We held a structured discussion – the results of which fed into the national debate

Interim report has now been produced (Jan 2018) including resullts from Wolverhampton,

do you feel that immigration had a positive/negative impact on the UK including your local area?” - Wolverhampton came out with the highest score in England 7.1, on a scale of 1 is ‘very negative' to 10 is ‘very positive’.


we also took part in the Wolverhampton Stakeholders' meeting the results of which


January 2018

The Home Affairs Committee has produced a seperate report calling on the Government to make it a clear and stated objective of public policy to build greater consensus and trust on immigration as part of major overhaul of immigration policy making.

Date: 20-07-2017 Location of conversation: Wolverhampton

Who we are: Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council

General views on immigration

Please summarise a few points you agreed on, both positive and negative:

Some concerns we shared:

Any concerns you may have about the impact of immigration and the effects of immigration controls


Some points of agreement on local impacts and integration:

What did the group share about the local effects of immigration?



Some points of agreement on refugees:

What did the group share about refugees in your local area?


Some points of agreement about EU migrants:

What did the group share about EU migrants in your local area?


If there were one or two things your group would want to suggest to the government, what would it be?