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Don't dance with Apartheid

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Wolves PSC Planning Meetings 

We meet once a month, usually in the Great Western Pub to plan our activities. Our meetings are friendly and informal.

All members are welcome. Let us know if you’d like to join us.

If you’d like to join in but you don’t want to attend meetings on licensed premises say so and we’ll meet somewhere else 





What you can do to oppose Israel’s attacks on Gaza


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1. Demonstrate! Protests are taking place around the country


2. Educate people about what is really happening – resources are online, including 10 things about Gaza and Israel’s timeline of aggression


3. Keep informed through PSC’s updates – news, actions and events on Palestine


4. Build the solidarity! Join PSC and donate



previous local activities:

Friday 29th November 2013
collection of short Palestinian films  (followed by a bit of a party and the chance to buy Palestinian crafts for Christmas presents.)


PSC lobby parliament on Wednesday 27th November 2013

EU Parliament

.By lobbying MPs directly we can put pressure on the government to support international law and end Israeli expansion and occupation.


At you will find all the information you need to get involved.

There are lots of ways to let your MP know that you care about an issue, but the most powerful is to arrange to meet with them. When lots of people from around the UK arrange to meet their MPs in Parliament on the same day it is known as a ‘lobby’ or ‘mass lobby’ of Parliament.

A record number of local people wil be attending the lobby of all of Wolverhampton's three MPs 

Friday 15th November 9 Star Hotel filmshowing
The Time that Remains Director Elia Suleiman. 1st November 2013
Based on the memories of Elia Suleiman’s family, this is a unique and deeply personal depiction of Palestine from 1948 up to the present from the internationally acclaimed director of Divine Intervention.  Beginning with the surrender of Nazareth to the Israeli army, the film interweaves the personal and political in a series of brilliant and blackly comic vignettes of life under occupation. Suleiman himself plays a silent, Keatonesque observer of the absurd or tragic incidents. The film is at once a heartbreaking testament to his family, a lesson from history, and a poignant, subversively funny delight. (109 minutes).
My Journey Experiences in Israel/Palestine
Speaker: John Howard - Friday 13th September 2013
John is chair of the Methodist Church’s Wolverhampton & Shrewsbury District.
He spent three months with EAPPI, the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel.

Many thanks to all those of you who contributed to the Fundraising Garden party - we raised £355! - a great many thanks.


Over 4,812 Palestinians are currently detained by Israel; 12 of them women, 219 of them children, and 178 of them held in administrative detention - without charge or trial


The Palestine Solidarity Campaign works for peace & justice for Palestinians, in support of human rights & against all racism
Support Samer Issawi
After more than 8 months on hunger strike against his illegal detention, Ayman Sharawna has been removed by Israel to Gaza where he has been reunited with family members.
Samer Issawi is continuing to fight his imprisonment and has been on hunger strike for 244 days. Despite the urgency, Ofer Military Court has decided to hold 3 court sessions for Samer in April. He refused Israel's offer to 'deport' him to Gaza. Follow his campaign on twitter andfacebook and please continue to protest against his imprisonment to the Foreign Office.
  Samer Issawi
Take action: Palestinian prisoners' day
Join the global campaign to Stop Administrative Detention, a form of detention without charge or trial. Adameer - the prisoners' rights organisation in Palestine - have launched a campaign against administrative detention to coincide with Palestinian Prisoners' Day - 17th April. Visit the PSC website for information on protests and events.  
Administrative detention empowers Israel's military commanders to detain an individual for up to six months. This process can be continued indefinitely. Detainees are not informed of the reasons of their detention; neither are their lawyers
Please ask your MP to sign this EDM or write to the Foreign Secretary to urge the UK Government to pressure Israel to release administrative detainees and to put an end to such an unjust, arbitrary and cruel system of incarceration without trial.
  Stop Administrative Detention poster

PUBLIC MEETING was held on Friday 19th April 2013 - The Palestinian Political Prisoners

St Andrews Church Hall, Avion Centre, Whitmore Reans, Wolverhampton WV6

SPEAKERS: Ismail Patel Friends of Al Aqsa and Betty Hunter, President Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Leafleting of Sainsbury's St Georges, Wolverhampton: Sainsbury's has begun a dialog with campaigners about it's settlement produce but we need to step up the pressure to adopt a clearer policy in line with the cooperative supermarkets. 

We are asking our local supporters in Wolverhampton to do two things:

1. Join us outside supermarkets to hold placards and hand out leaflets.  We will organise ourselves not to cause any obstruction.  We also plan to hand in a letter to the duty manager explaining our actions. Contact for next dates:
Wolverhampton PSC  Tel: 01902 450640   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. Sign the online petition at: petition
This is an easy to use online tool, it will take only 2 minutes to activate and will allow everybody to take part.presents a FREE film evening  on


Friday 15th March 2013 - FREE Filmshow  'Five Broken cameras', promoting the struggle for peace with justice for the Palestinian people. 


Veolia's activities in occupied Palestine

 §              Operate Tramway linking illegal settlements in East Jersualem

§              Operate Ayalon Sewage Treatment Plant treating Sewage from illegal settlements. 

§               Refuse collection from settlements for the Tovlan Land fill site 


Westminster on 28th November 2012 A number of Wolverhampton activists travelled to London to lobby our MPs and had positive responses from Pat McFadden and Emma Reynolds.
By lobbying MPs directly we can put pressure on the government to support international law and end Israeli expansion and occupation.


Over 100 attended a PEACE AND JUSTICE candlelight VIGIL FOR GAZA on 23rd November 2012, Queen's Square called by Wolverhampton Palestine Solidarity Campaign against the Israeli attacks and siege on Gaza.

Operation “Pillar of Cloud" comes 4 years after "Operation Cast Lead" in which nearly 1500 Palestinians were killed, and Israel committed crimes against humanity in using White Phosphorus, a chemical weapon illegal under international law.

After eight days of brutal bombardment, which left 160 Palestinians dead, around 40 of them children and 5 Israelis, a ceasefire was called.
Atrocious weather did not deter 10-15,000 protesters from marching to show their solidarity for Gaza on 24 November in London from Downing Street to the Israeli embassy in Kensington. For a video and pictures of the demonstration, see:

On one side you've got three generations of a family wiped out. On the other, a woman's got to ring Autoglass. And we act like this is battle whose fate is in the balance. To start with, why do the news channels ask Tony Blair for his advice on conflict in the Middle East? It’s like asking Gary Glitter for advice on what to do about Jimmy full article here 

Veolia success - see below

Some very good news (and then in August 2014 another contract was stopped)

-  Wolves PSC has received a letter from Assistant Director Alistair Merrick of Wolverhampton City Council that states that the council will not extend the confidential waste contract after September 2014. Instead it will seek an in-house solution. The council's letter fell short of our demand that Veolia should be permanently excluded from all future tenders under the Public Contract Regulations (2006) but non-the less this represents an important sucess.  A great many thanks to everyone who came to the Clare Short public meeting, signed the petition and voiced their support - well done, we could not have done it without you.

Simon Cardy on behalf of Wolves PSC   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wolves PSC's Campaign successfully called on Wolverhampton City Council not to extend its waste disposal contract with Veolia, a company involved with building transport links across Palestinian land into territory occupied illegally under International law.

The UK government and the United Nations have repeatedly stated their view that Israel’s building of settlements in the illegally occupied West Bank and its annexation of East Jerusalem are in breach of international law. The UN has demanded that the Israeli settlement activity and occupation should not be supported;

Veolia has accepted contracts in Jerusalem in contravention of international law and United Nations resolutions. In particular, it was a leading partner in the consortium which established and operates a tramway between West Jerusalem and the Israeli settlement of Pisgat Zeev, which is in clear violation of international law and relevant United Nations resolutions. It is still a minor shareholder in this operation and operates Israeli-only bus lines 109 & 110 to settlements;  details of latest more success to dump Veolia


Don’t Dance with Israeli Apartheid

protests held against Batsheva Dance Company’s UK Tour:  Hippodrome, Birmingham  Tues & Weds 13th & 14th November 2012

Don’t be taken in by the argument art and politics can be separated. Israel’s Foreign Ministry doesn’t separate them. They say:

“We will send well-known novelists and writers overseas, theatre companies, exhibits… This way you show Israel’s prettier face so we are not thought of purely in the context of war”; and, “Batsheva are [Israel’s] best global ambassadors”.

Batsheva are part of the BRAND ISRAEL initiative funded by the Israeli government to whitewash Israel’s image overseas.


Bin Veolia petition - petitioning in Queen Square took places on Saturday 22nd September 2012

Loss of Innocence – Art from the Children of Gaza 

15th – 22nd September 2012  Exhibition at St Peter’s Collegiate Church,, Wolverhampton

The exhibition, compiled by Chester and Palestine Exchanges, draws on childhood experiences of the 2008/9 military offensive; the deaths, the trauma, the fear, and forms of resistance.  They also show the children's hopes for a peaceful, rural life. 

Opening Event at St Peter’s- 10.30am Saturday 15th September  Special guest speaker: 

Nader Abu Amsha, Director of the Rehabilitation programme at the YMCA in Bethlehem which works with disabled young people in the West Bank.  The YMCA is a Christian Aid Partner, part of their Church Partnership Scheme and the focus of fundraising by Wolverhampton Christian Aid.

Palestine Solidarity Campaign public meeting on the Egyptian Election & the Arab Revolutions Sunday 24th June 2012 with Mostafa Bassiouny a senior journalist on Al-Tahrir newspaper, who is invited by Birmingham Trade Union Council - talking on the Arab uprisings @ Amanah Bordesley Community Centre, Camp Hill Birmingham B11 4A

Mostafa Bassiouny is a well-known labour correspondent, and has covered developments in the Egyptian workers' movement for several different publications since the beginning of the big strike wave in late 2006, when he worked for Al-Dustur newspaper.

He shared his experience of Tahrir Square, the Presidential Elections and the current political situation in Egypt and its impact in the rest of the Arab world, including Palestine. 

Saturday 26th May - West Bank Diaries local activists recounted their recent trip @Friends Meeting House,  Wolverhampton  also Wolverhampton ‘Bin Veolia’ Campaign 

80 people attended a public meeting with Clare Short, organised by Wolves PSC on Friday 20th April  2012.

Speaker Clare Short, the former MP for Birmingham Ladywood and Secretary of State for International Development spoke about the moral equivalence of the apartheid situation in South Africa and the suffering of the Palestinian people, and the moral duty of all people of conscience to take action to achieve a just settlement.

Wolverhampton ‘Bin Veolia’ Campaign was launched to persuade Wolverhampton City Council to ditch it's confidential waste contract with Veolia, a company involved with building transport links across Palestinian land into territory occupied illegally under International law.


Previous activity:
Christmas Get-together for Supporters and Friends on Saturday, 10th December.  An event to support PSC’s national appeal for funds and an opportunity to learn what is happening in occupied East Jerusalem.  
There will be a showing of ‘The Land Speaks Arabic’ DVD, a chance to buy Palestinian crafts and foods,
chat over coffee, enjoy a Palestinian lunch and make a donation.
Palestine is expected  to ask the United Nations to recognise an independent Palestinian state within 1967 borders.  Richard Burden MP has issued the following statement :
"Israel is recognised as a full member of the United Nations, with internationally recognised borders delineated by the green line. That has not been seen as an impediment to a negotiated settlement to the conflict. In some cases, it has been seen as a prerequisite to it.
"If recognition is so fundamental in respect of Israel, what is the problem with recognising Palestine as a full member of the United Nations as requested by the Palestinian people, with borders delineated by that same green line?
"And at a time, following the Arab Spring, when the UK government are at the forefront of support for people across the Middle East calling for self-determination, are we really saying Palestinian people should be different?"
"It is time to help to level the playing field. An independent and recognised state of Israel alongside an independent and recognised state of Palestine. Both people realising their legitimate right to self-determination.
"Two states that can then enter into negotiations on an equal footing to agree the details of a lasting and peaceful two state solution. And to agree the final borders between those two states based on justice and based on international law."
Boycott israel Campaigning activity took place successfully at ASDA 1st April, 25 March and 29th  January 2011

Street stall: 2nd April 2011 Bilston

 13th November 2010      JUSTICE FOR PALESTINE workshop
Two dozen local supporters addressed some of the difficulties we all face when putting the case for Palestine –
  • How to deal with Zionists’ arguments.
    • What to say to those who call us anti-Semitic?
    • What are settlements?
    • What will boycotting Israeli goods achieve?

Three experienced campaigners, Alan Goater, Miriam Walton and Naeem Malik, led the workshop. We aim to learn from and help each other to be better informed and to plan future initiatives for Wolverhampton in an informative and informal environment.


public meeting Friday 25th June'10  with Ken Purchase, former member of Parliamentary Foreign affairs Committee on his recent visit to the Occupied Palestinian Territories plus eyewitness, speaker IbrahimMusaji,  who was a survivor of the Gaza Flotilla, attacked by Israel.

Very good turnout about 60 there on a Friday night plenty of Palestinian produce sold on stalls and calls for all there to promote boycott of Israeli goods



Two members of the PGFTU – the Palestinian General Federation of Trades Unions - were to be giving a talk, followed by a discussion, on the topic of Palestinian Workers under Occupation. This is a joint UNISON-WMPSC meeting, part of a speaking tour organised by PGFTU.

Fathi Nasser is Legal Adviser of the PGFTU. Fathy, a Palestinian from Nablus, is a lawyer by profession and has been working on legal matters with the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU) since the mid 80sLaila N. Sha'ar of the PGFTU Women's Departmen is from Ramallah, and her background in finance and administration led her to be involved with public sector trade unions in Palestine as well as being a representative of Palestinian women workers.

Unfortunately the visit from the Palestine General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU), sponsored by the Nick Burdon and Denis Blockley Fund,  has had to be cancelled because of visa problems that have arisen at the British Embassy in Jordan.

In the past Palestinians travelling via Jordan have had a wait of around two/three days in Amman before they received their visas.  Fathi left Nablus in time to be in London on Sunday 16th May and likewise Laila was preparing to leave to join us later.  Having talked to Fathi he tells me that unbeknown to him the regulations have changed and he has been waiting now in Jordan for more than a week. We have tried, with the help of various friends – TUC, Palestinian Delegate in London, MPs etc. - to try to expedite the matter but to no avail.

model letter to send to Gordon Brown re prosecution of war criminals:

The Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP

10 Downing Street

London SW1A 2AA

United Kingdom

March  2010

Dear Prime Minister,

I am shocked at suggestions by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office minister Ivan Lewis and foreign secretary David Miliband that Britain may consider changing its laws to avoid any future attempts to prosecute suspected war criminals, Israeli or otherwise. The UK must not renege on its international treaty obligations, particularly those under the fourth Geneva convention to seek out and prosecute persons suspected of war crimes wherever and whoever they are, whatever their status, rank or influence, against whom good prima facie evidence has been laid. We must reject any attempt to undermine the judiciary's independence and integrity. A judge who finds sufficient evidence of a war crime must have power to order the arrest of a suspect, subject to the usual rights to bail and appeal.

The power to arrest individuals reasonably suspected of war crimes anywhere in the world should they set foot on UK soil is an efficient and necessary resource in the struggle against war crimes, and must not be interfered with. Nor should the government succumb to pressure from any foreign power to alter this crucial aspect of the judicial process. We urge the government to state clearly that it will not alter the law on universal jurisdiction and will continue to allow victims of war crimes to seek justice in British courts.

Yours sincerely,  Name: Address:  Postcode:  Email Address:  Signature: 


Jan 2010 - Viva Palestina Aid Convoy Arrives in Gaza



Why Boycott Israel?
The Palestinian people are experiencing their 42nd year of military occupation. The siege by the Israeli army and the economic blockade have devastated their daily lives so that 'normal' life is impossible.
Israel operates an entrenched system of racial Apartheid against its own non-Jewish inhabitants and has been illegally occupying Palestinian land in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights since 1967. It has sought to further annex these lands and has systematically transferred its own civilian population into these occupied territories in contravention of international law. Israel continues to build the illegal Apartheid wall, annexing vast swathes of Palestinian land in the West Bank and creating Palestinian ghettos, despite the ruling of the International Court of Justice that it is illegal.
180 Palestinian organisations and unions, in response to Israeli onslaught, have called for a campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Apartheid Israel.

Previous activity:
Remember Gaza   Candlelight Vigil - Tuesday December 29th 2009
 Queen Square, Wolverhampton, organised by Wolverhampton Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Half day conference ‘On War Crimes in Gaza ’
Saturday 28th November, Carrs Lane Church Centre in Birmingham City Centre.
The speakers included the solicitor Phil Shiner who has been instructed by the Palestinian Human Rights organisation Al Haq and addressed the United Kingdom Governments responsibilities under International Law for Israel's breaches of international law in Gaza . 
 Also. Professor Keith Hammond of Glasgow University spoke; his interests include the postcolonialist writings of Edward Said and the general issue of the political representations of oppressed peoples in the United Nations and Europe .
This event marked the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People and the forthcoming first anniversary of Israel’s attack on the people of Gaza . Israel's war crimes under humanitarian and international law remain unpunished.
Organised by West Midlands Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Sponsored by Birmingham Trades Union Council
PSC Week of supermarket Boycott actions 7-15 November 09
Morrisons, Bilston - crossing from Bus Station and market, 
Friday 13th 9.30am-11am & Saturday 14th November 11am-2pm  info: 01902 450640
Friday 19th June 09. 7.30pm9pm at 213 UKIM Newhampton Road East, Wolverhampton
Film.   Jerusalem: the East Side Story.
This powerful documentary film exposes Israel’s policy to gain supremacy and hegemony over the city and its inhabitants, past, present and future.  Essential viewing for anyone wanting to learn more about the history of the city that fell under Israeli control in 1967.  The city is the key to any future settlement of the peace process, and as the film makers say, “Jerusalem is the key to peace”. Directed by Mohammed Alatar (2008) - 57 mins.
The film will be followed by a short discussion, and light refreshments
This event is being organised by Wolverhampton PSC together with the local community. We would welcome your support to keep alive an awareness of the plight of the Palestinians Saturday 11th July 09, Carrs Lane Church Centre, Birmingham
PSC Educational Conference -This is a national PSC all day workshop /conference being held in Birmingham aimed at new members and experienced activists.  It is being jointly organized with West Midlands PSC. Speakers include: Karma Nabulsi, Rita Giacaman, Samia Botmeh, Daniel Machover, and Victoria Britain.

 Israel Out of Gaza,   END THE BLOCKADE,



Local contacts for activity:

Wolverhampton UK Islamic Mission (Wolverhampton) or Wolves PSC  01902 450640    or Wolves TUC     07932 797139     

Dudley, Walsall, Darlaston  Martin    07941 834125 

Birmingham    07812 172885   

Smethwick & West Bromwich    0777 833 2029  
Coventry  07732 030231 

Saturday 16th May 2009 NATIONAL DEMONSTRATION - Wolves PSC delegatio attended
Remember GAZA... End the Siege...Free Palestine  Central London - Rally Trafalgar Square.

Called by Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Stop the War Coalition, British Muslim Initiative, Palestinian Forum in Britain and Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. CLICK HERE for details of national leaflet.


Wolverhampton activity raises over £10,000 in support of Gaza 

 A magnificent £10,200 has so far been raised for Disaster Emergencies Committee - no thanks to the BBC  -  over double the initial target!


Gaza Humanitarian Appeal Bazaar was a huge success with hundreds packing out the Bilal Mosque community Centre from 10am to well past the scheduledCall this phone number in United Kingdom with Skype: +441902450640skype:span class=nbsp;skype:span class= 4pm finish.

Saturday 7th February - Boycott Israeli Products - leafletting of major supermarkets including Sainsburys, Waitrose, Asda etc

 Friday 6th February 6pm - No Arms Sales to Israel - Lobby of Pat McFadden MP at his surgery All Saints Community Centre, Wolvespan style=nbsp;834125,rhampton - took place before constituents attended the surgery to urge him to call for an embargo on British arms exports to Israel.  He said that he agreed Britain should continue to arm the Israeli state. Ken Purchase and Rob Marris, the other two Wolverhampton MPs both disagree with that view.

 Saturday 24th January  -   End the Blockade of Gaza, Boycott Israeli Goods Wolverhampton 10-30am to 12noonFive-Ways Island, Stafford Road A449  mass vigil. We hope to build on the success of last Friday's vigil when over 200 people took part at short notice. Ring  07932 797139 


National DEMONSTRATION, FOR GAZA - London: others from Wolverhampton went to London in support of the national rally with speakers in Portland Place from 2pm before the demonstration set off.  The demonstration went to Downing Street and rally at Trafalger Square.  

Monday 19 January Demonstration outside UAV Engines, of Lichfield, Staffordshire - evidence that has been revealed that the company is building engines that are used in Israel's military drones that are aiding the attacks on Gaza.

UAV engines (known as UEL) is owned by the Israel drone specialists Silver Arrow, a subsidary of the Israeli defence contractor Elbit systems. One of its rotary Wankel engines is used in Elbit's Hermes 450 drone. A version of the 450 makes up a squadron of the Israeli air force and has been seen over Gaza in the current conflict, being used for surveillance and targeting for Israel's F-16 strike fighters. Elbit's own website suggests that the Lichfield factory produces engines for the Hermes.  The demonstration called for an end to arms sales to Israel and an end to Israeli violent repression of the Palestinian people. The factory is situated on Lynn Lane, Shenstone, Litchfield, WS140DT


2000 joined this march and rally in Victoria Square, Birmingham. Called by Stop The War Coalition, West Midlands Palestine Solidarity Campaign and the Muslim Association of Britain.  

Friday 16th January 2009 ' Silent Vigil' Stop the Gaza Massacre
Venue: Queens Square, Wolverhampton 
4.30 to 6pm, around 220 protesters gathered with candles, wearing black clothing, carrying placards - a fantastic turnout, called at short notice.

Called by UKIM,Wolverhampton Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Wolves TUC


Sandwell FREE GAZA Demonstration, outside Sandwell Council in Oldbury

There will be a peaceful demonstration outside Sandwell Council House in Oldbury.
on Friday 16th January from 5.00 pm till 6.30pm. Please bring candles in memory of all those women and children killed in the last fe441902450640skypespan style=Shenstonew weeks by the Israeli Army(IDF)THURSDAY 15 JANUARY 8 PM , PUBLIC MEETING IN WOLVERHAMPTON

Thursday 15th January 2009 'Holocaust in Gaza' Public Meeting Venue: UKIM Masjid 213 Newhampton Road East.
Time: 8pm. For more information phone 07813 784044/07965 630580



Speakers: Kamel Hawwash (Palestine Solidarity Campaign) Cllr Mohammed Arif (Conservative) Cllr Mohammad Nazir (Labour) Phil Bennion (Liberal Democrat) Speaker from Friends of Al Aqsa (tbc) Chris Nineham (Stop the War Coalition)

Two full coaches went to each of the GAZA NATIONAL EMERGENCY DEMONSTRATIONS, 3rd and 10th of January went from Wolverhampton. People were turned away as spaces ran out.  40 coaches went from the West Midlands on the latest demo.


The second national emergency demonstration in London was by far the largest ever in support of
Palestine, it seems over 100,000.  Wolverhampton TUC joined forces with the local UK Islamic Mission and other mosques along with the local Palestine Solidarity Group.

We never saw the beginning or end, it was so big. We marched from Hyde Park to the Israeli Embassy, though most of us never reached there as the police cut the demo in half and blocked off side streets.  We were stuck for over an hour hemmed in until side roads were opened and we managed to cut around to the front. By this time the rally was over.  The hunt for coaches was reminiscent of the Poll Tax demos when coaches were parked far and wide luckily mobile phone communication saved a few more hours hunting than it did in the old days!


The greater the outcry against Israel's war crimes, the quicker governments will be pressured into a concerted demand that Israel end its inhuman attack on a defenceless population. 

Half of Gaza's population of 1.5 million Palestinians are children, dozens of whom have been killed or injured in the past week. Hospitals in Gaza are overflowing with dead and wounded while facing severe shortages of essential medical supplies. Hospitals have no electricity and say their

emergency generators are close to collapse. United Nations representatives say the horror unleashed by Israel is "inhuman" and Gaza's population is "trapped, traumatised and terrorised".

More than 800 Palestinians have been killed and over 3000 injured, which is what happens when the fourth most powerful military in the world unleashes its arsenal of terror on a defenceless people trapped in one of the most densely populated territories on earth.

No wonder across the world there have been demonstrations of anger and outrage at this barbarity and at the inaction of governments in making Israel stop the carnage now. The British government, for all Gordon Brown's insistence that he wants an immediate ceasefire, has been complicit with the United States in stopping a UN resolution calling on Israel to end the carnage.

The first national demonstration of 60,000 in London far outstripped expectation, as did the number of local demonstrations around the country that brought protesters onto the streets in their hundreds and thousands, in towns big and small.  Large demonstrations took place in cities and towns in every continent.

Midlands Palestinian Community Association statement:

" Palestinians in the UK are shocked and horrified at the unfolding events in the Gaza Strip. Israeli forces have launched tens of missiles on Gaza resulting in the deaths and injuries of hundreds of people. This follows a prolonged and immoral siege on Gaza which has lasted for months and which has denied Palestinians food, clean water, electricity and medical supplies. We are concerned for the safety and well-being of relatives and friends who are again suffering under the collective punishment being meted out by Israel, a state that continues to operate above the Law and in defiance of accepted human rights conventions. The Midlands Palestinian Community Association (MPCA) condemns Israel's actions and calls on the British Government to do the same and to call for an immediate end to the military operation in Gaza and for the unconditional lifting of the siege." 
Kamel Hawwash, Chair of the MPCA said: "Israel's cruelty against the helpless Palestinian people knows no bounds. It continues to kill, maim and destroy at will while the world watches in silence.
Its action seems to have been deliberately timed to coincide with the end of the school day in Gaza to cause as much terror, death and destruction as possible".
"Kamel continued "Israel still does not get it. It cannot break the will of the Palestinian people through death and destruction. It must recognise the legitimate rights of the Palestinians and negotiate a programme of withdrawal from the occupied territories including East Jerusalem and the dismantlement of the illegal settlements. Israel's crimes will only serve to strengthen the resolve of Palestinians to remain in their land and to resist the Israeli occupation until it has ended and a free independent Palestine has been born".

public meeting `Palestine What Now` Fri 16th May 08, 

speakers Kamel Hawwash , Midlands Palestine Community Association & Charlotte Marshall, Christian Aid
Say ENOUGH to the Israeli occupation of the Palestininian Territories.
local coach sent to 
National March & Rally called by the ENOUGH campaign
Saturday 9th June 2007.
`Justice for Palestine Peace in the Middle East`
PUBLIC MEETING Friday 23rd March 2007
Husam Zomlot, Political Counselor, 
Palestine General Delegation to the UK
Ken Purchase M.P. W`ton North East

2007 marks the 40-year anniversary of the Six Day War, in which the Israeli army took military control of the Gaza Strip and West Bank, including East Jerusalem. Since that time the government of Israel has built `settlements` in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and assisted its citizens in setting up homes and businesses using land and resources stolen from the Palestinian people. This situation has continued to the current day despite Israel being in violation of international humanitarian law and over 60 UN resolutions. 

The Occupation has created serious poverty for the Palestinians, as well as severe human rights violations. But Palestinian suffering dates back further to 1948, when the state of Israel was created and 750,000 Palestinians were driven or fled from their homes. The United Nations asserted the refugees` right to return home in 1948, but Israel has refused to allow this. Meanwhile the refugee population has grown to over four million, one of the largest in the world, many of whom live in camps waiting for international law to be upheld.

Britain bears a particular responsibility for this suffering. From 1917 to 1948 Britain controlled Palestine. Along with the US and many EU countries, the UK government is today involved in a close military, economic and political relationship with Israel, and fails to stand up for the rights of the Palestinian people. Critics of the state of Israel however are being are described as `anti-semitic` in an attempt to silence public debate and prevent the exposure of human rights abuses. Despite the breaches of international law the international community remains an idle bystander as it lacks the courage to face down the Zionist lobby who hide behind the charge that to criticize Israel is anti-Jewish. This meeting will discuss these issues and the future for the Palestinian people in their struggle for justice.

Ken Purchase MP is a member of the Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee and has traveled widely in the Middle East including Palestine. 

Husam Zomlot is a Palestinian Political Counselor based in London, representing the Palestinian Authority in the UK. Husam believes in the right of Palestinians to resist the occupation and has first-hand expertise in the history of the ill-fated diplomatic agreements between Israel and the PLO.

Rally in Birmiungham 22 July 06

Wolverhampton PSC members travelled to London on May 20th
March and Rally for Palestine: End the Israeli Occupation! Free Palestine!

March and Rally in Trafalgar Square, London.
Organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Association of Palestinian 
Community, Palestinian Return Centre, British Muslim Initiative, Friends of 
Al-Aqsa and the Palestinian Forum in Britain.
Supported by: Just Peace UK, Muslim Association of Britain, Pax Christi, 
Jews for Justice for Palestinians, Stop the War Coalition, Campaign for 
Freedom and Justice for Samar and Jawad, War on Want, Arab Media Watch, 

Palestinian Workers Challenging the Occupation 
Saturday 11 March 2006 attended by local delegates
Speakers included 
Shaher Saed, General Secretary, Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU) 
Willie Madisha, President, Congress of South African Trade Unions(COSATU) 
Diana Buttu, Legal Adviser to the PLO 
Keith Sonnet, Deputy General Secretary, UNISON 
Barry Camfield, Assistant General Secretary, Transport and General Workers Union (TGWU) 
Dr Karma Nabulsi, Nuffield College; Oxford University 
Dr Daoud Abdullah, Senior Researcher; Palestinian Return Centre 
His Excellency Dr Manuel Hassasian, Palestinian Delegate to the UK 
Ruth Winters, President of the Fire Brigades Union 
Jafar Farah, Director of Mossawa, The Advocacy Center for Arab Citizens in Israel 
Billy Hayes, General Secretary; Communication Workers Union 
Jeremy Corbyn MP 
Abla Masrujeh, Women`s Officer PGFTU 
Hugh Lanning, Deputy General Secretary, PCS 
Dan Judelson, European Jews for a Just Peace 
And many more… 

Some of the issues covered were: 
Palestinian Workers in Israel; Refugee Rights and the right of return for 
Palestinians; The Wall, Checkpoints and Palestinian Workers; Strategies for 
Solidarity Campaigning, After the elections: the roadmap? And more… 

After Gaza What Next for The Palestinians? 
A public meeting was held on 26th November 05 with speakers
Dr. Komel Hawwash, Midlands Palestine Community Associotion
Pete Kelsall, Christian Aid
Chaired by: Rob Marris, MP
Over 40 people turned up on a Saturday night to hear excellent visual presentations on the current situation and how the ordinary way of life for Palestinians is being disrupted by the Israeli state. "It can be described as like being in Big Brother, but without the fun" said Dr Hawwash.

These events are very important for Palestinians as they will be taking place
when the media is perpetuating the myth that a just peace is coming closer. 
In reality, Israel continues to build settlements in the West Bank, continues
to build its apartheid wall ripping up houses and agricultural land as it does
so, and continues to kill and maim Palestinians. At the same time it is
refusing to negotiate until it has pulled out of Gaza and consolidated the
West Bank settlements. Western governments' approach is to put pressure on
the Palestinian National Authority to make further concessions and to repress
any resistance. (Note it is not just suicide bombings that the West wants
stopped - as does the PNA - but all forms of resistance to the occupation.) 

We need to be saying to our government and all those supporting Israel that
pressure should be put on Israel, and not the Palestinians, to end their
illegal occupation and to negotiate for a just peace. We will be putting out
press releases and mobilising across the whole country to make these events as
big as possible. The events are also likely to take place in the middle of an
election campaign so we want to make Palestine an issue in this.

The first event is a motorcade past Caterpillar's Northern European Finance
Headquarters in Hockley Heath, Solihull. This is part of the campaign for
economic sanctions on Israel and for Boycotting Israeli Goods. As part of
these, PSC is focusing on certain products, a method which was very successful
in the boycott of South African apartheid (for example, around Barclays Bank). 

Caterpillar is still exporting bulldozers to Israel which are used to destroy
houses, rip up olive groves and other agricultural land, and occasionally kill
people. Rachel Corrie is an example of this and PSC members laid a wreath at
the Caterpillar offices on 16th March, the anniversary of her murder.

Drive past Caterpillar 3 times (outside of which there will be a
photographer and a stationary picket) before Birmingham
City Centre and the rally. 
rally in Victoria Square, central Birmingham people to speak at the rally, including a
representative from the Palestinian Delegation in Britain, Richard Burden MP,
Dr. Naseem from the central mosque, a representative from the churches, a
representative from the Muslim Association of Britain, a trade union
representative and representatives who support Palestinians' rights to
self-determination from political parties. 

At t/spanskype_tb_injectionspan data-scayt_word=nbspIsrael still does not get it. It cannot break the will of the Palestinian people through death and destruction. It must recognise the legitimate rights of the Palestinians and negotiate a programme of withdrawal from the occupied territories including East Jerusalem and the dismantlement of the illegal settlements. Israelhe rally, we will be collecting signatures for letters to the Chief
Executive of Caterpillar calling for the company to stop selling products to
Israel. We will also be collecting items that are symbolic of house

* contact Wolverhanpton PSC 01902 711752 and lbr / data-scaytid= data-scaytid=br /br /eave a message or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

DEMONSTRATION, FOR GAZA - London:/ppnbsp;hundreds of people. This follows a prolonged and immoral siege on Gaza which has lasted for months and which has denied Palestinians food, clean water, electricity and medical supplies. We are concerned for the safety and well-being of relatives and friends who are again suffering under the collective punishment being meted out by Israel, a state that continues to operate above the Law and in defiance of accepted human rights conventions. The Midlands Palestinian Community Association (MPCA) condemns Israel

Silent Vigil Over 40 people turned up on a Saturday night to hear excellent visual presentations on the current situation and how the ordinary way of life for Palestinians is being disrupted by the Israeli state.

economic sanctions on Israel and for Boycotting Israeli Goods. As part of