January 07

Secretary's Supplementary Report January 2007
Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC info@wolvestuc.org.uk
TU branches already affiliated for 2007: ASLEF, Community(Hall Palm), CWU(W.Mids & Worcs), UCU University

Nominations by UNISON:

President: Dave Cole (NUT)
Vice-President: Marie Taylor (TGWU-CYWU)
 Secretary: Nick Kelleher (UNISON)
 Treasurer: John Grant (UCU)
Assistant Secretary: Marion Halfpenny (NUT)
No nominations for Publicity Officer and there are a number of vacancies on the EC.

Thurs 18th January – WB&D TUC AGM 7.15pm Civic Centre speaker on:
Join the Big Trident Debate – A broad coalition of individuals and organisations has launched a campaign to secure a full public and parliamentary debate on the replacement of Britain's nuclear weapons system. The website www.bigtridentdebate.org.uk contains a statement calling for a full debate which individuals and organisations are encouraged to sign. Join the debate!
A June 2006 ICM poll shows that 81% of the British public believe that a decision on Trident replacement should be made by a vote in Parliament, not by the Prime Minister alone. Opposition to Trident Replacement has increased from 54% last autumn to 59%.
CND encourages you to contact Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett, encouraging her to initiate and facilitate the public and parliamentary debate on Trident Replacement. Please ask your MP to sign EDMs 2702 and 2703, which call for a full debate on the issue of Trident replacement.


In this mailing is a model letter from the TUC LGBT Network, which can be filled in and sent to your MP regarding the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations. Some religious groups have been campaigning against the regs that are due to be enforced in Britain outlawing discrimination in the provision of goods and services.

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