Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council organises teams of local trade unionists to work on bars at music festivals to raise our funds for our campaigning work.  Our volunteers have raised £38,000 over the last 19 summers at festivals at around sixty festivals; £2,000 was raised last summer.

 apply for 2018 now



Watch the server guide video here to see what it's all about



Latitude festival mid-July 2018 on Suffolk's Sunshine coast

 dates required to travel/be onsite:  6days Wed-Mon

 we worked it last 6 years and it is an excellent smaller arty festival.
 WB&DTUC will run transport to site & beach!

 Volunteers required to work 3 or 4 shifts of usually 6 hours per day during the event. 



Tolpuddle festival 2018 dates required to travel/be onsite: Thursday 12th July (pm) - Monday 16th July, days onsite: 5 


 If dates clash with Latitude we may only send a team there unless sufficient for both


  We sent a team of six to Glastonbury 2017 and raised over £1,000.  There won't be a Glastonbury 2018

 Places for this festival are very limited (tickets were sold out weeks ago, but we WILL have tickets) but much more chance of getting place at other festivals so don't be too disappointed, but apply anyway.  

We go to Glastonbury site by free coach and work a shift of 4-8 hours per day of the event which runs to Sunday. We leave very early Monday morning and dropped back Birmingham station before 11am.

WBC no longer runs bars at Leeds/Reading festivals

We recruit local trade unionists - if you are interested in working future festivals,  

YOU MUST SUPPLY the following info:

  1. your name
  2. address
  3. mobile number
  4. your email - a information is all sent out by email only
  5. passport style, head and shoulders photo in jpeg format ( preferably 640x480)
  6. date of birth - You must be over 18 years of age to serve alcohol
  7. a contact in case of emergency
  8. you must confirm that you have the ‘right to volunteer’ as per UK Border Agency guidelines
  9. name of trade union that you are a member of (you must be a trade union member to apply) - we may need a reference from your union.

Send this information to Wolves TUC Secretary by email from the CONTACT US  page on this website

if you have already worked for us then just send any updated details you have.

The sooner you reply, the more chance there is of getting on.

We will tell you what places you’ve been allocated for the festivals in April each year - see info below

  • What is expected of you?
    · to work shifts for each day of a festival on a bar serving pints, no experience needed. It is between 4 and 8 hours at events; shift times vary; volunteers should expect to work 3 late shifts over a 5 day event and 2 late night shifts over a 3 day event; the rest of the time you can enjoy the festival with the other volunteers 
    · hard work, reliability, honesty and a sense of humour. Tips are shared communally.
    · if you offer to work, you must definitely be available
    · you'll also need a tent, though we do have spares
    . your name, address, email, mobile via CONTACTS page of this site
    . send by email your photo (passport type - for festival security passes)

    What do you get?
  •  free entry to a festival (which would cost often £200+)
  • 2 Meal vouchers for each day the volunteers are rostered on to work which may be exchanged in the canteen located in WBC/EBC Camping Village.
  • 2 drink vouchers for staff to exchange at the end of their shift at an agreed WBC/EBC outlet.
  •  subsidised bar, open after hours
  • secure camping with hot showers and flush toilets
  • All volunteers get on site training of bar operation & Health and Safety prior to their first shift in the bar they have been assigned to.
  • Rest breaks during working hours to be taken during ‘off peak’ times in conjunction with Tent management – 20mins if working up to 6 hours, 30mins if rostered for longer.
  • There's a free coach to Glastonbury from Birmingham each year and for Latitude(in Suffolk) we car share from Wolverhampton.

    What's it all for?
    Wolverhampton TUC gets £7/hour for each worker from the Workers' Beer Company. The first festival we worked as a Wolves TYUC team was new year's eve 1998. Since then we've sent volunteers to work at over 60 festivals and raise about £3,000 each year which has allowed us to increase our activity. This extra money is spent on solidarity to strikers, coaches to national demos, advertising, general recruitment campaigning and other events that they help organise such as May Day. This money is crucial to our work so we must be careful about who works for us.
    If anything goes wrong then we run the risk of losing ALL future work and income. By recruiting local trade unionists we have a link as a trades union council and logistically it is so much simpler, so for this reason unfortunately we do not accept volunteers from outside our local geographical remit.

We will be fined the industry standard £225 penalty fee on behalf of any volunteer who is found to be involved in a breach of the Code of Conduct (this includes failure to report for duty).
Dropouts, less than 7 days before festival, and no-shows at event will result in a reduction in our allocation for future events.


What is the Workers' Beer Company?
The WBC was set up by Wandsworth and Battersea Trades Union Council. They started at Glastonbury in 1986 running the beer tents and bars and organise and promote music festivals. They have paid over £7million directly to grassroots organisations such as trades union branches, campaigning groups, solidarity organisations and voluntary groups  for the work of the hundreds of volunteer workers they provide each summer.  The Beer Company uses the excess funds to continue to fund the Organising Centre for BWTUC which has led the fight in Wandsworth against the cuts and specifically the sale of school playing fields in Putney to pay for a free school in Battersea. It is also able to continue to support the TUC's Tolpuddle festival in Dorset.

The Company grew up in the harsh years of Thatcher, building partnerships with organisations of the left, but also with commercial organisations, in order to generate the funds needed to campaign for a better quality of life for working people. Thousands of volunteers work in Workers Beer Company bars, pouring and serving drinks to fund the activities of their groups. 
The Company's unique blend of commerce, fun and fundraising has captured the imagination of the many people who have come into contact with it, and WBC banners are now a common site at some of the largest music events in the UK and beyond. Glastonbury, Leeds & Reading, Latitude etc
Apart from the large events, the Company is also involved in smaller trades union and community events, offering its expertise to unions, local authorities and voluntary groups to ensure their events go smoothly.
The Bread & Roses in Clapham is the Company's first pub, an award-winning free house in Clapham, where the ethos of the Company continues throughout the year. Staff in the pub are not volunteers like those on site, but are covered by a model union agreement for pub staff, negotiated with UNITE, offering staff proper sick pay, holiday pay and perhaps the best wage rate in the country.
For further information about the Workers Beer Company, CLICK HERE It now also uses EBC name.

Over the last few years everyone who applied for a festival worked it apart from Glastonbury which is always the most popular. Unfortunately there is no 100% guarantee of a full allocation of all the places on the teams that are requested, due to the popularity of these events. You should know one way or another about a month before each event.

There is an agreement to run the main eight bars at Glastonbury until 2017.  There will be no 2018 Glastonbury festival. 

We only recruit local trade unionists prepared to support our aims and campaigns.



2017 Timetable:
Cut of date for submitting numbers for events: Friday 17th March.
Allocations for Glastonbury and Latitude will be available online on Friday 31st March.
Volunteers submitted for Glastonbury and Latitude Friday 21st April.
Reallocation of places not taken up for Glastonbury and Latitude Monday 24th April.