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 #HeartUnions - TUC’s Great Jobs Campaign/Heart Unions week 2018: Wolverhampton & Bilston TUC's campaigning in Wednesfield and Bilston to hand out Valentine flowers spread the trade union message as part of a national campaigning week. 



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Sunday 11th February Bilston Market stall

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Saturday 10th February Wednesfield High St stall 


Tim Martin (Musician's Union)  joined us on our stalls to perform some of his songs

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Every job should be a great job
The Great Jobs Agenda is a charter for everyone to see whether you're in a great job, that unions can use to negotiate with employers to improve things, employers can use to check how they're doing, and we all can use to campaign for government action.


The objectives

We want workers to know when their job is a great job or a rubbish job, we want employers to sign up to make all their jobs great jobs, and we want MPs and councillors to commit to making great jobs for all a possibility.

The Great Jobs Agenda says all workers must:

be paid fairly
work in a safe and healthy workplace
be treated decently
have regular hours
get a voice on what matters at work; and
get the chance to get on in life

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Take the Quiz here

Five actions to take to make your job great






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UNISON, UNITE, UCU and GMB members joined Wolverhampton & Bilston TUC's campaigning; six came out in the snow in Wednesfield and seven in the rain in Bilston to hand out out Valentine flowers and spread the trade union message as part of a national campaigning week.


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