WB&DTUC Minutes of Delegate Meeting
Thursday 19th December 2002

Bros. D Joynson, R Marris, N Kelleher, B Deacon, J Eastlow, D Ash, G Baynham, R Tinsley, K Stelfox, W Juss, P Davis, K Rana. Sis. H Aujla (visitor).

1. Welcome to New Delegates/Visitors & Apologies
Bro. N Brackenridge, J Grant, P Goalby, D Turner. Sis. M Taylor.

2. Minutes of November Delegate meeting
True & correct record.
Matters arising.
5.1 Verbal report given by Bro. Eastlow. A Bid as been put to the management committee, if rejected Beacon Industries will cease to exist on January 10th 2003.
Reports item e). Verbal report given on leafleting campaign at Sainsbury's. Police arrived, took photo's but did not approach campaigners. Next meeting to take place the 9th January 2003, not the 2nd. Stop the War PSE branch launch will take place on the 1st February.

3. Executive Committee Report (12-12-02) & Further Correspondence
Executive meeting cancelled.
Further correspondence:
6. Worcester Labour History group re: pamphlets. Secretary to contact and purchase 2 sets or possibly to swap with our history books.
3. Wolverhampton Community Network. Secretary to invite a speaker from the Local Strategic Partnership to February meeting.
9. Searchlight. Countering Racism & Fascism though the CATUC to regional TUC.

4. Reports
a) Secretary: - written report.
b) Treasurer: - absent.
c) FBU: - Bro. Tinsley gave a verbal report on the state of the current action being carried out by the FBU. FBU has published its response to the Baynham report.
e) Anti-war demo Feb 15th 2003: please contact the Secretary to book places.

5. Resolutions

6. Not This Time Simon Jones Campaign against corporate killing Video was screened

7. AOB


Thursday 21st November 2002

Sis. M Taylor (Chair)

Bros. D Joynson, N Kelleher, A Turner, W Juss, R Tinsley, G Baynham Sis. M Taylor,. Observers A Goodall, K Rana, D Mimmo, A Doyle, K Stelfox, S Evans, R Deans, S Shreeve

1. Welcome to New Delegates & Apologies
Bros. K Purchase MP, B Deacon, D Ash, R Marris MP, J Grant, P Goalby, Sis. S Sagoo.

2. Minutes of October delegate meeting Matters Arising.
Agreed a true and accurate record
3.2.1 WMDay Tree will stay at the same site, although there will be no access next year due to works being carried out. Suggestions are welcome to where memorial could be carried out. Agreed that Secretary investigates possibility of balloon release in the civic plaza as there can be no wreath laying.

3. Executive Committee report (14-11-02) & Further Correspondence.

2.10. Women's Aid No response for request for speaker.
2.12. & 5.2. Strikers now in dire straits. UNISON General branch to make donation. Friction Dynamics have won the Industrial Tribunal 3-0
5.1. Beacon Industries re: redundancies. Awaiting response from Bro. Eastlow.

4. Reports:
a) Secretary, written report provided.
b) Treasurer, apologies.
c) FBU pay claim strike report & discussion of assistance from WB&D TUC
Allocate £200 for a social or donation Bro Tinsley to liase with Secretary re: possible TUC social with Banner Theatre
Circulate info and requests for funds and offer of speakers
Affiliates and delegates contact Secretary for info on assistance for FBU.
d) NLBD/ISTC Beacon Industries See Secretary's report.
e) Palestine Bro. Doyle gave a verbal report.
Meetings every 1st Thursday, starting 5 Dec 7pm Leicester St
E-mail to be set up
TUC PO Box can be used if required
Money available via UNISON Region for Palestinian TU visit
Book coach for national demo Feb 15th

5. Resolutions.

6. Video Simon Jones Campaign.
Due to the lack of time available it was agreed to screen the video at the next delegate meeting.


Delegate Minutes WB&D TUC of 17th October ‘02

1. Present: Sis. Taylor Bros. Tinsley, Ash, Baynham, Deacon, Juss, Davis, Evans, Brookfield, Marris, Purchase, Kelleher, Hill, Bevan, Grimes, Crossland
Apologies: Sis Sagoo Bro. Joynson, Brackenridge, Goalby, Rana, Grant, D.Turner

2. Minutes of September 2002 delegate meetings - ADD UNDER ITEM 3) "EC Recommended nominations to CATUC positions agreed".

3. Executive Committee Report of 10-10-02
3.2.6 Amicus re NATN - RAISE AT CATUC
3.2.7 TGWU re Fair Coach List - no longer compiled - RAISE AT CATUC
3.2.13 WBC feedback meeting Bristol Wed 13th Nov - train fare agreed for Sec. & Publicity Officer to raise H&S issues
3.3.1 Report of Palestine work Bro.Deacon reported on meeting convened by WB&D TUC. £50 donated to WB&D TUC by Sis.Aujla from sale of Palestinian flags on demo. Letter received from Bro.Marris re his discussion with council leader re links with a Palestinian town, Qalqilya. Need to establish a basis of a link e.g. industrial, first. Problem - little industry or society are operating normally there. 75% of agricultural land (citrus production) has been taken by Israeli settlers.
a) affiliate to Palestine Solidarity Campaign £25
b) to continue funding activity with Bro. Deacon & Kelleher co-ordinating until group formed
c) Sat 26th Oct Boycott Israeli Goods activity will be from 10am-noon, probably Sainsbury's - Bro.Deacon to check position of Israeli TUs
d) Day of Action against war on Iraq & for Palestine- stall in October 31st Queen's Sq. noon-1pm. Assess activity in light of numbers
e) local newsletter to be produced in future
f) seek local TU funding for possible trip for TUist from Palestine
g) next meeting will be combined with next TUC delegate meeting not on Wed 20th Oct as printed

4. Reports:
a) Secretary - Sec to find details of TUC Disability conference. Anti-fascist activity in Telford and Stoke discussed. Anti-war leaflet produced and distributed.
b) Beacon Industries NLBD/ISTC- thanks to intervention from the 3 local Labour MPs, ministerial funding has been secured for the next year will possible future funding too. A letter from Minister Maria Eagle to Bro.Turner MP detailed the support and was circulated. A recovery plan will be put into place for future job security.
c) FBU Pay dispute - Bro.Tinsley gave a report on the campaign and moved a motion of support for the union's campaign which was passed. He thanked Bro.Kelleher & Brackenridge for bringing the WB&D TUC banner to the Birmingham FBU rally. Sec to send out H&S info that FBU had circulated, by email.
d) Friction Dynamics - Bro.Evans gave report on Friction Dynamics Employment Tribunal which had began a week ago. Sec to WRITE LETTER OF SUPPORT.

5. Speakers: Bro. Grimes and Crossland sacked AEEU strikers from William Cook Heavy Foundry, Sheffield, addressed council. Details to be circulated with request to branch secretaries for donations and articles for this little publicised dispute. £30 travel and £200 donation agreed. AEEU & GMB Regional offices were given notice of this meeting.

6. AOB - none

WB&DTUC Minutes of Delegate Meeting Thursday 19th September 02

Sis. M Taylor (Chair)

1. Attendance: Bros. D Joynson, N Kelleher, J Grant, D Ash, R Tinsley, G Baynham, J Eastlow, B Deacon, R Marris, P Goalby, P Davis. Sis. M Taylor, I Dacres, S Sagoo. Observers: Sis H Aujla, Bro. E.Dawson) Apologies: Bros. S Murphy MEP, N Brackenridge, D Turner MP

1a. Election to vacant post of President and for remaining EC places.
No nominations.

2. Minutes of June & July delegate meetings Matters Arising.
Agreed a true and accurate record
June meeting, no matters arising, July Meeting.
4a) Bro. Deacon gave a verbal report re: meeting with mosque. Coach for demo filling up. £100 received from UNISON General £80 from anti-war group.
3.6) Bro. Grant will attend Life long Learning MPDP meetings as and when he can.
4d) Re: Conference on racism and privatisation since Sept 11th. Secretary gave a verbal report, will be traveling by car to anti-BNP leafleting in Stoke-On-Trent on Sept 29th & 13th Oct, contact secretary re: transport.

3. Executive Committee report (12-9-02)

2.3. Workers Memorial Day Tree - proposed new site. Secretary to write to Leader of the Council and MPs.

4. Reports:
a) Secretary, written report provided.
b) NLBD/ISTC. A verbal report was given by Bro. Eastlow and Bro. Marris, a meeting of the Trustees on Monday.
c) UNISON pay claim. Agreed by branch consultation.
d) FBU pay claim. Verbal reports given by Bros. P Goalby & R Tinsley. Secretary to write to Councillors B Ward, H King & T Singh. Mass rally planned for Monday with march through B'ham City Centre.
e) TUC Conference. Verbal report given by Bro. Deacon.

5. Resolutions -None

6. Video - Simon Jones video not shown due to lack of equipment due to council meetings.

7. A.O.B. Bro. Dawson addressed council regarding local agriculture.

WB&DTUC Minutes of Delegate Meeting Thursday 18th July 2002

• Attendance: Bros. P Davis, A Turner, S Evans, B Deacon, D Ash, , G Baynham, N Kelleher, J Swift, C Smith Sis. S Sagoo, H Aujla
• 1. Apologies: Bros. J Eastlow, W Juss, D Joynson, J Grant, R Marris, D Turner, N Brackenridge Sis. M Taylor

• 1a. Election to vacant post of President. - No nominations.

• 2. Minutes of June delegate meeting, not available, to be taken at next meeting.

• 3. Executive Committee cancelled. Correspondence:
3.1. Cuba Solidarity raffle tickets - circulated for sale at meeting
3.2. Midlands TUC re courses inc. new on-line courses
3.3. Rob Marris MP re his position on pensioners' demands and Hansard re human rights record of Turkey in relation to possible EU inclusion.
3.4. FBU re pay claim campaign, seeking publicity and lobbying - SEC TO PUT ON WEBSITE
3.5. TU Friends of Searchlight seeking 2 contact nominations - N KELLEHER & A TURNER
3.6. Bro. BRACKENRIDGE re Lifelong Learning MPDP observer - Bro. GRANT is REPLACEMENT
3.7. WC Council official unemployment Claimant Count down by 4 to 6,624 May 2002, (rate is 6.5% in W'ton, 5.7% W.Mids, 3.1% nationally)
3.8. Birmingham TUC, Norwich TUC mailings
3.9. Freedom for Samar & Jawad campaign info and petitions
3.10. REC annual report
3.11. WC Council Performance Review
3.12. Newsletters, available at meeting: ILO World of Work, TU Friends of Searchlight, ACTSA, Searchlight, Cuba Si, Voices(Iraq) , Walsall WEA H&S bulletins, Liberty, Woodie Guthrie tribute
3.13. laser printer purchased new at £116
3.14. Simon Jones video £10 sent inc. donation for a copy
3.15. WBC invoice for Glastonbury work £504
3.16. ACTSA re fair holiday information
4. Reports:
4a) Secretary -written report was circulated. Next delegate meeting is 19th Sept and next EC is 12th Sept, not as printed on report. Bros. Deacon, Kelleher and Rana to meet with mosque and plan events for Sept 14th, the 2nd anniversary of the Intifada and 20th anniversary of the massacres at the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps, prior to the Don't Attack Iraq demo on Sept 28th.
4b) NLBD/ISTC campaign for jobs at Beacon Institute a report was given from Bro.Eastlow. Motion of support to be put to CATUC.
4c) report given by Bro. Turner, Secretary UNISON General of local government on the strike action for a 6% pay claim. Local support high and strike was very effective, despite Express & Star reporting. Chubbs and Telewest workers and some councilors refused to cross pickets. NUT and UNISON University branches were thanked for assistance, although UCATT had not supported and it was reported that they had been recruiting UNISON members. 78% public support.
4d) the CATUC Secretary and President spoke about the conference on Wed Sept.11th 2002 which will address the issues of racism and privatisation in the wake of events since Sept 11th 2001. Details will be circulated and delegates are asked to return the slips attached to the flyer.
4e) Race Equality Council AGM - Sis Sagoo reported that there had been much confusion and argument.
4f) TUC Lesbian & Gay conference - Bro. Deacon spoke to a circulated written report.

• 5. Resolutions - None
• 6. A.O.B.

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC

Minutes of Delegate Meeting

Thursday 20th June 2002

Sis. M Taylor (Chair)
Bros. D Joynson, N Kelleher, G Dodd G Baynham, J Eastlow, W Juss. Sis. M Taylor, C Oddy.

1. Welcome to New Delegates & Apologies
Bros. R Marris, P Davis, D Halestrap, K McElduff, T Reynolds, A Turner, B Deacon, N Brackenridge, A Hall. Sis. S Sagoo.

1a. Election to vacant post of President and for remaining EC places.
No nominations.

2. Minutes of May delegate meeting, Matters Arising.
Agreed a true and accurate record

3. Executive Committee report (13-06-02)

2.1. Simon Jones video, agreed to purchase & £5 donation towards p&p.
2.3. Website links. Agreed to links to ‘suitable & appropriate' sites (after secretary consulted Sis. D Heath).
2.17. REC AGM. Secretary unavailable, to contact Sis. Sagoo.
Further correspondence:
1. Respect anti-racist music festival, 20th July, transport will probably be by train.
4. TUC TU Directory Midlands, yet again Trades Councils omitted.
6. National Pensioners convention, agreed £5 affiliation.
4. Reports:
a) Secretary, written report provided.
Treasurer. On vacation.
b) Annual Conference of TU Councils. Written report provided, please e-mail questions to web site.
c) John Eastlow gave a verbal report on the attempted closure of Beacon Industries, (Industries that employ Disabled, blind and deaf people).
5. Resolutions.
6. Speaker: Christine Oddy, Coventry TUC, ex-MEP
Europe and the Single Currency

7. A.O.B.

Thanks from Alan Wilkins (Pinar del Rio Project).

WB&DTUC Minutes of Delegate Meeting Thursday 16th May 2002

• Sis. M Taylor (Chair)

• Attendance
• Bros. D Joynson, P Davis, T Reynolds, G Dodd, G Baynham, J Grant, K.Whitston plus 2 others Sis. M Taylor.

• 1. Apologies Bros. R Marris MP, D Turner MP, R Deacon, N Brackenridge. Sis. S Sagoo.

• 1a. Election to vacant post of President and for remaining EC places.
• No nominations.

• 2. Minutes of April delegate meeting, Matters Arising.
• Agreed a true and accurate record

• 3. Executive Committee report (09-05-02)

• Correspondence:
• 3.1.6. Liverpool Dockers' standing Order cancelled.
• 3.2.6. Friction Dynamics, June 8th Demo - car going.
• 3.2.9. Institutional Racism Booklet - decision taken not to buy.
• 3.2.14. Death of Sis. D Fogg, card of condolence sent to Bro. K Aitchison.
• 3.4. Future speakers - agreed to invite AEU candidate Bro. Simpson, also agreed to move delegate meeting to Wednesday or possibly Friday to accommodate speaker.
• 3.6.2. Caribbean Banana Campaign material passed to Publicity Officer.
• 4. Reports:
• a) Secretary, written report provided.
• Treasurer, Income and Expenditure Account (year to 31/12/01) presented. To be audited.
• b) CATUC. Bro. Davis and Sis. Taylor elected to executive. Sis Taylor to attend TC conference from CATUC. Meeting planned to discuss effects of September 11th disaster.
• 5. Resolutions.

• None

• 7. A.O.B.

• TUCJCC minutes contains allegations that this Trades Council was involved in the nomination of more than one candidate. Jim Cessford was our nominated candidate but his nomination was ruled out of order.
• Secretary is having problems with his printer. It was agreed to purchase a new printer if necessary.

W'ton TUC minutes of delegate meeting 18th April 2002

Present: Sis Sagoo, Taylor(in Chair), Aujla, Bro Scroop, Whitston, Kelleher, Juss, Ashcroft, Deacon, Grant, Davis and two other observers

1. Apologies: Bro. Brackenridge, Marris, Ash, Purchase, Joynson, Hall
2. no nominations for President or remaining EC posts
3. Minutes of March delegate meeting agreed, matters arising:
a. no contact been able to be made with Satpal Ram campaign
b. Sat 25th May Friction Dynamics anniversary demo, Caernarfon - minibus still planned but need more names else cars.
c. TU Pensioners to have stall at May Day - contact Bro.Halestrap
d. TUC responded in response to query re lack of info on L&G network

4.0. Correspondence:
4.1. TUC - seeking nominations for L&G network - DELEGATE Bro.Deacon
4.2. CAEF public meeting, flyers distributed
4.3. Birmingham TUC mailing, Fete de l'Humanite 12-16 Sept Paris £160
4.4. TUIREG re closure due to debts
4.5. Sylvia Pankhurst Memorial committee, cards Agreed PURCHASE FOR SELLING ON 100 for £30 AND 4 T-SHIRTS ~£30
4.6. Durham Miners gala request for advert £35 NOTED
4.7. National demo - Justice for Palestine! 18 May London - ENQUIRE RE TRANSPORT from B'ham. Look into transport if 20 names in next week, link with UNISON possibly
4.8. Women's TUC and Regional TUC reports from Sis.Taylor, circulated
4.9. Newsletters, available at meeting: W.Mids CND, Liberty, Searchlight, Walsall WEA H&S bulletins, Voices(Iraq), Coventry TUC, GMB public services campaign report
4.10. Combating Institutional Racism in Wolverhampton by Dr G.Barnsby - Sis Aujla to pass comment re purchase to Secretary
4.11. TUC - new racism at work leaflets
4.12. amicus-MSF clergy section Workers Memorial Day pamphlet
4.13. Workers' Beer Co. extra festival dates
4.14. Friends of Bilston college open letter to Margaret Hodge MP
4.15. B'ham Rep No Sweat play set in B'ham car plant runs till 4 May - it is excellent
4.16. Liberty annual report
4.17. WC Council Personnels re Bro.Deacon and Bro.Davies(confirmed) re release time for TUC Conferences
4.18. MPs re maternity rights in employment bill
4.19. TUC & Hazards WMDay info for websites
4.20. TUCJCC minutes to CATUC, notification for EC nomination of Bro.Kelleher
4.21. Hazards 2002 £25 donation
4.22. TU Friends of Searchlight £50 affiliation
4.23. £150 donation, £70 train fares - Friction Dynamics
4.24. Able-Labels new TUC address labels & ink stamps £20.65
4.25. adverts Morning Star for WMDay and May Day
4.26. MSF re WMDay pack

5. Secretary's report - anti-fascist leafleting in Tipton ongoing, new dates announced. Met with Chair LP SW CLP to discuss joint work, Bro.Juss coming as TU Liaison Officer, Palestine demo this Sat B'ham, banner to be taken. Speakers for May/June - National Women's Aid & TUs Against Single Currency.

6. Treasurer's report - delegates welcomed him back after his operation. He reported funds also to be healthy, full accounts to be presented next month. Affiliations remain steady but donations have tripled but festival money has still increased our funds. £5/month stil going to Liverpool Dockers, referred to EC

7. Black Workers' TUC -Bro.Davis had attended and gave a report, will provide a written report

8. Workers' Memorial Day - Sunday 28th April - delegates urged to prepare short speeches if possible. Delegates urged to attend

9. May 1st Rally (Wednesday) - ask Bro.Mistry or Rana to draft opening speech for mayor, MC needed, programme distributed, posters and flyers ready soon, to be distributed, delegates urged to attend

10. Speaker from Stop the War Coalition, Dave Ashcroft spoke on the situation in the Middle East and revitalising the Coalition, concentrating on Palestine. Coach for 18th May? Bro.Whitston &Kelleher to liase over press statement from TUC.
Meeting agreed Mon 29th May 8pm Whitmore Reans Advice Centre

11. Any Other Business - none

WB&DTUC Minutes of Delegate meeting 21-3-02

Attendance: Bros. D Joynson, N Kelleher, P Davis, B Deacon, D Ash, Sis. M Taylor.

1. Apologies: Bros. S Murphy MEP, D Turner MP, Sis. S Sagoo.
1a. Election for remaining EC places. Bro. P Davis elected to EC.

2. Minutes of February delegate meeting, Matters Arising.
Agreed a true and accurate record 3.1. GATS conf. Bro. Brackenridge gave a verbal report.
1. Bro. Grant replied to Get Well Soon card, with note of thanks, had hoped to attend tonight.
3.2. Press release delayed, Secretary wishes to link up figures with anti-fascist material.
3.7. Awards for all. Sis, Taylor reported no progress has been made, although she suggested maybe money could be used for training purposes (Womens' aid - domestic violence). Bro. Deacon stated that a lot of time will be needed to carry out a project to completion.
3.9. Speakers. Satpal Ram campaign - Secretary has contacted, awaiting reply.
3.10. Workers' Memorial Day. See Secretary's report.
4. Friction Dynamics. Secretary traveling with others to Caernarfon 25th May.

3. Executive Committee (14-03-02) - cancelled.
3.1. REC meeting 15th March.
3.2. B'ham May Day Defence Campaign, £25 cheque returned with letter of thanks.
3.3. Employment Bill Rights Campaign letters for delegates from B'ham TUC, completed and forwarded via Secretary.
3.5. Reclaim Our Rights! Re-affiliation £25 agreed.
3.6. British Pensioner affiliation £20 agreed, to invite to take stall at May Day rally.
3.8. CND London demo Sat 30th March. Transport available from B'ham CND Office.
3.9. CATUC EC nominations. Bro. N Kelleher nominated, although our position is that at present the CATUC only needs an EC for emergency meetings.

4. Reports:
a) Secretary: Written report provided.
Treasurer: Not present.
b) Workplace: None
c) Bro. Davis to attend Black Workers' conference.
Sis. Taylor attended Womens' TUC conference in place of Sis. Sagoo. A verbal report was given.
Bro. Deacon asked the Secretary if he had any correspondence from Christine Wood (Midlands Regional TUC) re: Gay & Lesbian Network, as promised. He had not, Bro.Deacon to follow up.

5. Resolutions: None.

Speaker: N Kelleher
Action against fascist candidates in Black Country
Local elections.

7. A.O.B. None

W'ton TUC Delegate meeting minutes of 21 Feb 2002

Present: Bros.Baynham, Ash, Kelleher, Davis, Deacon Sis Taylor, Sagoo,
Visitors Bros.Goodall, Stoll, Lynch, K.Purchase MP, Parry, Davies and two others

1. Apologies: Bros.Brackenridge, D.Turner MP, R.Marris MP, Joynson, Rana, Grant. Send Get Well Soon card to Bro.Grant
2. Minutes of November delegate meeting, Matters Arising - none

3. Executive Committee Report (Feb 14th)
3.1 Re-affiliations AGREED: ACTSA £30, Liberty £21, CSC £30, Walsall WEA H&S £11, TUCND £12, TU Review £10, CLPD £10
3.2 TUC - press release for launch of leaflet highlighting black unemployment WRITE PRESS RELEASE, Sis.Taylor to look for local figures, seek comments
3.3 TUCJCC nomination form VOTE FOR Bro.JIM CESSFORD from N.Staffs
3.4 Hazards 2002 6-8 Sept, Manchester APPEAL FOR FUNDS £25 AGREED
3.5 MOTION SUBMITTED TO WMCATUC AND PASSED FOR TUCJCC "We call upon CATUCs to assist the TUC by encouraging Trades Councils in their region to register with the TUC annually"
3.6 Trades Union Councils' development fund £250 REQUEST FOR WEBSITE AGREED
3.7 Awards For All leaflet - lottery grants for projects £500 to £5k - Sis.TAYLOR & Bro.DEACON TO LOOK INTO IT & TU LEARNING FUND
3.8 Able-Labels new TUC address labels £4.75/1000 (ORDER 1), ink stamp £8 (ORDER 2)

3.9 Future Speakers - Satpal Ram campaign and speaker on Euro, Doug Nichols? Audrey Wise?

3.10 Workers' Memorial Day - Sunday 28th April - 11am St.Peter's church service 12.30pm our wreath laying, speeches etc at tree. Occ.Health services are this year's theme.

3.11 May 1st Rally (Wednesday, day before local election) Sis.SAGOO TO JOIN MAY DAY COMMITTEE, ORGANISING MEETING 25-2-02

4. Secretary's report - website quote examined, agreed subject to examination of company's other sites. £200 set-up, £100 annual rent, could get grant £250. He gave a report from the WMids CATUC. Re WMids Hazards Trust, which we were waiting for a lead on, they will give one this summer. New Black country H&S group starting up out of NULMW base. News release re friction Dynamics appeared not to have been taken up by media.

5. Resolutions - none

6. Speakers - Bros.Parry and Davies from TGWU Friction Dynamics in Caernarfon spoke of their 10 month dispute. AGREED DONATE £150, £70 train, £47 hotel. SEND MINIBUS TO THEIR MAY 25TH DEMO IN CAERNARFON

7. Any Other Business- NONE