AGM 2005

President: Marie Taylor  Treasurer: John Grant    Secretary: Nick Kelleher
 P.O. Box 2917, Wolverhampton WV2 2YA    01902 686613(h) 553895(w)    e-mail

Minutes of Annual General Meeting

Thursday 20th January 2005

1. Attendance: Sisters: S Sagoo, P Welch, M Halfpenny, V Meachin, M Taylor (in the Chair)  Brothers: N Kelleher, S Evans, P Kalinauckas, A Turner, D Ash, D Cole, G Baynham, R Tinsley, J Grant, G Dodd, B Deacon, W Juss.

2. Apologies: Brothers: P Davis, N Brackenridge, P Goalby, R Marris, G Dodd, K Farmer, D Turner Sis. J Ceresa, T Morgan

3. Minutes of 2004 Annual General Meeting – Agreed a true & accurate record after correction of spelling of Bro. Kalinauckas’s name.

4. Matters Arising – Wm. Cooks strikers’ tribunal was being heard until tomorrow, updates will appear on WB&DTUC website.

5. Presidential Address – Sis. Taylor thanked everyone for their support for herself and her partner over the last two months.

6. Reports.
a] Secretary.  The Secretary spoke to his written annual report:  Called for greater support from the incoming EC.  WB&D TUC is the only trades union council that sends observers to all the TUC Equality conferences.  We are able to do this by raising money from The summer bar work at music festivals.  TU branches were encouraged to seek out potential recruits.  He felt that he had not fully reported the work of the Anti-Racist Sub-Committee and gave a verbal report of the work done around the June elections.  Ex & Star quote of Ken Purchase & Heath Town was raised – Sec to write to Bro. Purchase.  Help for May Day sought – Sis. Sagoo agreed to do translations.  Thanks were given to the Secretary.

6b] Treasurer.  Accounts (audited) were presented and the financial report adopted. Over £2000 in account.  Our increased income is matched by similar expenditure.  The Treasuer noted that we have been able to be more generous to workers in struggle.  Thanks were given to the Treaurer.

7. Election of Scrutineers – Sis P Welch & Bro. Deacon elected (Bro. Kalinauckas takes Chair)

8. Elections.
a]  President  M Taylor  Elected  (Sis. Taylor takes Chair)
b] Vice-President  D Cole   Elected         (P Kalinauckas late nomination accepted but he withdrew this nomination)
c] Secretary  N Kelleher  Elected
d] Treasurer  J Grant  Elected
e] Minutes Secretary M Halfpenny  Elected
f] Executive Committee Members:  S Sagoo, P Davis, D Ash. Elected 9 vacancies – put on next agenda
g] Auditor:      A Turner Elected
h] Lesbian & Gay TUC Observer –   Bro. Deacon  Elected
j] Women’s TUC Observer  –  S Sagoo Elected.
k] Black Workers` TUC Observer –  W Juss Elected
l] Disability TUC observer  –  P Davis  Elected
m] W.Mids County Association of Trades Councils –. N Kelleher, B Deacon, M Taylor, all Elected.  1 vacancy – put on delegate agenda
n] Trades Union Council Annual Conference delegate – Bro. N Kelleher Elected

9. Speakers:
Guantanamo Bay Human Rights Commission had given apologies due to workload resulting from subsequent announcement of release of British prisoners held illegally at US Camp in Cuba.  Invite to future delegate meeting.

Bro. Cole spoke on Cuba.  Sought assistance for local group. Offered Power Point presentation at TU branch meetings.  Collecting aspirin, cash and pencils/pens to take to Cuba at Easter.

Bro. Deacon spoke on the current situation in Palestine. Very smooth election despite problems and Israeli block on East Jerusalem voting, Abbas got 70% with 2nd place at 20%, high turnout.  Most Palestinians live outside Occupied Palestine.  Local Palestine group at low ebb. 9-10 July city Show possibility of joint International tent.

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