Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council  (est.1865)
Minutes of delegate meeting Thursday 17th December ’09
Minutes lost – these have been drawn up in February 2010 by Secretary
Present: Bro. Kelleher, Bostock, Marriott, Childs, Grant, Evans, Cole, Deacon, Purchase, Brookfield, Clarke + UNITE officer
Sis. Halfpenny, Taylor
Apologies Bro.Juss, Marris, Brackenridge, Grant   Sis Burke
1) Introductions to delegates & visitors, new & old, & apologies 
2. Minutes of November delegate meeting agreed
3) Executive Committee Report & Correspondence
3.1. £100 donation UNITE 0758 for Workers’ Memorial Day 2010 (also £150 donation for 2010 May Day). Affiliation form 2010 also received. Receipts sent.
3.2. £10 donation for Xmas party Sis Heath, Walsall
3.3. Rob Marris 2010 surgery dates
3.4. Gatelodge via UPS – correspondence with POA re use of private service that has failed to deliver post twice now.
3.5. Voluntary sector council Mailing offer (list of 650) for £30, deadline 24 Feb. 2010 for 10 March mailing, next mailing 12 May –use for WMDay?
3.6. Birmingham TUC mailing offer £10
3.7. TUC – offer of Join a Union brochures
3.8. TUC’s The Union Advantage report
3.9. Birmingham TUC minutes
3.10. £300 invoice from Searchlight for anti-fascist leaflets in 2009 – agreed to pay.  TUC Development Grant application £300 anti-fascist work in 2009 has been sent.
3.11. Letter of thanks from Morning star re recent donation.
3.12. TUC Women’s conference – deadline 22-1-10 – take nominations at AGM
3.13. PSC re-affiliation  £25 due – agreed to send
3.14. United Campaign  mailing re Peoples Charter 
3.15. Leaflet advertising “Coalition to stand general election candidates”- noted
3.16. TUC LGBT Network request for finance
3.17. Invite to speak UNITE – Two Sisters
3.18. Offer of speakers  from the Bloody Sunday and Ballymurphy Relatives 19th – 24th Jan. Troops Out Movement – agreed to invite
3.19. PPPS (Morning Star adverts) cheque £272 plus £72.50 (from last year) for advance payments for adverts current credit £315.15
3.20. MPs request to sign EDM501 Workers’ Memorial Day recognition
4) Reports:
a)  Secretary - written report circulated and discussed. Xmas party Dec 22nd  
b) UNISON, CYWU, POA – campaign against council cuts & privatisation reports, good discussion
c) Midlands County Association of TUCs report - our motion to dissolve the CATUC was lost – Secretary did not re-stand as chairperson of CATUC
d) Pensioners’ report by Bro.Deacon
6)   no speaker attended from UNITE – Two Sisters workers 
There were seasonal refreshments



MINUTES OF MEETING    19th November 2009


ATTENDANCE - BROTHERS - Kelleher (UNISON General), Deacon (UNISON General), Cole (NUT), Rahimi (UNITE), Grant (NUT), Turner (UNISON), Childs (CWU), Juss (GMB), Baynham (UNITE), Clarke (POA), Bostock (POA)

SISTERS – Ceresa (UNISON General), Reynolds (GMB), Burth (UNISON retired member), Halfpenny (NUT), Taylor (CYWU/UNISON), Pidgeon (TUC), Kelsey (CWU).                   Apologies:  Brothers Grant (UCU), Muir (CYWU/UNITE).


1.            WELCOME  to all delegates.

2.            MINUTES OF MEETING  15th October 2009,     Corrections:

   Sis. Halfpenny sent apologies.          Bro. Muir (not Sis.) Sis Burth (not Bro.)          (4.b) “Word” not “Ward”.

   Matters Arising

   POA - Public sector can put in bid for Featherstone 2 prison

   (4.a)        No local leaflet delivered remembrance day.  Brookfields contacted.

   (4.b)        Development grant for anti fascist work will be applied for.

   (5)           Resolution has been sent to WMCATUC on 5/12/09.  Sis. Taylor seeks substitute for this meeting.



   1)            Need more affiliations

   2)            Copies of TUC Education causes available and on website.  Pete Try is liaising with Wolverhampton College for Trade Union centre at the college.

   3)            TUC changes to Trades Council registration, now by the end of January so branches need to affiliate quickly.

   4)            Details of Refugee and Migrant Centre visited by Secretary.  Sis. Halfpenny proposed a donation.  Could we do joint work with them e.g. Trade Union leaflet.  Secretary will investigate getting speaker and support from Trades Council.

   10)          Birmingham Trades Council CWU, are they still short of funds?

   11)          Venezuela Trade Union leaders visit invite.

   12)          Two Sisters Food Group – racist bullying campaign.  55 sacked but might be reinstated.  Bro. Kelleher will invite them to meeting if still in dispute.

   13)          Jerry Hicks, UNITE candidate would like to speak to Trades Council.  No other issues need raising from correspondence.


4.            REPORTS

   a)            Secretary - Thanks to all who helped in anti-BNP campaign.  Also a proportion of Oxley ward that had been leafleted, 11 women and 5 men helped.  40% black workers.

   If by election in those wards or Tory Councils trial.  Both at full Council meeting and at Scrutiny Panel.  Bushbury and Wednesfield North are hot spots.

   29/11/09 – no white balloon release at local Derby.  If we knew more details we could write letters of complaint.  Hard for groups such as Women’s Committee to function as little funding or resources available.  150 at Pensions Network.

   Christmas Party - Tuesday 22nd December at Revolution.  Doors open 8.30pm - 3am.

   b)            Treasurer - no Report

   c)             UNISON - Campaign against council cuts.  Plans constantly change.  188 notices issued for 173 posts.  ‘Just in case’ very much hit and miss.  Campaign regarding Meals on Wheels and EKTA.  Charges for Day Centres and Taxes.  Poor effort on the elderly now public consultation.  Is the consultation meaningful?  Tory’s last vote at Scrutiny meeting. CYWU/UNITE budget consultation asked for clarification of reserves.  £29M in general and £65m bottom line total.  Included 2.4% pay rise.


5.            RESOLUTION - none



   Potted life history with focus on her fight for equality of all types.  There is a need to improve communications within the TUC.  West Midlands worst area for young people unemployed. 

Need to work together to defend Public Services.

TUC has bid for organiser to work with vulnerable workers.

Chainmakers Festival 18th September

TUC strategic plan 2009-11 is available.  This is the time for solidarity.  Future of Regional TUC will depend on Government.  Need to share and communicate more.  There is a lot of talent in the Region.

 Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council  


Delegate minutes:  15th October ’09

compiled from the Secretary’s notes; original notes unavailable at time of mailing


1.Present Sis: Ceresa, Kelsey, Taylor, Burth   Bro: Kelleher, Bostock, Cole, Turner, Childs, Deacon, Grant, Clarke, Marris. Introductions to delegates & visitors, new & old.

apologies Bro: Bechler, Brackenridge, Hardacre, Halfpenny, Grant

2. Minutes of September delegate meeting

 – corrections: Bro. Bostock sent apologies;

 matters arising; Workers Memorial Day consultation submitted.


3) Executive Committee Report & Correspondence

3.1.     WMCATUC – delegate vacancy, Secretary vacancy

3.2.     Birmingham TUC minutes – public rally Sat 17th October Defend Jobs, pensions & public services Victoria Square – banner to be taken

3.3.     WVSC AGM 21 Oct 7.15pm

3.4.     Hazards 2010 sponsorship appeal £20 agreed

3.5.     UNISON/UNITE sponsored Venezuelan Trade Union Leaders to Visit Britain in November - Opportunity for Meetings and Workplace Visits invited Nov 19 still to respond

3.6.     Invite to Cheryl Pidgeon TUC to speak  Nov 19th meeting; confirmed

3.7.     inquest into Mikey Powell’s death is to commence on 4th November at Sutton Coldfield Town Hall, who died in police custody in Handsworth, on 7th September 2003 – pass info to Bro.Marris

3.8.     The West Midlands Hazards Trust Public Seminar: Protecting Health and Safety in the Recession, Tuesday 13th October

3.9.     BACS receipt Leeds & Glastonbury festivals £2184

3.10.  CSC raffle tickets 7 of 10 sold @£14

3.11.  Bought helium valve £22.99 (UNISON bought cylinder for 250 balloons)

3.12.  Dudley TUC seeking help re WMDay – response given

3.13.  30 Oct TUC Pensioners meeting Derby pass to Bro.Deacon


3.14.  Abortion Rights re-affiliation £25

3.15.  B’ham Racial Attacks Monitoring Unit £20 donation

3.16.  Working Class Movement Library £50 donation

3.17.  response joining Sustainable Energy Partnership – lobby group



4) Reports:

a)  Secretary (written report circulated) - anti-Bnp campaign – report of Bilston E campaign. Agreed to leaflet Bushbury N on Searchlight weekend of action 8 Nov.

b) Treasurer reported highest funds for recent years

c)  West Midlands County Assoc. of TUCs report

d) Midlands TUC EC, no report – our delegates were at LP conference

e)  other delegates' workplace reports

f)    Palestine Solidarity & Cuba Solidarity campaign reports


5) Resolution from UNISON General passed

 Dissolution of WMCATUC

  “That the West Midlands County Association of Trades Union Councils explore it’s own possible dissolution; since it represents a layer of bureaucracy which hampers the ability for its constituent trades union councils to participate in the national conference.  We resolve to share information on activity and campaigns and participate in regional meetings of trade union councils to be called as necessary to assist united campaigning.”

Send to CATUC.

Questions arising – could we send motions directly if there is no CATUC?

Are national arrangements needed for trades councils generally?


6)   Public Services discussion:

UNISON – campaign against council cuts - Ekta & Underhill update JULC meeting to be called.

CWU national postal strike update, bullying management, overworked and imposed terms & conditions - picket 22 Oct. Pat McFadden MP still spokesperson but Royal Mail responsibility passed to an unelected Lord.

POA - Keep prisons public update on B’ham & Featherstone prisons

7)    Any Other Business:

a)              WB&DTUC History digitised by secretary. Send to Bro.Cole who will look into its updating for 150th anniversary.

b)              TUC Development grant still not applied for – Sec to re-contact West Mids Asbestos Support Group to see if any progress on joint public meeting and film.

c)              Searchlight literature sold.

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council
MINUTES OF DELEGATE MEETING on Thursday 17th September 2009

Sisters: Halfpenny (NUT), Taylor (CYWU /UNITE), Ceresa (UNISON), Zafi (visitor)

Brothers: Nick Kelleher (UNISON), Brian Clarke (POA), Rahimi (AMICUS), Cole (NUT), Turner (UNISON), Marris (UNITE), Grant (UCU) Grant (NUT) Goodall (visitor)

Apologies – Hardacre (ASPECT), Ash (UNISON), Muir (CYWU UNITE), Kelsey (CWU), Deacon UNISON, Childs (CWU), Reynolds (GMB)

Delegates were welcomed and introduced themselves. Apologies were received.

2. THE MINUTES of 16th JULY MEETING were agreed. Matters Arising - none

3. CORRESPONDENCE (There was no executive meeting)
3.1. There is a vacancy for a delegate to WMCATUC and the next meeting is 03.10.09 in Birmingham. Contact secretary if interested.
3.2. 23.09.09 7.30pm Public meeting at Birmingham Council House relating to cuts at Birmingham Council
3.3. UN Older Person’s Day 01.10.09 Coventry 10.30am
3.4. Labour Party Conference lobby coach to Brighton 27.09.09, same day as our leafleting against BNP in Bilston
3.5. UAF demonstration 22.09.09 Birmingham 8am anti-BNP demonstration during GTC meeting concerning discipline of teacher who put racist items on web.
3.6. Affiliation to abortion rights campaign agreed
3.7. National consultation concerning Workers Memorial Day is online. All union branches can make their own response. In Wolverhampton WB&DTUC run it and invite churches to take part. The corporate manslaughter law needs changing. Labour has still not done it!
3.8. Due to lack of communication from the TUC headquarters WB&TUC were late registering and are not included in the directory. TUC sent no reminders and there was a very disappointing response from Tom Mellish. We are now registered for 2009.
3.9. £20 donation to Birmingham Racial Attacks Monitoring was agreed
3.10. Working Class Movement Library donation of £50 agreed
3.11. Agreed to join Sustainable Energy Partnership which is a lobby group
3.12. A verbal report of the Chainmakers’ Festival was given. The band Rob and the Irregulars used some bad language in songs. Discussion as to whether the format needs changing. Publicity needs to come out earlier perhaps in June. The event was well attended. Next year will be a weekend event as it is the Centenary of the strike.
3.13. Invoice for Leeds festival £1248 (total raised £2184 this year).


a) Secretary’s report – circulated. Successful demonstration at Carphone Warehouse led to the reinstatement of Kulvinder Plaha. Another steward’s employment tribunal is still to be heard.
Codnor Red White and Blue Festival anti-BNP demonstration was bigger and better organised than last year.
b) Treasurer’s report – Healthy balance and £25 winnings from the Cuba Solidarity Draw
c) CWU - Carphone Warehouse Tribunal no CWU delegates
d) POA - Birmingham prison anti-privatisation no POA delegates.
e) UNISON and CYWU - UNITE - council cuts update – Numerous cuts to services planned by conservatives which will affect people who are the most needy in the community. These people and their carers need to be involved with saving places from closure. There is a second voluntary redundancy scheme.
f) Other delegates’ workplace reports- none
g) Midlands TUC EC report none until next meeting
h) Palestine Solidarity no report
i) Cuba Solidarity raffle tickets circulated and sold

5. Speaker: Marie Taylor reporting on Trades Union Congress Conference.
A tired Marie Taylor reported on a ‘mixed’ Congress in Liverpool with less consensus than usual. The venue was not as good as Brighton for observers. Gordon Brown addressed Congress but the atmosphere was flat. His speech was carefully orchestrated and tried to get a positive response from delegates but it was lack lustre. Brown overstayed time and extra questions were taken from the floor which was not planted! TUC voted to boycott Israeli good after some controversy and a very late start! TUC is also supporting the Peoples’ Charter. A good debate, followed Sis Taylor’s contribution, concerning the Labour Government and Labour Party Policies which it was felt were often poorly presented. Yvonne Washbourne from Birmingham TUC received her gold medal. Marie was thanked for her contribution.


The meeting closed at 8.45pm





 Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council

Thursday 16th July 2009
ATTENDANCE:  Sisters: Halfpenny (NUT), Taylor (CYWU /UNITE)
Brothers:  Kelleher (UNISON), Childs (CWU), Clarke (POA), Rahimi (UNITE), Cole (NUT), Deacon (UNISON observer), Turner (UNISON)
Apologies:  Sis: Ceresa (UNISON), Brealey (UNISON) Kelsey (CWU)   Bros: Hardacre (ASPECT), Marris (UNITE), Bostock (POA), Marriot (UNISON), Muir (CYWU-UNITE), Grant (UCU), Juss (GMB)
1. INTRODUCTIONS:  Delegates were welcomed and introduced themselves.  Apologies given.
2. THE MINUTES  MEETING  of 18th  JUNE were agreed to be a true record.
Matters Arising:  6(b) Written report circulated of the Trades Union Councils Annual Conference.  There were fewer delegates 60 rather than 100, 3 years ago. The silver badge for Brother Grant‘s long service it was minuted as still being made!!  All the motions were passed. TUC had done nothing since the last conference in response to conference motions.  In the past there had been a comment.  Motion last year on MPs expenses not taken up!! The motion on unemployed centres is going to TUC conference but no one from trades councils is allowed to speak on it. There was a No2EU rally on the eve of conference. There is money from the Co-op party for events.  There is TUC training for YouTube videos.
3b) There was an Executive Committee 09.07.09.   1a) Need to send letter re. Carphone Warehouse dispute 1b) Need to send letter re. Scrutiny panels    1d)  Donation for Burston Strike School Rally to be sent.  
5) Discussed future possible speakers.
Brother Kelleher to investigate insurance for leafleters following dog bite.   Wolverhampton Compact - Sister Taylor to look at re voluntary sector.  Walsall Garden party for Palestine 19.07.09
a) Secretary’s report – If anyone can join the demonstration 18.07.09  re Carphone Warehouse notify Brother Kelleher. There has been a lack of publicity for the Chainmakers’ Festival 12.09.09.  Brother Cole will circulate posters. Wolverhampton Trades Council website is again working: www.wolvestuc.org.uk
 Also Wolverhampton TUC is on Facebook. Successful Shrewsbury 24 demonstration (will be annual) 
b) CWU Carphone Warehouse Demonstration 11.30am 18.07.09 at Wednesbury 
c) POA trade union rights- Birmingham prison anti-privatisation.   The trade unions were not invited to join in with plans; the meeting will be updated in September as to progress.
d) UNISON and CYWU-UNITE council cuts update – councillors saying too many managers in Local Authority; there should be no more than 6 tiers of management. So layers of management are being removed. Section 188 notice for redundancies in 300 jobs.  There are now 95 volunteers but some not accepted due to cost.  Workers are not getting clear information from the council. The council has a reserve of £29 million. There may be compulsory redundancies. The unions could push forward a campaign on the cost of outside consultants.
e) Other Delegates workplace reports- none
5. Speaker: Nick Kelleher report on the Hope Not Hate conference on the future of anti-fascist campaigning and discussion
A paper was tabled ‘The Way Forward for Anti- fascist work’ which was developed from the organisers meeting in Birmingham 11.07.09.   For a future campaign photographs are needed of main attractions in wards.  Delegates to try to do this in their own wards. Adrian Turner will contact Wolves FC to ask why no ‘Kick Racism out of Football’ posters for this/next season.   There was further discussion about the demonstration against the Red, White and Blue Festival at Codnor and who was stewarding it.  The delegates thanked Nick for his report and tireless hard work.
6. ANY OTHER BUSINESS – none.  The meeting closed at 8.45pm 



MINUTES of Delegate MEETING   18th JUNE 2009



ATTENDANCE: BROTHERS   Kelleher (UNISON Gen), Cole (NUT), Deacon (UNISON), Muir (CYWU UNITE), Clarke (POA), Bostock (POA), O’Sullivan (CSC), Grant (UCU), Stoll (UNISON), Hardacre

 (ASPECT), Marris (UNITE), Childs (CWU).   SISTERS Halfpenny (NUT), Kelsey (CWU), Cole (NUT guest), Lopez (ICAP guest), Taylor (CYWU/UNITE), Ceresa (UNISON Gen). Dugmore(UNISON Gen guest),

Apologies:  Brothers - Turner (UNISON Gen), Jeffries (UNISON/UNITE), Juss (GMB), Penco (UNISON/UNITE), Marriott (UNISONGen), Ash (UNISON Gen), Jones (CWU), Grant (NUT).  Sister – Brealey (UNISON Gen).


1.   WELCOME   Introduction to delegates.  Cuban speaker welcomed.  Number of apologies due to UNISON conference.



      Original minutes were lost so minutes drawn together by EC

correction: “4 d.)  Letter to be written to Leader of Council, Chief Executive and Diocese concerning expulsion of TU from Scrutiny Panel by Secretary.” Agreed.   

Matters Arising:

       3.) 2          Campaign for Labour Party Democracy - £10 affiliated.

       3.) 10        No attendance at Morning Star AGM by our delegates so no report



      4)  4th July Telford TUC re: Shrewsbury 24 demo.  Ricky Tomlinson will be speaking.  Details on internet.  10:30am , Shrewsbury.

       9)  Burston strike school rally – Saturday 6th September. Norfolk. £10 donation to be given.

       11)            Samar and Jamad campaign now both released form prison.  Thanks given.

       12)            Asbestos Support Group public meeting in Birmingham – 30th June 2009.  Film in Lighthouse about asbestos in 3rd world which we agreed to back.  Apply for TUC Development grant to cover costs.

       13)            Miami 5 refused again hope it will be different with Obama.

       17)            Bro. Goodhall dismissed as nurse and due to go to tribunal.  Now UNISON has withdrawn support 5 days before.  Bro.Goodall doing own now perhaps.



      a)  Secretary

            Bro. Rob Williams –UNITE- Linamar Convenor has now been reinstated following sacking.

            Carphone Warehouse - please send letter of support to directors of Carphone Warehouse, details on website.

            Wolves website 7 years old 30,000 hits per day but problem with hackers.

       b)  Anti BNP Campaign

            Biggest campaign ever.  BNP vote in Wolverhampton is one of the lower ones.  We can take credit for mobilising a Labour vote in Wolverhampton.  Of the 70 volunteers delivering leaflets, 16 were delegates from our Trades Council.  Lots of letters written to NewsQuest regarding BNP adverts in local papers.  Response from 1 advertiser complaining their advert was next to there advert.  We could do with continuing campaign.  Any suggestions would be helpful.  Secretary would like to know of any dodgy newspaper articles, letters we can respond to.  Sis Dugmore was bitten by a dog and had 8 stitches.  Could consider insurance in future.  Vote of thanks to Bro.Kelleher for anti BNP campaign and all his hard work and organisation.  Will have future meeting to suggest anti fascist campaigning, meeting ideas.


       c)  Treasurer -  Funds stable.


       d)  CWU -Carphone Warehouse – see Secretary’s report.


       e)  UNITE  - Report Swansea Linamar – see Secretary’s report.


       f)  POA - Bro.Clarke – anti privatisation campaign.  Where should Unions engage on this?  BBC headlines 335,000 public sector workers will lose their jobs over next 3 years.  Every prison is going to come under auspices of competitive tendering.  Team being piloted at Birmingham, Threat against workers in unions.  This may be a common feature in Unions in Public Sector.  No discussion with Unions at National level.  Jack Straw – why market testing is being done because Union turned down workforce modernisation.  Birmingham targeted as active Union.  Again threatening people who take industrial action will go to prison.  Big fight on our hands.  Government hell bent on continuing Tory privatisation.  Fear for rest of Public Sector.  Not in interests of  society.  Prison education is needed.  Should be rehabilitation.  Need to support colleagues in POA. Brinsford and Featherstone permission to build prison.  May be private.  3 will be clustered and may all be private.


       g)  UNISON - Further cuts being discussed secretlyby council.  5% to 10% extra cuts. Welfare, Catering under threat.  Frozen meals may be brought in.  No formal consultation as yet.

            CYWU/UNITE negotiating restructure to Youth Service.  Paper brought was full of anomalies.  In the middle the Chief Officer is leaving and structure will be imposed.  Unions likely to fail to agree so process will have to start again.




      Lenia Lopez form Cuban Institute for Friendship with People.  ICAP.  Friendship with different countries.  Festival at end of June to celebrate 50 years of socialism.

       Before revolution – poverty, illiteracy, no health care.  All improved following revolution and then no pressure from U.S.  Fight to free Cuban 5 imprisoned in U.S.  June 15th court refused to take the case.  Step by step things are improving but the struggle continues.  Help from friends will help us win this struggle. 

       Bro. Marris asked about film industry which made 4/5 films last year. Donations are still needed form visitors.  Bro.Hardacre – economy still productive.  May show Cuban Model has been effective.  50 years of story blockade has helped economy.  It is well worth a visit.  There may be a change, Obama is the best hope.  Would like to see more trade with Cuba from UK.  Seems to be a reluctance from powers that be.

There followed a discussion.  Cuba still needs help, hence CSC every bit of money helps to disseminate message. 

Garden Party 18th July.  Encourage your Union to sponsor this event as 2 speakers from Cuba will be joining us.


6. AOB:

  1. Palestine Solidarity – Jerusalem the East Side Story – 19th June 7.15pm for film.
  2. Report circulated of Trades Union Councils’ annual conference








WB&DTUC Delegate meeting minutes Thursday 21st May 09

Attendance: Bros. Kelleher, Childs, Cole, Deacon, J.Grant, S.Grant, Smith, Plaha, Turner, Clarke, Marris, Juss, Hardacre, Rahimi        Sis. Kelsey, Jeffries, Halfpenny, Taylor

Apologies: Sis Ceresa Bro Bostock, Muir, Farmer

1) Introductions to delegates & visitors, new & old

2) Minutes of April delegate meeting agreed coreect. No matters arising

3) Executive Committee Report (May 14th)  & Correspondence

1)            Trades Councils’ Conference Agenda no amendments proposed

2)            Campaign for Labour Party Democracy – renewal request

3)            WC Council -Official Warning re May Day posters discussed – more help with publicity requested for next year. Ask permission from Highways.

4)            Ken Purchase re EDM praising us for May day event

5)            Bro.Deacon – re retirement and resignation as delegate due to UNISON internal bar on retired member representation.

6)            Cuba Solidarity 50 years events ICAP tour 16-19 June – DC arranged speaker –. AGM local group sending delegate report for June meeting

7)            UNITE demo for jobs 16 May – 7,000 turned out colourful and noisy demo, WB&DTUC banner there

8)            The People’s Charter – 1million signatures being sought was circulated

9)            Chainmakers’ history DC has extra copies

10)         Morning Star AGM, Birmingham 4th Junewe hold shares and can send a delegate

11)         CND - new anti-trident material circulated

12)         May Day Committee accounts 2009

13)         Love Music Hate racism Stoke gig 30 May 11am Falkland St £5/free


14)         2,200 Hope Not Hate Christian leaflets sent to all Wolverhampton area religious groups

15)         Workers beer festival volunteers re Glastonbury festival – liaise with CSC group

From previous EC: MT to follow up UNITE Goodyear, NK to chase up RMT-tried

4) Reports & discussion:

a)  Secretary (written report circulated) anti-fascist Euro-election campaign May 9th Day of Action great success 10,000 papers delivered Caribbean food for May 9th Day of Action volunteers £80- Union Friday 15th May – dozen volunteers for 7am start at railway May 23rd/24th 5,000 more newspapers received. More leaflets ordered. Our campaign re complaint to Editor Dudley news re Bnp advertising was taken up by Searchlight. CWU conscience clause available for non-fascist delivering. Workers memorial day - council flags not flown half mast by Tories – sec to write.

b)      Treasurer healthy balance

c)       POA - anti-privatisation campaign – Bro.Clarke gave report – presented Sec with signed POA History

d)      other Delegates' workplace reports;

Bro Hardacre reported expulsion of trade unionists from scrutiny panel seats by Tories.

Sis Taylor & Bro Turner reported on council cuts and CYWU & UNISON response.

Bro.Turner also reported on closure of schools in Pendeford

e)       Palestine Solidarity national demo W-ton transport cancelled. B’ham conference 11 July

f)        Cuba Solidarity - 50 years celebration 18 July social 2 Cubans in attendance


5)   @ 8pm speaker: Alan Smith:  CWU Union Busting at Carphone Warehouse, Wednesbury


 - Two CWU members are being victimised by the company for trade union activity at the Wednesbury Logistics Centre.  One, Sulinder Kumar, has already been sacked (though he is appealing), and another – CWU’s rep on site – is currently facing disciplinary proceedings on a similar charge. The charges relate to the fact that both members were willing to challenge unfair management practices through raising grievances – as is their right. CWU has had mass recruitment in last 2 years at the site - several active CWU members have been sacked recently. Link from website and letters of support requested and agreed.



MINUTES of Delegate MEETING 16th April 2009

ATTENDANCE: SISTERS:. Petford (UNITE0758), Sam (No Borders) BROTHERS: Kelleher (UNISON), Marriott (UNISON), Deacon (UNISON), Childs (CWU), Bostock (POA). Clarke (POA), Grant (NUT), Rahimi (UNITE0758), Baynham (UNITE0758), Dodd (UNITE3210), Evans (UNITE), Cole (NUT), J.Grant (UCU), Kieran (No Borders), Matt (IWW).
Apologies: Brothers: Marris (UNITE), Juss (GMB), Goodall(UNITE), Hardacre (ASPECT), Sisters: Ceresa (UNISON), Kelsey (CWU). Halfpenny (NUT), Taylor (CYWU/UNITE)

1. Introductions to delegates & visitors, new & old, & Apologies
2. Minutes of March delegate meeting agreed no matters arising
3. no Executive Committee April 9th - Correspondence:
3.1. POA, UNITE 0758M, ATL affiliation cheques received.
3.2. London May Day Organising Committee -send support message
3.3. City Wide BME Council invite to meeting - Secretary raised anti-fascist campaigning
3.4. Purchased: WMDay flyers 1000 A4 double sided £70 - distributed to branches and in mailings - funded by UNITE 0758M; May Day Greetings cards £7 for 10 - UNITE organised community venture -40 ordered £28 - for sale to delegates; Samsung CLP315 colour laser printer £120.78 plus £32.99 spare toner, 15 x hi-visibility jackets for anti-bnp leafleting £29.10
3.5. Searchlight & Unite Against Fascism regional timetables of activity pre-euro elections
3.6. Telford TUC re UNION Friday 15 May railway station leafleting - co-ordinate for press release?
3.7. Tolpuddle flyers - distribute in future mailing
3.8. Campaign for Labour Party Democracy - pass to Bro.Childs
3.9. UCU address change - seeking account info for BACS payments
3.10. Rob Marris MP support for UN Gaza war crimes enquiry
3.11. Charter for Women - multi-union charter for adoption, invite to join national steering committee bi-monthly meetings - £20 affiliation - no decision
3.12. No Borders info on campaign - invited to speak
3.13. Working Class Movement library seeking donation and offer to visit
3.14. Birmingham TUC minutes
3.15. Campaign to Repeal Anti-TU Laws AGM Tues 5 May London 6pm
3.16. PPFF receipt & thanks for £1000 donation (half Workers Beer Co money)
3.17. Info re W'ton Pensioners Convention affiliation to national NPC
3.18. Merseyside TUC 18 April conference on Palestine
3.19. TUC LGBT conference observer deadline 24 April
sent: 3.20 Workers beer festival registration of numbers for festivals
3.21 Re-affiliation £30 Campaign to Repeal Anti-TU Laws

4. Reports & discussion:
a) Secretary - May 1st help sought with publicity, Workers' Memorial Day - shoes needed to represent 18 West Midlanders dead. Anti-fascist Euro-election Day of Action - May 9th discussion on leafleting area priorities. H.Town agreed plus further advice from Searchlight to be sought. Bro.Rahimi offered base venue. Bro.Dodd to get paper into local factories and Bro.Cole schools. Bro.Childs offered help.
b) Treasurer - funds healthy.
c) Council cuts campaign Cnllr Evans reported on campaigns and consultation. UNISON held lobbies but so far the Tory/Lib Dem alliaiance seems deaf to their electors.
d) CWU Keep the Post Public - praise for very well organised demo with big turnout

5. Speakers: Sam & Keiran from Bristol No Borders campaign - Calais activist camp; a joint venture between French activists and migrant support groups and the UK No Borders Network. It aims to highlight the realities of the situation in Calais and Northern France; to build links with the migrant communities and to challenge the authorities on the ground, to protest against increased repression of migrants and local activists. Alively discussion ensued on the concept of No borders. Practical work: Message of support to be sent to camp (end June); offer to join it;information distribution around migrant control issues; website link. £100 plus expenses agreed.



MINUTES of Delegate MEETING         19th March 2009



SISTERS: Halfpenny (NUT), Taylor (CYWU/UNITE).             BROTHERS: Kelleher (UNISON), Deacon (UNISON), Clarke (POA), Grant (NUT), Rahimi (AMICUS), Bechler (ATL), Hardacre (ASPECT), Baynham (UNITE), Cole (NUT), J.Grant (UCU).

Apologies:  Brothers: Marris (UNITE), Juss (GMB), Marriott (UNISON), Mears (UNISON University), Childs (CWU), Bostock (POA).  Sisters: Reynolds (GMB), Ceresa (UNISON), Kelsey (CWU).


1.       WELCOME, introductions and welcome to delegates and visitors.


2.       MINUTES of 19th February 2009, agreed  a correct record, no matters arising



a)1)      No affiliation from ASPECT.  No ATL or POA cheques received. Sis. Taylor will follow up.  UNITE –Goodyear.        Telford Trades Council wants us to work with RMT but RMT have not affiliated. Sis Halfpenny will ask if USDAW have any contacts in Wolverhampton as no affiliates to Wolverhampton TUC.  UNISON Health have not re-affiliated.

   2)      Re-affiliation £30 to Repeal Anti-TU laws campaign.

   3)      Response from Workers Beer Festival flyers.

   5)      UAF Conference 21st March 2009.

   8)      local Gaza Appeal raised £10,000, more than previously reported

   9)      LGBT & Disability Conference.  No delegates as observers.

   12)    Birmingham TUC 2nd May 2009. May Day.

   13)    Do not affiliate to Wolverhampton Pensioners.  Bro. Kelleher to contact National Pensioners Convention and see what their relationship is with Wolverhampton organisation.

b)         1st May.  M.Collins –speaker.  Brenda Procter – Women Against Pit Closures.  Heart of England Jazz band, Moms dancers, break dancers.  Bob Crow has been approached.  Stalls for Unions.  Donations from branches needed.  Publicity needed.  Raffle prizes needed.

c)         Workers Memorial Day -28th April 2009.  18 Pairs of shoes to indicate those who have died in the West Midlands.  12.30pm Workers Memorial Day Tree by Civic Centre.

e)         Future TUC speakers – Asylum camps in Calais.  Sis. Reynolds speaker?


4.       REPORTS

          a)         Secretary, written report circulated.  CWU rally-demo report on the front of Morning Star.  1,000 plus people.  Good rally at the Imperial Palace.  28th March 2009 – G20 demo in London summit.  TUC supporting.

            b)         Treasurer -Funds still healthy.

            c)         UNISON & CYWU/UNITE -Council cuts.  Attended Council meeting last night, decisions are imminent.  Campaigning is continuing.  260 applications for voluntary redundancy.  80 approved but remainder may be compulsory according to Express & Star.  Sis. Taylor talked about negotiations in Youth Services.  15 jobs going but no compulsory redundancies.  There has been an issue regarding the redundancy calculator, and the Union were not consulted.  Talks with Thompson’s solicitors regarding legal challenge.

            f)         Anti BNP.  Searchlight & Sis.Reynolds arranged May 9th.as day of action to deliver 20,000 Anti BNP newspapers.  We need to decide where would be best.  Need discussion between Sis. Reynolds, Searchlight & WB&DTUC

            g)         West Midlands County TUC - Bro. Deacon – Nothing to report.

            h)         Midlands TUC AGM – Elections noted, nothing else to report.

            i)          Palestine Solidarity - Gaza Activity.  Lack of momentum with the Mosque.  Need to keep wider links.  Ken Purchase going to Israel/Palestine.


5.       SPEAKER

          Sis. Taylor reported back on TUAEC, No to EU, Yes to Democracy.  UKIP have been discredited.  Corruption -33% of votes cast in European elections are for non mainstream parties.  This group could offer an alternative to BNP.  EU court judgements have attacked workers rights.  Will take up seat but not salary.  Party is registered.  There will be regional co-ordinating meetings.  In correspondence with campaign Bro.Kelleher offered broad support from Wolverhampton TUC but raised issue that if BNP come 4th, minor parties standing could aid them.  BNP might get 4th seat.  A discussion ensued about the merits of another party and its effects on the balance of votes.


6.       AOB Maggie Thatcher t-shirts to celebrate her future death.  Bro. Kelleher will circulate details.

          Waterford Glass meeting 26th March 2009 in Birmingham.  They may be in Wolverhampton prior to this. 

Minutes of Delegate Meeting 19th February 2009

Sisters - Halfpenny (NUT), Ceresa (UNISON General), Taylor (CYWU unite)
Brothers - Grant (UCU), Hardacre (ASPECT), Watts (POA), Ratcliff (POA), Clarke(POA), MacKinnon(POA), Veric (PCS), Woodstock(PCS), Deacon (UNISON General), Rahimi (UNITE), Kelleher (UNISON General)
Sisters - Petford (UNITE), Smith (PSC)

Brothers - Muir (CYWU unite), Grant (NUT), Bechler (ATL), Marriot (UNISON General), Juss (GMB), Cole (NUT), Bostock (POA)

1. WELCOME and introductions new and old. The speakers were also welcomed. Sister Taylor took the chair in the absence of Brother Cole.

2. MINUTES of 18th December 2008 were agreed a true record. Matters Arising:
4(e) Sister Halfpenny missed the meeting of Wolverhampton Race Equality Partnership but it looks as though it will fold as council grants have been withdrawn.
4(i) Brother Hardacre will in Cuba for 1 week in May and will be able to fill ¾ suitcase with necessities for Cuba.

3. February EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE report was tabled - points to note:
c) Affiliation - Encourage branches to send more delegates. Brother Kelleher has chased up as many branches as possible on more than one occasion. Personal approaches may be needed from delegates.
d) Correspondence - The main items for note were:
1) TUCJCC Raise the question of who is to pay expenses for delegates. The secretary will write. There was no nomination.
2) UNISON public meeting 5th March re Banana Workers University 6 pm
3) CWU national demo Bilston 14th March Save the Post
4) TUC Women's day event 14th March nomination forms available - Black Country Museum
6) Defend Saudi Trade Unionist - working for Aero-space South Wales after 4 years has been sacked and deported. He lost the appeal. Today 19th February - Day of Action. The secretary wrote in support.

8) Correspondence regarding the National Pensioners' Convention - there seemed to be a misunderstanding. There followed some discussion about this item as to how we should work with pensioner groups, regarding pensions? The British Pensioners Acton Association was set up by Trade Union movement. It was proposed that two representatives one from each group should be invited to speak at a meeting. This was put to a vote which was equal. The chair had the casting vote and the proposal was rejected.
10) UAF affiliation £20 agreed.
14) Campaign for Labour Party Democracy £10 agreed.

4. ELECTIONS to Vacant Observer Positions at TUC Equalities Conferences
Womens' Conference - March, Black Workers' Conference - April, LGBT - July. No nominations received although it is believed that Brother Juss will attend the Black Workers' on behalf of the GMB

5. Speaker: The Challenge To Trade Unionists In The Capitalist Crisis - Bro.Veric PCS
The speaker highlighted the way government and business/banking are inextricably linked with personnel moving in and out between the systems like a revolving door! The message was that this was the time for unions to become more relevant, organise, and make. There followed a discussion about recent trade union ‘victories' - e.g. final pension schemes, use of data and the strong hold SERCO has, the importance of the vote in the forthcoming elections. A suggestion was made that it would be worth looking at the PCS website - pcs.org.uk regarding the voter registration campaign. Speaker thanked and presented with History of WBD&TUC as is customary.

a) Secretary's Written Report - this was circulated to delegates.
Details about festivals and working on bars via Workers' Beer Company which raises funds for the Trades Council. The information about volunteering was circulated to members and by email.
b) Treasurer's Report - the balance is healthy!
c) UNISON & CYWU-UNITE - council cuts campaign - No decision has been made by council. There is a care homes petition in the mailing. The council will accept voluntary redundancies to reduce workforce. The consultation period is still on-going. Any resident of Wolverhampton can complain regarding cuts. Budget meetings have been farcical with differing sets of figures.
d) Delegates work place reports - POA have had a national ballot 90% voted to reject 3 year pay deal
e) anti-fascist campaign - Ettingshall by-election 26th March 2009
g) Palestinian Solidarity - over £6,000 approximately was raised on15th February for Gaza.