April 2012


MINUTES OF Delegate MEETING 19th April2012



Present:  Sis Taylor (CYWU/Unite), Elson & Astley (PCS), Bro. Kelleher, Fraser, Turner, Everall & Deacon (UNISON Gen), Baynham (UNITE 0758M), Dodd (UNITE 3120M), Childs (CWU) Marris & Purchase (UNITE 5/836), Raw (FBU), Jackson (UNISON Police)


Apologies:  Bros. J.Grant (UCU), S.Grant (NUT), Juss (GMB), Cole (NUT), Thomas (Community), Rahimi(UNITE 0758M).   Sis Ceresa & Sharkey (UNISON Gen), Parish (TUC), Halfpenny (NUT) Kelsey (CWU) May & Brealey (UNISON Gen.)



Minutes of March 2012 delegate meeting.  Agreed a true record







No Executive Committee was heldCorrespondence of note:

a)    Leaflets received for distribution:

·         15,000 for Bushbury, Bilston & Springvale anti-bnp campaigns

·         2,000 Workers memorial day

·         8,000 1st May flyers, 2,000 posters

·         500 Midlands TUC Chainmakers’ festival June 9th

·         200 Tolpuddle

·         Initial e-flyer 7 Oct demo @ Tory conference – to be circulated

b)    TUC ballot for TUCJCC West Mids rep – Jason Hill nominated

c)    International Brigade re-affiliation agreed £30

d)    United Campaign repeal anti union laws re-affiliation agreed £35

e)    UNITE 5/748 & CYWU_UNITE 2012 affiliations received

f)     Workers Beer company – what is happening for 2012? No reply – write to Wandsworth & Battersea TUC to clarify

g)    Morning Star adverts 1st May, WMDay, Chainmakers, 7 Oct demo

h)    Income £6.06 CD & HnH DVD sale

i)     Spent £37.50 22 pairs Kevlar gloves for leafleting


      i.        TU friends Hope Not Hate £50 affiliation

     ii.        Trades union council logo competition entry

    iii.        Midlands TUC Chainmakers’ festival June 9th 2012. Donation/stall £200

    iv.        Workers Beer Company money MStar




UNISON General resolution received and passed;

National Demo to Defend the NHS

The NHS is under attack. Nationally, health workers are being ordered to take £20bn worth of cuts in services. Now, the government’s Health and Social Care Bill has been passed which will see the break up and privatisation of the NHS.

There has been widespread opposition to the cuts and privatisation in the NHS.

We are calling on the Trades Union Congress to call and build for a mass demonstration on 2nd June 2012, on the scale of the enormous anti-cuts demonstration on 26th March 2011, as a step to building a campaign involving health workers, their unions, service users and the public to force the Coalition to back down.

When the NHS was first founded, it came about as a result of massive public pressure. Now we have fight in order to keep a truly publicly owned and funded National Health Service capable of providing high quality care for all.

Send to WMCATUC. Delegates confirmed GPs have retired early due to passing of Health & Social Care Bill.






Workers Memorial Day, further speaker to be arranged, invite UCATT again. UNISON arranging wreath for us and will invoice us.

1st May – leafleting of Whitmore Reans 23&24 April.  Swaziland banned TUC leader to speak

Anti-fascist campaign – leafleting dates arranged


Pension campaignPCS – threat of closure of Crown House or Deansgate. Both to be picketed 10th May. Rally in Birmingham. Offer of local rally co-ordination from WB&DTUC.  No news from UNITE Health or PCS re May 10th yet.

UNISON Police Staff – petitions and campaign material distributed by newly affiliated branch against privatisation of 999 call handling etc Have there been any votes on the Police Authority board? Cnllr Bob Jones on the board.

FBU – has reduced and delayed pension increase due to Nov.30th action, but some members are still leaving scheme in error.

UNITE – restructure means 0758M branch likely to have last meeting 8 May,future of other local branches unknown.

UNISON – half of secondary schools now looking into Academy status, primary schools may start soon.  Terms & conditions attacks expected. Tory agenda to break democratic control of education.  No campaign here.  Usually teachers start and parents then take campaign over.  Agreed to contact Anti-Academies Alliance – possible speaker Pete Jackson, via Bro.Purchase.

Anti-cuts –Invite Roger Lawrence to May or June meeting to discuss outsourcing policy, procurement and council tax strategy.

Palestine – public meeting 20 April with Clare Short. & launch of ban Veolia campaign. Whitmore Reans homes leafleted.

TUC Pasty Tax – leafleting went ahead but no report; no response to text number in campaign

Transported Wolverhampton tin-plate workers update given on contact from leading TUists and academics in Tasmania re research






Speaker Sis.Kelsey not present to give Women’s TUC report



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