February 2003

WB&D TUC Delegate Meeting Minutes Thurs 20th February 2003
Present: Sis Aujla, Clarke, Sagoo, Taylor, Welch Bro Ash, Baynham, Deacon, Evans, Farmer, Grant, Juss, Kelleher, Marris, Williams
Apologies: Bro Joynson, Brackenridege, Tinsley, Goalby, Purchase
1. Welcome to new delegates Sis Clarke, Bro Farmer
2. Minutes of December delegate meeting agreed correct, matters arising:

3. Executive Committee (13-2-03)cancelled as EC were pursing anti-war activity at Lighthouse cinema
Affiliations received: Amicus-MSF 0758, Amicus MSF 13/D Craft, CYWU, FBU, GPMU, NASUWT, NATFHE(Bilston), TGWU 5/748, UNISON General, UNISON Healthcare
1. WM CATUC next meeting 29th March
2. NUT re Cuba Solidarity Group launch 24-3-03 Graiseley Centre 7pm – circulation paid by NUT
3. Midlands TUC re BNP – May elections 18th March 1pm B’ham – no delegate, Sec to request a similar evening meeting
4. William Cooks strike bulletin week 96 AGREED DONATE £100
5. Trades Union Council newsletter
6. WBC festivals dates 2003 – Sec to produce leaflet but dates printed in Sec Report
7. Whittacker Books WB&D TUC book 1 ordered
8. Rob Marris MP re EDMs signed Firefighters support, Occupational H&S, Palestine Wall
9. Conflict in Columbia conference 22 March, London
10. CSC AGM April 5th London, Annual plan – put to next meeting
11. Re-affiliation requests:
TU Friends of Searchlight £50, ACTSA £30, Liberty £21, CLPD £10 AGREED
12. WC Council official unemployment Claimant increased by 45 (+0.7%) to 6,007 current rate of unemployment for the Borough is 5.9%. The current rate of unemployment in the West Midlands County is 5.6%. The current national rate for unemployment is 2.5%.
13. mailings Norwich TUC, Birmingham TUC – new Union Club opened Bread & Roses, Paradise Place, RHS exit revolving doors from Paradise Forum, Central Library towards Broad St – MEMBERSHIP FORMS CICULATED
14. Pinar del Rio Project invite 28-3-03 6.30pm , forwarded to NUT
15. Modernisation – the facts from the FBU
16. Newsletters, available at meeting: ILO World of Work, Cuba Si, Walsall WEA H&S bulletins, CND, Labour Research (with the review!), Ex&Star TUC coaches report & UNISON/FBU photo, PSC
17. Income from coaches, TU donations listed in Sec Report, also £45 from W’ton PSC
18. Letter to Ex& Star re war
19. WBC work agreement
20. Whittacker Books WB&D TUC book order invoice
21. TUC Registration
22. Revitalising TUCs TUC Consultation
23. PPPS (MStar) £100.80 advertising pre-payment
24. TUC conference observers: Womens, Black Workers, LGBT, Trades Councils
25. LPUnit affiliation £20
26. Payments to Iraq demo coaches £1,830
27. TGWU Region invoice for 5/748 affiliation
28. Receipts for affiliation

a) Secretary’s written report handed out. Report on meeting called by Bishop & MPs re Ex&Star Heath Town refugee reports – no Heath Town involvement and little outcome.

b) anti-war activities – report on Feb 15th demo. Difficult organisation went well and 250 were taken. Large email base, as the website was used for many booking enquiries. Possible Birmingham demo 1st March. Rally in Queens Sq 6pm on evening of war if it was to happen.
c) Palestine group – next meeting Thurs 6 March, Whitmore Reans Advice Centre

d) Workers` Memorial Day – Bro.Deans has agreed to assist. Sec. has got prices for a balloon release. There won’t be wreath laying due to the new venue so sponsorship will be sought

e) May Day – Bro.Deacon requested that the view be put to use Dunstall Community Centre again. George Galloway MP has agreed to speak, Tony Benn has said that next year is likely

f) Any other business:
Bro.Deacon Midlands LGTG network – SEC TO WRITE TO MPs re SECTION 28
Amicus-MSF Learning Reps meeting, open invite Tues 4th March, Newhampton pub

5. Resolutions
6. Speaker: Alf Williams(UNISON) gave a report of his participation in a lay member trade union delegation to Nicaragua. The promosed prosperity from the US has become poverty. There was no time to take his report from Searchlight conference on anti-fascist election work, but written reports were handed out on each subject.

7. Any Other Business ends 8-45pm


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