DVLA job cut threat

An announcement was made in December of DVLAs intention to close all 39 DVLA offices and enforcement centres across the country, which will result in the loss of 1200 jobs.

This is yet another example of this governments attempts attack the public sector, and shrink back the state, which could see a reduced service for customers and services being run for profit. A leaked document in PCS union‘s possession in October 2010 alerted them to DVLA’s intention to close the offices, but despite continual requests for information since then, this was consistently denied by senior managers, right up to the announcement before Christmas.

We are now in consultation period in which DFT are seeking the views of its customers. The wording of the consultation document however, is clearly geared towards closing the offices. We have now learned that many of the services offered by the office network are currently up for tender , this despite the consultation period still being underway. The DFT consultation runs until 6th March, so please respond before this date.

e-petition to save the office network

The governments’ aim is for services to be available on-line, or where this is not possible, provide a postal service to a centralised processing centre. This will obviously not be practical for those who do not have access to, or are not confident in using the internet. The result will be a slower service for those forced make postal applications, who will be forced to send valuable documents by post. Note how the governments consultation is primarily available online, excluding those without internet access who would be likely to oppose the proposals.


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