December 07

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC Secretary’s Report December 2007

Affiliation forms have been sent to all branches for 2008,
along with WB&DTUC officer nomination forms – please raise with your branches.

On our border the fascists lost heavily in Princes End council by-election, their vote dropping from 38% to 19%. We helped in the ward which was heavily leafleted by anti-fascists. The election (caused by the former BNP Councillor failing to attend a single meeting in six months) has produced the biggest set back for the BNP in Sandwell so far.

TUC shop stewards courses Stage 1, ten Tuesdays from 22 January 08, Stage 2, ten Thursdays from 24 January Local venue 0121 666 6101 to book

On behalf of WB&DTUC, I attended a presentation by the Inland Revenue for migrant workers, to give feedback before it was rolled out nationally. Unfortunately no one from Midlands TUC or B’ham TUC Unemployed Centre was able to attend and I was the only TU representative there. They were grateful of the information that I drew their attention to provided by the TUC in various languages and they seemed very receptive to providing such employment rights and H&S info. They intend to take to workplaces and community groups.

8-3am £3 ticket advance only 07932797139
————————————————————————————————–Motion to be taken at December delegate meeting proposed by NUT:

Wolverhampton Teachers’ Association condemns the victimisation of Karen Reissmann by Manchester Health and Social Care Trust for speaking out against cuts in the health service.
Wolverhampton Teachers’ Association views the actions of the Manchester Health and Social Care Trust as an attack on Trade Unions and their members.
We call for the reinstatement of Karen Reissmann without prejudice and with full compensation for loss of earnings.
We call upon the Labour Government :
• to take greater control of the National Health Service and put an end to the poor management practices shown by some Health Care Trusts ;
• to give more say in the running of health services to the professionals who actually deliver, such as nurses and doctors ;
• to take strident steps to protect trade unionists from victimisation by their employers, particularly when speaking out in the interests of both their members and the general public.

(further info on her fellow workers are on indefinite strike in her defence)

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