January 2021

Secretary’s Supplementary Report for AGM Thurs 21 January 2021

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC www.wolvestuc.org.uk info@wolvestuc.org.uk

  • 2021 WB&DTUC officer nominations received from UNITE WM6150:

President (Chairperson) Marie Taylor UNITE CYW

Vice-President Bob Simm UNITE WM/6150

Secretary Nick Kelleher UNITE WM/6150

Treasurer John Grant UCU

nominations for other Executive Committee positions to be taken at meeting

from EC Report 13 Jan 2021:

  1. TUC ♥ Unions week #HeartUnions week 8-14 Feb 21.

  • demonstrate how brilliant unions are by showcasing all that we achieve for working people – especially during the pandemic. – We are seeking local positive union anecdotes for social media.

  • encourage as many people as possible who are already union members to ask someone they know to join one too. – We are unable to do our usual activities. Authorise up to £50 for Facebook Join a union adverts, designs produced.

  1. Body worn video – BLM campaign. – sent to contacts in UNISON, UNITE, PCS, GMB to pass onto SOGs. Simon Foster’s latest reply was not particularly useful to our campaign, quoting guidance not law. Raise issue of stop and search figures with current PCC David Jamieson.

  2. research into Wolverhampton/Staffordshire links to slave owners paid state compensation at abolition. £2,100 now raised by donations: GMBX13 £1,050, UNITE WM6150 £500, UNISON City of Wolverhampton £250 and TUC Development grant £300. Could be expanded if further donations arise; NK sent a finance request to UNISON S.Staffs and UNITE Area Activists Committee. GM will draw up an advert for the researcher. Motion could be sent to Midlands TUC AGM?

  3. Freedom for Ocalan 26min presentation to our last meeting, video has been put online https://youtu.be/4QBEig6qRq4

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