MINUTES OF Delegate MEETING 20th December2012



Present: Bros. Kelleher, Turner, Everall, Fraser & Deacon (UNISON Gen), Macmillan & Childs (CWU), Juss (GMB), Baynham & Rahimi (UNITE 0758M), Bolton (UNITE), Marris (UNITE 5/836)

Sis Taylor (CYWU-UNITE)

Apologies: Bros. Retnasangham (Prospect / UNITE), J.Grant (UCU), S.Grant (NUT), Thomas (Community), Brackenridge (FBU);  Sis Ceresa (UNISON Gen), Elson (PCS), Halfpenny (NUT)


Minutes of November 2012 delegate meeting.  Agreed a true record. 

Matters arising: UNION public meeting with Peruvian TU was cancelled as British Embassy refused visa.




No Executive Committee. Correspondence list circulated; of note:

a)   2013 WB&DTUC affiliations ASLEF, UNISON Police Staff branch

b)   Tasmanian comrades re Tinplate workers 1819

c)    RMT centenary history book more @£3ea +p&p

d)   FBU copies of It’s Time to Take over the Banks pamphlet – uploaded to our website

e)   Walsall TUC re local provision of public toilets in light of cuts and attacks on people with disabilities

f)     WMCATUC reaffiliation@£45, Abortion Rights reaffiliation £40, Palestine Solidarity reaffiliation £25; Hazards 2013 sponsorship appeal £25; all agreed

Sent: 2013 WB&DTUC affiliation forms to branch secretaries (3rd time)

To send: public liability insurance cheque; Arab workers Union affiliation; Civic room booking 2013

TUC Committee nominations to be taken at AGM




Reports/ discussion

a)     UNISON - Single Status – new offer from council is being assessed; guaranteed £7.45/hr living wage; 12month protection for two thousand workers set to have pay cuts; some partial payoffs for weekend rates

b)     UNITE- workplace branches still not fully established in West Midlands; could cause problems with future affiliations

c)     CATUC – no report of 15 Dec meeting

d)     TUC Youth Unemployment meeting in Dudley was successful seminar event to be held in Wolverhampton in future.

e)     Secretary’s report: written report was circulated. Agreed to endorse Inter-faith group City of Sanctuary statement welcoming migrants and refugees. Nominate Bro Rahimi and Sis Ceresa for committee.

f)       UK Uncut a dozen took part in action at Starbucks, leaflets and petitions distributed; continued public action has resulted in some but not all tax being paid by this and similar companies

g)     Wednesfield High – Bro. Juss reported on meetings between GMB and council re Carillion and its anti-union practices.

h)     Palestine Solidarity - Friday 18th January at 7.15pm film evening Friends' Meeting House, 8b Summerfield Road. Lobby of Parliament took place 28 Nov. Emma Reynolds seemed more positive. International Day of Action in solidarity 6 Feb

i)       New NHS consultative structures post Lansley – UNISON guidelines to resist privatisation are online. Local health support groups should be involved e.g. W’ton Sickle cell Support etc. Future speaker?




Tim Martin singer-songwriter from Darlaston performed his own political songs accompanied on 8-string ukulele. His performance was well received and it was agreed to book him for May 1st. Tim had learnt music through the Workers’ Music Association and is part of Birmingham Clarion Singers


Seasonal refreshments were served.



MINUTES OF Delegate MEETING 15th November2012


1Present: Bros. Kelleher (UNISON Gen), Childs (CWU),  Retnasangham (Prospect / UNITE), Rahimi (UNITE 0758M), Bolton (UNITE), Purchase (UNITE 5/836), J.Grant (UCU)  Mackney (UCU), Cole (NUT), Beuno (UNISON)

Sis Taylor (CYWU-UNITE), C.Grant (UNITE) , Sewel (UCU / UNITE)


Apologies: Bros. Macmillan (CWU), Marris (UNITE 5/836), S.Grant (NUT), Thomas (Community), Juss (GMB), Brackenridge FBU, Deacon & Everell (UNISON Gen), Sis Ceresa (UNISON Gen)


2 Minutes of October 2012 delegate meeting.  Agreed a true record.  No matters arising:


3 Executive Committee was inquorate. Correspondence list circulated; of note:

a)   Wolves PSC- success of Veolia campaign, as Wolverhampton council will run in-house after waste shredding contract ends

b)   Black Country Youth unemployment summit 30 November Dudley College,  free

c)    Bro.Purchase re Council promotion of Carillion to sponsor a Wednesfield High Academy. Meeting with GMB. Lord Adonis visiting Science Pk 7 Dec

d)   RECLAIM THE NIGHT All women are welcome to join in. will hold a short walk around the town on Saturday 24th November 6.30·7.30pm Meet on the Civic Centre Piazza.  Organised by UNISON branch women's group.

e)   UNISON- Save Warstones Resource Centre campaign materials distributed

f)     UNISON – Visa denied by British for Peruvian TUist due to visit Wolverhampton 4 December

g)   Palestine Solidarity lobby of Parliament 28 Nov

h)   TUC re public liability insurance recommending same company our £184 quote was from

i)     special TUC Development Grant £500 (in addition to normal application, not yet made for this year) – approved

j)     2013 WB&DTUC affiliation forms Sent  to all branch secretaries. Only UNISON New Cross so far re-affiliated



4. Reports/ discussion

a)     UNISON - Single Status – over 1,000 Appeals all being refused and going to Stage 2 as consultants ramp up costs to council

b)     CYWU – cuts proposals to Youth service again. Still £10million cuts planned by council.

c)     CAB- Legal service funding affecting Birmingham though Sandwell ok. Employment and debt advice being hit. Universal credit expected to cause problems especially since online applications only.

d)     CATUC – June seminar and September meetings were cancelled due to meet 15 Dec

e)     Midlands TUC – written report circulated poor attendance – support expressed for young speaker from Wolverhampton who had his speech at Hyde Park Oct 20th rally re-written by TUC. G4S used to steward Oct 7th demo in Birm against Tories. It was reported UNITE had offered 50 stewards but had been turned down as expenses were refused.  It was suggested unions could provide FTOs to steward future demos.

f)      Secretary’s  report: TUC London demo For a Future that Works – all our train tickets were taken up, but group dispersed before reaching demo.

g)     Palestine solidarity – demo outside B’ham Hippodrome this week one arrest



Speaker on the Resistance to Austerity in Greece: Paul Mackney, (former General Secretary, NATFHE), Co-Chair of Greece Solidarity Campaign which Tony Benn helped set up.

65% youth unemployment; up to 50% pay cuts; pensions and min wage cuts of 20%, 1000,000 mall businesses bust; extreme poverty in a developed nation, suicide up.

Over 20 general strikes in last 3 years

Myth of lazy Greek worker exists yet working week is 2hours longer than rest of Europe, low holidays, lowest number of “duvet days”

Significant rise of openly nazi Golden dawn group; blaming immigrants and attacking left physically.

85% of cuts planned in Britain are still to be implemented.



MINUTES OF Delegate MEETING 18th October 2012


Present: Bros. Kelleher, Fraser, & Deacon (UNISON Gen),  Macmillan & Childs (CWU) ,  Retnasangham (Prospect), Rahimi (UNITE 0758M), Jackson (UNISON Police Staff)

  Sis Taylor (CYWU/Unite), Ceresa (UNISON Gen),  Harrison (UNISON Police Staff)

Apologies:  Bros. Marris & Purchase (UNITE 5/836), S.Grant (NUT),  Brackenridge FBU, Turner & Everell (UNISON Gen), J.Grant (UCU)  Sis Brealey & Sharkey (UNISON Gen), Halfpenny (NUT)


Minutes of September 2012 delegate meeting.  Agreed a true record. 

Matters arising: We are Walsall anti-EDL demo successful though low TU base.  EDL outnumbered 5:1 Anti-demo was well apart and safe. 28 of them arrested for attacking the police and each other.

Midland Choose Youth rally had 100 attend and was successful. Sis Crawford TUC involved local young people in national publicity for Oct 20th.

Motions still to be actioned.

Paul Mackney to speak at November meeting on anti austerity campaigns in Greece.


No  Executive Committee report. Correspondence list circulated; of note:

a)     Bro.Purchase re Council promotion of Carillion to sponsor a Wednesfield High Academy

b)   VSC: Massive Victory of Hugo Chavez on a Record Turnout in Venezuela’s Free and Fair Presidential Election

c)    £370 collected for tickets £100 to be paid on day (£1,232 cost less £500 grant. expected contribution from WB&DTUC = £262)

d)   £1,529.13 received for work @Leeds festival (£764.56 to be paid to Morning Star).  We need new volunteers for next year.


e)   Application for special TUC Development Grant £500 (in addition to normal application, not yet made for this year) – approved

f)     2013 WB&DTUC affiliation forms to branch secretaries


 Reports/ discussion

a.    UNISON threat of cuts to t&c of 9,140 council workforce. 25% to lose pay as a result of job evaluation. 100s of appeals. Stowheath Day Centre and Warstones Resource Centre threatened.

b.    UNISON Police staff – workplace moves will affect women workers adversely. Police Commissioner election hustings being held by Birmingham TUC. UNISON & UNITE Police Staff  branches supporting Bob Jones (Labour)

c.    Save Wolverhampton Libraries Campaign consultation until 23.10.12. Bro.Macmillan reported that costings for community hubs were vague and inaccurate. Resistance reported at meetings. Petitions reached 2,500 to generate council debate. Lobby of meeting.

d.     Secretary’s report - Union Christmas party 08.12.12 quadrant Lounge £3. Publicity for each Union’s Christmas party. Demonstration against the Tory conference – time and route changed  few days before. Much lower turnout than in Manchester last year. Fewer local coaches than for March 26th  TUC demo for 20.10.12 TUC march through London for a Future that Works. Bought 40 tickets for train. 

e.    Palestine Solidarity Campaign Batsheva Israeli dance folk 13 & 14 Nov Birmingham PSC cultural boycott. Lobby of parliament 28.11.12.

5         Speaker did not show. Any Other Business - none



MINUTES OF Delegate MEETING 20th September 2012


Present: Bros. Kelleher, Fraser, Turner & Deacon (UNISON Gen),  Childs (CWU) ,  Retnasangham (Prospect), Juss (GMB), Parker (PCS),  Goodall (UNITE)

  Sis Halfpenny (NUT) Taylor (CYWU/Unite), Crawford (TUC)

Apologies:  Bros. S.Grant (NUT), Macmillan (CWU), Brackenridge FBU, Everell (UNISON Gen),Thomas

 Sis Elson (PCS), Brealey, (UNISON Gen), J.Grant (UCU)

Delegates were welcomed and introductions made.


Minutes of July 2012 delegate meeting.  Agreed a true record.  No matters arising.





 No  Executive Committee report

Correspondence of note:

List circulated

a. ‘We are Walsall’ protest against EDL assemble in front of New Art Gallery, Walsall 29.09.12 at 11am.

c. Concerns re Wednesfield High School Academy Status with Tarmac as possible sponsors. Response needed from National TUC.

d. Midlands Choose Youth – Event 22.09.12 at Springfield Youth Centre 1-4pm scrutiny of youth services in Wolverhampton. TUC delegates involved.

e. Why we’re marching for a future that works 2pm 22.09.12 Council House Birmingham Matt Wrack FBU, Lee Barron CWU speakers.

f. Love music Hate racism benefit with Grace Petrie 22.09.12 Stourbridge.

i. Midlands TUC Fringe event on Midlands Manufacturing at Tory Conference09.10.12 6pm n. Query re status of delegates from UNITE 3120M and 0785M an new branch allocations. Continue as delegates until new branch verified.

o. NHS in Wolverhampton NE 38°

p. Mirzan the Poet offer of helping out and performing.  Delegates opinions

q. £100 prize win in Cuba Solidarity’s 267 Club

s. Bro Kelleher on WM radio and response of good sale of T shirts etc

t.  Tasmanian comrades – leads into investigation of transported tin workers fallen through may still be information at Kew

u. Paul Mackney to speak at November meeting on anti austerity campaigns in Greece.





Nat TUC 







circulate via email

delegates response


 Reports/ discussion

a. TUC Congress – There was no delegate to report on this. A discussion followed concerning a general strike and Ed Balls comments on a pay freeze

b. UNISON pensions campaign – freeze on benefits for 2 years? Public Services pensions increases relate to benefits increases. UNISON and UNITE are accepting latest offers. PCS unlikely to stick out alone.

c. UNISON 1st October threat of mass dismissal of 9,140 council workforce as a result of job evaluation. 25% will lose also essential car user allowance. Weekend rates cut completely! Overtime – time and ¼. Cut to night shift allowances, Low paid women’s jobs affected worst. Whole council expected to work any 5 out of any 7 days apart from senior management. There is no protection for those who will lose money. The report remains unfinished but the letters have been produced for workers.


Report next meeting – A Turner


d. Other delegates’ reports - NUT campaign action short of strike – work to rule supported by NASUWT. PCS –VAT office moved to Crown House may cause job losses as change of working also some workplace nurseries closed. TUC local organising campaign.  Charter for Youth unemployment launched. Some local MPs have signed up but no Tories. Events planned with MPs who have or haven’t signed cannot fund job guarantees for young unemployed. Petition on line to sign up to charter.

e. secretary’s report Union Christmas party 08.12.12 quadrant Lounge £3. Publicity for each Union’s Christmas party. Save Wolverhampton Libraries Campaign update. Consultation until 23.10.12. Finchfield Campaign website very good. Demonstration against the Tory conference 7.10.12 meet at station to catch 10.15 train and travel together. Coaches to London for 20.10.12 mass TUC march through London for a Future that Works. PCS and UNISON have organized but little interest so far. £500 grant from TUC Agreed to buy 40 tickets for train.  The success of the demonstration was discussed.

f. Palestine Solidarity Campaign Exhibition at St Peter’s Church children’s art from Gaza in conjunction with Christian Aid. 10 -4 this week. Meet Queen’s Square Saturday for campaign re Veolia Contract 10.30 to 12.30. Film Night 09.11.12. Batsheva Israeli dance folk 13.11.12 to 14.11.12 Birmingham PSC cultural boycott. Lobby of parliament 28.11.12.














MOTION 1 Community Right to Challenge

We note: The Community Right to Challenge came into force on 27.06.12 with the publication of statutory guidance.

That the right is part of the Localism Act 2011 and give community groups, parish councils, and local authority employees the right to submit an ’expression of interest’ in taking over and running a local authority service.  The local authority must consider and respond to the challenge.  If a local authority accepts the challenge they must run a procurement exercise in which organisations – including those that made the challenge but also private companies- can bid to take over the running of the service.

That the following organisations can submit an expression of interest:

·         A voluntary or community body

·         A charitable group or trust

·         A parish council

·         Two or more employees of the local authority responsible for the service delivery.

We agree to call on the local authority and the Labour Group to:

1.    Limit the time period that expressions of interest can be submitted.

2.    Ensure that expression of interest is limited to no more than one service.

3.    Insist that the authority as a condition of any ‘expressions of interest’ submission have carried out consultation and surveys with relevant service users as part of their submission.

4.    Ensure that the authority publishes expressions of interest publically and notifies the relevant recognized city council trade unions.

5.    Raise this issue at any appropriate trade union body as officers see fit to pursue the aims of this policy.

The motion was discussed- bro Kelleher moved the motion and bro Retnasangham

Seconded the motion. This motion ties in well with the invitation to Roger Lawrence to speak and answer questions at one of our meetings. The motion was carried with one vote against



MOTION 2 Support for Arab Workers Union (Israel)

We recognise that the Palestinian working class in Israel is among the poorest sections of society and the one whose rights are most abused by employers.

We further recognize the consistent failure of Histradut to defend the rights of low-paid oppressed workers.

We therefore welcome the formation of the Arab Workers Union (AWU) in Israel.  The union is the first Palestinian union established among the Palestinian population of Israel since 1948.

The AWU after a long series of delays and harassment has now been officially registered as a trade union.

Formed as a result of the established Trade union movement’s failure to represent Arab workers in Israel, many of its founders were part of the Saw-t Alami trade union (which was recognised by a recent UNISON delegation as an important but small development in the Palestinian trade union movement) which was suspended in 2010.

As part of our ongoing commitment to the cause of Palestinian people. We agree to send fraternal solidarity greetings to the AWU.

The union welcomes solidarity membership from all individuals and trade unions who share its aims and objectives.

We therefore also agree to apply for annual membership at a rate of 50US$ per year.

The motion was proposed by bro Deacon and seconded by Sis Taylor it was carried unanimously






















Motion to be sent to Wolverhampton Labour Council










Send fraternal greetings


Subscribe to annual membership


Speaker: Owen Jones, the new West Midlands organiser for the Hope not Hate anti- fascist campaign; who spoke about the campaign’s work in local areas. The work is based on a report Fear and Hope.  From a UGov survey attitudes to multiculturalism. The lowest attitude is those with latent activity against any immigration These are people who fear. One third of the population does not join any organisation.  The work in particular in Wren’s Nest is to develop community pride and make the estate more welcoming to outsiders. Bringing about a change in attitudes. There followed a discussion. There is a fear that there will be a BNP candidate for the West Midlands Police Commissioner.



Any Other Business - none




MINUTES OF Delegate MEETING 19th July 2012


Present: Bro. Rahimi(UNITE 0758M) Kelleher, Everall, Turner & Deacon (UNISON Gen), McMillan & Childs (CWU) Marris (UNITE 5/836), J.Grant (UCU), Renasangham (Prospect), Hill (Musicians Union).     Sis Coleman & Cox from Libraries Campaign

Apologies:  Bros. S.Grant (NUT), Baynham (UNITE 0758M), Cole (NUT), Thomas (Community) Sis  Taylor (CYWU/Unite), Harrison (UNISON Police), (TUC), Halfpenny (NUT), Elson (PCS), Brealey, (UNISON Gen), Kelsey (CWU), Petford (UNITE0758M), Crawford & Parish (TUC)


Minutes of June 2012 delegate meeting.  Agreed a true record

Matters Arising: still to invite Roger Lawrence to discuss outsourcing & procurement; letters to BMA re their pensions action and to UNISON & UNITE Police Staff branches still to write

Local Facebook event set up for Oct 7th – no response from Midlands TUC about lack of online advertising of Oct 7th demo against Tories in Birmingham

Successful UNITE & UNISON campaigns delayed Police Privatisation in West Midlands until at least after Commissioner elections 15 November






No Executive Committee as secretary was organising bar team for us in Suffolk.

Correspondence of note:

a)         TUC Regional pay leaflets and 1,000 flyers for Oct 20th

b)         W’ton University Politics Course – seeking a final-year placement with us, probably not appropriate but make contact.

c)         Trades Union Councils public liability insurance quote £184. EC members confirmed competitive price for such insurance but need to check if dog bite during leafleting would have been covered.

d)         £250 donation from UNISON West Midlands, 1st May costs now covered.

e)         WBCo. 12 places offered to us for Leeds festival; £182 donated wages earned at Latitude festival, Suffolk

f)          Love Music Hate racism benefit Sat 22 Sept Stourbridge with Grace Petrie £10/£5 details on website

g)         Shrewsbury 24 campaign re EDM and e-petition- details circulated and on our website

h)         Social Europe is a Con – RMT sponsored pamphlet 5 further copies £8

i)          Burston School Strike rally Sun 2 Sept – £25.50 donation agreed to cover 3 places

j)          Midlands TUC inaugural awards dinner Fri 23 Nov £29/head nomination papers for H&S rep, Union Learning Rep, Campaigning rep, Organising rep. Nominations must be signed by Regional Secretary as a nominee of their own union - noted

k)         Midlands TUC Young Members Network established nominations by Fri 17 Aug

l)          Penn Cnllr Martin Waite offering support for Save Penn Library campaign

m)       Remploy strikes – send message of support

n)         Sent:Stop the War financial appeal £25, Searchlight re-affiliation £30, Anti-Academies Alliance affiliation £40, £25 to UNISON for WMDay wreath.




UNISON – 1st October threat of mass dismissal of 9,140 council workforce to then re-engage on inferior conditions.  This would be likely to trigger an industrial action ballot. Local Government pension ballot ongoing.

UNISON NHS petition is online

Palestine – delegates urged to sign online petition to end Wolverhampton Council’s Veolia contract. UNISON’s Bro Auger sponsored walk – more sponsors signed up. G4S have bought an Israeli company  offering security for the wall and prisons.




Pru Coleman & Linda Cox from Finchfield spoke from the Save Wolverhampton’s Libraries Campaign.  Consultation 1 Aug-23 Oct. No Option 3 of maintaining libraries.  Community Hubs are the threat to 9 libraries. Only due to save £1.1million (£600k staff, buildings savings would not include ongoing maintenance costs). Hubs = 3,000 books plus one staff member not necessarily a librarian.

Their campaign has had focus groups, reports, petitions. At scrutiny meetings they felt the public was treated with distain and half of councillors had backs to public and were inaudible.


Jason Hill (MU & NUT) from North Staffs TUC & NORSCARF spoke in his capacity as West Midlands rep of the Trades Union Councils Joint Consultative Committee (TUCJCC).  He gave details of a £500 grant towards transport for Oct 20th demo – we will apply.  He explained the role of the TUCJCC e.g. adjudicating in complaints against individual TUCs. Also producing the TUCJCC Programme of Work for TUCs each year. Also organizing of Trades Union Councils conference.  Next year’s will be held at Congress House May/June 2013.

Bro.Deacon stated only one motion annually goes to TUC conference in September. He pointed out that the responses to Trades Union Councils conference motions is that if they are TUC policy then that is quoted, if they are not then they are ignored. Bro.Hill said that the motions do influence the Programme of Work.

Bro.Hill was asked to enquire why some TUC Regions allow motions directly to their regional meeting whilst for W.Midlands TUCs it must be via the CATUC.




MINUTES OF Delegate MEETING 21st June2012


Present: Sis Taylor (CYWU/Unite), Ceresa (UNISON Gen),

Bro. Retnasingham (UNITE Legal/Finance), Parker (PCS), Everall, Kelleher  (UNISON Gen), Baynham (UNITE 0758M), Childs (CWU) Marris & Purchase (UNITE 5/836), Jackson (UNISON Police)

Apologies: Bros, J.Grant (UCU), S.Grant & Cole (NUT), Rahimi (UNITE 0758M), Turner & Deacon (UNISON Gen), Bostock (POA).   

Sis  Harrison (UNISON Police), Crawford (TUC),Parish (TUC), Halfpenny (NUT), May, Brealey, Sharkey (UNISON Gen.), Elson (PCS), Kelsey (CWU)


Minutes of May 2012 delegate meeting.  Agreed a true record , matters arising:

a)      Details of possible text services identified

b)      2 more chapters of WB&DTUC History have been proof read by Bro G.Taylor

c)      TUC’s Pasty Tax campaign caused a U-turn by the government.

Choose Youth/CYWU/Youth Council Sat 22 Sept Springfield Youth centre. Bros. Kelleher & S.Grant to run workshops – donations needed to “Wolverhampton Youth Council”


 Executive Committee report June 14th 2012


a)      2012 Affiliations from UNISON Acute Health, UCU College, UCU University. Affiliations to follow up: Musicians’ union, UNITE Banks, TSSA, NAPO, RMT, PCS (CPS)

b)      Two young Nicaraguan trade unionists June 25th are in Wolverhampton and will be having an informal meeting with trade unionists at 4.30pm in the Civic Centre Briefing room 1. (all welcome!)

c)      Positive response from Workers Beer Company re low allocation of workers to trade union councils; six months after. 

d)      WBCo. 3 places offered to us for Latitude festival 12-15 July, Suffolk

e)      Complaint from Sis Petford discussed re national Hope Not Hate competition - response agreed to Sis Petford but no further action.

f)       UNITE 3120M and 0758M closures – agreed to write to UNITE to seek confirmation of whom the former delegates from these branches to our TUC are representing.

g)      Crane H&S law de-regulation consultation & UCATT campaign – leaflet circulated

h)      Birmingham Anti-Academies Alliance newspaper – could easily be adapted for Wolverhampton use

i)       Birmingham TUC minutes & Taking the Gloves off Fri 22 & Sat 23 June –on website

j)       £41.82 sales of our merchandise at Chainmakers, online and at TUC H&S course

k)      Stop the War financial appeal EC recommended £25 - agreed 5:1 vote

l)       Searchlight re-affiliation request £30 EC recommended  - agreed unanimously

m)    UNISON Region rejection of request for financial help for our anti-bnp campaign.  The local NUT has sought a national anti-fascist grant to cover the costs for us.

n)      Unity Trust Bank - Trades Union Council insurance brochure –quote has been sought

1.      Future speakers: to send invites to: Jason Hill new TUCJCC midlands rep & Cnllr Roger Lawrence and invite to UNITE speaker - July

2.       1st May event £860, raised of £1400 costs including donation from Sis Ceresa in memory of relative who died due to asbestos; EC recommended £200 donation from WB&DTUC was AGREED unanimously


Resolution; Anti-Academies Alliance affiliation

We note the government’s Academies programme and the passing of the Education and Inspections Bill 2006 which makes provision for Trust schools.

We oppose the creation of Academies and Trust schools because:

They are not democratically accountable. The sponsor appoints the majority of governors and controls the school’s curriculum. Ownership of the schools buildings and grounds are transferred to the private sponsor. They break up the family of local schools.

They create more selection. Academies and Trust schools set their own admissions policy. As former Secretary of State for Education Estelle Morris put it, “Show me a school which has changed its admissions policy to attract more children from poor backgrounds with uncooperative parents.”

They reinforce competition based on school league tables. This will further divide schools into winners and losers, and add to the segregation of students on the basis of race and class.

Academies are outside the maintained sector of schools and so they are not bound by education law that protects the rights of students and parents.

Academies also set their own pay and conditions outside of national frameworks.

We resolve to affiliate to the Anti Academies Alliance at £40 per year 

 passed unanimously.  AAA were invited to attend.


a)     PCS strike Monday 25 June over work conditions and against privatisation – pickets @ Deansgate 7am

b)     NUT ballot over workload ends Sept 6th.

c)     Joint union pensions industrial action campaign – UNISON L.Govt. to ballot on new scheme, NUT & NASUWT possible joint strike action in autumn. Agreed to send letter to BMA who also took action over pensions since they are also victim of pension cuts and privatisation.

d)     UNISON – massive threat to terms and conditions by council to offset gains of low paid women workers under Single Status. Strike expected if weekend, overtime, shift & night allowance cut. 3 in 10 set to lose under Single Status pay re-grading.

e)     UNISON Police staff anti-privatisation campaign with UNITE has proved successful so far when the planned decision to privatise on 24 May was set back. Lincolnshire has privatised. No decision taken on May 24 re local police staff privatisation. Cnllr Bob Jones is LP candidate for Police commissioner public election next November. Agreed to send congratulations to both branches.

f)      Secretary’s report: Chainmakers – around 1,000 came with several hundred on march from unveiling. Perhaps still ambitious a format for numbers attending but much better turnout and much greater success than last year. Had a stall and sold some of our merchandise and was helped by Morning Star supporters on the stall.

g)     Demo against Tories Birmingham Sunday October 7th -set up local facebook event, produce more flags - leaflets distributed at meeting.

h)     TUC London demo For a Future that Works - Sat Oct 20th; agreed to book a coach – have one quote £600. No central London drop-offs, single route from Embankment will mean large part of demo will never get to Hyde park as previously; will need to use tube again -leaflets distributed at meeting.

i)       TUC Local Organiser - Community Activist training on Saturday 21stJuly from 9.30 – 4pm at the Wolverhampton Youth Council offices, Bond Street; sharing ideas and experiences around campaigning + free lunch.

j)       Palestine Solidarity Campaign £29 was pledged by individual delegates for Bro.Auger’s sponsored walk for PSC.


Speaker on Trades Union Council conference Sis Taylor reported that the WMids CATUC motion remitted regarding direct representation at Regional TUCs. Many regions already have such rules, even where CATUCs exist. Thanks recorded to our delegate; she also produced a written report which is on our website.



MINUTES OF Delegate MEETING 17th May 2012


Present:  Sis Taylor (CYWU/Unite), Harrison (UNISON Police), Crawford (TUC), Ceresa & Sharkey (UNISON Gen), Kelsey (CWU)

Bro. Parker (PCS), S.Grant (NUT), Juss (GMB), Rahimi(UNITE 0758M) Kelleher & Deacon (UNISON Gen), Childs (CWU) Marris (UNITE 5/836), Jackson (UNISON Police)

Apologies:  Bros. Baynham (UNITE 0758M), Dodd (UNITE 3120M), J.Grant (UCU), Cole (NUT), Thomas (Community), Fraser & Everall (UNISON Gen), Bostock (POA).   

Sis  Parish (TUC), Halfpenny (NUT), May (UNISON Gen.), Elson (PCS) 


Minutes of April 2012 delegate meeting.  Agreed a true record with correction:

          “3e) UNITE 5/748 has NOT affiliated yet for 2012”

Discussion re Anti Academies. All teaching unions are affiliated. NUT has been negotiating TUC guidance terms and conditions at the 3 new academies and one in pipeline. Seek a speaker. 




Executive Committee report May 10th 2012

b) still to invite Roger Lawrence to discuss outsourcing & procurement;

d) Discussion on reducing mailing costs. 9 mailings selected (approximate saving of £55/year); (these delegates have been contacted about this and offered continued mailings if they request) – reduction to 53 monthly paper mailings, which includes all branch secretaries and some delegates. Our e-mailing list has increased from 83 to 153 in the last 18 months.

e) May 1st – a dozen people signed up for our emails others gave mobile contacts.

f) Agreed for Secretary to utilise a mass text service online e.g. Skype 6.4p each inc vat or other online companies about 3p ea, to utilise growing mobile contacts list for events and particular campaigns

g) Police Staff privatisation threat – Labour policy is against. Cnllr Bob Jones on Police Board

h) NHS demo motion passed last month – Sec to check with Unison whether 2-6-12 date for demo is loose and could be amended then send to CATUC


Correspondence of note:

1. Offer of potential UNITE speaker re outsourcing

2. Late response from Workers Beer re this year’s festivals; but we managed to submit numbers for this year’s festivals. There is no Glastonbury this year.

3. Birmingham Pride parade 2 June

4. Chapter 11 WBDTUC History proof-read – Bro.Auger


See our website for full details of:

10. Wolverhampton Palestine meeting 10am 26 May, Friends meeting House 8b Summerfield Road, West Park

11. Save your Railway meeting with Bob Crow 7pm 24 May, Unite, Broad St ,Birmingham TUC

12. Fire in Babylon film/discussion 6th June Birmingham UNISON

13. EU Employment law free seminar Fri 15 June Birminghamhttps://mail.google.com/mail/ca/images/cleardot.gif



Pension campaign -

PCS – 10 May strike had 83% turnout locally, best of recent strikes. Several WBDTUC delegates showed solidarity on picket lines. Post was not delivered.  Birmingham regional rally got good media coverage.

Further action expected in June. 68 is too late campaign launched with UCU.

20,000 off-duty police demonstrated in London.  POA took action too. 

NUT - seeking unity with other teaching unions no industrial action expected soon.

UNISON – successful Health members ballot for action was rejected. Local Government negotiations ongoing.


UNISON Police Staff – Surrey police privatisation now on hold until autumn, after Olympics. Lobby of West Mids police against privatisation 24 May.

PCS - Deansgate to close and move to Crown House over next 14 months, no redundancies announced.

Anti-fascist campaign – 3 wards fully leafleted joint work with LP in two. Fascist Bnp had lowest % in two wards and lowest number of votes in other.  NUT branch awarded one of two grants nationally for our campaign leaflets.

Workers Memorial Day, 40 attended on a Saturday with extra speakers Steve Witton UCATT & Emma Reynolds MP. UNISON arranged wreath for us and will invoice us. Labour council flew half masts.

1st May – Good turnout of 300, with a lot staying until the end.  Event worked well. No collection taken but a dozen new signups for mailings. Half of £1400 costs for 2012 raised so far. 2013 planning meeting 21 May

Palestine – public meeting with Clare Short. & launch of ban Veolia campaign attracted 80 people on a Friday evening. 26  May meeting. UNISON’s Bro Auger doing sponsored walk.



Bro Juss reported on the TUC Black Workers conference – 50% British African-Caribbean youth unemployment, 1 in 3 amongst British Asian youth. Bro.Juss moved the motion on the legacy of the Stephen Lawrence inquiry, in front of his mother Doreen. Equalities agenda being put back by Con Dems. Lack of organ donation in BME communities. Miami 5 campaign. 3,500 Cubans have been killed by external terrorists since the Revolution. The Miami 5 infiltrated groups in Florida to expose terrorist links but they were arrested by FBI when presenting their evidence and jailed. Two have had no visitation rights for 14 years.


Sis.Kelsey - Women’s TUC report – women hit hardest with cuts to services and safety. Walsall 10 Nov Communities on Breadline conference.


TUC Pasty Tax – Sis Crawford reported that leafleting took place and fancy dress used. 50 signups to text number in campaign. Youth Unemployment campaign to be launched.


Trades Union Council conference Sis Taylor to produce written report


AOBChainmakers 9 June, we have a stall. Statue unveiling and march. PCS set up Facebook page which is getting a lot of attention.

Request of help in letter writing for an Irish traveller sought – Bro Grant offered.



MINUTES OF Delegate MEETING 19th April2012



Present:  Sis Taylor (CYWU/Unite), Elson & Astley (PCS), Bro. Kelleher, Fraser, Turner, Everall & Deacon (UNISON Gen), Baynham (UNITE 0758M), Dodd (UNITE 3120M), Childs (CWU) Marris & Purchase (UNITE 5/836), Raw (FBU), Jackson (UNISON Police)


Apologies:  Bros. J.Grant (UCU), S.Grant (NUT), Juss (GMB), Cole (NUT), Thomas (Community), Rahimi(UNITE 0758M).   Sis Ceresa & Sharkey (UNISON Gen), Parish (TUC), Halfpenny (NUT) Kelsey (CWU) May & Brealey (UNISON Gen.)



Minutes of March 2012 delegate meeting.  Agreed a true record







No Executive Committee was heldCorrespondence of note:

a)    Leaflets received for distribution:

·         15,000 for Bushbury, Bilston & Springvale anti-bnp campaigns

·         2,000 Workers memorial day

·         8,000 1st May flyers, 2,000 posters

·         500 Midlands TUC Chainmakers’ festival June 9th

·         200 Tolpuddle

·         Initial e-flyer 7 Oct demo @ Tory conference – to be circulated

b)    TUC ballot for TUCJCC West Mids rep – Jason Hill nominated

c)    International Brigade re-affiliation agreed £30

d)    United Campaign repeal anti union laws re-affiliation agreed £35

e)    UNITE 5/748 & CYWU_UNITE 2012 affiliations received

f)     Workers Beer company – what is happening for 2012? No reply - write to Wandsworth & Battersea TUC to clarify

g)    Morning Star adverts 1st May, WMDay, Chainmakers, 7 Oct demo

h)    Income £6.06 CD & HnH DVD sale

i)     Spent £37.50 22 pairs Kevlar gloves for leafleting


      i.        TU friends Hope Not Hate £50 affiliation

     ii.        Trades union council logo competition entry

    iii.        Midlands TUC Chainmakers’ festival June 9th 2012. Donation/stall £200

    iv.        Workers Beer Company money MStar




UNISON General resolution received and passed;

National Demo to Defend the NHS

The NHS is under attack. Nationally, health workers are being ordered to take £20bn worth of cuts in services. Now, the government's Health and Social Care Bill has been passed which will see the break up and privatisation of the NHS.

There has been widespread opposition to the cuts and privatisation in the NHS.

We are calling on the Trades Union Congress to call and build for a mass demonstration on 2nd June 2012, on the scale of the enormous anti-cuts demonstration on 26th March 2011, as a step to building a campaign involving health workers, their unions, service users and the public to force the Coalition to back down.

When the NHS was first founded, it came about as a result of massive public pressure. Now we have fight in order to keep a truly publicly owned and funded National Health Service capable of providing high quality care for all.

Send to WMCATUC. Delegates confirmed GPs have retired early due to passing of Health & Social Care Bill.






Workers Memorial Day, further speaker to be arranged, invite UCATT again. UNISON arranging wreath for us and will invoice us.

1st May – leafleting of Whitmore Reans 23&24 April.  Swaziland banned TUC leader to speak

Anti-fascist campaign – leafleting dates arranged


Pension campaign - PCS – threat of closure of Crown House or Deansgate. Both to be picketed 10th May. Rally in Birmingham. Offer of local rally co-ordination from WB&DTUC.  No news from UNITE Health or PCS re May 10th yet.

UNISON Police Staff – petitions and campaign material distributed by newly affiliated branch against privatisation of 999 call handling etc Have there been any votes on the Police Authority board? Cnllr Bob Jones on the board.

FBU – has reduced and delayed pension increase due to Nov.30th action, but some members are still leaving scheme in error.

UNITE – restructure means 0758M branch likely to have last meeting 8 May,future of other local branches unknown.

UNISON – half of secondary schools now looking into Academy status, primary schools may start soon.  Terms & conditions attacks expected. Tory agenda to break democratic control of education.  No campaign here.  Usually teachers start and parents then take campaign over.  Agreed to contact Anti-Academies Alliance – possible speaker Pete Jackson, via Bro.Purchase.

Anti-cuts –Invite Roger Lawrence to May or June meeting to discuss outsourcing policy, procurement and council tax strategy.

Palestine – public meeting 20 April with Clare Short. & launch of ban Veolia campaign. Whitmore Reans homes leafleted.

TUC Pasty Tax – leafleting went ahead but no report; no response to text number in campaign

Transported Wolverhampton tin-plate workers update given on contact from leading TUists and academics in Tasmania re research






Speaker Sis.Kelsey not present to give Women’s TUC report





MINUTES OF Delegate MEETING 15th March2012



Present:  Sis Taylor (CYWU/Unite), Ceresa & Sharkey (UNISON Gen), Parish (TUC)

Bros. J.Grant (UCU), S.Grant (NUT), Kelleher & Deacon (UNISON Gen), Rahimi & Baynham (UNITE 0758M), Childs (CWU)


Apologies:  Bro. Marris (UNITE 5/836), Juss (GMB), Cole (NUT), Thomas (Community), Turner, Everall (UNISON Gen.), Dodd (UNITE 3120M, Bostock (POA), MacMillan (CWU)

Sis Petford & Sebastian (UNITE 0758M), Elson (PCS), Halfpenny (NUT) Kelsey (CWU)



Minutes of February 2012 Agreed a true record

Action points arising

  1. Sis Sharkey, Ceresa, Sebastian, Sis.Taylor’s father & Bro.J.Grant, Auger, Turner all agreed to proof read a chapter of WB&DTUC History 1865-1990







Executive Committee Report –items of note:

  1. 2012 Affiliations receipts sent. UCATT & UNISON Police staff branch are new. ASPECT also received.   Re-Affiliations to be followed up – see Sec Report  Seek new affiliations from:  Unison New Cross, GMB(Springvale), MU, Unite (Bank’s), USDAW
  2. Free Asbestos Awareness seminar 20-3-12 Birmingham
  3. Midlands TUC annual report
  4. Leaflet retrieved from EDL given out in Wolverhampton – copied to W’ton Together. Sis Ceresa had tried to attend breakfast meeting of WT but was unable to find location. Meeting had gone ahead no report next meeting autumn.
  5. Trade Union Friends  of Hope Not Hate £50 affiliation agreed
  6. Demo guidelines for Piazza outside Civic
  7. Nat. Pensioners Convention“Women in Retirement” 24 March

To send

  1. Workers Beer Company money MStar
  2. Secretary to enquire re publication of election candidates for May 3rd
  3. Future speaker? Paul Mackney -


  1. re-affiliations: POBox renewal £200, Venezuela solidarity £30, LRD £42.25, WMCATUC £38.25, WMCND £10
  2.  Midlands TUC Chainmakers’ festival June 9th 2012. Donation/stall £200
  3. www.wolvestuc.org.uk £7 domain name registration for 2years




















TUC Annual Conference delegate, Coventry, 12/13th May Sis.Taylor elected






Pension campaign- outcomes of joint union March 12th meeting for March 28th discussed (see separate report). Activity dependant on outcomes of consultations within unions.  NUT surveyed every member 95% reject government 73% in favour of further strike action; but NUT EC rejected strike at this time and will wait to join other education unions. Pension changes still due to come in up on 2015.





Anti-cuts– published public consultation did not relate anti-outsourcing views submitted.  Invite Roger Lawrence to May or June meeting to discuss outsourcing policy, procurement and council tax strategy.

NUT– new OFSTED capability framework will fast-track dismissals Academies will be exempt from parts. So far schools have been forced into Academies and have not chosen to leave the LEA.

UNISON– several hundred equal pay claims have been made offers of around 10% of their true value by council. Wholesale rejections of offers from members. Lowest % offers solicitors have come across. Best recruitment month ever with over 200 joining branch.

Wolverhampton College is to outsource its nursery to Midlands Counties Co-op. Pension rights of workers will not be respected. Not tendered.

WMCATUC – SisTaylor reported a productive meeting with a June seminar planned on Young People in TUs. Bro.Kelleher nominated for TUC Long Service Silver Badge.

Palestine– local meeting on Fri April 20th with Clare Short and launch of Boycott Veolia campaign.

Workers Memorial day– invite UCATT speakers. Send request to Council to lower flags for Workers Memorial Day. Use empty shoes again.

1st May– speakers and entertainment arranged printing ordered draft flyers circulated.

Midlands TUC Sis Taylor attended on behalf of WMCATUC, other delegates from their unions - report to be sent out by email





















Speaker Zoe Parish, TUC discussed the new Wolverhampton SW TUC organisers’ role. 12 months campaigning with TUs and community groups. Anti-cuts, youth unemployment, influencing opinion. Potential help: financial, publicity, phone banks etc





Other business – report of presentation from Wolverhampton Homes on impact of Welfare Reform Act. Under-occupiers will lose some welfare benefit payments. Tens of thousands expected to lose £10-£20/week from 2013. Capping benefits at £26k Will affect some families in Wolverhampton. Monthly benefit payments but weekly rent.






MINUTES OF Delegate MEETING 16th February2012



Present:  Sis Kelsey (CWU)  Sebastian (UNITE 0758M)

Bros. Turner, Kelleher & Everall (UNISON), Bolton (Coseley UNITE), Juss (GMB), Childs (CWU), Dodd (UNITE 3210M), Rahimi, (UNITE0758M), Iranian bro., Weaver (Midlands TUC)

Apologies:  Bro. J.Grant (UCU), S.Grant (NUT), Marris (UNITE 5/836), Cole (NUT), Thomas (Community), Marriott & Deacon (UNISON Gen.), Baynham (UNITE 0758M), Johnston (Midlands TUC)

Sis Taylor (CYWU/Unite), Petford (UNITE 0758M), Elson (PCS), Ceresa & Sharkey (UNISON Gen), Halfpenny (NUT)


Minutes of December 2011 Agreed a true record

Action points from December meeting & Jan EC, AGM

  1. Contact RMT, ASLEF re possible public meeting.
  2. Contact UCU College re Sylyia Pankhurst firm showing
  3. Request Risk Assessment for Piazza outside Civic
  4. Send letter of thanks to PCS & Thompsons
  5. Sis Sharkey, Ceresa, Sebastian & Bro.J.Grant, Bro. Turner all agreed to proof read a chapter of WB&DTUC History 1865-1990




Executive Committee Report –Correspondence of note:

  1. CWU(Wolverhampton) & GMB X13 affiliations received.
  2. Emma Reynolds alleging “Venezuelan press censorship” – sent to VSC
  3. 8:30 am breakfast meeting Friday 2nd March Wolverhampton Together Refectory, Millennium building, Wolverhampton Uni. Sis. Ceresa to attend
  4. Shrewsbury 24 – in next few weeks submission to Criminal Cases Review Commission www.shrewsbury24campaign.org.uk
  5. TUC Chainmakers’ festival will take place on Saturday June 9th 2012. Fee for our stall/donation £200 agreed to send
  6. TUC re Sat. 31st March  Morning Star Conference 'For a Peoples Britain, not a Bankers Britain', London NK & MT agreed as delegates
  7. Bro.Deacon PSC AGM report of  21 Jan 2012 – circulated by email
  8. Cuba solidarity AGM 16 June London, receipt for affiliation yet we have an affiliation cheque of £40 not yet sent – check.

To send

  1. POBox 2917 - renewal £200 to be sent
  2. Venezuela solidarity re-affiliation  £30 agreed
  3. West Mids CND re-affiliation £10 agreed
  4. Workers Beer Co. money to be split with MStar
  5. WMCATUC £38.25 re-affiliation


  1. Composite Chainmakers motion (NUT & ours) to CATUC for Midlands TUC
  2. Our TUC registration 2012 – receipt received
  3. £300 donation to UNISON General re joint union Nov30 pension adverts– receipt received.
  4. Affiliations: Palestine Solidarity £25, Troops Out Movement £20, British Pensioners TU Assoc £20, Haldane Society £20

















Elections: EC positions, TUC conference observers and TUC Annual Conference delegate– Coventry – 12/13th May 2012 – no vacancies were filled

next agenda


Reports on pension campaign, potential action March 28th




SpeakerAlan Weaver Midlands TUC discussed the new Wolverhampton SW TUC organisers’ project and this year’s Chainmakers event. Email from Midlands TUC quoting ‘model rules’ was not relevant for our trades union council. We pointed out that it should have been circulated via the West Midlands TUCJCC rep. Discussed lack of support from two of five of regionally appointed leads for Wolverhampton for Nov 30th.