NHS DemoThe Con-Dem coalition government has decided to slash half a million jobs from the public sector. Its workers' have faced  real term pay cuts and resentment increases.

Our role is to support action taken by public service unions and to help promote and co-ordinate their actions. We organise public rallies and petitioning to build support for industrial action as appropriate.  We can also assist in building for national demonstrations and co-ordinating coaches.

national campaign http://www.publicnotprivate.org.uk/


False Economy  TUC anti-cuts website

Coalition of Resistance website    Peoples' Charter website     Anti-Cuts website

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council has established a local campaign group amongst the local trade unions, the Wolverhampton Public Services Union Alliance. We are keen to involves local people and tenants and campaign groups. Please CONTACT us.

You'll see some of the work that we are and have been doing involving other local service-user led campaigns in these articles:

Click HERE to see the Prison Officers' union POA campaign against privatisation.