Trades Councils:

  • are urged to meet and use the PA publication to educate and inform NHS campaigns.

  • are encouraged to subscribe to the Health Campaigns Together newsletter.

  • are asked to work with TUC affiliates and others to campaign against ACOs and ICSs and support the campaigning activity of Keep Our NHS Public, Defend our NHS, 999 Call for the NHS and Health Campaigns Together.

  • to support the wider defence and reinstatement of the NHS as a health service which is universal, comprehensive, publicly provided, publicly accountable, publicly run, adequately funded through general taxation, free at the point of delivery, with decisions on treatment taken by NHS clinical staff on the basis of clinical need.

Local Government

Trades councils are encouraged to:

  • Reach out to all Labour Councillors and council candidates stating our clear commitment to campaign jointly with them against further local government cuts and asking them to commit to a joint campaign of publicly opposing the cuts from Central government.

  • Encourage all our delegates who are members of the Labour Party to raise these issues at ward and constituency level and to stand as constituency delegates within the Labour Party.

  • campaign for an end to all outsourcing and privatisation of local government services.

  • bring together trade unions, councillors and community groups to campaign for the resources our towns and cities actually need including public meetings, press releases and social media.

Transport - Trades councils are called upon to campaign for its immediate return to public ownership through the lobbying of all local authorities and Members of Parliament concerned.


Trades Councils are urged to campaign for:

  • A programme of council house building rising to 100,000 new homes per year

  • Council rents to be genuinely affordable and pegged to inflation

  • Council home building and repair services to be brought back in-house, where they can be delivered on a non-profit basis

  • Local councils to have and use the power to take over homes empty for more than six months

  • The reintroduction of private sector rent controls

  • The extension of rights for private tenants, including an end to “no fault” evictions

  • To demand that all tower blocks be fitted with sprinkler systems and that an urgent review is held into building standards and management by ALMO’s (Arms-Length Management Organisations) of high rise buildings to avoid another tragedy like Grenfell Tower

Energy and Environment

Trades Councils are encouraged to:

work with their Regional TUC to develop appropriate Low Carbon Regional Strategies, taking into account the particular carbon footprint applicable in their area.

campaign to put the fight against climate change at the heart of our campaign strategy, and urge Trade Unions and shop stewards and activists to give it their full support.


Trades councils are urged to campaign to:

  • prevent any exploratory drilling, fracking or coal-bed extraction on land they own or control.

  • oppose strongly any attempt to weaken or override their powers as a planning authority when considering any applications for fracking.

  • consult with local communities on any planning applications related to fracking received for their area.

  • encourage authorities to take steps within their statutory powers to work to harness sustainable and renewable energy resources available locally such as wind and river weirs, and aim to work towards becoming fossil-free by 2025.

  • The TUC are urged to call on the Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change to reconsider the Government’s reversal of the scrapping of clean energy subsidies, to reintroduce rules on zero-carbon housing and tax incentives on ‘green’ cars and to reinstate the energy efficiency budget, increasing investment in renewables in a bid to reduce carbon emissions

Blacklisting and other dodgy employment practices

Trades councils are urged to:

  • offer assistance to unions organising precarious workers

  • - campaign to end to ‘bogus’ self-employment and agency contracting for core workers.

  • - campaign for day one equal rights and pay for directly employed and agency workers.

  • - support campaigns for the right of candidates for job interviews to see the markings and comments of the interview panels.

Refugee and Asylum Seeker Rights - trade union councils are encouraged to affiliate to the Refugee Rights Campaign.

Justice against spying and Infiltration

Trades Union Councils are asked to consider:

  • Affiliating to COPS - Supporting core participants in the Mitting Inquiry

  • Inviting women from PSOOL to speak about their experiences at public meetings

  • Urging the Home Secretary to conclude the inquiry as quickly as possible and to remove the anonymity granted to SpyCops

Football Lads Alliance

Trades councils are urged to:

  • support future Stand Up to Racism initiatives that seek to further expose and undermine racist and fascist elements of the FLA.

  • - support Stand Up to Racism, Show Racism the Red Card and other fan-based anti-racist initiatives which aim to take the fight against racism to the clubs and football grounds.

  • - be vigilant in opposing racist anti-immigrant groupings such as FLA and to coordinate our campaigning work accordingly.

  • - work with other community bodies and organisations to combat racism, including developing a local ‘Statement Against Racism, Fascism and Islamophobia’ to be signed, amongst others, by MPs, civic, community and religious leaders.

Mental Health and Trade Union Activists - Trades councils will note the increased attention being paid by unions to the mental health of their members. We remain concerned that trades union activists are a group which may have particular mental health and stress related issues arising from their TU roles. The General Council are called upon to work with affiliated unions to provide for trade union activists faced with these issues, including helplines as well as training.

Yemen - Trades councils call on the TUC to call on the UK government to end the British government’s supply of arms to Saudi Arabia and to campaign to end the blockade on Yemen and allow humanitarian aid to enter the country under the supervision of the UN and secure the total stoppage of any hostility against civilians.

Heart Unions’ week

Trades councils are encouraged to fully participate in future heart union activities.

Trades councils call on the TUC general council to ensure there is clarity of purpose for future Heart Unions Weeks and communicate this to all unions and to trades union councils well in advance of the event; involve trade unions and trades councils in the planning and development of the week, ensuring that there is a proper build-up with adequate time allowed for information to be shared between union branches and trades councils and joint initiatives to be planned and implemented by activists with communities in each locality; look for a more meaningful name for Heart Unions Week, which better conveys its aims and intentions to the labour movement and public alike.