The TUC 2020 annual conference of trades union councils in the Midlands Region was planned for

 Saturday 16th May, at the TUC Offices, 47 Summer Lane, Birmingham B19 3TH.  



Registration will be from 10.30am and the conference will start at 11am.

Each trades council is entitled to submit a motion and 2 delegates to the conference 

Guest speakers will be arranged over the next few weeks and a buffet lunch will be provided for a networking opportunity at the end of the event.

The full agenda for the conference will be sent out on Friday 1st May

In addition and based on feedback from previous years conference, we will be holding a session to give each trades council the opportunity to report on campaigns/best practice/activities which have and are taking place in each locality.  In addition to that we will also have a session on the future role of trades councils within the Midlands.