As of 18th February, uploads have been delayed for a further 6 months until September 2014, except for a number of ‘pilot’ practices

– locations as yet unknown – which may begin uploading patient data before then. see full article here...

 Over 130,000 of us voted to opt out of because of concerns about our privacy and our data being used by private companies.  Within hours of the vote, NHS England staff rushed to the 38 Degrees office for an urgent meeting to “understand our concerns”. During the meeting, it was announced they would postpone their plans. 

This climbdown is proof that people power can make a difference in the fight against NHS privatisation. It comes after a wave of pressure from 38 Degrees members, along with organisations like SumOfUs and medConfidential. 

NHS England have said they’ll now try to ‘build public confidence in the system’. We can show them that there’s only one way to win us over: rule out private companies making money from our medical records, and protect our privacy.

Comprehensive info on care-data  here.....

if you have any concerns – and the performance of Tim Kelsey (NHS England), Max Jones (HSCIC) and the Under-Secretary of State for Health in front of the Committee yesterday was less than confidence-inspiring – then opt out now. And don’t forget your kids!

Opt-out form here..... in a nutshell....

You can control your GP records - if you know how.

See this chart ( for guidance, and contact your GP surgery if you need further information about any of the data flows.