January 2005

Secretary's Supplementary Report January 2005  Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC wolves.tuc@unisonfree.net

TU branches already affiliated for 2005:
Amicus-GPM, Amicus 13/D Craft, Amicus 0758, ASLEF, NASUWT, NUT, UNISON General 9,500 affiliated trade unionists


President Marie Taylor (CYWU)
Vice-President Dave Cole (NUT)
 Secretary Nick Kelleher (UNISON)
 Treasurer John Grant (NATFHE)
Executive Committee: Satwant Sagoo, Paul Davis, Don Ash (all UNISON)
No nominations for Minutes Secretary or Publicity Officer and there are a number of vacancies on the EC.

British Representative of the Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU)
Wednesday 19th January, 7.30 pm Carrs Lane Church Centre, Birmingham.
The IFTU is the largest of the new independent trade union organisations that have emerged since the fall of Saddam`s dictatorship. In December 2003 its offices were ransacked by US troops and its members have also been murdered by the so-called “resistance“. Astonishingly, certain people within the British anti-war movement and on the British “left“ are now denouncing the IFTU as “collaborators“ and even“Quislings“!
Abdullah Muhsin will explain the IFTU`s policies, its attitude towards the occupation, the interim government and the elections. British trade unionists, Labour Party members, anti-war campaigners and anyone else who wants to know the truth about the IFTU, instead of the lies and slanders that have been spread, are welcome.
Committee in Support of Iraqi Trade Unions, 309 Mary Vale Road, B'ham B30 1PL. 0121 4513427. Birmingham TUC supported

WB&D TUC AGM Thurs 20th January 7.15pm Council Chamber, Civic Centre

Workers` Memorial Day, Wed 28th April 2004

11th Wolverhampton annual May Day Festival, Sunday 1st May 2004

Festival dates for 2005 – bar worker volunteers needed
28th May Homelands – Winchester dance all-nighter
23/26th June Glastonbury – there is a field in Somerset…
July National Adventure Sports Show
26/28th August, Leeds – the Reading of the North

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