December 2004

WB&D TUC Delegate Meeting MINUTES Thursday 16th December 04

Attendance: Sister V Meachin Brothers: J Grant, N Kelleher, B Deacon, S Evans, W Juss, P Davis, D Ash, T Lowe, R Tinsley, D Cole (Chair),
1. Welcome to new delegates/visitors & Apologies: Brothers: K Purchase, N Brackenridge P Goalby, K Farmer, Sis. S Sagoo, M Taylor

2. Minutes of November delegate meeting agreed correct
matters arising:

3. December EC meeting was cancelled. Correspondence:

4. Reports:
a) Secretary – written report circulated.


Other workplace reports (notify Chairperson at meeting)

West Midlands County Association of TUCs

New Wolverhampton Race Equality Agency conference report

Holocaust Memorial Day 2005

5. Resolutions – none

The Great Pensions Debate
Bro. Halestrap from Wolverhampton National Pensioners Convention will lead the discussion.
Government attacks on Civil Service pensions. The future of public service pensions. Private pension insecurity. Final salary or average earnings?

7. Any Other Business – none

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