JOB vacancy Caseworker/Organiser UNISON Wolverhampton

Closing date: 5pm 1st June 2022

Caseworker/Organiser Branch Employed
UNISON – City of Wolverhampton Local Government Branch

Starting Salary: Fixed £30,095 pro rata
NJC pay scale pay point 25, equivalent to City of Wolverhampton Grade 6 Local Pay
Point 17
Hours 20 hours per week, Flexible arrangement to be agreed
Contract type: initially 12- month fixed term contract
About this job
Employed directly by the City of Wolverhampton UNISON Branch, and based in the
Civic Centre, Wolverhampton the role of the Caseworker/Organiser is to organise
and recruit new members to the branch under the direction of the Branch Secretary
and lead officers.
The role will require providing advice and representation to individual members, as
well as working on campaigns and collective issues.
You will have excellent presentation and communication skills both face to face and
on paper. A sound understanding of trade unions and UNISON’S policies and
objectives is essential.
To apply for this job please contact the Branch office either by e-mail to or by telephone on 01902 554096
Please return the completed application forms along with the recruitment monitoring
forms via email to or by post to:
Mr A Turner, City of Wolverhampton UNISON Civic Centre, St Peters Square,
Wolverhampton, WV1 1RR.
Deadline for applications is the 5pm 1 st June 2022
Interviews will be held at Wolverhampton Civic Centre week commencing 20 th June

Job Description

City of Wolverhampton Branch

Job TitleCaseworker/Organiser
GradeNJC pay scale pay point 25, equivalent to City of Wolverhampton Grade 6 Local Pay Point 17 (fixed £30,095 pro rata)Location UNISON Office – City of Wolverhampton Branch plus workplaces throughout Wolverhampton and surrounding areas
Responsible to Branch Secretary Branch Chairperson
Contacts Branch Officers/Stewards Regional Officials Office Staff Human Resources MembersPersons responsible for: None
Working Hours 20 hours per week Flexible arrangement to be agreed. determined by business needsSpecial Conditions None
Conditions of Service UNISON

This job description is a guide to the work you will initially be required to undertake. It may be reviewed from

time to time to meet changing circumstances.

Job Summary To provide advice and representation to UNISON members. To organise and recruit members in the City of Wolverhampton UNISON Branch under direction of the Branch Secretary and other lead officers.
Your current duties and responsibilities are: – 1. To provide individual representation to members with grievances, in disciplinaries, under sickness absence procedures, or on any other relevant matter. 2. To maintain all relevant files and documents in relation to individual representation in line with Branch systems and the Data Protection Act. 3. To provide collective representation on issues such as restructures, redundancy situations or any collective grievances that may affect UNISON members. Wherever possible to use collective representation to organise and recruit new members and stewards. 4. To assist the Branch in helping retain and recruit UNISON members. This to involve visiting workplaces on a regular basis, espousing the values and benefits of being a UNISON member and encouraging member activity in UNISON. 5. To assist in the distribution of Branch communications, including the Branch newsletter and social media. To assist in distributing national UNISON material when relevant. 6. To provide advice and guidance to members with queries and problems. This to be both over the telephone and in person. To assist with reception duties in the absence of office staff. 7. To work co-operatively with all Branch Officers and Stewards to advance the cause of the union. To work with UNISON Stewards, providing support and assistance where necessary. 8. To work under the direction of the Branch Secretary in relation to any campaigns or industrial action that affects members. 9. To attend any training necessary to support members and advance the cause of UNISON. 10. To develop newsletters, posters and other materials using Microsoft applications. 11. To provide a monthly report to Branch Committee covering number, place and type of representations, organising activities supported, and number of members/stewards recruited. 12. To cultivate working relationships with other trade unions in order to advance the interests of UNISON members.
13. It is your responsibility to carry out your duties in line with UNISON’s policy on equality and be sensitive and caring to the needs of the disadvantaged, promoting a positive approach to a harmonious working environment. You should act as an exemplar on these issues and should identify and monitor training, in line with this policy and the Equality Act 2010. 14. Such other duties as maybe appropriate to achieve the objectives of the post to assist the Branch Office in the fulfilment of its objectives commensurate with the post holder’s salary grade, abilities and aptitudes. 15. The post holder must at all times carry out his/her responsibilities with due regard to Health & Safety at Work.

Personnel Specification

City of Wolverhampton Branch

Job TitleCaseworker/Organiser
GradeNJC pay scale pay point 25, equivalent to City of Wolverhampton Grade 6 Local Pay Point 17SalaryFixed £30,095 pro rata
Completed ByAdrian Turner, Branch SecretaryDate of IssueMay 2022

The Personnel Specification outlines the main attributes needed to adequately perform the post specified. In drawing together the specification, a critical examination of the job description has been undertaken to pinpoint those elements of the post deemed as essential.

The Personnel Specification is intended to give prospective candidates a better understanding of the position’s requirements. It will be used as part of the recruitment process in identifying and shortlisting candidates and in determining an applicant’s suitability for employment, whilst giving due consideration to the need to make reasonable adjustments in line with the requirements of the Equality Act 2010.

Essential / DesirableHow Identified?
1. Qualifications

What does the job require in the way of:- Level of formal qualifications required to carry out the job. Describe these by level of attainment and by subject matter where appropriate, e.g. Degree, HNC, Professional Qualifications, GCSE’s, CIPFA etc.Minimum of GCSE or equivalent in Maths and English (E) TUC 10-day Steward’s course (D) TUC Health & Safety (D) Driving Licence (D) Competent use of Microsoft Applications (E)

Formal possession of an appropriate qualification to be verified at interview or from records.
2. Experience

What does the job require in the way of:- Specific related job experience and in what type of working environment. What kind of life experience could supplement or replace this? Which is more important to the success of the job?Experience of trade union activity, in particular providing individual representation (E) Experience of communicating with people in a polite, professional and persuasive manner. (E)Past employment activity record. Performance in related selection methods e.g. presentation, group discussion.
3. Training

What does the job require in the way of:- Specific and/or specialist training in order to do the job, e.g. training in recruitment and selection, supervisory, management, interpersonal skills. Apprenticeship in a recognised trade. Practical training in the use of specific equipment, word processing etc.Willingness to undertake further trade union training courses specific to carrying out the role, (E) for example – Undertaking a grievance and disciplinary Capability Employment law updates RMS Training Social media training
Past training history from application form and records. Selection process by demonstration of ability to display knowledge and skills at the interview.
4. Special Knowledge
What special knowledge is required in order to perform the job properly, e.g. a knowledge of employment legislation, accounting, financial planning regulations, languages, computer systems, local area etc.?Knowledge of the role and aims of the trade union movement (E) Some knowledge of employment law (D)Qualifications held and demonstration of knowledge at interview
5. Circumstances (personal)

What kind of personal circumstances are required to do the job properly? The ability to work shifts, weekends etc. The willingness and ability to travel and stay away from home. Willingness to live-in if the job requires. Ability to drive, car ownership.Occasional work outside normal office hours when required. E.g. AGM or when members need to meet outside normal office hours (E) Ability to drive and have access to a car for work (D)Ensuring candidates are aware of these requirements from the job description. Interview questions and application details.
6. Disposition
How far does the job require: – Being steady, dependable, persevering, persistent, even tenacious, being difficult to distract or discourage. Getting on well with others, working readily with others, co-operating, and influencing others. Depending on oneself rather than others, relying on own resources, accepting responsibility, leadership qualities, ability to motivate others. Ability to cope with monotony, neatness, accuracy of work, attention to detail.Excellent verbal communication skills. To be self-motivated to promote the aims and values of trade unions. Ability to organise and prioritise work tasks to meet deadlines. Good attention to detail. Ability to work with others and as part of a team. Ability to give advice to members who can be very upset and anxious. Good persuasion skills. Ability to be understanding empathetic of members concerns. Ability to foster working relationships with managers, Human Resources and sister trade unions. (E)
Performance in related selection process, e.g. exercises, group discussion, problem solving, questions etc.
7. Practical and Intellectual Skills

What practical and intellectual skills are required for performing the job effectively? Does the person need to be a practically orientated person; should they be able to make decisions, should they be able to understand information derived from complex records? What degree of manual dexterity is needed? Does the applicant need to be mechanically minded?Ability to speak on behalf of members Ability to influence and persuade others to advance the interest of UNISON members Ability to plan and prioritise. Ability to map out membership (E)Performance in related selection process.
8. Legal Requirements

Are there any limitations or requirements imposed by statute that candidates must comply with, e.g. special qualifications, minimum age range etc.? Are there and “Genuine Occupational Qualifications” as defined in legislation which apply to this post?
Application form and interview questioning and references.

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