July 2006

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC

1. ATTENDANCE Sisters:  Taylor (CYWU)  Ceresa (UNISON)  Pearson – T.O.M.  Brothers:   Kelleher (UNISON),  Deacon (UNISON), Cole (NUT),  Farmer (UNISON), Juss (GMB),  Smith (Amicus obs.)  Taylor (obs.)
Apologies –  Grant (NATFHE), Hardacre (ASPECT),  Childs (CWU obs.),

2.`The minutes of June meeting were agreed as a true record with the inclusion in 5 that “only one motion was submitted by WMCATUC to annual conference” , MATTERS ARISING:
2.2  Letter not written to council re FLAG
3.12 Ken Purchase still to pay for wreath for Workers Memorial Day
3.2.1  Voice of the Unions renewed £7.60 agreed
3.2.18  Our website is working again. Web Host renewal fee £30 was paid
2. 3. There was no Executive Committee.  
3.1) Delegates asked to publicise TUC Education courses at Wolverhampton College, Wellington Road Campus, Bilston
Applications to: WEA Office, 78-80 Sherlock Street, Birmingham    0121 666 6101
M086 UNION REPRESENTATIVES STAGE 1 10 Tuesdays from 3rd October
M087 HEALTH AND SAFETY STAGE 1  10 Wednesdays from 4th October
M088  UNION LEARNING REPRESENTATIVES   5 Fridays from 6th October
3.2) Midlands TUC plans for Regional TUC conference November. Sept EC to discuss concerns discussed.
3.3) Bro.Deacon – Regional TUC report – copied for delegates. TUC LGBT report to be put on website
3.4) Sis.Taylor undertook follow-up interview  after questionnaire – “TUs and Community Politics”. Bro. G.Taylor from Bristol Business School reported on his work with Central Labour Councils in the US, our equivalent. He will be able to give us a report in the next few months.
3.5) Trades Union Council Midlands Regional Conference – copied for delegates and emailed
3.6) protest at west midlands PSC 22 July protest leafleting and a die-in against Israeli war crimes in Palestine and Lebanon
Birmingham TUC mailing noted
3.7) Socialist Health Alliance meeting Wed 26 July 7pm QE, Birmingham
3.8) various Newsletters – available at meeting for delegates to take away
Correspondence sent:
3.9) Solidarity magazine (Bridgewater TUC) £6
3.10) Asylum & Immigration tribunal re Shapol Said
3.11) CATUC expenses for Bro.Deacon TUCo. Conference
3.12) Dudley PCS info re affiliation after request
a) Secretary’s written report circulated. Need to get CND anti-Trident postcards. Young Labour Save Omar campaign meeting no details yet will email. Swastika graffiti on rail bridge reported to council and Network Rail but still no action. Sec to raise with councillors.
b)  Delegates’ Workplace reports – none
c) Anti- fascist election campaign – meeting to be called still
d) PSC report- delegation in B’ham 15 Sept. Possible Civic reception in W’ton and tree planting – AGREED to pay for tree if needed.
e) CSC – day school with Indian workers Assoc on 23 July
f) Rahimi Family Must Stay campaign – social in late September with Banner Theatre in W’ton, they are seeking our help. Approach W.A.R.S. and Kurdish group.

5.  Speaker Mary Pearson troops Out movement gave video presentation commemoration of 25years since Irish Hunger strikers seeking political status, pre-cursor to peace negotiations. Troops Out Belfast delegation 10-14 Aug

6. RESOLUTIONS submitted by CYWU
1) WB&DTUC supports ‘Public Services not Private for Profit’ campaign

2) WB&DTUC condemns with horror the disproportionate response of Israel in its actions in its actions in Lebanon. We condemn the targeting of innocent civilians in this conflict and the mass slaughter of Lebanese civilians by the indiscriminate bombing by Israel.
We reject the comments made recently by Margaret Beckett as Foreign Secretary and urge her to intervene and carry out strenuous efforts to bring about peace in that region. We believe this will be achieved in the short term by calling for an immediate ceasefire and working towards a negotiated settlement. Seek a negotiated settlement in Gaza based on international law. Send to TUC General Council where Midlands TUC had already sent correspondence
The meeting closed at 8.45pm



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