Women in Leadership - 2020 Programme

The 2020 TUC Midlands Women in Leadership course is now open to applications



From public speaking and leadership styles to communication skills and research projects looking at equality in the workplace, this course will involve eight days of classroom learning, as well as project work in between classes.

The group will also have the opportunity to meet and network with influential women trade union leaders and decision-makers, as well as get to know like-minded women from different unions and to play an active role in the TUC Women Chainmakers' Festival.

The course will include a visit to parliament to meet members of the Parliamentary Labour Party to discuss how to increase opportunities for women in work, politics and wider society.

Women have always played a key role in the trade union movement. Some of our biggest advacnes to workers' rights have been led by strong women trade unionists. Women also make up the majority of our membership. But while the fabric of our movement is certainly diversem, onky a third of our union leaders are women.

There is still a shameful 18% gap in pay between men and women doing the exact same job, and more than half of women continue to experience sexual harassment and discrimination at work. This course will help empower more women trade unionists to step into leadership roles and continue to create positive changes in their workplaces, their union and in society. 

You can view the programme of the course on the TUC Midlands website.  

The closing date for registration is 12 noon 13 April 2020.

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