18th December 2008 MINUTES of Delegate MEETING

SISTERS - Halfpenny (NUT), Kelsey (CWU), Reynolds (GMB) BROTHERS - Kelleher (UNISON General), Cole (NUT), Rahimi (UNITE), J.Grant (UCU), S.Grant (NUT), Purchase MP, Childs (CWU), Clarke (POA), Marris (UNITE).
Apologies: - Sis. Petford (UNITE) Brothers - Hardacre (ASPECT), Woodstock (PCS), Brackenridge (FBU), Juss (GMB), Muir (CYWU), Goodall (UNISON), Ash (UNISON), Bostock (POA), Marriot (UNISON)

1. WELCOME & introductions

2. MINUTES of November MEETING - approved
Matters Arising: Affiliation reminders have been sent out.
Bro. Goodall disciplinary hearing is 23rd December 2008. Some flaws highlighted in investigation.
Some Trades Council members leafleted for RMT. Ken Purchase and Rob Marris have made representations to government with regard to closure of rail link between Walsall and Wolverhampton.

3. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Report- matters arising:
Nominating Bro. Grant for long service badge as Treasurer.
Thomson's will speak at AGM on recent case law. No date yet for Heath Town by-election.

a) Holocaust Memorial Day - Invite for President to the service. Bro. Cole to contact inter faith group to discover nature of ceremony.
b) Searchlight education day school 7 Feb - would like more delegates than just Bro. Kelleher.
c) Pat McFadden trying to sell Post Office to Dutch. P.P.S has signed in the process. TNT strike breakers. Important issue as Post Office is public service. CWU need to target Pat McFadden.
d) No money in account from Leeds Festival although Bro. Kelleher has receipt.
e) Re-affiliation to Walsall WEA Health and Safety branch plus donation agreed £20

a) Secretary's report tabled.
b) Treasurers report - none
c) UNISON - massive cuts to council services announced by Liberal/Tory council.
Bro. Kelleher went to cabinet meeting to discuss various cuts in Social Services. Consultations start January. Lots of job losses proposed.
d) Delegates workplace reports - none
e) Race Equality Partnership Wolverhampton - in dire straits, agenda too broad. Need to gain more information. Sis. Halfpenny will contact.
f) Anti-fascist campaign - Wolverhampton together has not met. Bro. Marris will contact Bishop. ‘Rewind' presentation. Bro.Weaver said Midlands TUC did not need to seek approval for grants at TUC executive.
g) WMCA TUC Bro. Kelleher (President) forgot to go.
h) Palestine Solidarity - None.
i) Cuba Solidarity - 50th anniversary of revolution 2009. Messages on Cuba Solidarity website. Political prisoners are badly treated in Cuba. American blockade should be ended.

5. AOB - Bro. Purchase re: two academies Wolverhampton University and Wolverhampton College have agreed to be sponsors. Resource issue regarding 6th forms. Bro. Purchase believes it should be opposed as he thinks it will be divisive. Trade Union issue regarding contracts for academies. Teacher Unions have asked to meet with College and University. Council has said that staff would have National Pay and Conditions and local Conditions of Service as in Wolverhampton schools. No NUT members have contacted us.


ATTENDANCE delegates & visitors:
BROTHERS - Cardy, Deacon, Kelleher (all UNISON General), Clarke (POA), Cole (NUT), Goodall (UNISON Health), J.Grant (UCU), Hardacre (ASPECT), Childs (CUW), Rahimi (Amicus), S.Grant (NUT), J.Goodall (UNISON), Heathcock (RMT), Ahmed and Akhbar.

SISTERS - Taylor (CYWU/UNITE), Ceresa (UNISON General), Kelsey (CWU), Halfpenny(NUT), Petford (AMICUS/UNITE), Walker(NUT)

Apologies: Brothers - Bostock (POA), Juss (GMB), Farmer (UNISON General), Muir (CYWU/UNITE).
Sisters - Reynolds (GMB), Brealey (UNISON General)

1. WELCOME - New members were welcomed and introduced themselves.

2. Minutes of October meeting agreed accurate. Matters Arising:
(2.) Searchlight dayschool now 29th November, which we will not attend as it is focusing on Euro elections in NW England. There will be a West Midlands dayschool, Saturday 7th Feb. ‘09
(2.10) women volunteers will support Balloon launch on 9th December.
(3.) Thanks for work regarding anti-BNP. Work in Wednesfield which made a big difference from Bro.Hardacre.
(4.d) anti-BNP leafleters can claim free tickets for Union Party night at Revolution.

3. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE - November - No EC due to prior commitments.
New affiliation from PCS.
Affiliation forms for branches next year. Nomination forms for officers also available.

a. Copies from Rob Marris MP regarding responses to United Campaign. He abstained in vote.
b. Request for leafleting regarding axing Wolverhampton - Walsall line for RMT. 28th & 29th November, they are not currently affiliated to Trades Council.
c. Nominations for Midlands TUC networks. Bro. Deacon LGBT Network - proposed Sis. Taylor, seconded by Sis. Ceresa.
d. Post cards from RMT regarding "Stop Violence in the Workplace" circulated and completed. Walsall has completed anti-BNP leafleting with some help from us.

a) Secretary circulated written report - Reclaim the Night - women only march - 22nd November - West Park Hospital, WB&DTUC sends its support.
Revolution Union Party night 18th Dec. Tickets available

b) Treasurer's Report - healthy finances, waiting for payment from Leeds Festival.

c) Delegates' Workplace Reports
Bro. Goodall has been suspended. Defence campaign backed by UNISON Region.
He has been a Staff nurse since 1986, in Wolverhampton since 2000. Promoted to Senior Staff nurse in 2002. UNISON member all working life and been a steward. 29 bed Integrated Critical Care Unit with 150 staff. Previous massive cuts in the department. Introduced O/T payments in line with Agenda For Change in early 2008 and unilaterally withdrawn in June 2008. Nurses told to work extra shifts on Bank, paying less than normal pay. UNISON has boycotted this system. Nurses on Cardiac part of ICCU (around 50 staff) said "NO" and agreed Boycott. Overwhelming success winning continued O/T payment. Bro. Goodall returned to work after being absent for an operation and immediately suspended with no right to a rep or any advance warning. Legal advice received by UNISON is clear that the allegations relating to the boycott are transparent attacks on a TU activist and victimisation by employer. Allegations include: boycott was for personal financial gain. Disruption on unit led to 3 cancelled operations. Putting poster on notice board without management approval. (Notice board in question was TU notice board!) A 4th allegation from male member of staff alleging he was intimidated. Bro. Goodall has support from UNISON.
Bro. Clarke proposed WB&DTUC supports campaign for Bro. Goodall. Sis. Petford seconded. Carried unanimously."

d) Anti BNP Campaign, list of membership discussed. Need to draw up volunteers for future leafleting - ONE HOUR PER PERSON PER YEAR minimum.

e) Midlands TUC meeting- written report circulated (also by email). £10,000 bid for Rewind anti-racism education group, had been made before Midlands Regional Council meeting was held.

f) Bro. Heathcock, Secretary of RMT branch talked about Wolverhampton to Walsall line threat. Leafleting times given and volunteers sought. Good luck wished with campaign. Info to be put on our website.

g) Employment Bill report circulated.

6. SPEAKER - Sis. Petford
Zapatista Solidarity Campaign DVD shown. Supporting a health campaign. Threatened with dispossession of lands since 1994.
1994 uprising. Attacked by Mexican government, peace in 1996. Peace agreement was betrayed. Have to cover faces to protect their identity from Mexican forces. Rebels are forming their own autonomies government. Much poor health as cannot rely on government. Have set up own autonomies regional health centre. Scottish funds have helped building of centre.
They make amber jewellery they sell to us. They sell textiles to us. Coffee sales also support Zapatista Solidarity groups. Also help to form schools.
Proposed we purchase copy of DVD. Items are for sale.
Blank letters for letter writing campaign. 2008 there has been more military activity against Zapatistas in Chiapas with support of multi-nationals. Put link on website. Could Sis. Petford produce letter that Trades Council could send for next meeting. Possible campaign 2009.

7. AOB
Two Palestinian delegates were present. Walsall is twinned with Kobar near to Ramala in Palestine. DVD showed effect of Wall on Palestinian Life. Palestinian Trade Unionists are here for 2 weeks. Training conference this weekend. Checkpoints, Wall through olive groves, splitting off water supply etc. Have to travel miles around. Israeli's make it very difficult to travel round wall. It is shocking story. We will come back to cause of Palestine. Produce from West Bank comes from illegal Israeli settlers not Palestinian. Contribution to group from Walsall agreed £100.

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council
MINUTES of DELEGATE MEETING of Thursday 16th October 2008

1. ATTENDANCE -Sisters: Taylor (CYWU/UNITE), Kelsey (CWU), Ceresa (UNISON).
Brothers: Kelleher (UNISON), Cole (NUT), Clarke (POA), Turner (UNISON), Childs (CWU), Deacon (UNISON), Marris (T&G/UNITE), Grant (UCU).
Delegates were welcomed and everyone introduced themselves.
Apologies were received from: Bros. Ash (UNISON), Farmer (UNISON), Bechler (ATL), Brackenridge (FBU), Bostock (POA), Jones (CWU),Muir (CYWU/UNITE) Sis: Halfpenny (NUT) Brealey (UNISON).

2. MINUTES of the SEPTEMBER MEETING were agreed.
Matters Arising: 2,3,a) Travel pass letter still to be written.
4,7) Letter has been sent 4e) National Pay Rally Saturday 8th November (CYWU/UNITE) Sis Taylor to circulate information via Email.

3. CORRESPONDENCE (please refer to list)
1. Postcards - re: Anti-Union laws the Secretary asked those present to circulate, complete and send them off. Emails have been sent via Searchlight and Regional TUC re: Employment Bill and reinstating Section 18.
2. Searchlight Day school to be held in Manchester on November 22nd - Sisters Ceresa & Taylor & Bro. Kelleher expressed an interest in attending.
3. More Anti-BNP postcards for Wednesfield North &South are available.
5. AGREED to affiliate to County Association at a cost of £46.50
6. Officer nominations for County Association - Bro. Kelleher is prepared to continue as Chair; Sis. Taylor Proposed this Bro. Marris seconded and all present AGREED. It was also AGREED to support the nominations of George (Vice-Chair) & Steve (Secretary).
8. Banner Theatre - Free performance and discussion in Digbeth on Saturday 8th November 10am - 3.30pm. Subject - migrant labour, trade unions and the community.
10. Women volunteers still being sought for a balloon launch against domestic violence on Saturday 25th November at the Wolves ground. It was AGREED to find out further details and circulate them to the women's groups of the individual unions and also to The Haven. Sis. Kelsey agreed to gather more information from Caroline and forward it to Bro. Kelleher for distribution.
13.The Secretary offered copies of the report from Colombian Solidarity (re: Trade Union deaths) , a model letter is included in the pack. It was AGREED that a letter would be completed on behalf of WB&DTUC.
15. West Midlands CND mailing - re-affiliation was AGREED, it was also AGREED that a total of £20 would be sent.
16. Letter from Sis. Petford re: The Rahimi Family. The current circumstances were discussed, particularly an incident when a W'ton Homes tenant subjected them to racist abuse. It was AGREED that Bro. Kelleher would clarify the exact details with Ali, it was also AGREED that W'ton Homes should be contacted and asked to supply details of their policies and procedures related to racism and Race Relations Amendment Act information.
24. Bro. Kelleher has made contact with the PCS.

4a) Secretary's Report - a written report was circulated
The announcement (on local news) of the closure of certain fire stations was discussed.
The Xmas party night has now been arranged and posters were circulated.
It is being held on the evening that Trades Council should have met so a brief meeting will take place at Revolution Vodka Bar, prior to the party to deal with any urgent issues.

4b) Treasurer's Report - Bank balance is currently healthy. A donation of £100 has been received from the CWU in respect of Anti-BNP work. No questions were raised.

4c) Delegate's Workplace Reports:
Local Government pay dispute - Employer has failed to make a better offer, further consultation of UNISON members has taken place. Now the matter is dealt with by ACAS - binding arbitration. UNISON members in colleges have accepted 3.25%. Members in Scotland are being offered 3% in year 1 & 2% in second year. Some UNISON branches have initially accepted the 2.45% "on account" and this has been paid to members. It is expected that the dispute will not be resolved until after Xmas, During the September TUC Conference UNISON leaders talked about joint campaigning but this was not forthcoming.CYWU/UNITE organised a rally in Manchester to lobby the Labour party Conference and their talks are ongoing. Pay Dispute NUT - Balloting for further strike action. Bro. Cole expressed the need for unions to work together to deliver joint action. Bro. Cole also discussed the issue of academies and a press release signed by local union leaders was circulated; all Councillors have also been contacted. The unions concerned have sent information to members. Ed Balls told Rob Marris (in Parliament) thatWolverhampton didn't need to have an Academy to get BSF money. Bro. Cole explained some of the facts, figures & fears; that the unions in Wolverhampton are not being properly consulted.
4d) Anti-BNP Campaign - Wednesfield - 20 men and 9 women leafleted. 9,500 leaflets were distributed. Both BNP candidates appear to be using unoccupied premises as their personal addresses, a complaint will have to be made for the matter to be pursued. This was AGREED. Free ticket for the Xmas disco were then given to those who leafleted.

5) Speaker - Doug Jewell of Asbestos Support West Midlands - This project was started by The Hazards Trust. Leaflets were circulated. Historical information was shared; the first asbestos related death occurred in 1899. A ban was achieved in 2000 but every year more cases are diagnosed but 20 trades people are still dying weekly and buildings built before 2000 still contain asbestos. Asbestos is still being mined and sold in S.E.Asia - a world wide ban is desperately needed. This organisation can offer home visits and will offer support to members suffering from asbestos related diseases. This group is funded charitably by donations and a donation of £100 was AGREED. It was also AGREED to circulate information to affiliated branches.

6) A.O.B. - On October 7th Sis Taylor went to the Miami 5 vigil at the American Embassy. More information is available form Bro. Cole or the website.

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council
MINUTES of DELEGATE MEETING of Thursday 18th September 2008

1. ATTENDANCE - Sister:Taylor (CYWU /UNITE) Brothers: Brackenridge (FBU), Baynham (Unite), Juss(GMB), Grant (UCU), Kelleher (UNISON), Clarke (POA), Marriot (UNISON), Deacon (UNISON), Jones (CWU)
Delegates and the visiting speaker were welcomed and introduced themselves. Apologies were received from Bros. Farmer (UNISON),Goodall (UNISON Health), Muir (CYWU UNITE), Bostock (POA), Cole (NUT),Childs (CWU), Marriot (UNISON), Marris (UNITE), Hardacre(Aspect), Ash (UNISON)
Sis: Halfpenny (NUT), Ceresa (UNISON), Petford (AMICUS/UNITE), Kelsey (CWU)

Matters Arising: 2) POA unable to scan our TUC History. Bro.Brackenridge has 50 books.
3a) Secretary still to write re national travel pass to MPs
4a) £50 donation to Notts TUC for anti bnp Codnor festival
7) £50 donation & expenses to Nuclear Information Service to be sent

3. Correspondence
a. TUC report of survey of trades union councils' action supporting migrant workers
b. Trades Union Councils Programme of Work 2008-9
c. TUC Women's' Workshops on assertiveness & taking part in conferences, Saturdays: 29 Sept, 18 Oct, 29 Nov This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
d. TUC nomination form for Vice-Chair Midlands TUC - Sis Kelsey CWU nominated
e. Midlands TUC 10 Chainmakers tickets - all distributed plus another 10 received from UNISON. Delegates attended and distributed several hundred Join a Union postcards as previously agreed. Emphasising that unions are here and relevant now and not a historical oddity. Some of the museum workers dressed as Chainmakers were not trade unionists! All enjoyed. PCS and Dudley TUC links made.
f. TUC Education courses Sept 08 - June 09, details put on our website and latest course details circulated
g. TUC Directory of Trades Union Councils - Secretary has written to CATUC re unregistered local TUCs
h. Dudley NUT - letter re re-establishment of Dudley TUC - invited them to next CATUC
i. Anti-Academies Alliance campaign info
j. EDM 1604 anti-union laws postcard to MPs - 100 ordered. Offer of speakers, May Day 09?
k. 1st October 18th International Older Persons Day 10.30-5pm Coventry, petition for winter fuel allowance. Bro. Brackenridge raised possibility of establishing a BPTUAA branch locally as NPC branch was ineffective. Could organise within local trade union branch retired sections UNISON, CWU, 22 October Pensions lobby etc
l. Searchlight - result of recent consultation. Details of weekend school
m. Banner Theatre - We Share the Same Sky, new show from Feb 2009
n. CSC activities around 10th anniversary of imprisonment of Miami 5, & petition.
o. Birmingham TUC minutes
p. CND Aldermaston blockade 27th October
q. Campaign for LP Democracy mailing - passed to Bro.Childs
r. Nov 25th Day Against Domestic Violence - football ground balloon launch, volunteers needed
s. TUC/Amnesty meeting 11 October
Dudley UKIP response to request for Trade Unions Against EU booklets
Unionlearn mailing list response
PSC, VSC, CSC info re International Week 1-10 Dec ‘08

a) Secretary's report - written report circulated. Bo.Brackenridge to invite FBU re Save Sedgley Fire Station.
b) Treasurer - Funds stable and raised £1560 from Leeds festival volunteers.
c) Delegates' Workplace reports:
d) UNISON Pay Campaign - 21 Sept Manchester LP conference demo coach booked. 300 job cuts in council announced.
e) CYWU UNITE - big majority in support of action on pay claim.
f) Anti BNP campaign - Report on anti-bnp Codnor demo by Bro. Kelleher & Deacon. Lack of co-ordination between local organisers and UAF. Locals had been abusive after village exit was blocked for an hour.
Discussion of by-elections in Wednesfield N & S. Planning meeting for anti-bnp campaign Tues 23 Sept. agreed. LP members welcomed our forthcoming campaign

5. Speaker: Sis.Taylor spoke on Trades Union Congress (written report to follow) highlighting Motion 87 which was moved by RMT and gives trades union councils the same right to put motions and attend as at Wales TUC conference. So we will participate in future not just observe.

6. AOB - none

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District
Trades Union Council
MINUTES of DELEGATE MEETING of Thursday 17th July 2008

( The meeting was held at the Clarendon Hotel due to the council strike)
Sisters: Halfpenny (NUT), Taylor (CYWU /UNITE), Petford (AMICUS/UNITE) Ceresa (UNISON), Walters (ATL), Kelsey (CWU), McDonald (speaker)

Brothers:  Kelleher (UNISON),  Bechler(ATL), Clarke (POA),  Goodall(UNISON Health), Deacon (UNISON), Turner(UNISON), Farmer (UNISON), Cole (NUT),  Bostock (POA), Muir (CYWU UNITE), Cotton (CWU)

1. INTRODUCTIONS - Delegates and the visiting speaker were welcomed and introduced themselves.  Apologies were received from Bros. Grant (UCU), Childs (CWU), Marriot (UNISON), Marris (UNITE), Ash (UNISON)

2. THE MINUTES OF THE MEETING  19th June  2008
2.6 should be “Scrutiny Panel” not “Trades Council”, with this correction were agreed to be a true record
Matters Arising
 3(a) Re international forum Bro. Kelleher will circulate the information.
6 £2.50 for the History of WB&DTUC there are 100 left to sell or distribute.  Bro Clarke may be able to get scanned in and Bro Cole will update the current booklet.

3. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORT 10.07.08 matters arising:
3a) Correspondence
 3a) 1 LRD workers’ Rights info in Polish 3 copies purchased £6.30 available for use on  stalls etc.
            3a) 3 EDM 1604 anti-union laws campaign Ken Purchase only local MP to sign.
 3a) 4 British Pensioner agreed to request to write to MP’s regarding extension of free bus  pass to include coaches in England as in other parts of the country.  Also need to question  why over 60s cannot travel after 23.00 hours!
3a) 6 Abortion Rights victory for women.  Model letters to MPs re securing rights were available at meeting.  All Wolverhampton MPs voted to defend the abortion laws.

a) Secretary’s report – £50.00 donation agreed to Derby TUC for Searchlight Day School.  Rally against red, white and blue festival Codnor Derbyshire 16.08.08 http://nobnpfestival.wordpress.com.  Agreed to donate to this.
Chainmakers festival we will give out respect yourself join a trade union postcards
Obituaries for Jack Collingswood and Maureen Green – a toast was given to Maureen and Jack ‘wherever they may be now’.

b) Treasurer – Funds stable and raised £585 from Glastonbury volunteers.  There are 2 places for the Leeds festival with the Workers Beer Company.


c) Delegates’ Workplace reports-
NUT pay dispute – balloting again in autumn and to work with other public sector unions to get a united campaign going.  Anti academies work is continuing.  Have been patient in Wolverhampton for too long.  In process of drafting a letter to councillors to discuss matter and then hold public meeting.  Targets for secondary schools used as threat to turn them into academies 638 schools, 28 of which are academies, currently to not meet targets!!
 UNISON Pay Campaign – Strike 16th and 17th July has had national and local radio and TV coverage. Way forward with dispute was discussed.  The 2 days may not have convinced employers that more money is needed.  The union needs better organisation in some parts of the city workforce.  Congratulations were given from fellow trade unionists over the 2 days action.
 POA trade union rights- Dispute continues.  Case being prepared for European Court of Human Rights – hopefully November.  Support may be needed with the NHS staff side council.  Many work in Rampton etc. POA not recognised in some areas e.g. recognised in some areas e.g. special hospitals.  Any group such as this would have support from Trades Council.
 AMICUS UNITE health section- health Workers have rejected pay settlement and will take action. Mental health services are some of the worst in the country- having a peer review and may become privatised or then taken away from PCT.
 UNISON health – Hospital is going for foundation status.  No fight back.  Difficult to raise objections by public as the trade unions help to raise these issues.
 CYWU UNITE – Youth Workers getting “year on pay cuts” 2.5% ballot to ask members to work to rule and possible strike in October

d) TUC LGBT national conference written report back was tabled.  Questions & comments to Bro. Deacon at next meeting.

e) Midlands TUC no report
f) Anti BNP campaign – no planned meetings of Wolverhampton Together.  Campaign from Searchlight may be more localised in future.  Are music festivals or working with local community more effective?  This is an ongoing discussion.  Weekend School in Wolverhampton 22nd November 2008 – Sis Taylor to enquire.

g)  Palestine Solidarity – No report. 

h) Cuba Solidarity – Various issues raised. Human Rights, Lloyds Bank, Merchandise, Join local group £5.00 per year or £2 low waged.

5. No motions

6. Speaker: Di McDonald on Weapons of Mass Destruction Awareness Programme
 DVD shown of ‘Deadly Cargo’ about Trident transportation through Britain.  Emergency services  are very involved with nuclear safety.  These cargoes come close to Wolverhampton but now use the Toll road.  There followed an interesting discussion about the danger of nuclear. Leaflets drawing attention to the convoy were distributed.  The numbers to contact if seen are north – 0845 4588365, south- 0845 4588364.  Website www.nukewatch.org.uk

7. AOB Propose and agree to pay Di McDonald’s Expenses and a £50 donation to campaign.
A new delegate commented on how interesting he had found the meeting and thanked the trades council and Di McDonald for the hospitality.
There was some discussion about the different venue.
The meeting closed at 9pm



1. WELCOME & introductions.  Attendance:
BROTHERS  Cole (NUT)  Jones (CWU)  Childs (CWU)  Baynham (AMICUS)  Bostock (POA)  Clarke (POA)  Millington (UNITE)  Grant (UCU City college)  Hardacre (ASPECT) 

SISTERS  Kelsey (CWU)  Plummer (UNITE)  Ceresa (UNISON General)  Taylor (CYWU/UNITE)  Halfpenny (NUT) Petford (UNITE) 

Apologies:  Sister  Brealey (UNISON General) Brothers -  Kelleher (UNISON General)  Deacon (UNISON General)  Muir (CYWU/UNITE) Juss (GMB)  Marris (UNITE)  

2. MINUTES OF MEETING 15th May 2008
 3(a) Should be £3 each not £300.  With this correction agreed true and accurate.
 Matters Arising
 (6) Bro. Hardacre found out that he was misinformed and their will still be representatives   from TUs on Trades Council.

 a) Re: International forum event Midlands, agreed to contact PSC, VSC, CSC for joint work 1st-10th December. 
 Midlands TUC re: motions – Sis. Halfpenny.
 Labour members to inform Bro. Kelleher if they wish to receive L.P democracy directly.

 b) BNP work –updates.

 c) Speakers – Autumn/ Winter – ideas to Bro. Kelleher.

 d) TU 6/7/08 – Blakenhall show stall, volunteers needed.

 e) AOB – Chumbawamba to headline at this years Chainmakers Festival Sept 2008.
 a) SECRETARY - Tabled report – no matters raised.

 b) TREASURER - Funds stable
 i) CWU- annual conference in Liverpool.  Main item, link with Labour Party.  Last chance to come up “with goods” with NOT privatising postal services.

 ii) NUT pay dispute – lobby of parliament was successful but few Midlands delegates.

 iii) POA – still battling to gain full TU rights.  29th June – Branches to work to letter of the law of time schedules.  No agreement on how to deal with disputes.  Governors of prisons have to work out shift patterns.  Could be results from this could have support  of whole of membership.

 iv) UNISON pay ballot – ballot is out and deadline tomorrow.  Main ballot was very close.  A lot more going on in Wolverhampton regarding restructures etc.

 v) CYWU/UNITE national conference- focused on organisation, public sector pay.  Youth and community workers offered 2%.  Nationally UNITE not impressed with  lead UNISON is taking on public services.

International speaker from Venezuela - Francisco Dominquez very good and knowledgeable. 
 vi) NHS pay dispute – RCN and UNISON leadership recommended to accept 8% pay offer over 3 years and membership agreed.  AMICUS/UNITE leadership have recommended not to accept pay rise.

 vii) Discussion about pay deals over several years and how if the economy is as unstable as now they are a bad thing.  Difficulty in co-ordinating nationally.  Could we do something locally with some joint action to lead the way.  Suggestion made by Sis. Taylor.  Bro. Bostock reported further on June 9th rally about collective action which did not seem to be supported by Brendan Barber.  On agenda for next meeting co-ordinate day of action here in Wolverhampton.

 viii) Table and report from Bro.Hardacre on 2008 Trades Union Council Conference. 
Report and discussion – questions next month.  Good conference.  Bro. Hardacre had to leave early.

 d) anti-fascism - Sis. Halfpenny talked about problems in Stoke.  White estates where there is no hope.  So ‘Hope not Hate’ not effective.
Bro.Kelleher to check out bi-election in Redditch -17th July.  Anti-BNP candidates, help needed.  This will be on agenda of next meeting.
Stoke – economic deprivation is clear.  Anti-racism combined with class issues needed for disaffected working class.  It is New Labour we dislike.


Cuba 50 resolution from NUT.  Lloyds TSB has to pull out of deals with Cuba as £180m. fine as part of “International Banking Rules”.  Correspondence between Bro. Cole and M.P Rob Marris regarding possible British Sanctions against Cuba.  There are European sanctions.  US have targeted Cuba primarily.  Motion carried unanimously.

42 day detention legislation could be reinterpreted by other Governments later and used against others such as Trade Unionists.  Followed by good discussion.  Disappointed at Rob Marris’ stand i.e. voting with Government.  Lack of confidence in Governments motives.
6. AOB
Updating History of WB&D TUC needs to be done.  Will be picked up at another executive.



15th May 2008 ATTENDANCE: BROTHERS -  Kelleher (UNISON GENERAL),  Cole (NUT), Clarke (POA), Bostock (POA), Deacon (UNISON), Cardy(UNISON), Hardacre (ASPECT), Marriot (UNISON), Williams (UCU), Goodall (UNISON HEALTH), Rahimi (ARC), Juss (GMB), Petford (AMICUS UNITE), Grant (UCU), Childs (CUW), Lynch ( Dudley NUT), Goodhall (UNISON B’ham)SISTERS – May (UNISON GENERAL), Kelsey (CWU), Singer (NUT). Johnson (UNISON B’ham)Apologies:     Sisters – Ceresa (UNISON GENERAL), Brealey (UNISON GENERAL)                        Brothers – Ash (UNISON GENERAL), Bechler (ATL).  

1.        WELCOME - Introductions and apologies were taken.                                   

2.         MINUTES OF April MEETING   agreed correct record.            Matters Arising            3.11    Still no Cuba motion from the NUT            3a.       Worcester TUC class words - £300 each.  Socialist songs and poems.                        NUT pay dispute – Good rally in Birmingham – 2000/3000 with support from other public sector workers.            3.d       Donation of £73 received.            6.         Cheque to be sent to Alan Wilkins BPTUAA                                   

3.         EC Report & CORRESPONDENCE            3.         PCS make your vote count campaign. Sec to write re our work and lack of response from PCS.            7.         TUCJCC – Lacking form programme are Health and Safety, Trade Union recruitment, anti –BNP work and to how to mobilise leaflets.  Bro. Hardacre is delegate at this conference.            11.       WBCo. Glastonbury – 6 volunteers registered.  Leeds 17 places requested.Any ideas for speakers in the future? - Greening the workplace. Trade Union recruitment campaigning.  Hold stalls at various shows/places/events.           

4.         REPORTS           

(a)       SECRETARY            i)          Biggest affiliation of branches this year.            UCU University has not re-affiliated.                                    ii)         IDAHO –International Day against Homophobia – 17/5/08.  77 Countries still unlawful.              12pm bash in Queens Square, Wolverhampton.             iii)        Workers’ Memorial Day not as well attended as last year.  It should be an Health & Safety             campaign activity, not just a memorial.                         1st May Day – biggest attendance ever, mentioned in Parliament by Ken Purchase.   Agreed to give donation of £150 from WB&DTUC to May Day Committee.   Need to get well known speakers. Venue other side of town was suggested.            

(b)       TREASURER -  Funds are in a good state.           

(c)        DELEGATES’ WORKPLACE reports:            i)          NUT pay dispute – a good national event through 1 day strike.  NUT is carrying out a rolling programme of action.          NUT part of public sector pay dispute.  June 9th is a TUC organised lobby of parliament by public sector workers.  Possibility of coach for group transport to lobby.             ii)         UNISON pay dispute nationally rejected.  There will be a ballot for strike action.             iii)        POA Annual Conference in Portsmouth addressed by Jack Straw.  Arrived and left in silence.  Only reported in Morning Star and Guardian.  He has brought back legislation to prevent Officers from striking.  Voting unanimous “no confidence”.  42 MPs were supporting amendment, did not know where to vote.            Pay Review Body’s any recommendations has to go through house to ratify.            5 motions about working to rule were unanimous.              iv)        Rahimi family can now stay.  After 4 years in limbo granted leave to stay.  Will now be evicted from home and will end up in homeless hostel.  Congratulations from Trades Council.  Bro. Rahimi thanked delegates warmly for their support in campaign. He is now a member of AMICUS.                         (d)       CATUC nothing of note to report.             (e)       TUC Black Workers Conference.  Bro. Juss attended as GMB delegate.  Motion re. Bridging employment gap between White and Black workers to go to TUC.                        Depressing discussion about migrant workers – some black workers did not want to fight all types of discrimination.  Some delegates wanted to break away from Trade Union Movement and have their own agenda.  Bro. Juss found it a negative experience, with agenda against migrant workers by fellow Black Trade Unionists.   This may be an issue we want to discuss.             (f)        Anti-BNP Campaign.  Report circulated.  Discussion about leafleting – it is easy, none threatening.  BNP leadership is weak.  They have been driven back.  UKIP had Councillor elected in Dudley who is opposed to Mosque.  Bro. Kelleher produced some excellent postcards for local areas.             (g)       Public meeting – Palestine.  What now? – 16/5/08 St Andrews’ church hall.             (h)       Cuba Solidarity Garden Party – 28/6/08 Mayfield Road – tickets £2.                        The speaker was not able to give a presentation.  Instead sent leaflets about Race Equality Partnership. 

5.         Speakers from Palestine TU delegation.  Bro. Lynch showed how Palestinians have been pushed out by Israelis since 1948.  Walsall is creating links with Kobar  in Palestine - a way of organising concrete links with Palestine.  There are quite a number of training groups.  Sis. Johnson reported on possibility of visiting and training.  Thanks given – an interesting talk. 

6.         AOB            Bro. Hardacre was present at Mayor making yesterday.            Constitution of Scrutiny and Executive boards is to change – where there will no longer be representatives from Trade Unions or Trades Council.  The Churches will be part of Constitution still.            This will be investigated.

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District
Trades Union Council

Thursday 17th April 2008

Sisters: Halfpenny (NUT), Taylor (CYWU /UNITE), Petford (AMICUS/UNITE)
Brothers:  Kelleher (UNISON), Grant (UCU), Childs (CWU), Hardacre (ASPECT), Bechler(ATL), Clarke (POA),  Baynham(AMICUS), Goodall(UNISON Health), Rahimi (ARC), Cole (NUT),  Brackenridge (FBU)  Wilkins (BPTUAA)
Apologies –Marris (UNITE), Bostock (POA), Ceresa (UNISON), Marriot (UNISON), Ash (UNISON), Walters (ATL), Muir (CYWU/UNITE), Kelsey (CWU), Juss (GMB)

Delegates and the visiting speaker were welcomed and introduced themselves.  Apologies received.

2. MINUTES  MEETING  OF 20th MARCH were agreed to be a true record
Matters Arising
 4(a)   Still no affiliations from UCU which was discussed.
3.11  Cuba motion has been to NUT committee and will be brought to next trades council meeting.
5  Regarding the Speaker from UCU Keele it was reported that the demonstration had a good turnout but the university chancellor has not changed her position.  There is likely to be more action.

3b)  There was an Executive Committee 10.04.08 which was well attended as anti-fascist leafleters had also been invited.  20-day anti BNP campaign was planned.
3c)  May Day was discussed and a person is being paid to staff the bouncy castle. 
3d)  Workers’ Memorial Day 28.04.08 was planned and the difficulty of obtaining wreaths from an appropriate source was discussed.

Correspondence –
 3a)3 - If delegates want to go to Love Music Hate Racism Event in London    contact Dave 01902 554093 re coach transport
          3a)6 -  Worcester TUC Class Words agreed to order 10 copies
 3a)10 - Affiliation to Repeal Anti-Trade Union Laws agreed.
3a)15 - Affiliation to Abortion rights agreed
Other Correspondence –
 POA donated £50 to pay for leaflets re anti BNP
 Information regarding banner for Back Country Museum passed to Featherstone POA

Agreed that Bro. Childs be on the executive

a) Secretary’s report – Website now working thanks to Sis Halfpenny’s sister.  New website being developed hosted by Left Space which is for organisations such as the Trades Council
b) Treasurer – Funds stable but accounts have not been audited by Adrian Turner.
c) Delegates’ Workplace reports:
NUT pay dispute – schools closing, rally in Birmingham 24.04.08 at 12pm Wolverhampton Teachers’ Association will congregate in St Peter’s Square at 11am before moving on public transport to Birmingham. ASEL has attacked NUT for going on strike as “We have had excellent pay deals”! Messages of support will be sent to rally.
UNISON Single Status Campaign – On hold for several months as deemed an unequal pay scheme.  May have to do new model.  Scheme did not reduce gender pay gap.  2,000 would have lost money.  Back to negotiations.
POA trade union rights- The campaign continues awaiting spot in European courts.  Conference soon.  Locally encouraging other trades unionists to make picket lines.  Clare Short MP visiting prison tomorrow hoping to get her support for the campaign.
UNISON Health- local hospital going for foundation status.  Already been reorganisation and cuts undoing ‘agenda for change’. Internal market continues. Ballot without recommendation on pay deal of 2¼% for 3 years.
d) Anti- BNP campaign – excellent postcard done for 2 wards.  NUT donating £73 for Searchlight leaflets.
e) Workers’ Memorial Day- 28.04.08 Roger Lawrence speaking and possibly Ken Purchase need wreaths.
f)  May Day – fliers distributed.  M. Hardacre to investigate publicity on community radio.
g)  No Midlands TUC EC
h) Palestine Solidarity – No report.  Leaflet distributed to delegates.  Public meeting 16.05.08 St Andrew’s church 6.30pm
i) Cuba Solidarity – AGM 7.30pm Old White Rose, Bilston arrive early for ‘tea’ and drink.  Good public transport to venue.

6. Speaker: Alan Wilkins Pensioners TU Action Association on the New English Travel Pass
 The main demands were that the English pass should be the same as that in Scotland, Wales and  Northern Ireland and allow pensioners to use long distance coaches as well as buses.  The difficulty  of undertaking long journeys by bus with the pass was discussed.  It was agreed to give a donation of £50 to the TU Action Association.  Information and a petition were circulated.

7. ANY OTHER BUSINESS  - garden available for Cuba solidarity garden party courtesy of Norman Brackenridge
The meeting closed at 8.45pm


Thursday 20th March 2008

BROTHERS: Kelleher (UNISON General), Rahimi (ARC), Grant (UCU City College), Cole (NUT), Bostock (POA), Deacon (UNISON General), Hardacre (ASPECT), Muir (CYWU), Childs (CWU), Hall (POA), Willis (UCU) (Guest Speaker),  Baynham (AMICUS), Clarke (POA), Goodall (UNISON Health)
SISTERS: Brealey (UNISON General), Petford (AMICUS Unite), Halfpenny (NUT), Welch (UCU), Ceresa (UNISON General)
Brothers – Ash (UNISON General), Marriot (UNISON General), Marris (Unite TGWU), Juss (GMB),
Sisters - Kelsey (CWU), 

1. Introductions
Delegates and visiting speaker were welcomed and introduced themselves.  Apologies received.

2. Minutes of Meeting 21st Feb. 2008 - correction Petford (AMICUS) should be listed as Sis. Petford. Agreed correct.
Matters Arising:
5(c) A letter has been drafted regarding POA by Bro Hardacre
4(g) Bro Hardacre can attend Annual Trades Union Council Conference 14th – 15th June

3. EC Report: tabled. 
11) Cuba Solidarity Campaign agreed to re-affiliate £30.  Bro Cole will bring appropriate resolution to next delegate meeting
17) Motion from POA sent to National TUC
Correspondence was circulated.

4. Reports and discussion
a) Secretary – written report circulated – 2 branches to affiliate UCU College and UCU University, 21 affiliated.  Still some website problems.

b) Treasurer – finances are quite good since affiliations received.

c) Midlands TUC – delegates who had attended found the meeting dull!  Uncertain as to the value of the academic exercise on Globalisation in the Midlands and panel discussion.  Still querying the process of electing women to the executive.  Always an election for women’s places but other places are unfilled.  Agreed to send a brief letter from Bro Kelleher sharing concerns.

d) Delegates’ Workplace Reports – UNISON – Update on single status, still problems, no industrial; action at present.
POA- a detailed pack was distributed to delegates, containing relevant correspondence, motions and conference papers.  It demonstrated how disingenuous Labour politicians became once in power.                                                                 
NUT-  Anti academies campaign continues and Bro Purchase
MP has furnished the union with evidence that Wolverhampton may not have to have an   academy.     Bro Cole will raise this with councillors and officials. 
UNITE-CYWU- Cuts from Youth budget last year and this members will be facing compulsory redundancies.           
e) Anti-BNP campaign – 8th – 30th April leafleting wards where fascists are standing.  Volunteers needed.  Possible local leaflets to be designed- cost was discussed. Ward maps are available from last year.  Agreed to order 10, 000 searchlight leaflets for distribution as cheapest means.
Wolverhampton Together – Sis Ceresa and Taylor attended from WB&DTUC and Sis Welch from UCU on 13th March next meeting is after the election in May.  Seems to be a reluctance to involve schools.  There will be a campaign led by the council and Wolves players to show there is no place in Wolverhampton for racism using billboards, posters on buses etc for election period.  This campaign will not replace work done by WB&DTUC.

f) May Day Committee – Volunteers needed particularly for Bouncy Castle.  6.30pm to set up on 1st May. Ken Purchase to speak against academies.  A good variety of entertainment has been booked. Venue is the Pegasus Pub again.

g)  Workers’ Memorial Day – 28th April 2008 12.30 Speakers from branches are needed to raise Health and Safety issues.

h) Palestinian Solidarity – no report

i) Cuba Solidarity – no report

5. Speaker – Bro. Willis from UCU Keele on the campaign to save jobs and demonstration on 3rd April
In the School of Economics and management Studies the Industrial Relations School is prominent.  There are 11 lecturers who have developed a left wing critical approach to management studies. Fall in student numbers across the board at Keele.  Lack of proper consultation. 9 out of the 11 likely to be sacked and of the whole school 38 out of 67.  There has been a one day strike, boycotts, leafleting etc and senior management are worried.  A good discussion followed the speakers input and delegates were urged to go to support the action on 3/4/08.

6. Any Other Business – There was no other business as it was 8.45pm. 

Next meeting Thursday 17th April 2008 7.15pm Civic Centre



21st February 2008

BROTHERS: Kelleher (UNISON General), Rahimi (ARC), Grant (UCU City College), Cole (NUT), Bostock (POA), Clarke (POA), Deacon (UNISON), Petford (AMICUS), Hardacre (ASPECT)
SISTERS:  Ceresa (UNISON General), Halfpenny (NUT), Taylor (CYWU/UNITE).
 Brothers – Ash (UNISON General), Marris (UNITE), Farmer (UNISON General), Marriot (UNISON General), Hall (POA), Childs (CWU) 
Sisters – Kelsey (CWU), May (UNISON General), Brealey (UNISON General).
 Welcome to all delegates and visitors.  Apologies.
 Dave Cole commented on Labour Research article on working over 48 hours per week, quoting Pat McFadden M.P. for Wolverhampton  SE.
2. MINUTES of December Delegate MEETING agreed as correct.  Matters Arising:
 Sis.Petford sends apologies frequently (by email) but are not always added.
 6).  Could Wednesfield Town F.C also be involved with anti-BNP? Contacts are needed.
 Sis. Taylor may have contact.
 3).10   Multi-faith calendar – Secretary asked for May Day & Workers’ Memorial Day to be  included, no other delegates had sent in comments as previously requested.
 4).a Fifth bullet point – it seems Karen Riesmann will be dismissed despite dispute with Manchester Mental Health Social Care Trust.

 1). Most branches have re-affiliated.  UCU & FBU have not affiliated yet.
 Also requests to unaffiliated branches – local GMB, PCS, RMT, UCATT & Unite-TGWU. 
Help needed regarding contacts.
 3). Letter from Roger McKenzie.  Anyone can take part in Black & International forums.  Explanation as to why no audited accounts.  Framework is not clear.  Bro. Deacon to formulate a motion to deal with this.
 4). Professor Al Rainnie’s report does not seem to relate to his interviews with Trades Council delegates.  What purpose has this got for Regional TUC? Is this the correct document?
 7). Labour Research renew - £37.50 agreed.
 9). Pensioners’ petition - Understand that the bus pass is National and petition may be out of date.
 11). UCU Keele – closure of TU students course – demonstration on Thursday 3rd April.  Does not fit with Vice Chancellor’s business’ image.
 14). PSC – copies of postcard re: Siege against Gaza circulated
 15). UAF national affiliation £20 – agreed.
 26). WEA will come to speak at branches  re: TUC stewards courses.
4. ELECTIONS to vacant positions.
 a) Bro. Goodall & Clarke (POA) elected to Executive Committee
 b) Women’s TUC observer – none.
 c) Black workers TUC observer – none.
 d) Disability TUC observer – none.
 e) WM County Association of TUCs – Bro. Goodall nominated and seconded.
 f)  Trades Union Councils JCC – none.
 g) Annual Conference Delegate 14/15th June – Mike Hardacre provisionally accepted re: diary.  Need to know by 3rd March.
 (a) SECRETARY – Problems with website, Marion Halfpenny will contact sister if Secretary sends details.
  May Day Committee – Morris Dancers, green theme – 1st May.  Bro. Kelleher will book Pegasus.

 (b) TREASURER – 2007 Accounts, still to be audited, were circulated.  Questions answered.

 (c) Workplace reports: UNISON - Single status process grinding on.  Slippage re: payments 1st April.   Members unsure where they stand. 
 POA  – Court case changed to keep it out of press.  Injunction against strike until 8th May.  By 8th May not bound by any agreement.  Clause 36 Criminal Justice & Immigration act.  Good discussion on the issues.  POA members to draft appropriate letter for us to send to relevant people, e.g. Jack Straw etc.  An issue could be raised for Trades Councils Conference.  Agreed to submit motion.
 Mike Hardacre could possibly write letter – agreed.

 d) Other Reports
• Treaty of Lisbon – TUAEUC – 27th February.  www.TUAEUC.org
• BNP standing in Rugby on March 6th.   Anti-fascist leafleting:  24th February, 2nd March.
• Dorothy Heath TUCJCC rep.  Would we support another regional conference of TUCs? 
Agreed: there would need to be valid reasons to organise a conference. 
• Midlands TUC Annual Report contains page on WBDTUC
• Holocausts Memorial Day – Bro. Cole experienced some difficulty as some attendees believed he was too political.  Delegates gave him full support.  Sis. Taylor – Bells from St Peters drowned out everyone else’s contribution.  This was noted by the Bishop at Wolverhampton Together.  Agreed Executive will act upon it.
 (e) WOLVERHAMPTON TOGETHER – report circulated.
 (f) “Gate Lodge” magazine.  POA campaign against BNP.
 (g) PALESTINE SOLIDARITY – 27th February - Great Western - 7.45p.m
 (h) CUBA SOLIDARITY – no report.
 (i) West Midlands COUNTY ASSOCIATION of TUCs:  Coventry Trades Council – Banner theatre 14th March.  Alex McFadden motion – Restoration for Trades Council to have delegates at TUC Annual Conference.

6. AOB

“That this TUC determines to pay an Honourarium of £250 p.a. to the Secretary of that body.”
Proposed by Bro. Hardacre, seconded by Bro. Grant This was discussed but declined as a philosophical principle.