Thursday 21st February 2019

venue Unite Office, 6 Victoria Square, Wolverhampton WV1 1LD next to bus station, over bridge from train station

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council Delegate Meeting starts 7-15pm

- all trade union supporters welcome -

speaker at 8pm:  Police Spies Out of Lives campaign , organised by and for people deceived into relationships with undercover police.


we have some additional copies of Undercover- true story of Britain's secret police, for those that missed out at last meeting

Minutes of last delegate meeting

Secretary’s report


starts 7-15pm all trade union supporters welcome



  1. Welcome & introductions to delegates & visitors + apologies
  2. Minutes of last delegate Meeting & Matters Arising
  3. EC report and Correspondence
  4. Reports/discussions:
  1. delegate reports: UNITE, PCS , RMT, UNISON, FBU, UCU, LP and others
  2. WBDTUC Secretary's report – Bro Kelleher
  3. Midlands TUC Pensioners' Network - Bro Deacon
  4. Wolverhampton Palestine Solidarity - Bro Deacon
  5. any other business
  6. speaker at 8pm:fromPolice Spies Out of Lives campaign organised by and for people deceived into relationships with undercover police.
  7. Motion for debate: Opposing Undercover 'Political Policing' 

    We note with concern that police chiefs have admitted that undercover infiltration of political, activist and justice campaign groups in the UK has been consistent since 1968, in the form of the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS) and the National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU). 

    We understand that a tactic of these infiltrations was for officers to form long-term intimate relationships with women activists, to bolster officer's cover identities in activist circles. Many of these 'relationships' lasted for years. 

    We believe that this reveals that institutional sexism is endemic within the police and other state bodies that sanctioned this behaviour. 

    We understand that police were forced to admit, in just one case so far, that they infringed upon a woman's right not to be 'subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment'. 

    This was a violation of the women's rights to privacy, freedom of expression and freedom of association and assembly. 

    Also this was a violation of the women's rights to a home and family life, and to privacy of communications.

    Further, this was an infringement of the women's right to participate in the struggle for legal, social and environmental justice. 

    We believe that the use of sexual relationships has no place in any form of undercover policing and the Regulation Of Investigatory Powers Act (2000) should be amended to reflect this. 

    We firmly oppose this type of political undercover policing and believe that infiltrations of this kind have no place in a democratic society. 

    We call for the Undercover Policing Inquiry to be extended to Scotland and Northern Ireland, and to undertake a fully transparent and truly public inquiry, providing disclosure to those whose rights have been violated by undercover operations and to fulfil its terms of reference as a means to allay public concern. 

    This meeting agrees to: 

    1/ Share details of this motion with its membership. 

    2/ Profile the work of Police Spies Out Of Lives in members bulletins and newsletters. 

    3/ Raise awareness amongst trade unionists, in trade union branches, the TUC and political allies of undercover 'political policing', to help prevent a re-occurrence of this type of grossly intrusive policing. 

    4/ Support and publicise the demonstration by those spied upon and their supporters.

  • meeting ends around 9pm

  • tea/coffee etc available at meetings courtesy of UNITE the union


future DELEGATE MEETINGS and EVENTS in 2019, we meet the 3rd Thursday each month @7-15pm venue Unite Office, 6 Victoria Square, Wolverhampton WV1 1LD next to bus station, over bridge from train station


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