February 2002

W’ton TUC Delegate meeting minutes of 21 Feb 2002

Present: Bros.Baynham, Ash, Kelleher, Davis, Deacon Sis Taylor, Sagoo,
Visitors Bros.Goodall, Stoll, Lynch, K.Purchase MP, Parry, Davies and two others

1. Apologies: Bros.Brackenridge, D.Turner MP, R.Marris MP, Joynson, Rana, Grant. Send Get Well Soon card to Bro.Grant
2. Minutes of November delegate meeting, Matters Arising – none

3. Executive Committee Report (Feb 14th)
3.1 Re-affiliations AGREED: ACTSA £30, Liberty £21, CSC £30, Walsall WEA H&S £11, TUCND £12, TU Review £10, CLPD £10
3.2 TUC – press release for launch of leaflet highlighting black unemployment WRITE PRESS RELEASE, Sis.Taylor to look for local figures, seek comments
3.3 TUCJCC nomination form VOTE FOR Bro.JIM CESSFORD from N.Staffs
3.4 Hazards 2002 6-8 Sept, Manchester APPEAL FOR FUNDS £25 AGREED
3.5 MOTION SUBMITTED TO WMCATUC AND PASSED FOR TUCJCC “We call upon CATUCs to assist the TUC by encouraging Trades Councils in their region to register with the TUC annually”
3.6 Trades Union Councils’ development fund £250 REQUEST FOR WEBSITE AGREED
3.7 Awards For All leaflet – lottery grants for projects £500 to £5k – Sis.TAYLOR & Bro.DEACON TO LOOK INTO IT & TU LEARNING FUND
3.8 Able-Labels new TUC address labels £4.75/1000 (ORDER 1), ink stamp £8 (ORDER 2)

3.9 Future Speakers – Satpal Ram campaign and speaker on Euro, Doug Nichols? Audrey Wise?

3.10 Workers’ Memorial Day – Sunday 28th April – 11am St.Peter’s church service 12.30pm our wreath laying, speeches etc at tree. Occ.Health services are this year’s theme.

3.11 May 1st Rally (Wednesday, day before local election) Sis.SAGOO TO JOIN MAY DAY COMMITTEE, ORGANISING MEETING 25-2-02

4. Secretary’s report – website quote examined, agreed subject to examination of company’s other sites. £200 set-up, £100 annual rent, could get grant £250. He gave a report from the WMids CATUC. Re WMids Hazards Trust, which we were waiting for a lead on, they will give one this summer. New Black country H&S group starting up out of NULMW base. News release re friction Dynamics appeared not to have been taken up by media.

5. Resolutions – none

6. Speakers – Bros.Parry and Davies from TGWU Friction Dynamics in Caernarfon spoke of their 10 month dispute. AGREED DONATE £150, £70 train, £47 hotel. SEND MINIBUS TO THEIR MAY 25TH DEMO IN CAERNARFON

7. Any Other Business- NONE


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