Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council

Delegate Minutes

Thursday 17 December 2015

  1. Welcome and Introductions to delegates and visitors plus apologies:

    Present - Sis Taylor(UNITE-CYW), Halfpenny (NUT) Bros Kelleher, Deacon, Pugh (UNISON Gen), Child (CWU), Purchase (UNITE), Martin (MU), Juss (GMB) Brackenridge (FBU/LP)

Apologies Bros Marris (UNITE), Macmillan (CWU) Sis Battell (NASUWT)


2. Minutes of Meeting: 17 November 2015 agreed correct

Matters Arising: 2(iv) There had been no nominations to Executive Committee. Branches to be contacted for nominations. NK

3(b)Payments now received from the Workers Beer Company for work at Glastonbury and Latitude. Half donated to Trades Council and half to Morning Star. There is sometimes a problem with payments to delegates and other expenses incurred by the secretary when the treasurer is away for long periods. Increase cheque book signatories or investigate electronic transfers were 2 suggestions. This matter to be considered by the EC.


3. Executive Committee Report and Correspondence:

Correspondence: EC again inquorate. Correspondence considered.

a) Good response for 2016 affiliations so far. New affiliation from UNITE Faith Workers branch - new vicar at Pennfields.

b) Councillor Brackenridge elected as Labour Group Trade Union Council Liaison Representative.

c) West Midlands Combined Authority proposed conference (see agenda item 5c))

d) Ongoing difficulty concerning West Midlands County Association of Trade Union Councils has been circumvented by Midlands TUC agreeing that we can elect a delegate and send motions directly to Midlands TUC regional Council. The WMCATUC has requested a meeting to challenge this.

e) Bro Marris supporting USDAW Sunday Trading Campaign. No response from other 2 Wolverhampton Labour MPs.

f) A letter from Black Country Peoples' Assembly to Labour Councillors circulated.

g) £25 agreed for Hazards 2016 sponsorship. It is a very good campaign Report from 2015 t0 be given at next meeting by Bro Pugh.

h) £50 Unite Against Fascism affiliation request agreed.

j) Request for 1,000 postcards for Action for Rail activity on 4 January agreed. MPs to be contacted details and cards circulated.

m) Sis Taylor in progress re contacting Paul Quigley re Miners' Strike exhibition at Art Gallery.


4. Election of Delegates to Midlands TUC

Sis Halfpenny and Bro Deacon nominated to Midlands TUC Pensioners' Network.

Bro Kelleher elected as delegate to Midlands Regional TUC.

5. Reports/discussion:

a) delegates workplace reports- Musicians Union: Bro Martin informed delegates that there would be a demonstration on Monday 21 December outside the Barclay Card Arena in Birmingham where the Pantomime Cinderella is being performed with recorded music and NOT live music.

b) Secretary's report- http://strongerunions.org/2015/12/09/if-you-heartunions-join-our-week-of-action-against-the-trade-union-bill/ Heart Unions is a TUC national ongoing campaign with a week of action 8-14 February 2016. 9 Feb World's largest workplace meeting. Agreed to hold 'an event' to be determined. (executive to discuss) Ideas welcomed.

Bro Kelleher also reported on continuing cuts regarding jobs relating to care of the elderly and disabled, future cuts to street cleaning services, highways etc. next year. There was a wide ranging discussion on the situation. Labour TU councillor to be asked to enlighten us on the council's proposed cuts.

Rail fares to rise again 2 January 2016 (see correspondence 3j)Over last 5 years fares have risen nearly 3 times faster than average wages. 1% increase this time. New banner Action for Rail - Bring Back British Rail.

The Co-operative bank has closed the national Cuba Solidarity and national Palestine Solidarity accounts without warning. Also local accounts affected. Unity Trust Bank is the one for political accounts. discussion about where to do personal banking. Agreed to invite a speaker from the Co-operative Movement to a future meeting to explain the position.

Trade Union Representatives' Programme- Wolverhampton, Beckminster House , Birches barn Road, Wolverhampton WV3 7RJ. Spaces still vacant. 10 week courses commencing in January- Union Representative Stage 1 Mondays 9-4, and Health and Safety Stage 1 Tuesdays 9-4.

Bombing of Syria was discussed. The response of our MPs as follows - R Marris against, P McFadden for, E Reynolds for. Proposed to invite 3 MPs for a full debate about this matter.

c) West Midlands Combined Authority - Possible threat to jobs, services and local democracy a conference was proposed of trade union councils by the treasurer of Birmingham TUC. However having consulted Bro Barron of Midlands TUC it was a TUC meeting and we did not participate. The combined authority will happen so we need to try and get something out of it!!


d) Wolverhampton Palestine Solidarity Campaign - Bro Deacon gave a brief report concerning the investment of West Midlands Pension funds in Israeli companies etc. Meeting with Jasbir Jaspal chair of Pension Fund. Remainder of Bro Deacon's report deferred to next meeting due to time constraints.


6 Slideshow of 150 Years of WB&DTUC + Seasonal Refreshment

This concluded the meeting


Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council

Delegate Minutes 17 November 2015

  1. Welcome and introductions to delegates and visitors plus apologies:

    Present - Sis Taylor(UNITE-CYW), Halfpenny (NUT)

Bros Kelleher, Turner, Everall & Pugh (UNISON Gen), Childs & Walder (speaker) (CWU), Rahimi & Purchase (UNITE), Councillor G. Brackenridge

Apologies Bros Juss (GMB), J Grant (UCU), Marris (UNITE), Macmillan (CWU), S Grant (NUT) Sis Battell (NASUWT) All were welcomed and introduced.


  1. Minutes of Meeting: 15 October 2015 agreed correct Matters Arising:

    i) follow up re John Harris miners' exhibition

    ii) contact council leader re TU Bill

    iii) Socialist Health Association speaker? re infant mortality

    iv)future of EC – only been a 2 or 3 quorate EC meetings this year – branch secretaries have been written to re nominations for EC – proposed: a wider EC group for decision making/planning via an email group


3. Executive Committee Report and Correspondence:

  1. thank you from Greg Brackenridge and family – attended meeting. £50 donation agreeed to All Hands disaster volunteer group https://give.hands.org/checkout/donation

  2. payments from Workers Beer Company £1603 Glastonbury £455 Latitude being chased up – email sent re-invoicing

  3. Labour Leave EU – offer of speaker

  4. Midlands TUC Health & Safety Forum Launch 11am, Thurs 3rd December Derby

  5. The Hop Project explores the social and political implications of hop production in the West Midlands (i.e. the history of agricultural labour, stories of migration and immigration). Historically, a mass-exodus from Birmingham & the Black Country – having stall on May 1st

  6. TUC - Usdaw Sunday trading laws put on hold – have written to MPs

  7. TUC reveals that the Chancellor’s tax credit cuts will hit the West Midlands harder than London and the South.

  8. WMCATUC AGM 5 December

  9. Justice for Colombia £60 affiliation request noted

  10. Cuba Solidarity - record UN vote 191-2 against blockade of Cuba

  11. 10,500 page views on our website www.wolvestuc.org.uk in last month, 82% related to our minimum wage page

  12. Midlands TUC accepted and confirmation of payment received for our application for TUC Development grant £300 for our 150th anniversary

  13. room booking requests civic 2016 request confirmed but civic unavailable for March meeting

  14. British Pensioners Trade Union Action Association Burford School Strike trip donation £36 sent

  15. sent to Midlands TUC re disproportionate allocation of Midlands TUC council places to trades councils – went before Midlands TUC EC 10 November – Reg Sec has responded and our points accepted; letter circulated, response to TUCs due out

  16. sent EC/officer nominations and 2016 affiliation forms by email & post to branches


4. Reports/discussion:

a] delegates workplace reports- UNISON gave a report on council's decision to close elderly care and respite homes despite the 5,500 petition and six times on Ex & St front page. No labour councillors visited the affected homes during the campaign. 250 lbs at threat mostly women workers.

Secretary's written report circulated. Quote given to Express & Star re women's pay in Wolverhampton being in the bottom 2% of the country.


5. Speaker - Bro Clive Walder told us of his situation. He is chair of CWU Birmingham, Black Country and Worcester Branch. A long standing CWU representative and activist with British Telecom who had an appeal against unfair dismissal rejected by them 9th November.

He had worked for BT for 38 years. He was sent to a Call Centre in West Bromwich and had currently been redeployed there for 4 years. Before commencing this role there was no assessment of his capability to do the job. The role was below his skill level, although he still received the higher pay grade. He described the stress involved in the job. Targets that were set and hours worked.

He was dismissed after an aggressive customer reported him to management just after 33seconds into a telephone call. The decision was made without taking stress into account despite CWU reporting that 7% of staff at the call centre leave their jobs each month, some walking out mid-shift. Management took the decision without consulting any medical advice or considering any mitigation. They did not look objectively at previous service either.

Bro Walder believes his union activity and high pay were also factors in his dismissal but impossible to prove. Conciliation will commence through ACAS. Protest emails to BT executive - Chief executive Gavin Patterson http://btplc.com/Thegroup/Ourcompany/Theboard/Ourboard/index.htm Contact Bro Walder with messages of support This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 07771931185. Donations through his union branch This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 01212304157 2.41 Midland ATE, 60 Station Street, Birmingham, B5 4AL. Donation of £50 agreed


Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council

Delegate meeting Minutes 15 October 2015


1. Welcome and Introductions to delegates and visitors plus apologies: Present - Sis Taylor(UNITE-CYW), Halfpenny (NUT)

Bros Kelleher, Deacon, Pugh (UNISON Gen), J Grant (UCU), Childs (CWU), Brackenridge (FBU) Rahimi, Pender (speaker) (UNITE),

Apologies Bros Juss (GMB) Sis Battell (NASUWT) All were welcomed and introduced.


2. Minutes of Meeting: 16th July 2015 agreed correct Matters Arising: 3.f) Despite contacts being made with Paul Quigley regarding John Harris' Miners' Strike photography exhibition there has been no response. Maybe other avenues need to be tried? NK


3. Executive Committee Report and Correspondence: No executive as

inquorate. This needs to be made a quorate group. Future discussion as to how this could be achieved.


1) Trade Union Bill lobby November 2nd, minibus - if wish to go contact UNISON 554095

2) Bro Marris TU Bill briefing see website. https://www.tuc.org.uk/tubill

3) Agreed to donate £36 to British Pensioners and Trade Union Association Burford School Strike trip

4) USDAW members lobby of parliament re Sunday trading laws 16th October. USDAW have not affiliated to Trades Council for many year. Agreed to write to local MPs with USDAWs views. NK

5) Institute of Employment Rights 'Kill the Bill' booklet circulated and loaned to Sis

Taylor and Halfpenny.

6) WMCATUC meeting 19th September - no minutes received. AGM 5th December 2015

8) TUC right to strike meetings last month - attendance Dudley - 18, Birmingham 120, Wellington approx. 20. Need to contact Tory MPs about this and also Local Councillors.Bro Brackenridge to circulate list of councillors emails. Leader of Council to be contacted. NK

9) Accounts from 150 anniversary celebration circulated. well attended but not many local trade unionists.

10) UNISON has run a good campaign to save elderly services in Wolverhampton Information on meetings and council lobby will be on Trades Council website.

11) May be possibility of losing right to vote due to new registration methods. Hope not Hate are running campaign http://www.wolvestuc.org.uk/index.php/employment-rights/25-campaigns/699-national-voter-registration-drive Can check on local council website whether you are registered or not.

12) Palestine Solidarity Campaign - has caused Veolia to withdraw investments in Israel. Some success after lots of pressure. Benjamin  Netanyahu visited UK but government kept it quiet to avoid protests. Public Service Pension such as the West Midlands run by Wolverhampton has funds in Israel and apparently the Tory's will not allow funds to disinvest on ethical grounds!


4. Reports/discussion:

a] delegates workplace reports

UNISON Workplace inspections of cemeteries are due Issues to be reported on at November meeting.

NUT - Education matters More schools in Wolverhampton are becoming academies and the local secretary has many workplaces to deal with instead of local authority alone. A great deal of casework arising from changes and stress caused to teachers. Performance related pay such that pay rises are not automatic. Due to Bro J Grant's workload he is unable to negotiate this in individual schools. Staff have to get together to fight unfairness. A toolkit is available on the NUT national website. http://www.teachers.org.uk/paytoolkit UNISON members at St Peter's School made redundant without apparently proper process.


b] Secretary's report & TU Bill- Bro Kelleher tabled his report. TUC Midlands first Equality Conference for activists and representatives in the region. 11am Saturday 31st October, CWU Offices, Summer Lane, Birmingham, B19 3TH. http://www.wolvestuc.org.uk/index.php/employment-rights/25-campaigns/731-tuc-midlands-equality-conference Good response so far. Bro Deacon will report back.

Progress is a group which is part of the Labour Party. At a recent West Midlands Conference Wolverhampton MPs - Pat McFadden and Emma Reynolds were both speakers.

At the Trade Union Congress a motion from the Trades Councils to allow a delegate to Congress who can speak to a Trades Council motion was passed. One delegate from England and Wales will represent Trade Councils.

c] TUC Pensioners' Network - Bro Deacon tabled a detailed report of the meeting 12th August. There was also a conference in Coventry 1st October concerning pensions unfortunately only retired people not workers were present. Problem with working longer for those in demanding jobs such as the health service. Is it worth reviving the campaign 68 is too late? A strange motion from ASLEF was carried unanimously at Trade Congress pensioners believe it is not 'old v young'. 'Young Again' booklet recommended.

d] Black Country People's Assembly - This appears now to be 'a failure'. It was set up a couple of years ago(Sandwell and Walsall never got involved). initially quite a good response with different people involved. it has subsequently dwindled and dwindled. Little democracy or information circulated. Brother Keheller is disappointed as it now has very little basis.

e] - Wolverhampton Palestine Solidarity Campaign - See correspondence 12) A documentary film by Katie Barlow - 10 years old but just as relevant as when it was made. Friday 23rd October, 7.30pm, Friends Meeting House, Summerfield House, Summerfield Road, Wolverhampton


  1. Speaker - Bro Shaun Pender - He is new to role with UNITE Community in the area. Community has very little presence in the West Midland. UNITE Community was started 3 years ago to offer unemployed, carers, disabled etc. protection. There is a discounted rate of member ship of 50p per week. It is an opportunity to empower people who had lost a sense of agency. It can organise people in the community through UNITE to challenge austerity collectively. Stoke and Worcester have active branches in local and national campaigns. Some success with highlighting and changing practices in Sports Direct and Pizza Express through campaigning. Community hubs are a wya forward to help people access welfare, food banks etc.. Industrial Branches with funds can finance initiative. A group is being piloted in Shropshire. There are 230 members of Community in the Black Country. A branch needs to be developed locally in Wolverhampton.

    UNITE also has a schools programme for Secondary Schools and Further Education College. There is a set of materials which raise issues such as democracy and inclusion etc.. It slots into PSHE and Citizens Curriculum. Getting into schools is problematic Sis Taylor will contact Youth Council. There was a discussion about the lack of support that Trades Council receives from the UNITE office in Wolverhampton. www.unitetheunion.org/communitybenefits


September 17th 2015 WB&DTUC 150th anniversary celebration

Held instead of usual delegate meeting.

It was standing room only at our 150 years celebration

150th anniversary Wolves TUC


Marie Taylor President WB&DTUC and Nick Kelleher Secretary WB&DTUC compared 

a minute's silence was held for former President of WB&DTUC Alan Millington

Rob Marris MP, Vice-President WB&DTUC spoke on the Trade Union Bill, the new Labour leader and our history
Lee Barron, Midlands TUC Secretary spoke on the right to strike and the Trade Union Bill

Adrian Turner UNISON branch Secretary gave a report straight back from the Trades Union Congress

Ade Turner UNISON

former MP, Ken Purchase  paid tribute and drew the raffle with prizes: House of Commons whisky, £25 from Thompsons Solicitors, Attila's autobiography and George Barnsby's History of Socialism in the Black Country and the No.1 of our 150 anniversary badges

headliner Attila the Stockbroker performed and read extracts from his autobiography

Attila the Stockbroker

and was followed by buffet

17 sept 2015 150 years anniversary

cask ales & free buffet

We apologise but the venue is not wheelchair accessible.

performing:Attila the Stockbroker
ATTILA THE STOCKBROKER's autobiography "Arguments Yard" launch tour - 35 years of Ranting Verse and Thrash Mandola
Launched into public consciousness by legendary Radio One DJ John Peel in 1982/83, he has performed well over 3,000 gigs in 24 countries, releasing 40 LPs/CDs and 7 books of poetry. Has twice played Wolverhampton 1st May festival.
Attila's support acts have included Manic Street Preachers, Julian Clary, New Model Army and Billy Bragg! 

He also currently does a regular column in the Morning Star.


 Attila is a sharp-tongued, high energy, social surrealist rebel poet and songwriter. His themes are topical, his words hard-hitting, his politics unashamedly radical, but Attila will make you roar with laughter as well as seethe with anger.

'Whether he's ranting a poem or bashing out a song, there is something magnificent about Attila in full flight'

(Ian McMillan BBC Radio 4).


Wolverhampton, Bilston & District

Trades Union Council delegate minutes Thursday 16th JULY 2015


1. Present: Bro Turner , Everall & Deacon (UNISON Gen), Grant (UCU), McNee (UNISON Univ) Sis Taylor (UNITE). Welcome & introductions to delegates & visitors; apologies: Bro Kelleher (UNISON Gen), Rahimi (UNITE) & Sis Halfpenny (NUT) - all working for WB&DTUC at Latitude festival, Bro Brackenridge (undertaking relief work in Phillipines), Sis Brealey (UNISON Gen),Battell (NASUWT), Bro Juss (GMB) Grant (NUT) Marris (UNITE)


2. Minutes of June delegate meeting and matters arising – Education event still to be developed.


3. Executive Committee inquorate, correspondence of note:

  1. Pat McFadden action for rail response was circulated

  2. Hope Not Hate training camp 24-27 September contact Bro Kelleher

  3. press releases received;TUC - London creating 3xjobs of West Midlands; WCC - Wolverhampton 8th fast growing economy in Britain; WCC - Wolverhampton infant mortality rate highest in Britain - more info on our website. Invite speaker form NHS contact socialist Medical Association agreed

  4. TTIP vote last win week lost went the wrong way Bro. Turner to liaise with Bro. Kelleher regarding meeting with leader of council

  5. EDL planned demo in Stoke-on-Trent 1st of August (was called off)

  6. Paul Quigley regarding John Harris miners' strike photo exhibition - will get back to us

  7. number of cheques still to be written


4. delegates' workplace reports

a) UNISON home closures threat Nelson Mandela House, Merry Hill House, Woden Resource Centre press releases to be organised, letters to MPs, petition launched, lengthy discussion

b) University restructure of Security Services possible impact on jobs


5. Secretary’s report – written report circulated.

  1. Demonstration at the Tory party conference, Sunday 4th October Manchester - joint project with UNISON who will book coach

  2. £150 to be donated for a social camp for volunteers from music festivals in August

  3. 150 year celebration of WB&DTUC agreed at Clarendon Hotel with a tiller the stockbroker other act or speakers to be arranged


    6. Black Country People's Assembly - recent London demo 20th June 5 coaches from Birmingham and the Black Country went down next organising meeting 30th July. National People's Assembly will be holding a week of events in Manchester at time of Tory conference.


    7. Wolverhampton Palestine Solidarity Campaign – garden party


    8. Midlands TUC's Chainmakers festival report: good event on Sunday 12 July unfortunately no WBDTUC stall (Secreatry was at work) but other stalls of interest; re-enactments were possibly too early in day, attendance poor. Midlands unions need to support it or forget it.


9. discussion: of chancellor's recent budget and the sham of a £9 living wage by 2020 in relation to the 1% pay cap for Public Sector workers alongside the cuts in working tax credits Also discussion on the Greek situation information on medical aid circulated


10. any other business: no August meeting



Delegate meeting minutes Thursday 18th JUNE 2015 Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trade Union.Council


Present: Sis Taylor(UNITE-CYW), Battell (NASUWT) Bros Kelleher (UNISON Gen), Childs (CWU), Beuno (UNISON Sandwell), Grant (NUT) Coates (UNITE) all were welcomed and introduced.

Apologies: Sis Halfpenny (NUT) , Kelsey (CWU), Bros J Grant (UCU), Marris (UNITE), Turner, Pugh & Cooper (UNISON Gen), MacMillan (CWU)


  1. Minutes of May delegate meeting agreed no matters arising

  2. Executive Committee report Executive Meeting again inquorate – new members needed


  1. free stall @ Midlands TUC Chainmakers, details received

  2. PSC – Palestine conference for UK trade unions London 4 July

  3. TUC union reps courses Sept15-July16

  4. Working Class Movement Library agreed £30 donation

  5. Stop the War Coalition agreed affiliation £50

  6. Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival £30 sponsorship agreed

  7. £50 from Dudley NUT for Black Country People Assembly (30 April event) donation - £187 now held by us on their behalf

  8. Campaign for TU Freedom AGM 27 June London

  9. Pat McFadden response to Action For Rail campaign

  10. TUC: TTIP euro parliament vote has been postponed, until maybe September. Responses to email only from one Labour & one ukip mep

  11. Norscarf counter action to plan by EDL to demonstrate outside Waterworld, Festival Way, Festival Park, Stoke-on-Trent Saturday 1st August 1pm.

  12. newsletters from affiliated groups – circulated at delegate meeting

  13. sent: Art Gallery/ Paul Quigley re John Harris exhibition

  14. to send: PSC affiliation £25; Wolverhampton May Day Committee £200 donation; Midlands TUC Chainmakers £100 donation; International Brigades Memorial Trust re-affiiation £30; Peoples Assembly re-affiliation £20; response to Msc student research TU & equality

4.a) delegates' workplace reports:

NUT & NASUWT – some cuts but no major attack on terms and conditions yet. Tories want to remove rights of parents and communities to challenge academies. Street stalls done by unions. Academies finding need to join into groups to reduce waste (like under local authority control but without any democratic control). Hard for unions to engage with dozens of individual employers trying to introduce their own policies; unions working to maintain terms and conditions. Very hard to find people willing to become school governors. Schools, LEA and unions had a good relationship for many years locally. Academies shown to be land-grabbing for future sale.

£500 available from TUC grant this year for event around education, need to decide who would it be aimed at? Public,parents or teachers? Bro Grant, Sis Battell to meet with executive members to look into possibilities.

UNISON: one person/week being sacked for sickness currently – meeting sought re draconian interpretation of policy.

UNITE – a year after Youth service privatisation by council, property speculators now own the youth service


b) Secretary’s written report had been circulated. People's Assembly demo London 20 June, no PA coach from Wolverhampton now but places been given on UNITE coach 8am train station


5. Speakers: Bro Kelleher, Sis Taylor gave a report on the Trades Union Councils' national conference.

  • West Midlands TUCJCC representative election result; Dorothy Heath (Walsall TUC) 4 votes-elected; Nick Kelleher (WB&DTUC) 3 votes; Helen Harrision(N.Staffs TUC) 2 votes.

  • Motion to be sent to this year's TUCongress was to seek the trades union councils' delegate be a delegate to the conference and be allowed to move the motion from the annual conference. Bob Crow had passed a motion in 2013 but the General Council “had reservations” and took no action. It was again blocked at last year's congress by USDAW, GMB and UNISON when a similar motion was lost in a card vote 2.9m to 2.7million votes.

  • Both CWU and POA continue to take illegal “wildcat” industrial action in successful defiance of anti-trade union laws.

  • There were 70 delegates in Crewe, almost half from the 24 county associations and the others from the 149 trades union councils. Motions were only submitted by county associations and so our delegate did not have the right to propose or second a motion.

  • We distributed Chainmakers flyers and sold £8 worth of our books and mugs


    6. Any other business none


Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council Minutes 21 May 2015


1. Welcome and Introductions to delegates and visitors plus apologies:

Present - Sis Taylor(UNITE-CYW). Bros Martin (MU), Brackenridge (FBU), Kelleher, Pugh, Cooper & Deacon (UNISON Gen), Childs (CWU), Campbell (ITSOE speaker)

All were welcomed and introduced. Apologies: Sis Battell (NASUWT), Halfpenny (NUT) Bros J Grant (UCU), Rahimi & Marris (UNITE),Juss (GMB), Everall (UNISON)


2. Minutes of Meeting:16 April 2015 agreed with correction of addition: "AOB Shrewsbury College TUC courses under threat, contact Mike Edwards as possible July speaker".

Matters arising: 3.5] 2,000 anti-ukip leaflets were distributed in the election in Wolverhampton in Whitmore Reans and Wednesfield. Anti-fascist rally was organised by Dudley TUC on May 9th in against England First group that assembled. Football hooligan fascist groups threatening to come to Dudley June 13th and a counter rally will be organised by Dudley TUC.


3. Executive Committee inquorate. Correspondence of note:

  1. 2015 affiliations to WB&DTUC received with cheques; NASUWT, UNISON Police Staff & UCU College. Further affiliation requests sent to still unaffiliated branches: UCU University, PCS (West Mercia), RMT, UNISON Acute

  2. help requested by MSc student research TU & equality – to respond

  3. Sis Taylor written to Art Gallery/Paul Quigley re John Harris exhibition

  4. International Brigades Memorial Trust reaffiiation £30 agreed

  5. Peoples Assembly coach 20 June from Wolverhampton £100 donation agreed

  6. Wolverhampton May Day Committee £200 donation agreed

  7. Midlands TUC Chainmakers £100 donation agreed – free stall

  8. Peoples Assembly reaffiliation £20 agreed

  9. Birmingham Pride - this Saturday unions marching at front

  10. message of thanks from Industri Energie Norweigian union

  11. Workers Beer Company places Glastonbury 4 extra places offered and filled, 8total; 8 places offered and filled of 11 requested for Latitude

  12. Amnesty Garden Party; Sunday 14th June 2–5pm at 23 Newbridge Street, Wolverhampton WV6 0EE; All proceeds to Amnesty - Admission free – bring cash to spend!! Children welcome

  13. Block the Factory! 6 July Elbit Factory in Shenstone is not an official PSC event

  14. sent:TUCJCC ballot form, Hope not Hate reaffiliation £50, PO box renewal £312


  1. Reports:

  1. General Election – congratulations were expressed to Rob Marris our Vice-President and newly elected MP and to Pat McFadden and Emma Reynolds who increased their majorities and to Labour council that increased it's majority by two. A new form of campaigning will be required else TU will decline. Further cuts expected.

  2. Secretary’s written report circulated and discussed.

5. Speaker (postponed from last month) Greig Campbell, Project Coordinator 'In the Shadow of Elisabeth' project, exploring the union fight to save Bilston Steelworks

New generations are unaware of Bilston as a steeltown, the project aims to reinstall some civic pride. Despite eventual closure of the still profit-making site, the unionised steelmen of Bilston engaged in a well organised fight which prolonged closure and the loss of the lat 2,400 jobs for 3 years. Helpfrom the Indian Workers association at the time was noted. The struggle not only caught the imagination of industry insiders, the Works Action Committee recruited the local community into their campaign, 800 Bilstonians marched on London.

Possibility of a reproduction of our previous Centenary banner by Bilston Yarn Stars – subject to funding, our support offered.

Agreed to donate copies of WB&DTUC History book to the 24 young volunteers trained to interview for the project. Copy presented to Greig.


6. Any Other Business – none.



Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council Minutes 16 April 2015


1. Welcome and Introductions to delegates and visitors plus apologies:

Present - Sis Taylor(UNITE-CYW). Bros Rahimi (UNITE), Kelleher, Deacon, Everall, Turner & Pugh (UNISON Gen), J Grant (UCU), S.Grant(NUT) Childs (CWU), McNee (UNISON Uni)       All were welcomed and introduced.

Apologies: Sis Battell (NASUWT), Halfpenny (NUT), Dixon (UNISON) Bros Marris (UNITE), Brackenridge (FBU), Juss (GMB),Thomas (Community) 

  1. Minutes of Meeting:19 March 2015 agreed no matters arising.


3. Executive Report and Correspondence: Executive Committee inquorate. Correspondence:

  1. CWU, GMBx13, Sandwell(UNISON) and FBU (helped by Bro Brackenridge) affiliations to WB&DTUC received with cheques; also from FBU received. Requests sent to still unaffiliated branches and invoice for affiliation fees from branches to unite region

  2. TUCJCC ballot Bro.Kelleher noimated, 3 candidates

  3. Wolverhampton City of Sanctury 15 June meet & mingle during refugee week – June delegate meeting speaker?

  4. Bilston Yarn Stars re offer to reproduce our WB&DTUC centenary banner as part of Steelworks campaign, responded

  5. Hope not Hate re anti-ukip campaigning Dudley this weekend and in Whitmore Reans (along with 1st May leaflet), + 1,000 Wednesfield S (Bro G.Brackenridge)

  6. Pat McFadden reply re civil service union campaign from minister

  7. Musicians union donation to us £25

  8. Workers Beer Company places Glastonbury (4 places offerred of 11 requested)

  9. Black Country Peoples Assembly Question Time 30 April Newhampton Arts centre 7pm

  10. 28th April WMDay 1000 posters produced;Workers' Memorial Day is now fully organised. Birmingham TUC H&S conf on 28 April; adverts in Morning Star.

  11. 1st May – 10,000 flyers and 100 posters; adverts in Morning Star. 1st May & WMDay mailings to wider union and voluntary sector. Whitmore Reans leafleting dates circulated. Starts 7pm. 2nd May Sandwell TUC may day & Nottingham

  12. 2015 Women Chainmakers' Festival will be on 12th July 2015 organised by Midlands TUC along Cradley High Street (new venue)

  13. Sis Taylor to contact Art Gallery/ Paul Quigley & Greig Campbell re John Harris exhibition


  14. PO box renewal £312; Liberation affiliation £30; WMCND re-affiliation £10; Abortion Rights re-affiliation £35; Venezeula Solidarity re-affiliation £40; £90 domain & webhosting www.wolvestuc.org.uk until March 2017

  15. Womens TUC Midlands nomination Sis Dixon(sent and accepted)


4. Reports:

a] Midlands Trades Union Council conferenece written report by Sis Dixon circulated (thanks recorded) – cuts to TU education reportd from around the region. Young people to be encouraged to come to trades unon council meetingd – Sis. Taylor to make invites to Youth council.

b] UNISON – cut continue but quiet during election period.

c] NUT – 10% cut expected if Tories win and redundancies by September. £8.3billion has been diverted to freeand academy schools. 2 in 5 new teachers leave within 5 years. Strike action expected too. Agreed to focus our September meeting on education.

d] Secretary's report - Bro Kelleher tabled his report; 3 more affiliations since last month, still more expected. Also noted that the Bnp had not put up candidate in Wolverhampton for the first time since 2006. Their vote had declined each year since then and we maintained our policy of campaigning against them each time.

e] Palestine Solidarity Campaign online campaign to get election candidate's views


5. Speaker Greig campbell postponed until next month.

Film about Shrewsbury 24 pickets campaign was shown using our new projector.


6. Any Other Business – none.


Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council Minutes 19 March 2015


1. Welcome and Introductions to delegates and visitors plus apologies:

Present - Sis Taylor(UNITE-CYW), Battell (NASUWT), Halfpenny (NUT), Dixon (UNISON), Bayton (Dudley TUC), Dugmore, Jones. Bros Kelleher, Deacon, Turner Pugh (UNISON Gen), J Grant (UCU), S.Grant(NUT) Childs (CWU), Juss (GMB), Harris (NUJ speaker) Stoll (Dudley TUC), Jones, Campbell

Apologies: Bros Rahimi & Marris (UNITE), Brackenridge (FBU), Dodd (Community Craft), Thomas (Community) NB Bro Thomas in Compton Hospice All were welcomed and introduced.


  1. Minutes of Meeting:19th February 2015 agreed with correction: A7) should read Palestinian Solidarity Campaign not Liberation.

    Matters Arising:

    2) Sis Dixon agreed to sending in a late nomination for Regional TUC Women's Committee.

    A4) Bro Kelleher went to the inaugural Mary McArthur Lecture by TUC Gen Sec Frances O'Grady. It was full but there were only 110 places. Sis O'Grady spoke well, report on website.

    A9) new anti-ukip leaflets available from Hope not Hate @£100 for 5,000. Cnllr G Brackenridge offered 15,000 at our expense. Bro Marris does not require any.


3. Executive Report and Correspondence: No Executive Committee, cancelled due to Bro Kelleher work commitments. Correspondence of note:

2) Saturday 21st March Stand Up to Racism Demonstration in London, coach 7.15am Falkland Street coach park.

  1. Response from Express and Star regarding today's meeting with John Harris

    10) Workers' Beer Company requests places for Glastonbury (11) and Latitude (13) no Leeds Festival work for next 3 years as Beer Company have lost contract = this will mean our fund raising is likely to halve.

11) Projector received £105

  1. Workers' Memorial Day ordered 1000 A4 posters - £53.48, also 100 A3 May Day and 10,000 flyers


4. Elections: none


5. Reports:

a] UNISON national insurance will be going up in 2016 for local government

b] other delegates workplace reports- NUT, NASUWT As more schools in the City become academies and therefore not under direct Local Authority control the union secretaries have to negotiate with multi agencies which is affecting terms and conditions of employment for teachers. Members are being encouraged to remove the current government in the next general election.

c] Secretary's report- Bro Kelleher tabled his report; the march on 21st March referred to in matters arising

d] Wolverhampton Workers' Memorial Day our 24th annual commemoration in association with the Black Country Urban Industrial Mission will take place on Tuesday 28th April 2015 at 12.30pm at the Cenotaph, St Peter's Square Wolverhampton and is now fully organised. It is advertised on 4 free websites. http://wolvestuc.org.uk/index.php/health-a-safety5/8-workers-memorial-day/276-wmday.

Friday 1st May the main work has been done. Pegasus Whitmore Reans doors open 7.00pm. Leafleting will need to be done. Bro Barron has said there is a Norwegian Delegation of Trade Unionists who may attend and speak. Sis Taylor to investigate. Setting up the night before. If your union wants a stall book now.

2015 Women Chainmakers' Festival will be on 12th July 2015 organised by Midlands TUC along Cradley High Street (new venue)

e] Midlands TUC AGM - No delegates who attended were present at Trades Council so no report. Bro Deacon staffed a stall but was not in meeting.

f] Wolverhampton Palestine Solidarity Campaign - Wolverhampton Fair Trade and Palestine Solidarity Campaign Zaytoun event 26 February was well attended over 50 people some new faces. Now concentration is on the General Election. Palestine Solidarity Campaign website will generate emails to candidates in constituencies. http://act.palestinecampaign.org/lobby/votepalestine So far Wolverhampton is not doing very well! South West 30 emails, South East 12 emails, North East 2 emails. There are plans to leaflet part of the South West Constituency with May Day fliers perhaps. The recent Israeli election does not hold much hope for an independent Palestine.

g] Midlands TUC Pensioners' Network AGM - Extra report given by Bro Deacon. A comprehensive written report was tabled as was a Network Update. There is a lack of representation of retired teacher union members and retired UNITE members. Care in the Community is causing problems a national plan is needed.


6. Any Other Business - The Peoples' Assembly is not really functioning in the Black Country. The best plan is to support National Events.


7. Speaker - Bro John Harris an iconic photographic documenter of the miners' strike on the 30th anniversary of the end of the strike. Bro Harris was a photographer who followed the strike form beginning to end showing not only is own photographs but those of his comrades also. The pictures were from the miners view point unlike much of the media of the time. 50,000 were on strike and 6 were killed as a result of the strike. The wonderful slide show of photographs were more expressive than words and to a large extent spoke for themselves. Time was too short to do justice to this wonderful archive. The TUC at the time let the miners down. There was time for a brief discussion. John Harris' work can be viewed on line. http://www.coldtype.net/Assets.07/Essays/0507.MinersFinal.pdf

Bro Harris was thanked for his presentation and presented with 'History of Wolverhampton and Bilston District TUC 1865-1990'.


 Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council

Delegate Meeting Minutes 19 February 2015


1. Welcome and Introductions to delegates and visitors plus apologies: Present - Sis Taylor(UNITE-CYW), Halfpenny (NUT), Dixon (UNISON), Bros Kelleher, Deacon, (UNISON Gen), J Grant (UCU)

Apologies Sis Battell (NASUWT),Elson (PCS), Whyte (UNISON) Bros Juss (GMB), Rahimi & Marris, (UNITE), S.Grant & Cole (NUT), Turner (UNISON Gen), Thomas (Community)

NB Bro Thomas in Compton Hospice Rm 14 – sent card. All were welcomed and introduced.


2. Minutes of Meeting: 18th December 2014 agreed. Matters Arising: 4) Sis Dixon contacted Bro Keheller too late for Women's Committee but with Sis Dixon's agreement to send in a late nomination.


3. Executive Committee Report and Correspondence:


A1) Concern regarding the number of affiliations received to date from ASLEF, NUT, UCATT, UNISON University, UNITE-CYW WM 7697, UNITE WM6150, UNITE WM6151, and Community 17000 many outstanding

A2) Midlands TUC Fair pay Fortnight February 16th to March 1st - pay has dropped by £4,000 since 2009, see website http://fairpayfortnight.org/

A3) Saturday 28th March, Derby, Pride Park, Midlands Annual Trades Council Conference - 2 delegates needed. We can send motions. Agreed Sis Dixon to be delegate.

A4) Inaugural Mary McArthur lecture by Frances O'Grady Friday 6th March, 7o'clock, Blackheath Coronation Club, Rowley Regis very limited places contact Michelle Kesterton

A5) Leeds TUC Fracking pamphlet circulated. Bro Grant looking at it

A7) Bert Turner and West Midlands Pension Fund contacted regarding Israeli investment. Some people had replies. Discussion followed regarding ethical investment policy.Agreed to seek advice but Turner's letter does not say this. UNISON paying Palestinian Liberation Campaign to do some work. Disinvestment acting on views of pension fund members if enough raise the issue. The argument is that what companies are doing in Israel is illegal, and therefore the pension fund should disinvest in them. Malcolm Cantello is a Trade union rep on the board. Sis Taylor to 'feed' to UNITE reps to attend meetings regarding these issues.

A9) Hope Not Hate re anti UKIP campaigning locally. Bro Kelleher to contact Labour party agents to see if they wish to use these leaflets. Hope Not Hate want a Wolverhampton meeting. Possible date and venues were discussed. Bro Kelleher to liaise with Hope Not Hate and investigate possible leaflets and posters of area. Bro Marris to be contacted and the Labour Party to be informed of plans

A10) last year we received the magazine from Liberation free. Agreed following EC recommendation to affiliate £30

A21) £500 TUC special fund available for joint campaigns. Public Services Campaigning possibility with Birmingham subcommittee of trades council for joint anti health cuts campaigning.

B} Future Speakers- John Harris photographer at miners' strike to speak at March meeting. Use Council Chamber and open up meeting. John Harris will use a digital presentation. It was agreed that a LED projector be purchased for £105. Films can be an effective of building relationships. Bro Keheller to store projector at home

C} May 1st - 2 new sites for festival http://www.1stmaywolverhampton.org.uk/

https://www.facebook.com/1stmaywolverhampton Thatcher's Love Child performing - punk! Waiting responses from Transit Trix. Possible speakers discussed - Sue Brierly UNITE.

D} Tuesday 28th April Workers' Memorial Day - UCATT and Bro Marris to speak.

4. Elections:

a] other members of Executive Committee including Green Officer and Publicity Officer. No nominations - The Executive meets week before delegate meeting at Bro Kelleher's house. Take this back to branches for nominations

b] Trades Union Council Annual Conference delegate needed at Crewe 12th to 14th June, agreed bro Kelleher.

c] West Midlands Trade Union Councils Joint Consultative Committee representative Bro Kelleher nominated and agreed.

5. Reports:

a] UNISON council cuts- £123 million cuts to close funding gap now £134 million. £88 million identified. No Trade Union talks yet. 800 voluntary redundancies more than 1300 in last 2 years. 1 person per week is sacked on sickness monitoring. There are a lot more disciplinaries. Street wardens jobs are going despite campaign. 2010 to 2015 82% cuts by government.

b] other delegates workplace reports- none

c] Secretary's report- Saturday 21st March Stand up to Racism in London. 7.15 coach from Falkland Street, Wolverhampton. Donation of £100 towards cost of coach. UNITE's DSG workers who spoke at last meeting have suspended their week of strike action at the end of January to ballot on an improved offer of a one off £1,250 bonus. Tuesday 3rd march 7pm Dudley TUC, Lamp Tavern, High Street, Dudley - Fords Dagenham speaker Sis Cohen and Bro Barron Midlands TUC Regional Secretary. Dudley Anti EDL rally- was attended by at least 3 our delegates. the whole of Dudley closed off with police barricades. About 500 EDL in High Street for their national mobilisation. Good bands, speakers. Dudley Trades council had organised the event well. It had a 'good feel'. Send message to Dudley trades Council congratulating them on this. NK. Old tree Nursery- 2 Workers offered jobs out of 10 so far. Council in talks for a housing association to take over the site. Still to see outcome. Sis Dixon has been at meetings with workers.

d] meeting held regarding West Midlands County Association of Trades Union Councils with local TUCs and Midlands Regional TUC- Bro Barron understand point as the association does not generate any activity. There is no organisation across the county. What would we organise across such a large area? Other areas have 2 representatives on the Regional Council. Bro Barron wondered if the Association could be split into smaller groupings e.g. Black Country Association. There will be 12 months to make the status quo work. Minuters and reports need to be presented to all members. Bro Barron will assist the County Association to try and achieve this. Pay affiliation fee.