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Previous activity:
Christmas Get-together for Supporters and Friends on Saturday, 10th December.  An event to support PSC’s national appeal for funds and an opportunity to learn what is happening in occupied East Jerusalem.  
There will be a showing of ‘The Land Speaks Arabic’ DVD, a chance to buy Palestinian crafts and foods,
chat over coffee, enjoy a Palestinian lunch and make a donation.
Palestine is expected  to ask the United Nations to recognise an independent Palestinian state within 1967 borders.  Richard Burden MP has issued the following statement :
"Israel is recognised as a full member of the United Nations, with internationally recognised borders delineated by the green line. That has not been seen as an impediment to a negotiated settlement to the conflict. In some cases, it has been seen as a prerequisite to it.
"If recognition is so fundamental in respect of Israel, what is the problem with recognising Palestine as a full member of the United Nations as requested by the Palestinian people, with borders delineated by that same green line?
"And at a time, following the Arab Spring, when the UK government are at the forefront of support for people across the Middle East calling for self-determination, are we really saying Palestinian people should be different?"
"It is time to help to level the playing field. An independent and recognised state of Israel alongside an independent and recognised state of Palestine. Both people realising their legitimate right to self-determination.
"Two states that can then enter into negotiations on an equal footing to agree the details of a lasting and peaceful two state solution. And to agree the final borders between those two states based on justice and based on international law."
Boycott israel Campaigning activity took place successfully at ASDA 1st April, 25 March and 29th  January 2011

Street stall: 2nd April 2011 Bilston

 13th November 2010      JUSTICE FOR PALESTINE workshop
Two dozen local supporters addressed some of the difficulties we all face when putting the case for Palestine –
  • How to deal with Zionists’ arguments.
    • What to say to those who call us anti-Semitic?
    • What are settlements?
    • What will boycotting Israeli goods achieve?

Three experienced campaigners, Alan Goater, Miriam Walton and Naeem Malik, led the workshop. We aim to learn from and help each other to be better informed and to plan future initiatives for Wolverhampton in an informative and informal environment.


public meeting Friday 25th June'10  with Ken Purchase, former member of Parliamentary Foreign affairs Committee on his recent visit to the Occupied Palestinian Territories plus eyewitness, speaker IbrahimMusaji,  who was a survivor of the Gaza Flotilla, attacked by Israel.

Very good turnout about 60 there on a Friday night plenty of Palestinian produce sold on stalls and calls for all there to promote boycott of Israeli goods



Two members of the PGFTU – the Palestinian General Federation of Trades Unions - were to be giving a talk, followed by a discussion, on the topic of Palestinian Workers under Occupation. This is a joint UNISON-WMPSC meeting, part of a speaking tour organised by PGFTU.

Fathi Nasser is Legal Adviser of the PGFTU. Fathy, a Palestinian from Nablus, is a lawyer by profession and has been working on legal matters with the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU) since the mid 80sLaila N. Sha'ar of the PGFTU Women's Departmen is from Ramallah, and her background in finance and administration led her to be involved with public sector trade unions in Palestine as well as being a representative of Palestinian women workers.

Unfortunately the visit from the Palestine General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU), sponsored by the Nick Burdon and Denis Blockley Fund,  has had to be cancelled because of visa problems that have arisen at the British Embassy in Jordan.

In the past Palestinians travelling via Jordan have had a wait of around two/three days in Amman before they received their visas.  Fathi left Nablus in time to be in London on Sunday 16th May and likewise Laila was preparing to leave to join us later.  Having talked to Fathi he tells me that unbeknown to him the regulations have changed and he has been waiting now in Jordan for more than a week. We have tried, with the help of various friends – TUC, Palestinian Delegate in London, MPs etc. - to try to expedite the matter but to no avail.

model letter to send to Gordon Brown re prosecution of war criminals:

The Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP

10 Downing Street

London SW1A 2AA

United Kingdom

March  2010

Dear Prime Minister,

I am shocked at suggestions by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office minister Ivan Lewis and foreign secretary David Miliband that Britain may consider changing its laws to avoid any future attempts to prosecute suspected war criminals, Israeli or otherwise. The UK must not renege on its international treaty obligations, particularly those under the fourth Geneva convention to seek out and prosecute persons suspected of war crimes wherever and whoever they are, whatever their status, rank or influence, against whom good prima facie evidence has been laid. We must reject any attempt to undermine the judiciary's independence and integrity. A judge who finds sufficient evidence of a war crime must have power to order the arrest of a suspect, subject to the usual rights to bail and appeal.

The power to arrest individuals reasonably suspected of war crimes anywhere in the world should they set foot on UK soil is an efficient and necessary resource in the struggle against war crimes, and must not be interfered with. Nor should the government succumb to pressure from any foreign power to alter this crucial aspect of the judicial process. We urge the government to state clearly that it will not alter the law on universal jurisdiction and will continue to allow victims of war crimes to seek justice in British courts.

Yours sincerely,  Name: Address:  Postcode:  Email Address:  Signature: 


Jan 2010 - Viva Palestina Aid Convoy Arrives in Gaza



Why Boycott Israel?
The Palestinian people are experiencing their 42nd year of military occupation. The siege by the Israeli army and the economic blockade have devastated their daily lives so that 'normal' life is impossible.
Israel operates an entrenched system of racial Apartheid against its own non-Jewish inhabitants and has been illegally occupying Palestinian land in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights since 1967. It has sought to further annex these lands and has systematically transferred its own civilian population into these occupied territories in contravention of international law. Israel continues to build the illegal Apartheid wall, annexing vast swathes of Palestinian land in the West Bank and creating Palestinian ghettos, despite the ruling of the International Court of Justice that it is illegal.
180 Palestinian organisations and unions, in response to Israeli onslaught, have called for a campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Apartheid Israel.