in this field

5)  Correspondence from Pat MacFadden MP re: abolition of the Agricultural Wages Board There was no debate in the commons and it was grouped with amendments so no vote or discussion. It was debated in the Lords!

6)   Email from Roger Lawrence Council leader to find out further information about the effect of the bedroom tax in Wolverhampton 8½%. Clarity is needed to update the website

7)   TUCJCC – D Heath and J Hill nominated. As agreed previously we will vote for J Hill.

8)  Venezuela Solidarity appeal for financial help. There followed a debate as to whether such an organisation should be supported due to the links with Iran.  Accurate information concerning the campaign can be found at Following a vote it was agreed that £50 should be donated.

10)  £90 profit since selling 2 dozen Thatcher CDs on line. CDs £3, badges £1 for sale

12) There are other Mayday events – Coventry TUC (1st May), Sandwell TUC (4th May), Birmingham TUC (4th May) Notts TUC (4th May), Oxford TUC (4th May, Chesterfield TUC (6th May) for further details of our celebrations and others. Our Mayday has inspired events.


13) Letter sent for New Cross UNISON re NHS campaign.

20) Final affiliation requests sent to unions but some still outstanding.

22) Still awaiting possible Chinese TU delegation invited to the June Meeting



JG, NK            













Delegates’ reports:

a) PCS- Industrial action report - No delegate to give report – strike this month

b) UNISON General – Children’s Centre campaign- signatures for petition needed.

c) CYW-UNITE – Youth Services – Report Development and Transformation of Youth Services is an insult to the Labour Government Document.  There is a proposal to transfer staff to new terms and conditions.  5 days less annual leave as an increase in productivity.  5 evenings a week instead of 8 a fortnight to be worked.  On the positive is that a grant is being set up to support community groups to apply for grants to supplement existing provision but it needs clear standards for inclusion. There will be a change from 48 weeks service to 44, therefore current staff will lose a month’s pay.  There is a 90 day consultation regarding redundancies.  Approximately 30 posts lost and 44% cut in management and administration.  IT post will be deleted and teams merged. To protect services there is a joint union campaign – UNISON and CYW-UNITE. Management keen to move youth services to the voluntary sector. The Youth council is moving from current offices without consultation. Councillors are very misguided if they think that the Youth Council is just following what youth leaders have fed them support is needed from the Trades Council.  Mini buses will be reduced from 5 to 3 but they could be used as income generation. There is some statutory basis for Youth Provision in Education Act 1996. There needs to be an equality impact assessment. Elements of the youth service will be put out to tender. 

 d) CWU – Save Royal Mail Campaign. No delegate to give report

e) NUT - Rally for Education – open to all Birmingham, ICC, Broad Street Birmingham, B1 2EA, Saturday 11 May 2013, 11.00 – 12.30. Since 2010, the Government has embarked on massive changes to education. But the majority of these changes are not supported by parents, teachers or schools. .  Members of the NUT and NASUWT are saying ‘Enough is Enough- it’s time to rally for the education of our children and young people. There are regional strikes planned in Autumn term.

f) Delegates’ workplace reports – none

g) Secretary’s Report: Workers’ Memorial Day - Please take and circulate leaflets for Workers’ Memorial day to be held on Sunday 28th April at the peace tree by the cenotaph at 12.30pm.

Sign  for Justice for the Shrewsbury 24 Pickets Downing  Street Petition  - personal letter from Ricky Tomlinson

Wolverhampton Bed Tax protest was very successful. 150 people turned up and some spoke. There followed a discussion as to how to move the campaign forward which was not initiated by us!  The local federation of tenants associations need to get active in this. A strategy is needed. There may be evictions. Some Local Authorities have refused to implement.  There is a local dimension. Can the council do anything? House building needed to get housing benefit down.  Feature of a future street stall and then need to build on material and add material to Website – Facebook- Wolverhampton Bedroom Tax Trades Council will focus more on this following the May day event.  

2pm Market Square, Stafford, Saturday 20th April Demonstration to protect Staffordshire Hospital sponsored by UNISON.

h) 1st May (Wed 7pm, Pegasus)- Wolverhampton May Day Committee –Leafleting  on Saturday and Sunday at 10.30.  10,000 leaflets.  Donations to fund the event needed. £50 from CWU promised. Set up the night before at 7pm. May Day cards for sale produced by Northampton Connolly Association.

i) Palestine Solidarity  Campaign- Public meeting with Betty Hunter St Andrew’s Church Hall, Whitmore Reans 19 April 7.30. Protest to UEFA as the Youth Cup is being played in Israel.



 Speaker - none


 Any Other Business - Bro Retnasangham attended Black workers Conference and a report of this will be an agenda item at the next meeting.



Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council

Minutes 21 March 2013



Present: Sis Jassal (UNISON Gen), Taylor (CYWU-UNITE), Elson (PCS), Kelsey (CWU)

Bros. Turner, Cardy, Kelleher & Deacon (UNISON Gen), Macmillan (CWU), J.Grant (UCU), Rahimi & Marris (UNITE), Retnasangham (UNITE Legal&Finance), Baynham (UNITE)

Apologies: Bros. Juss (GMB), Brackenridge (FBU), Cole (NUT), Everall (UNISON) Sis. Ceresa, Sharkey & Brealey (UNISON Gen)


Minutes of last delegate meeting (February) agreed,

matters arising                                                                                      

Bro.Kelleher to send letter to support Palestinian youth denied visa to speak in Wolverhampton.

NK to contact UNISON Health to speak to delegates or meet EC to discuss possibilities for NHS campaigning; if no response maybe union activist Annette Mansel-Green of Hospital Consultants Assoc.

Sis.Ceresa attended Wolverhampton Together meeting, but no minutes and different delegates meant little was achieved.

Discussion of future work for our trades union council this year- special TUC grant available for work. EC to discuss








Executive Committee March. Correspondence of note:

1)   TUC/Action for Rail will be staging a national day of action on Wed 27 March – agreed early morning leafleting of Wolverhampton station 7-8.30am and to contact RMT, ASLEF & TSSA.

2)   Midlands TUC re Chainmakers’ festival seeking stewards and donation Sat 8 June - Agreed £100 donation to include stall rent

3)   agreed re-affiliation £50 TU Friends Hope Not Hate; British Pensioners TU Action Assoc. £20; Troops Out £20

4)   TUCJCC/People's Charter Joint Initiative – seek stall @ May 1st and possible speaker

5)   Venezuela national conference Sat 27 April, London Sis Taylor likely to attend agreed as our delegate £10 if needed as in London anyway

6)   Tim Martin re WEA

7)   Swaziland protest postcards circulated, request more for 1st may since last year’s speaker was from the banned Swazi TUC


8)   Chair & Vice-Chair nominations Midlands Pensioners Network

9)   After seeking and getting new volunteers; requested places at festivals for Workers Beer Company: Glastonbury (10), Latitude (6), Leeds (10). Midlands TUC requested places for TUC Youth Unemployed group but was past deadline.

10)      150th anniversary of History of W’ton TUC – need to compile proof-read chapters and chase up last few.  Contacted Bro.Cole to see if he still willing to compile last 25years.

11)      public liability insurance £184 –from 1-3-13 we’ve been insured

To send

12)      Cuba Solidarity raffle tickets

13)      Tasmanian comrades re Tinplate workers 1819

14)      Xmas party still awaiting DJ to collect event costs of £200 less £90 sales (£33 other sales)




















2013 remaining re-affiliations:

ASPECT - Bro. Hardacre replied that now merged with PROSPECT & will chase

POA - Bro.  Bostock has responded and should be received before end of March

ATL & NASUWT - sent emails – no response. Bro. S. Grant visited twice

GMB X13 - Bro.Juss’s branch sent him email – no response

UCU City College – Bro. Dwight      – no response Br.J.Grant to chase

CWU (W.Mids & Worcs) – no response

UNITE branches: UNITE-CYWU, 0758M, 5/836 & 5/998 awaiting new branch structures










Delegates’ reports:

UNISON General – Children’s Centre campaign, Government cut to Early Intervention Grant means Council threatening to cut 17 centres to just 8 to save £1.5m. 3month consultation from 1st March. Half staff turned up to union meeting. Ex & Star said 6,000 families use the service. Petition of 2,500 needed to get council debate. £17m planned re-vamp of Civic still seems to be planned. Put info on our website.

Single Status ballot result 78% voted yes to accept new terms and conditions giving 80% pay rises and 20% cuts and losing weekend rates and bonus scheme. (37% turnout) Living Wage now guaranteed by Wolverhampton Council as a result.

CYWU-UNITE - no formal discussions on cuts proposals to Youth Services or any council information to the public.

CWU – universal delivery under threat, TNT delivering mail in London. Bullying management has caused highest suicide rate yet for postal workers. Government need to find a buyer for Royal Mail before 2015 general election

PCS took strike action on Budget Day, 90% out at Deansgate; rolling programme to follow over terms & conditions, pay. All Enquiry centres due to close by April 14. TU facility time being refused Sis Elson was unable to attend TUC Womens’ conference on our behalf.  11 staff sacked including 3 with cancer locally in last weeks.

NUT will strike with NASUWT in rolling programme over next few months. Teachers will have 30% real-time pay cuts under this government.  Half-day walkout 1pm Fri 5th April

Halesowen UCU – action short of strike due to start March 25th

WB&DTUC prepared to assist branches with joint street stalls on cuts campaigning



WB&DTUC Secretary's March report circulated - TUC courses at Bilston start April

Workers’ Memorial Day

  • Ivan Monkton UNITE, Steve Witton UCATT, Warinder Juss GMB/Thompsons(attacks on laws) & BCUIM all confirmed
  • poster designed and back from printers £54.92 for 1000; requested VAT refund £9.15 returned.   500 flyers left at moment
  • sent out to labour councillors, UCATT, UNITE, UNISON, BCUIM each of which will re-circulated; also sent to TUC & our delegates – please pass onto contacts
  • request to Labour council for Civic flags to be flown at half mast confirmed
  • wreath to be ordered, UNISON arranging – need delivery address for Sat 27th for florists
  • need to advertise online, Skiddle, Indymedia, What’s On? etc. Facebook event set up a dozen already pledged attendance, mostly non-delegates
  • still to send out to churches and voluntary sector

1st May - Pegasus is booked, performers agreed.  TO BE DONE: publicity & book speakers











Hope Not Hate sought our views on possible campaign against UKIP.

Our Executive considered the pros and cons put forward and after discussion, agreed that our campaign should continue to highlight fascist parties (ie not UKIP, yet), but to raise the issue if it arises of fascists in UKIP and other parties and to counter individual statements in press/locally as necessary.

Leafleting against UKIP would not draw out our supporters and may in elections help Tory candidates to win.

Broad anti-racist work should continue working with communities to counter right-wing myths.



Palestine Solidarity film shows held Feb & March. Public meeting with Betty Hunter St Andrew’s church Hall, Whitmore Reans 19 April



Midlands TUC AGM; better turnout – Eleanor Smith, UNISON is new Chair and a 10p levy of all members in region was agreed though the EC will look into it. Could raise £90kpa; a budget was requested.



Bedroom Tax campaign;  Bro.Kelleher led discussion. Local petition, street stalls, Fbook to begin to build campaign. Evictions by autumn. Put pressure on council to stop evictions. Need tenants/EMB involvement. 340 homes affected in H.Town. Bushbury tenants been featured in Guardian.


Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council

Delegate Minutes 21 February 2013



Present: Sis Taylor (CYWU-UNITE)         Bros. Kelleher & Deacon (UNISON Gen), Macmillan & Childs (CWU), Juss (GMB), Rahimi & Marris (UNITE), Retnasangham (UNITE Legal&Finance), Mears (UNISON Uni)

Apologies: Bros. J.Grant (UCU), Brackenridge (FBU), Everall (UNISON Gen)  Sis. Ceresa (UNISON Gen), Elson (PCS)



Minutes of last delegate meeting (December) agreed, no matters arising



Elections - nominations taken from floor and agreed:    

a] Vice-President – Rob Marris UNITE                

b] Minutes Secretary - Marion Halfpenny NUT

c] Trades Union Councils Annual Conference delegate 1/2 June – Marie Taylor substitute Sid Retnasangham




Executive Committee Feb

Correspondence of note:

a)   Midlands TUC Pensioners Network – nominations agreed for Bob Deacon Vice Chair, Yvonne Washbourne Chair

b)  Coalition plans for shared parental leave and flexible working in the criticised Children and Families Bill. Deadline for public comments 26th February.

c)   TUC special fund available to us in 2013 only matched project funding – discuss at meeting

d)   Cuba Solidarity raffle tickets sold at delegate meeting

e)   Workers Beer Company 2013 festival list – seeking volunteers.  Invoice for Latitude 2012 work £182 received. Half of 2012 funds raised still need to be paid to Morning Star. Email of this year’s festivals to be sent out

f)    Wolverhampton Together – Sis.Ceresa to attend March meeting. Event on May 6th?

g)   New anti-academies film details – circulated to relevant unions and Bro. Purchase

h)   Royal Mail – response to our complaints re wrong delivery of POBox letters – reply accepted points made, correcting problem and agreeing to 2 months extension of POBox - renewal of £276 was due this month.

i)     Campaign for Trade Union Freedom formed merging United campaign to repeal anti-union laws and Liaison committee for TU rights

j)    West Midlands Pensioners Convention re W’ton Pensioners discussed with EC – added to email list

k)   Sandwell TUC’s May Day Sat 4 May; organising meeting 21 Feb – sent copy of our May Day on a Shoestring report

l)     Re-affiliations made to:  Abortion Rights £40; Palestine Solidarity £25; Venezuela solidarity campaign £40; Labour Research £43.25; WMCND £10

m) Donations sent to: Hazards 2013 sponsorship appeal £25; British Vietnam Friendship Society for work £15 and Agent Orange Appeal £15; Working Class Movement Library £25; York Disabled Workers’ Co-op (ex-Remploy) appeal via GMB £20; UCU rally - we spent £37.50 on 150 somosas; £10 Xmas meeting refreshments

n)   WB&DTUC Public liability insurance – we accepted original quote £184, to start 1st March

  • o)  Wrote to all Labour councillors re Community Right to Challenge – no replies

p)  to send: Tasmanian comrades re Tinplate workers 1819















2013 remaining re-affiliations:

a)     UNITE-CYWU  & NUT – cheques ready to be sent to us

b)     FBU have responded to latest email and affiliation expected

c)     GMB X13 - wrote to branch again Bro Juss to follow up

d)     ASPECT – Bro. Hardacre now chasing up – now part of Prospect union

e)     POA - sent Bro. Bostock email

f)      ATL & NASUWT - asked Bro.S.Grant to follow up & sent emails

g)     UNITE branches: W’ton General, 5/836 & 5/998 awaiting new branch structures/elections

h)     UCU City College and CWU (W.Mids & Worcs) forms sent to branch secretaries for 4th time

i)       invoices to regional offices 3 years’ affiliations UCU University






UNISON General – balloting currently over Single Status agreement, report given; result after 4 March

Halesowen UCU first strike day well supported on 14 Feb Bro.Kelleher attended; further dates to be announced

CYWU - £750k cuts threatened of £3m budget for youth services, no details but compulsory redundancies expected.

PCS currently balloting




Wolverhampton CAB – funding cuts, debt advise now by phone, no caseworkers



WMids County Association of Trade union Councils two meetings in February were inquorate. It is only in the West Midlands that we cannot send motions directly to Regional TUC. Not yet reaffiliated.



WB&DTUC Secretary's February report circulated



Socialist Health Alliance meeting report; two dozen at workshop, lot were trade unionists but not from local health services; poor presentation, not much outcome.  Suggest individuals take up membership of Foundation Trusts.  Agreed to contact UNISON Health to speak to delegates or meet EC to discuss possibilities for NHS campaigning; if no response maybe union activist Annette Mansel-Green of Hospital Consultants Assoc.




Palestine Solidarity film shows being held 22 Feb & Fri 15 March. Bro.Kelleher to send letter to support Palestinian youth denied visa to speak in Wolverhampton. Good response to recent leafleting of Sainsbury’s; public response much more accepting than in previous years as issues are becoming the mainstream view. Bro.Deacon’s national AGM report was circulated.



Workers’ Memorial Day – UCATT & Thompsons (attacks on laws) & Black Country Urban Industrial Mission all confirmed. Draft flyer circulated to send to printers next week. Sis Taylor to check if Agricultural Workers speaker possible. Flyers £56/1000; invite LP councillors – no elections this year




Xmas party still awaiting DJ to collect event costs of £200 less £99 sales (£33 other sales banked)





Discussion of future work for our trades union council this year- special TUC grant available for work around:

a)   Fighting the cuts

b)   Work with the Peoples’ Charter to promote the trade union movement’s alternative economic and social policies

c)    Employment rights

d)   Bring pressure on local politicians and decision making to defend NHS services

e)   Highlight the real detriment of academies and ‘free’ schools – public meeting to try and initiate local campaigning?

f)    Bedroom Tax meeting or campaign material; lack of single occupancy accommodation, council tax benefit cut, monthly payments direct to tenants will combine to result in long-term evictions.

g)   Carnival Against Cuts;

h)   joint work with: youth council, CAB, or on NHS? Or with CWU/Walsall TUC re Willenall post office campaign?