Wolverhampton TUC delegates joined the Rugeley protest led by GMB against conditions at Amazon. Other events took place around the country on Friday, 23rd November 2018 in support of workers being exploited and being put at risk of serious injury by Amazon

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For the past three years workers at WZ Packaging (Halesfield 18, Telford, TF7 4JS) had not received a pay increase.

This year the Managing Director informed them that, yet again, the company wasn’t in a position to give them a pay rise but at the same time has been able to give himself an additional £60,000 a year which has, in effect, doubled his salary.

In response to this ongoing attack to their terms and conditions, Unite members at WZ Packaging gave the union a mandate for industrial action.

They have now won a pay rise plus a future inflation-proof pay structure.

Wolverhampton & Bilston TUC delegates viewed the video by Frances O'Grady TUC General Secretary (https://www.facebook.com/tradesunioncongress/videos/344853249595371/) on the TUC's position currently on Brexit and after discussion came up with the following conclusions which we will be expressing to the TUC General Secretary.

The TUC's expressed opinion is unclear and a fudge.

TUC calls for national task force on construction and outsourcing firm, Carillion - government sets one up in response

  • Union group calls for risk assessments of other large outsourcing firms
  • TUC to convene crunch talks between unions


TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:

The TUC held a national march and rally on Saturday 12 May 2018 in central London.

TUC highlights ‘childcare gap’ for parents with one-year-olds

The cost of childcare for young children has risen 4.8 times faster than wages in the West Midlands since 2008, according to new analysis published by the TUC.

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 #HeartUnions  2019: 


We gave out Valentine's flowers ad unions leaflets and engaged hundreds in conversations about trade unons as part of national TUC #heartunions week

Bilston market Sunday 10th February 2019

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Wednesfield market Saturday 9th February 2019

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The number of employees in the West Midlands with daily commutes of two hours or more has shot up by a quarter (25.6%) over the past five years, according to new analysis published by the TUC.

Report to Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council of latest meeting

New analysis published by the TUC 31 October 2016, shows that the number of people who work night shifts in the West Midlands increased by 22,000 (9%) between 2011 and 2016 to 267,000.

One in eight employees in the region is now regularly doing night work.



The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the government’s sky-high tribunal fees are unlawful, accepting UNISON’s argument that the fees are restricting working people’s access to justice.

What’s more, the government will have to refund any fees paid since 2013 — at a cost of about £27m.

The Midlands TUC's Dying to Work Campaign is being taken up nationally. The Dying to Work voluntary Charter now covers around 600,000 workers, with signings constantly taking place across the UK. It is our aim to reach 1 million workers covered by the Charter by the end of 2018.

Training package designed for employers to reflect the principles of the Dying to Work Charter.

The first training day has now been set up for Monday 8th October 2018.

You may want to signpost employers who have signed the Charter to this course as well as those employers who are thinking about signing the Charter. Registration is here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/dealing-with-terminal-illness-training-the-dying-to-work-charter-tickets-48686902837


SUCCESS - Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council and Wolverhampton General UNISON branch called on Wolverhampton Council to sign up and incorporate the campaign's recommendations into it's employment practice. A report went Cabinet in February 2017 and this was agreed and signed with UNISON and Midlands TUC secretaries Adrian Turner and Lee Barron in April.



Workers in the West Midlands did nearly £2.2 billion worth of unpaid overtime last year, according to new analysis published by the TUC (26-2-16) to mark its annual Work Your Proper Hours Day.

The TUC’s analysis of official figures shows that more than 370,000 workers in the region did unpaid overtime in 2015 worth, on average, £5,940 each.

Those working beyond their contracted hours did, on average, 8.2 hours of unpaid overtime a week.

Parliamentary debate on the Shrewsbury 24 documents 9 -12-15 in which Rob Marris MP took part which called the government to release all the files relating to the charges, trials, and convictions of the the Shrewsbury Pickets in 1973/4.  The debate was called in response to the cabinet ‘s decision to withhold documents. The next scheduled review will be in 2021.

Shopworkers' trade union leader John Hannett has welcomed reports that the Government has put on hold their proposals to devolve Sunday trading regulations to local government.

The Tories anti-union laws, incorporated in the Trade Union Act, including new undemocratic industrial action ballot thresholds came into force on March 1st 2017.

Zero-hours contracts sum up what has gone wrong in the modern workplace, says TUC

Commenting on figures published by the Office For National Statistics, which show that the number of zero-hours contracts being used by employers has increased to 1.8 million.