Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council Delegate Meeting Minutes

Thursday 20th December 2018


Welcome & introductions to delegates & visitors + apologies

Nick Kelleher UNITE, M Foxall UNITE, Stuart Baker UNITE RO, Chris Pugh UNISON, Bob Simm PCS, J Ceresa UNISON, Rob Marris UNITE, Zahid Ali UNITE COMMUNITY, Tim Martin MU, Ali Rahimi UNITE, Graham Childs CWU, Sharon Dixon UNISON, Clare Simm PCS, Marie Taylor, Celia Hibbert UNITE, Sis Baker + 2 visitors.

Apologies. Greg Brackridge FBU, Bueno UNISON, Warrinder Juss GMB, Grant UCU, J Foxall

Minutes of November delegate Meeting & Matters Arising

Minutes Agreed, Stuart asked if Anne Marie Kilcline had agreed to attend and Nick stated no correspondence yet.

EC report and additional Correspondence Nick Kelleher

Future speaker invited new Unite reg sec Annmarie Kilcline for agm by email(Nov+Dec) + by post (Dec), awaiting reply. Suggestions Bro Juss on law updates; Sis Millar on her mining research; Roy Rickuss Community union Gen Sec(from Wolves); Refugee & Migrant Centre via Bro Simm; Council Budget; Palestine via Bro Deacon, not LP focus on anti-Semitism debate; Francisco Domingo Latin America. Stuart noted that it was speaker from RIFT who spoke at RISC meeting.

Forms for Trades Council registration 2019 and Observers to the 2019 TUC Equality Conferences. Delegates will be chosen at AGM.

Working Class Movement Library annual appeal EC RECOMMENDS £30. Meeting agreed.

Hazards 2019 appeal EC RECOMMENDS £50. Meeting Agreed.

Tinplate workers - plaque unveiling had previously been agreed with council but plaque already put up. Bro Brackenridge: ”After speaking with the leader, Roger will plan an event to mark the sacrifice of the five workers next year as it is the 200th anniversary, “ (which we had suggested).

Shrewsbury 24 campaign 2019 re-affiliation £25 EC RECOMMENDS plus £75 donation – judicial victory announced today, moving closer towards disclosure of documents. Meeting agreed Donation.

Banner Theatre offer of £500 booking of Spirit of 1868 show which celebrates the trade union movement’s continued fight for workers’ rights, and shines a light on some of the struggles, protests and moments of resistance that shaped our past and our present. Deadline for the application was 1 December. dates from March 2019 until the end of July. Length: 105 minutes (includes a 15 minute interval). Discussed possibilities of putting on free show in a park in summer; West park, Hickman park, Bantock Park possibilities. Possible grant for music in parks Tony and Nora Southall Trust. Contact Banner. Chris Pugh suggested the amphitheatre at Wednesfield and possibility of TUC grants was raised.

The Plan, Lucas Aerospace Film, which we sponsored (30 Minute Film) downloaded for meetings. Its about alternatives to military production. Will play at future TUC.

Period Poverty Leeds council debate. Rob Marris spoke about girls who have missed school due to lack of sanitary products. Meeting agreed to write to Wolverhampton council about similar project.

2019 Affiliation WB&DTUC EC Nominations from UNITE WM6150; Affiliation from UNISON City Wolverhampton; Affiliation & Donation from Musicians Union ( ASLEF & Community Craft already reaffiliated.) Delegates reminded to speak to branches.

Peoples Assembly Demo January 12th London. Not aware of transport at this time, Chris will attend.

Councilor Roger Lawrence response re Uber Motion – copied to Allen Lewis UNITE and Taxi Drivers. Court of appeal agreed Uber Driversare workers not self employed, with access to minimum wage and paid holidays. Roger has asked other councils to reduce fees too and added that 50 new jobs have been created in the licensing department.

Heart Unions Week will take place between 11 and 17 of February. The specific focus for 2019 will be about highlighting the scourge of zero hour contracts and the need for unions to eradicate them from the workplace. Unsure how to proceed at this point.

Unison Homecare workers continue to be in dispute with Birmingham City council. Following 39 days of strike action over 15 month period the workers remain resolute in winning this increasingly bitter strike and have just released the latest ballot result, the third in this long running dispute and in response to the TU Act, with over 96% voting yes. Meeting agreed donation of £150.


Unison, Sharon Dixon. Emails have been sent out about jobshare, early retirement, reduced hours. Email was sent without Union consultation. The timing was worrying as it was sent at Christmas. Members have been encouraged to come to AGM and to speak to reps. Marie added that education unions are to be balloted over cuts and conditions.

Secretary’s Report, Nick Kelleher. Amazon protest- GMB. Wolverhampton TUC delegates joined the Rugeley protest led by GMB against conditions a t Amazon. Other events took place around the country on Friday, 23rd November in support of workers being exploited and being put a t risk of serious injury by Amazon. Banners were there from FBU, Midlands Pensioners, Telford TUC and MP Emma Reynolds attended. There was a social afterwards held by GMB with speakers including MP Ruth Smeeth.

Wolverhampton Palestine Solidarity plans the following events see www.wolvestuc.org.uk

Saturday 19th January 2019- Protest against the UK-Israel Arms Trade HSBC Bank, Queen Square 10am-12 noon

Friday 8th February- Public meeting with Beverley Momenabadi, Labour Councillor, on her recent trip to the West Bank.

Zahid Ali added 11th Dec 70th anniversary of right to return, UN panel to express solidarity, oppose Trumps deal to give up rights with Netanyahu. Marie asked to inform Nick of any way they can help.

New folk ballad about Mary McArthur and the chainmakers is on April 9th, 7:30 at Newhampton Arts Centre. The next annual Chainmakers Festival is Cradley Heath High Street on Saturday 6th July 2019.


Stuart- Wolverhampton Homes Unison office being closed down which means their UCAAT banner needs re-homing and displaying. Marie suggested donating it to the Peoples History Museum in Manchester. Rob suggested placing it by the tin plate workers plaque on the day the unveiling event.

Minutes 15 November 2018
Wolverhampton Bilston and District Trades Union Council
1. Delegates welcomed & introductions made by delegates & visitors.
Present: Bro. Kelleher, Marris (Unite WM6150) J.Foxall (UNITE W'ton Homes) Grant (UCU), B.Simm (PCS) Baker (Unite)  Rahimi and Ali (Unite Community) Pugh, Turner (Unison City), Brackenridge (FBU) Childs (CWU) Sis. Taylor (Unite), C.Simm (PCS), Weaver, Ceresa (Unison City), Millar (UCU) 
Apologies  Deacon(Unison City), Juss (GMB) M.Foxall (UNITE W'ton Homes) Sis Dixon, Whyte (Unison City)
2. Minutes of October Delegate Meeting agreed. No matters arising.
3. Nick Read out Exec report from November 7th 2018
1. December's Christmas meeting will have Tim Martin performing.
2. The Chainmakers play ‘Rouse ye Women’ from Townsend productions - Zahid stated that the production is now going ahead at Newhampton Arts Centre April 9th. Marie moved meeting to speak to Townsend Productions and offer help, meeting agreed.
3. Places are still available on the TUC ‘Using Video Effectively’ course and delegates are encouraged to go.
4. Film ‘Peterloo’ is playing from November 16 – 22 at Lighthouse. A group from WB&D will go on November 20 to see it.
5. ILO Conference 5 December. Manifesto for Labour Law. Marie will enquire about time off to attend.
6. GMB holding evening protest outside Amazon in Rugely November 23. Nick and others will attend with Wolves TUC Banner. There will be social held afterward at Lea Hall Miners Welfare Centre. 
7. Motion re Uber Taxis sent to Wolverhampton Council with no response as yet. Unite not responded either. Has been forwarded to Midlands TUC who will discuss it. Wolves TUC has been thanked by W’ton private hire drivers assoc.
8. Rob asked for Nick to read out statement from Nicaragua Solidarity campaign.
9. Rob Congratulated Nick on sales of Wolves TUC history books.
4. Reports / Discussion
a. Unite, Stuart reported on welcome to new regional secretary Anne Marie Kilcline (Nick added she has been invited to speak at Wolves TUC), Spycops will be coming to talk at Unite meeting December 13.
b. PCS, Clare reported Gen Sec Mark Serwotka will be appearing on Question Time.
c. RMT Nothing to report
d. Unison, Adrian reported balloting taking place over strike duration, a day of action planned in Labour Cabinet Member Wards, and spoke about Home care workers in Birmingham. Marie added speakers have not come forward and suggested Clare's Mum speak as she is one of the affected workers.
e. FBU Greg reported strike has been withdrawn, cultural review on two points of negotiations, red lines have been sent to central government. 90 minute debate in parliament scheduled for later in November, T & Cs most important point as may be taken over by combined authority. Public consultation was 52% against takeover and was ignored. 
f. Labour Greg reported cuts to home social care have been dropped, next year might be okay but £25Mil cuts expected in 2020. Car park charges being introduced in Wednesfield and Bilston. Will be dire for High Street. Businesses have asked for it to be introduced to discourage Hospital Parking. At council meetings Tory Cllrs are being attacked over cuts and support for government.
g. UCU Grace reported on restructuring and an unsuccessful strike ballot.
h. Wolverhampton Homes, reported union office being closed down and reps told to ‘hot desk’.
i. Midlands TUC Equalities Conference, Warinder attended. Will have to update in December
4j. Secretary’s Report
      Nick reported Health Campaign on coming Saturday November 17, Stand Up to Racism Demo also on Saturday. Wolves PSC would be holding further protests outside Wolverhampton HSBC December 8. The Unite strike and demo at WZ Packaging attended by Nick, Marie, Ali and Jane. Took the Wolves TUC Banner and had a small march. Manager came out and gave vague threats. Unite have been contacted by Chinese owner and strike has been settled. One rep has been sacked and is awaiting appeal, there may be further action. Telford Trades Council and Unite will work together.
4k. Wolves PSC, Bob D not present but Nick did update on Express & Star running a front page with a correspondent sent to Gaza.
5. Speaker from Unison Chris Pugh on Mental Health in the Workplace
Meeting close. 

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council
Minutes of Delegates' Meeting 18 October 2018

Delegates welcomed & introductions made by delegates & visitors.

1.Present: Sis Taylor (Unite), Millar (UCU), Simm (PCS), Ceresa, Whyte and Dixon (City W'ton Unison), Bro Kelleher and Marris (Unite WM6150), Pugh (City W'ton Unison), Simm (PCS), Rahimi and Ali (Unite Community), Childs (CWU) M.Foxhall and J.Foxhall (Unite WM7085), Brackenridge (FBU), Cross, Shah and Baker(Unite) + one UNITE observer
Apologies Bro Grant (UCU), Juss (GMB), Smith (RMT), Deacon and Sis Weaver(City W'ton Unison)

2. Minutes of September Delegate Meeting agreed. Matters Arising: message was sent to Frances O’Grady following the TUC Brexit Video. No response as yet. Attendance include Sis Millar (UCU) apologies Bro Pugh and Brackenridge

3.Nick read out Exec report from 10 October 2018, Correspondence of note

1. Response from SrtRC & RM: There is no suitable leaflet to be used for wear red day. Exec decided to postpone action until leaflet available to hand out at Wolves FC. Meeting Agreed to take picture of all present to post on campaigns Facebook page and social media.
2. Invited to speak at WSW CLP 11/10/18. It was the first time WB&D TUC have been invited. Four new people signed up to emailing list and response was good.
3. Stuart Baker arranged speaker from Unite re Uber Taxis and Wolverhampton Council private hire licences. Wolverhampton Councillors invited.
4. Arena theatre have been contacted re Chainmakers Play, Too expensive. Paulette confirmed Bob Jones Centre would charge £25 per hour for event.
5. TUC Midlands Equality conference is inviting delegates to register, Warinder will be attending.
6. Detailed policies from the Labour Party regarding the Labour Manifesto released by the Institute of Employment rights Paulette has a copy and will share insights with people.
7. Tim Martin produced new video ‘Magic Money Tree’ and CD with dedication to WB&D TUC for support to over the years. Meeting Agreed to invite him as entertainment for December meeting and give away CDs to attendees. Plus seasonal refreshments.
8. Sent another offer to BFAWU to help with campaigning but still no reply. Bob S mentioned that he and some staff from RMC leafleted outside Mcdonalds on day of strike. Marie said she would contact BFU for more activism Grace said she would also contact them.
9. Midlands TUC workshop on using video for unions. Nick attended last year and said it was worth doing.
10. Wolverhampton Women's Parliament event, if anyone is going then it would be good to go on behalf of Trades Council.
11. Councillor Hibbert's Event 10/11/18 Women Empowerment in partnership with counter terrorism police. Unsure who the organisation is.
12. TUC H&S forum. Marie suggested Chris speak on behalf of Hazards.

4. A. Delegate reports: UNITE, PCS , UNISON, LP etc

PCS: Clare Simm reported on victory in winning compensation for government attacks on ability to use the check off system for fee payments. £3 Million in damages awarded.

RMT: Apologies

FBU: Greg Brackenridge reported. All contracts for fall response have been taken back. 8 FBU Reps have been suspended during full review of service. 3 Major points of the dispute have been won.

Labour: Councillor Brackenridge reported. Wolverhampton Homes wage cuts are being branded as job evaluations. More budget cuts are coming as council is ‘cut to the bone’, some of the proposed cuts are unacceptable as we need to support the most vulnerable. Theresa May has said Austerity is over but not even close. Cuts are not savings. Leaflets will be produced explain the reasons for these cuts, high street petition’s. Council must avoid being sent into special measures. Clare Simm added Roger Lawrence has set up a council petition. She will forward details.


4.B. Midlands TUC Regional Council -Sharon Dixon reported. Strong meeting with 6 good speakers set out in report prepared for meeting. 1, a home-care worker mentioned that her colleagues were looking to food banks to survive. Sharon says that she was informed that many big chain restaurants responsible for not sharing tips are American owned. She also mentioned that recruiting young members recognised as something that needs to be worked on, A written report was also submitted and shared to branch members. Marie thanked her for her contribution.


4..C. WB&D TUC Secretary's Report. - Nick Kelleher Reported. Leafleting sessions outside Wolverhampton Train Station and Birmingham anti Austerity March at Tory Conference. 4/11/18 there will be protest at Telford A&E about night time closures. Trades council have been asked to support. Contact Nick for transport. Rob Marris commented we need to get more input from medical staff on best interest for patients. Telford Labour and Council are backing the campaign. General discussion followed about waiting times and impact on New Cross Hospital.

4.D. Midlands TUC Pensioners Network – Apologies

4. E. Wolverhampton Palestine Solidarity - Bob Deacon not present but information sent about HSBC Protests and Film Night.

speaker at 8pm
Unite Full Time Officer came from Coventry to give talk on damaging actions by Wolverhampton Council on handing out cheap and numerous licenses to Taxi Drivers across the country. In particular how Uber were taking advantage of the situation.

General discussion of the talk followed It was agreed that Trades Council would forward a motion to Midlands TUC to boycott Uber:

Wolverhampton Bilston and District Trades Union Council condemns City of Wolverhampton Council for utilising Tory deregulation legislation in a way which harms the taxi industry; for example City of Wolverhampton Council has issued thousands of licences to drivers for use outside Wolverhampton in particular for Uber which apparently uses Wolverhampton due to its lower thresholds for operators and vehicles and lower licence prices, and which is contributing to the undermining of earnings of taxi drivers and threatens the future of the wheelchair accessible hackney carriages and private hire cabs bearing in mind that taxis are an integral part of our public transport system particularly late at night when other services shutdown. 

Moreover Uber appears to be challenging safety due to its apparent lack of vehicle age restriction and its apparent disregard for the total hours per week its drivers work (for Uber and at another job), thereby potentially breaching the weekly limit set in the Working Time Regulations.

Uber is running its business as a loss, apparently in order to drive out competition via a race to the bottom for standards.

We therefore call on all trade unionists and others to defend our taxi services and not to use Uber. 

We call on City of Wolverhampton Council to work with other West Midlands local authorities to:

  1. agree high quality standards for taxi operators and drivers and fair licence prices across the West Midlands for taxi operators.
  2. lobby national politicians to reverse the Tory legislation that:

(a) allows drivers to get licences from Local Authorities where they do not work

(b) allows operators to get licences from Local Authorities where they seldom operate

(c) prevents Local Authorities from setting a cap on the number of hackney carriage and private hire licences issued and operating in their area

Minutes Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council Delegate Meeting

Thursday 20th September 2018

  1. Welcome & introductions to delegates & visitors.

    Present: Sis Taylor (UNITE), Simm (PCS), Millar (UCU University), Whyte, Dixon (UNISON City), Hibbert (UNITE WM6150). Bro Childs (CWU), Kelleher, Marris, Foxall, Baker (Unite WM6150) Rahimi (UNITE WM5103), Beuno (Sandwell UNISON), Childs (CWU), Deacon, (UNISON City) + apologies Bro Smith (RMT), Grant (UCU), Juss (GMB), Pugh (UNISON), Brackenridge (FBU)

  2. Minutes of July delegate Meeting agreed with corrections “Touchstone” not “Tombstone” & no Matters Arising

  3. No EC held; correspondence of note

  1. Midlands TUC -this Saturday –Sis Dixon agreed as replacement

  2. BPTUAA Coventry - Burston Strike rally 2/9/18 agreed to sponsor 3 tickets at £12ea.

  3. Campaign for TU Freedom reaffiliation £35 agreed

  4. Offer to jointly leaflet station Thurs 27 sept re tory conf demo – Bro Lynch (Walsall) 7-30am agreed

  5. UNITE re TGI Fridays strike over company taking tips, solidarity message sent

  6. Health Campaigns Together Conference: The Crisis In Social Care Sat 17th November: Birmingham St Luke's Church Centre, B15 2AT

  7. bought paper £2.99; stamps £22.28; “Tackling the Housing Crisis” to send £48 for 6 extra books to Tony O'Brien

  8. 1,600 UK page views on our website this month, www.wolvestuc.org.uk;

  9. Birmingham Peoples Centre for Unemployed - sent £50

  10. 2018 affiliations (19). ASLEF, Community Region 4 Associates, Community W'ton Craft, CWU, FBU, GMB X13, Musicians Union, NEU-NUT, RMT, UCU University, UNISON Acute (New Cross), City of Wolverhampton UNISON, UNISON Police staff, UNISON Sandwell General, UNISON W.Mids Community, UNITE WM6150, UNITE WM 5203, UNITE Faith workers. + new affiliation UNITE WM7085

  11. Townsend Productions crowd funding request for Chainmakers play “Arouse Ye Women” or £1,000 for show after April 19th 2019. Check venues Lighthouse MT had no response; Newhampton Arts Centre (£410 for fri/sat theatre) BS; Bilston Town hall; Arena Theatre

  12. Fri 19 Oct Show Racism the Red Card – via UNITE. (Wolves v Watford 3pm Sat 20 Oct). From Wolves FC – contact for leaflets. Bro Baker maybe able to access t-shirts

  1. Reports/discussions:

  1. delegate reports: PCS – pay ballot 42% turnout below threshold though high % for strike

  2. WBDTUC Secretary's report - Demo at Tory conference – Bro Kelleher

  3. Midlands TUC Pensioners' Network- Bro Deacon gave report

  4. Wolverhampton Palestine Solidarity - Bro Deacon gave update on forthcoming events see www.wolvestuc.org.uk

  1. any other business none

    6. discussion at 8pm: video by TUC Gen. Sec on TUC Brexit position, after discussion came up with the following conclusions which we will send to the TUC General Secretary:

The TUC's expressed opinion is unclear and a fudge.

The deal being discussed by the government and EU is not about workers' rights. It is about trade deals and tariffs.
When Britain leaves the EU it would be the government which may or may not attack workers' rights. 
The Tories are not threatening it yet. To guarantee workers' rights trade unionists need to, as ever, be prepared to fight for our rights. 
The best guarantee of preserving and improving our rights would be with Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister.
If there is to be a "popular" or "people's vote", it is a general election not another referendum which we need.

Those calling for another referendum are divided:
some ask for a vote on an as yet unagreed deal with the EU that the Tories may negotiate and few voters would read. The alternative being no deal, leave the EU under World Trade Organisation tariffs with the EU until further negotiations take place.
others think that a referendum should be their chance to overturn the first referendum - the people's vote to leave the EU.

Currently since the first referendum nothing has happened except that a date to leave has been decided. 
Any referendum would be a boost for UKIP; already dwindling, once we leave shall have no reason to exist.

A second referendum would have implications for respect of democratic vote. If the first vote had been stay in would there be any second chance referendum again now?
Millions of working class voters are already disillusioned and alienated from the political class and the capitalist democracy which gives them a vote every five years.

Multinationals are hiding behind Brexit to make already decided cuts/closures.

After the discussion, one delegate, who is also a Labour Councillor, expressed the view that"I have been involved in a number of Brexit discussions and had not been looking forward to the trades union council meeting, but it has the most informed and sensible debate that I have been part of."

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council Delegate Meeting
Delegate Minutes Thursday 19th July 2018

1. Welcome & introductions - 26 Present: Sis Taylor(UNITE), Jones (RMT), Stoll (visitor) Simm (PCS), Dixon (UNISON City) Bro Smith (RMT), Grant (UCU), Childs (CWU), Royale, Stoll (UNISON Dudley), Kelleher, Marris, Foxall, Baker (Unite WM6150) Rahimi (UNITEWM5103), Childs (CWU), Brackenridge LP/FBU, Juss (GMB), Deacon, Pugh (UNISON City), O'Brien (UNITE speaker), Weller plus 4 other visitors
Apologies Sis Whyte (UNISON City)
2. Minutes of June delegate Meeting agreed. Matters Arising - letters to be sent. 4g Dennis Skinner had not attended own Q&A with LP
3. EC report -correspondence of note:
a) future speaker suggestions Refugee & Migrant Centre; Council Budget
b) 2018 new affiliations UNITE WM 5203 W.Mids Retired and UNISON WMids Community. All affiliates: ASLEF, Community W'ton Craft, CWU, FBU, GMB X13, Musicians Union, NEU-NUT, RMT, UNISON Sandwell General, UNISON City of Wolverhampton UNISON, UNISON Acute (New Cross), UNISON Police staff, UNISON WMids Community, UNITE Faith workers, UNITE WM6150, UNITE WM 5203.
c) £21 raised on Chainmakers' stall; £45 affiliation from UCU University
d) bought paper&envelopes £7.97; box envelopes £11.97; stamps 3x12 £20.16; July 19th refreshment snacks £14.38 (=£54.48)
e) Townsend Productions crowd funding request for Chainmakers play “Arouse Ye Women” or £1,000 for show after April 19th 2019. Check venues Lighthouse MT; Newhampton Arts Centre (£410 for fri/sat theatre) BS; Bilston Town hall; Arena Theatre, Wednesfield open air amphitheatre Coppice Hill via Greg – large potential audience as 14k advertising. Could seek TUC Development Grant of £300
f) “The Plan - that came from the bottom up” – crowdfunding sought for Lucas Aerospace film – agreed £100 donation - sent
g) Midlands TUC Pensioners Plan of Work, minutes
h) TUC -Trades Council' national conference report
i) Fri 19 Oct Show Racism the Red Card – via UNITE. (Wolves v Watford 3pm Sat 20 Oct) T-shirts/leaflets available Bro Marris to contact Wolves to see when they next have event
j) Midlands TUC request for support for Birmingham Peoples Centre for Unemployed – Agrred donation £50
k) Midlands TUC Chainmakers feedback session 1st August 3pm-4.30pm at GMB West Midlands offices
l) 1,400 UK page views on our website this month, www.wolvestuc.org.uk; 200 reach on Facebook

4. Reports/discussions:
a) delegate reports: UNITE – W'ton Homes trying to exclude trade unions; Amey contract expected back in-house
b) RMT – Oxley Sidings – in negotiation reduced number of redundancies and increased offers
c) UNITE Community Black Country inaugural meeting was inquorate
d) FBU Fired Up campaign outcome of negotiations forced by strike threat – introduction of new entrants contacts halted. Other brigades now stepped back as a result.
e) WBDTUC Secretary's written report discussed. Licensing of Uber taxis from all over country by Wolverhampton council who are processing super fast to attract revenue, had provoked protest by UNITE Coventry taxi drivers. Believed around 10,000 licences granted with less than 1,000 being from Wolverhampton, bringing in £2.2million. Council officers reported to have harassed protesters and threatened with car cruising laws over their action. Contact UNITE – Bro baker and LP Bro Brackenridge and Juss. Cnllr Alan Balshaw is Chair Licensing committee could be invited.
f) TUC Pensioners report – Intergenerational report on social care funding TUC co-sponsors but not TUC policy need new TUC Touchstone publication. TUC Bus Tour Action for Bus Campaign, plan unclear need to link passenger and UNITE/RMT
g) Wolverhampton Palestine Solidarity - Bro Deacon Gaza killings of kids still occurring - little in media. PSC lost appeal, financial strategy paper - £100 donation agreed circulate to unions. Knessit recently passed law proclaiming Israel a Jewish state and excluding 20% of Arabic citizens and their language.

5. any other business -none

6. speaker at 8pm: Tony O'Brien (UNITE) former national secretary Construction Safety campaign and convenor Southwark Council Building Direct Organisation spoke about and signing copies of his new book which shows how local authority directly employed workers and the creation of a national public-sector construction organisation can be the answer to our corrupt system of control by the building companies and property speculators.
We purchased 21 of these books and gave away at meeting, which Tony signed. 6 books still to be paid for £48 -refreshments were provided.

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council
Delegate Minutes Thursday 21st June 2018

1. Present:Sis Taylor(UNITE), Jones (RMT), Simm (PCS) Bro Smith (RMT), Grant (UCU), Kelleher, Foxall, Baker (Unite WM6150) Rahimi (UNITEWM5103), Childs (CWU), Brackenridge LP/FBU, 

Apologies Martin (MU) Simm (PCS), Marris (UNITE WM6150), Deacon, Pugh, Cooper (UNISON City) Sis Ceresa, Whyte, Dixon (UNISON City)

2. Delegates stood for a minute silence in memory of Bro Stuart Grant of NEU-NUT followed by tributes; Stuart had been delegate from NUT for around 15 years and had always stood up against incidences of racism as well as our anti-bnp campaigns.

3. Minutes of May delegate Meeting agreed; Matters Arising: letter to be drafted to police for use if far-right come to Wolverhampton again.

4. EC report discussed with correspondence of note:
a) 2018 affiliation RMT received and two new delegates were welcomed and thanked for moving their meeting date to encourage attendance as previously clashed.
b) from UNITE WM Reg Sec re intention to affiliate en bloc at £500/yr – awaiting lists of branch delegates. BACS details supplied
c) NHS demo Sat 30 June UNITE the union are offering FREE coach seats
d) UNITE - “Tackling the Housing Crisis with publicly owned construction direct labour organisations” - book and author Tony O'Brien (UNITE) agreed to speak Thurs 19 Jul, flyer produced – agreed to purchase 15 books to distribute at meeting. Bro Brackenridge to invite councillors. Could delegates circulate please?
e) Workers Beer company – no places for Labour Live due to collapse of ticket sales
f) WMCND re-affiliation £7+£8 donation agreed
g) Evening with Dennis Skinner – @Lighthouse 23 June tickets available from WBDTUC
h) Midlands TUC Chainmakers' (7 July) stall volunteers needed
i) LP organising NHS stall in Qu sq and Wednesfield also 7 July
j) Together Against Trump Wed 27 June 7.30pm Darlington Methodist Church School St WV14LF; Qu Sq 'protest' Thurs 12 July 5.30pm; national demo on Friday 13th July 2pm BBC, Portland Place London W1A 1AA coach from Unite 9.30 Faukland St Coach Pk WV1 1JN This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book
k) Tolpuddle festival weekend 20-22 July for 4 people,1 car, 2 tents =£65ea go Fri return Mon + beach visit, no work! – anyone interested?
l) 1,400 UK page views on our website this month, www.wolvestuc.org.uk; 200 reach on Facebook
m) sent: Institute of Employment rights £50 re-affiliation; CSW Waspi £50 donation + £15 travel expenses ; Midlands TUC £100 donation towards Chainmakers' festival
n) WBDTUC new GDPR Privacy Policy http://wolvestuc.org.uk/index.php/wbdtuc/908-privacy-policy

5. Reports/discussions:
a) delegate reports:
UNITE – W'ton Homes terms & conditions review announced -fight expected; demo at Smethwick Midland Met hospital site where work stopped due to Carillion collapse, 5-30 5th July
PCS - strike ballot started for action over 5% pay claim ends 23 July
RMT -Oxley Sidings maintenance yard, Alstom Traincare Centre, closure announced this week will be a loss of 92 jobs; also four other sites, 200 jobs total. Trains currently terminate at Wolverhampton and are fixed overnight. Safety concerns for future. Support pledged for any campaign. Write to Cnllr Roger Lawrence. Negotiations due for Save the Guard campaign.
UNISON - delegates at conference
LP – reported that officers being challenged more often by councillors. Most cuts already made 40% reduction in gov.grant here only 7% in Oxford. Beaties potential of residential housing/hotel conversion after closure. Retail decline, redevelopment plans locally put on hold after financial crash and developers have sat on future compulsory purchase plots.
b) Midlands Trades Union Councils conference – Bros. Kelleher and Simm attended. 15 delegates, 2 visitors and 7 on panel; no introductions or reports from TUCs only one out of date motion with nowhere for it to go. Redundant conference without purpose or use.
c) WBDTUC Secretary's report – written report discussed
d) Wolverhampton Palestine Solidarity – garden party on 8 July


6. speaker at 8pm: FBU West Midlands strike mandate – Cnllr Greg Brackenridge FBU, on WMids Fire Authority and National Fire Safety Scrutiny Group spoke.
9:1 in favour of strike over 5 key points, 80% turnout - FBU says the new contracts are exploitative of the newest employees in the fire and rescue service. It would mean firefighters entering the service would have to take on any work the service dictates outside the agreed role of a firefighter and the employer would make these changes without negotiation with the union. The contracts would allow the employer to unilaterally change the work of firefighters at any time breaching nationally negotiated agreements with the union.
Ancillary staff trained online to cover fall response that FBU refusing; some cleaners paid £47k last year.
1947 Act specified levels of fire appliances which should attend each type of fire and in what time; removed by Tories. Since 2010 40% cut, 250 less firefighters in Wmids, 1150 remain; only 350 on duty at any one time across region. Increased use of retained firefighters without a station meaning call times can be 20 not 5 minutes. Non attendance at suspected false alarms; inspections cut; smoke alarm campaign cut; advice to government on building safety such as Grenfell now with a private company. Non-fire retardant cladding would not have been fitted to New Cross Heart & Lung Centre if Fire Brigade involved.
Since election new LP councillors on Fire Authority change of political direction and expected that FBU campaign could be successful. Suspensions and 2 dismissals of FBU activists still outstanding. Write offering support to Andrew Scattergood.


Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council

Delegate Meeting Minutes Thursday 17th May 2018


Delegates welcomed & introductions made by delegates & visitors.

1. Present:Sis Taylor(UNITE), Whyte, Dixon (UNISON City) Simm (PCS) Bro Deacon, Pugh (UNISON City) Beuno (Sandwell UNISON), Marris, Taylor, Kelleher Foxall, Baker, (Unite WM6150) Rahimi (UNITEWM5103), Simm (PCS), Childs (CWU), Brackenridge LP/FBU, Chaffer (UNISON B'ham MH Trust)

Apologies Bro Grant (NEU-NUT), Grant (UCU), Juss GMB, Martin (MU) D Cross

2. Minutes of April delegate Meeting agreed. Matters Arising 2.10 no progress with Helen Pankhurst 2.11 no meeting yet arranged with police re last summer's anti-fascist counter demo. 4a Sis Simm PCS Bro Brackenridge FBU elected as Labour councillors along with Sis Hibbert UNITE non-attending delegate. Congratulations made to all.

3. Correspondence of note

  1. 2018 affiliation still only 14 branch affiliations received GMB X13 and UNISON Police staff this week plus ASLEF, Community W'ton Craft, CWU, FBU, Musicians Union, NEU-NUT, UCU University,UNISON Sandwell General, City of Wolverhampton UNISON, UNISON Acute (New Cross), UNITE Faith workers, UNITE WM6150.
  2. no further response from: NASUWT, PCS, RMT, UCU College, UNISON University, UNISON WM Community, UNITE-CYW, Unite Community(WM5103) nor WM6151 branches.
  3. TUC March and Rally 12th May 2018 income £55 for 6 of 9 train tickets
  4. May Day Committee donation from WBDTUC £250 agreed Latest donations received £100 UNISON West Midlands and TUC Development grant £300 from Midlands TUC £1,800 final cost raised now
  5. Institute of Employment rights £50 re-affiliation agreed
  6. 18 May this Friday Palestine rally – Stop Gaza Massacre 4-30pm-6pm Qu Sq
  7. TUC Midlands Region Trades Council Conference, to be held on Saturday 19 May. Bro Kelleher delegate, Bro Simm visitor
  8. Birmingham Pride sat 26 May TUC contingent
  9. 2 June Midlands TUC/SUTR anti racism conference 47 summer lane Birmingham b19 3th
  10. Amnesty Garden party June 9th 2-5pm 202 Henwood Rd
  11. annual Orgreave rally sat 16 June
  12. Amnesty film June 18 Lighthouse Human flow 6pm £7/£4.50
  13. Evening with Dennis Skinner – lighthouse 23 June
  14. Saturday 30 June 2018 – another NHS national demo by Peoples Assembly
  15. Midlands TUC Chainmakers (7 July) £100 donation agreed – free stall agreed
  16. Hazards 2018 27-29 July @ Keele
  17. UNITE - “Tackling the Housing Crisis with publicly owned construction direct labour organisations” - book and author invite to speak.
  18. Venezeula Solidarity – current situations FAQ
  19. £5 WBDTUC History book order paid by Nielsen Books. Bought: WMDay wreath £35 parking £5.50
  20. 1,600 UK page views on our website this month,www.wolvestuc.org.uk ; 3,500 reach on Facebook, £19 advertising campaign in last week for 1st May event 2,700 saw advert and 222 made likes/comments/shares etc also done for WMDay 635 saw, 38 engaged for £5
  21. to send CSW Waspi £50 +travel expense


4. Reports/discussions: Delegate reports:

PCS Update: Bob Simm gave a general update on his tribunal case with MOJ and that it seems to be moving on albeit slowly.

Labour: Councillor Brakenbridge Gave an update on the Local elections in the city and both he and Clare Simm were congratulated on being elected. There was a general discussion about the poor results in Dudley and Walsall. Bob D commented on how Wolverhampton has seen off the likes of the BNP and UKIP and congratulated the hard work of the TUC.

FBU: Councillor Brackenbridge went on to talk about the upcoming strike ballot within the FBU and the meeting agreed to send the FBU a message of support.

WBDTUC Secretary's report
Nick Kelleher addressed the meeting. TUC Women in leadership was discussed. Congratulations were also made for Unison as many were now talking about stress in the workplace. The meeting discussed stress and how to talk about it in the future. Chris suggested a larger cross union meeting to discuss it.

Nick attended the Mayday event in Handsworth and said it had been a good event however the Birmingham one was poorly put together and poorly attended. Their leaflets were also confusing at best.

Wolverhampton May Day Committee
There was a large and general discussion about the May Day event WBDTUC held at the Pegasus. Well attended and a great success. Music speakers and food all well received.

Wolverhampton Palestine Solidarity - Bro Deacon
Bro Deacon spoke about upcoming demonstrations in Queens Square Wolverhampton and an excellent meeting with the Muslim Network. It was also mentioned that there would be further demonstrations outside HSBC Wolverhampton on the first Saturday of each month.

The PSC would be having a stall at the Dennis Skinner event in Wolverhampton as well as a stall with the TUC at the Chain makers event and a Garden party on the 8th of June.

Bro Deacon spoke about the dozens injured and killed on the March Home in Gaza that coincided with the opening of the new US Embassy in Jerusalem. He spoke about the fact the BBC actually reported on it and the juxtaposition of Washington and the protests.

He signposted us to the Palestine Solidarity Website and the email MP feature to get these issues discussed in Parliament.


5. speaker at 8pm - Andy Chaffer, leading gay rights campaigner explained terms which cover the different ways people define their gender and sexuality and how shop stewards can help with particular issues that affect LGBTQIAP trade unionists.

6. any other business - Bob Deacon spoke about the Windrush issues and Paula Wilson and mentioned a March happening soon in Wolverhampton.

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council

Delegate Minutes Thursday 19th April 2018

  1. Present:Sis Taylor(UNITE), Whyte (UNISON City) Simm (PCS) Bro Deacon, Everall, Cooper, Pugh (UNISON City) Beuno (Sandwell UNISON), Marris, Kelleher Foxall, Baker, (Unite WM6150) Rahimi (UNITEWM5103), Childs (CWU), Grant (UCU) Brackenridge LP/FBU Clarke (POA ret) + L.Trannah plus 3 WASPI. All introduced and welcomed.

    Apologies Bro Simm (PCS), Grant (NEU-NUT), Juss GMB, Martin (MU) Turner (UNISON City) Sis. Dixon (UNISON City)

2. Minutes of April delegate Meeting agreed. Matters Arising – no application for a blue plaque was formally registered despite national petitions and widespread publicity generated by elements of left inconsistent with trades council's position. UCU Keele sent thanks for £100 hardship fund donation; thanks received – many part time members on low pay; dispute settled after 2 weeks strike.

  1. Correspondence of note

  2. EC followed up with regional offices and contact made with union branches yet to re-affiliate: NASUWT, PCS, RMT, UCU College, UNISON University, UNISON WM Community, UNISON Police, GMB, UNITE-CYW, Unite Community(WM5103) and WM6151 branches.

  3. 2018 affiliation only 12 branch affiliations received CWU, UCU University, UNITE WM6150 this week plus ASLEF, Community W'ton Craft, FBU, Musicians Union, NEU-NUT, UNISON Sandwell General, City of Wolverhampton UNISON, UNISON Acute (New Cross), UNITE Faith workers.

  4. New Deal for Working People - TUC March and Rally Saturday 12th May 2018 London - we have 8 train tickets left and UNISON 12 left,

  5. Battersea & Wandsworth TUC formal reply to our complaint that was resolved.

  6. 5 places requested from Workers Beer Company Labour Live June 16 festival – no places for Tolpuddle (6 had volunteered) – some other festivals still available to volunteer at until 26 April see website

  7. Tinplate workers – response from Co Leader's office – Frances O'Grady declined offer for unveiling of plaque – council waiting until after elections – agreed as 200th anniversary is next year so plan something for then. Maybe invite Gen Sec Community or Len McClusky.

  8. Helen Pankhurst (gr.grand-daughter) +book signing – Fri 6 July suggested eve of Chainmakers –Sis Whyte @ Bob Jones centre. need to report progress back to Midlands TUC – Sis Whyte

  9. Sis Taylor written to arrange meeting with Police Superintendent re last August Britain First rally

  10. TUC re compliance with new General Data Protection Regulations by 25 May – EC to look at.

  11. British Future – report published from W'ton stakeholder meeting – concerns raised; response given

  12. £5 WBDTUC History book order from Nielsen Books - book+invoice sent – check if BACS paid -JG; bought: 2 reams paper £5.98, 48x2nd stamps £27.84, inkstamp £1.19; £330 PO Box renewal to Royal Mail Group Ltd

  13. sent Venezuela Solidarity re affiliation £40 - Bro Marris sought a future debate before next re-affiliation – agreed and speaker to be invited.

    3,500 UK page views on our website this month, www.wolvestuc.org.uk ; 1,900 reach on Facebook, plus £1/day advertising campaign in last week for 1st May event 1,500 saw advert and 105 made likes/comments/shares etc

  1. Reports/discussions:

  1. delegate reports:

    UNITE – very few Carillion claims come in from members; some TUPE, some taken up by new contractors eg prisons and public sector. Ex-UCATT branch now a branch again in UNITE. Local govt. UNITE not accepted pay deal.

    Local govt. UNISON accepted pay deal (Green Book).

    PCS – awaiting May conference to determine further action over pay claim of 5%. Bro Simm ET still awaiting.

    LP – council elections on 3rd May. Delegates Sis Simm and Bro Brackenridge both standing for Labour. Parliamentary selections ongoing.

    FBU – trade dispute with fire authority flexible contracts for new recruits must be withdrawn. 24 April ballot.

  2. WBDTUC Secretary's report – written report circulated.

  3. TUC Pensioners Network Bus Tour campaign - Bro Deacon reported on tour which he is taking part in Skegness to Hereford by bus over 2 weeks. Trade unions representing bus workers given little response. Over 1,000 postcards filled in. In Britain people take more bus than train journeys, yet nationally 1/3rd of funding cut to subsidise half of routes. Most public transport subsidy in London 6x that of NE. Govt. agreed bus pass concessions permanent - was being renewed every 5years.

  4. Workers Memorial Day 28 April – delegates to bring empty shoes to symbolise those whose lives lost.

  5. 1st May Committee report – Donation not yet agreed from WBDTUC. Latest donations received £200 GMB x13, £500 UNITE WM6150, £25 Dorothy Clarke nee Heath (Walsall TUC) £1,285 of £1,943 raised so far. Sent TUC Development grant £300 application to Midlands TUC for May day event. 5,000 homes to be leafleted by volunteers this Sat/Sun at 10-15am Pegasus. Still seeking funds

  6. TUC’s Great Jobs Campaign demo 12 May 2018 train transport WBDTUC train tickets still available.

  7. Wolverhampton Palestine Solidarity - Bro Deacon campaigning outside HSBC prior to WMDay.

5. speaker at 8pm Lynn Trannah - latest update from WASPI Wolverhampton, Cannock & Staffs - Women Against State Pension Inequality. Agreed £50 donation plus travel expenses.

  1. any other business - none

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council
Delegate Meeting Thursday 22nd March 2018 held at Unite Office, Wolverhampton


Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council

Delegate Meeting Thursday 22nd March 2018 held at Unite Office, Wolverhampton


  1. Present:Sis Taylor(UNITE), Aujla (Keele UCU) Welch + visitor(W'ton Uni UCU), Whyte, Dixon (UNISON City) Bro Deacon, Everall, Cooper, Pugh (UNISON City) Marris, Kelleher Foxall, Baker, Taylor(Unite WM6150) Rahimi (UNITEWM5103), Childs (CWU), Simm (PCS) Grant (UCU) Brackenridge LP/FBU all introduced and welcomed Apologies Bro Grant (NEU-NUT), Juss GMB, Martin (MU)

  1. Minutes of delegate meeting 15th February 2018 Approved. Rob Marris updated re Blue Plaque for Enoch Powell. Stated that amongst other things plaques would only be put up to commemorate people who had made positive contributions.



  1. EC Report and Correspondence.

Nick Kelleher and Bob Simm chosen to attend Midlands Trades Co Council on 19th of May in Birmingham. Possible motion on the Workers Beer Company discussed. To be decided at April meeting.

Paulette White is attempting to make further contact with Helen Pankhurst about speaking at trades council Women's Event. Event date may have to move into the Autumn due to busy summer schedule.

Nick Kelleher reminded members to organise branch affiliations. 9 branches have affiliated in 2018 compared to 25 in 2017. More affiliations mean more delegates and more that trades council can be involved in.

Marie Taylor has been unable to get further contact from Police re the Britain First demo in Wolverhampton last year.

The new computer bought by trades council for use by secretary is up and running with no issues.

Regarding TUC march for New Deal for Working People. Nick has spoken with Adrian Turner from Unison. 9 tickets have been secured at £10 pounds each for people travelling down.

Copies of report from TUCJCC have been printed. It was noted this was the first time a report has actually been put together.


  1. Reports / Discussions

Update from Unite of Carillion situation. Unite are trying to get together enough affected members to make a claim for compensation.

Report on the joint meeting between PCS, Unite held at Britannia Hotel Wolverhampton. The meeting was positive but poorly advertised by both Unite and PCS.

Greg Brackenridge updated on behalf of Wolves Labour Group. Council are taking refuse collection back in house and general discussion about effects of Tory cuts on council services.

Secretary Report: Nick addressed meeting. 7500 Leaflets for May Day event ready to print. In mid April leaflets 4000 will need to be delivered throughout Whitmore Reans. May Day event and Workers Memorial Day discussed. Workers Beer Company events also discussed. Volunteers to contact Nick by 28th of March.

Bob Deacon updated the meeting on TUC Pensioners Network Bus Tour. It marks the 10th anniversary of the bus pass scheme and celebrates how good the scheme is. No response yet from any Bus Unions.

Bob Deacon spoke about Wolverhampton Palestine Solidarity. Meeting with Emily Davies of Sandwell TUC. Protest outside HSBC went well, another protest is organised for 28th April. HSBC are now talking to the campaign about the issues.


  1. AOB No matters arising.

6. Speaker Harjinder Kaur from Keele UCU on pension Strikes and picket line activity at the University.

The Meeting proposed and agreed £100 donation to Keele UCU Hardship fund campaign.

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council

Delegate Meeting Thursday 15th February 2018 held at Unite Office, Wolverhampton

  1. Present: Sis Taylor(UNITE), Simm (PCS), Dugmore Whyte (UNISON Gen) Bro Deacon, Everall, Pugh (UNISON Gen) Marris, Kelleher (Unite WM6150) Foxall, Baker (UNITE), Childs (CWU), Simm (PCS) Edwards, Grant (UCU) all introduced and welcomed
  2. apologies Sis Welch (UCU) Bro Grant (NEU-NUT) Martin (MU) Brackenridge (FBU/LP), Bro Juss (GMB) Rahimi (UNITE Community)
  3. Minutes of December delegate meeting approved. No matters arising.
  4. EC Report and Correspondence.

Discussion about the TUC Great Jobs demo May 12th and whether to book train tickets for delegates. Bob Deacon said Unison would be booking coaches for the event - liaise.

A Discussion about the proposed 100th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage event. Paulette is in contact with Helen Pankhurst as a possible speaker. Suggested date July 6th, agreed with Midlands TUC as it is night before Chainmakers

The meeting agreed for Nick to use trades council funds to buy a new computer for general use as secretary (up to £400)

The meeting agreed payment for public liability insurance of £223.

Bob Deacon responded to British Future request for former Enoch Powell supporters to interview. Bob felt it was hard to put together, unhelpfully organised and it seemed British Future only wanted white people to respond.

Discussion about the Free Speech on Israel correspondence shared with Wolverhampton Council. The council offered support and the meeting agreed to send congratulations to Roger Lawrence, Council Leader.

  1. Reports / Discussions

Update on Carillion situation. Some contracts and pensions are being taken on by OCS. Stuart responded on behalf of Unite, there had been a low member response to the task force. BAM are re interviewing for posts. Only 5 responses made to the DWP Help line. No enquiries came from the main office in Wolverhampton.

Secretary Report: Discussion about the Express & Star debate on a Blue Plaque commemorating Enoch Powell and the response from Stand Up to Racism, Petition etc. Opinion was expressed that the issue was a non-starter to begin with since .

PCS & UNITE are holding an event with Mark Serwotka speaking in Wolverhampton on 15th of March. Suggested as a joint meeting with Trades Delegate meeting at 18:00, 30 minutes before public meeting. Venue is Britannia Hotel.

Update on Heart Unions event trades council organised. Good turnout from members and Labour Party on both days, flowers handed out, pictures taken with public and MP Emma Reynolds, Markets did not charge fees. Thanks were given to Tim Martin of Musicians Union. Marie moved to thank Nick and Ali for organising flowers. BFAWU not responded to our offer of future street stall after they were unavailable during heartunions week.

Discussion about costs and wages from the Workers Beer Company at festival Events and whether to continue attending. Glastonbury and other festivals charge WBCompany very large fee just for setting up which has increased costs and the re-enumeration for volunteers' work has now fallen below NMW rates.(£7/hr) Not had answer to our points formally from Battersea and Wandsworth TUC -agreed not to work for the WBC/EBC while the rate paid for volunteer work remains below the National Minimum Wage.

After 19 years of our trades union council sending teams to festivals via WBC, the income that have we received from our volunteers' work at festivals has been the main source of our income, over £38k.

Our work as a trades union council involves promoting trade union membership and highlighting illegal employment practices. We are not prepared to be involved in an industry that relies on illegal pay rates. Delegates also discussed their Terms and Conditions:

WBC offers a valuable package to the registered organisations to facilitate their fundraising – for each hour the volunteers work the value to organisations is £10.50,(this includes transport to/from the event, two meals per day and two drinks when their shift has ended and £7.00 directly back to the organisation”.

We believe that this statement may well breach the Employment Rights Act 1996 sections 13-27, the modern successor of the 19th Century Truck Acts.


Discussion about Workers Memorial Day on 28th of April. Empty shoes are to be placed for lost workers, Purple Ribbons to be ordered £30 from Gr. Manchester Hazards. Eleanor Smith MP is a speaker.

An Update from the May Day Committee. The meeting agreed to pay Beat Goes Bang to perform, funding to be sought.

Bob Deacon represented Wolverhampton Palestine Solidarity, demonstration to be held on Saturday 17th March outside Wolverhampton HSBC.

  1. Meeting agreed to send Paulette and Bob Simm to Midlands TUC AGM 24 Feb as Delegate and Observer.
  2. Speaker Mike Edwards (UCU) spoke on West Park school class of 68 commemorations and the school project West Park Welcomes the World plus events being organised re Rivers of Blood anniversary.
  3. AOB Meeting agreed to uphold decision of not supporting the Anniversary events against Enoch Powell.