Celebrate the Bus - Help Keep the Bus Pass


April 2018 sees the tenth anniversary of the English National Concessionary Travel Scheme, a long-fought–for benefit that brings financial, health and social benefits to older people and disabled people, helps keep bus services viable and reduces congestion and pollution.

But a bus pass is no use unless there are some buses. England saw 500 bus routes withdrawn or reduced in 2016/17. English councils have cut funding for buses by a third since 2010.


TUC Midlands Pensioners’ Network will celebrate this anniversary with a tour of the Midlands by bus from 7th to 21st April. The tour goes from Hereford to Skegness.

Everywhere we go, we’ll campaign to keep the bus pass as a universal non-means-tested benefit and for bus services that meet people’s needs.

Wolverhampton’s day will be Wednesday 11th April.


We’ll arrive from Walsall on a 529.

We’ll be campaigning at Queen Square from 12 noon till 1.00pm.

Then all aboard a 126 and off to lunch at The Pie Factory at Tipton.

Everybody welcome but ya gotta come on the bus!

If you’re joining us for lunch, just turn up and order your own meal when we get there. So we can

give the pub an idea of numbers, please tell us you’re coming. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ring the UNISON branch office 01902 554096


The tour has three main asks:
 Protect the pass.
 Invest and expand bus services.
 Defend the workforce.
The bus pass is an important benefit that brings
financial, health and social benefits to both older
and disabled people. It also benefits wider society
by helping to keep bus services viable, reducing
congestion and helping people to access work.
Nearly two thirds of jobseekers don’t have a car.
And yet the bus is under threat. According to the
Campaign for Better Transport, 500 bus routes
were cut or withdrawn in 2016/17. Funding for
buses has reduced by a third since 2010.