June 2008



1. WELCOME & introductions.  Attendance:
BROTHERS  Cole (NUT)  Jones (CWU)  Childs (CWU)  Baynham (AMICUS)  Bostock (POA)  Clarke (POA)  Millington (UNITE)  Grant (UCU City college)  Hardacre (ASPECT) 

SISTERS  Kelsey (CWU)  Plummer (UNITE)  Ceresa (UNISON General)  Taylor (CYWU/UNITE)  Halfpenny (NUT) Petford (UNITE) 

Apologies:  Sister  Brealey (UNISON General) Brothers –  Kelleher (UNISON General)  Deacon (UNISON General)  Muir (CYWU/UNITE) Juss (GMB)  Marris (UNITE)  

2. MINUTES OF MEETING 15th May 2008
 3(a) Should be £3 each not £300.  With this correction agreed true and accurate.
 Matters Arising
 (6) Bro. Hardacre found out that he was misinformed and their will still be representatives   from TUs on Trades Council.

 a) Re: International forum event Midlands, agreed to contact PSC, VSC, CSC for joint work 1st-10th December. 
 Midlands TUC re: motions – Sis. Halfpenny.
 Labour members to inform Bro. Kelleher if they wish to receive L.P democracy directly.

 b) BNP work –updates.

 c) Speakers – Autumn/ Winter – ideas to Bro. Kelleher.

 d) TU 6/7/08 – Blakenhall show stall, volunteers needed.

 e) AOB – Chumbawamba to headline at this years Chainmakers Festival Sept 2008.
 a) SECRETARY – Tabled report – no matters raised.

 b) TREASURER – Funds stable
 i) CWU- annual conference in Liverpool.  Main item, link with Labour Party.  Last chance to come up “with goods” with NOT privatising postal services.

 ii) NUT pay dispute – lobby of parliament was successful but few Midlands delegates.

 iii) POA – still battling to gain full TU rights.  29th June – Branches to work to letter of the law of time schedules.  No agreement on how to deal with disputes.  Governors of prisons have to work out shift patterns.  Could be results from this could have support  of whole of membership.

 iv) UNISON pay ballot – ballot is out and deadline tomorrow.  Main ballot was very close.  A lot more going on in Wolverhampton regarding restructures etc.

 v) CYWU/UNITE national conference- focused on organisation, public sector pay.  Youth and community workers offered 2%.  Nationally UNITE not impressed with  lead UNISON is taking on public services.

International speaker from Venezuela – Francisco Dominquez very good and knowledgeable. 
 vi) NHS pay dispute – RCN and UNISON leadership recommended to accept 8% pay offer over 3 years and membership agreed.  AMICUS/UNITE leadership have recommended not to accept pay rise.

 vii) Discussion about pay deals over several years and how if the economy is as unstable as now they are a bad thing.  Difficulty in co-ordinating nationally.  Could we do something locally with some joint action to lead the way.  Suggestion made by Sis. Taylor.  Bro. Bostock reported further on June 9th rally about collective action which did not seem to be supported by Brendan Barber.  On agenda for next meeting co-ordinate day of action here in Wolverhampton.

 viii) Table and report from Bro.Hardacre on 2008 Trades Union Council Conference. 
Report and discussion – questions next month.  Good conference.  Bro. Hardacre had to leave early.

 d) anti-fascism – Sis. Halfpenny talked about problems in Stoke.  White estates where there is no hope.  So ‘Hope not Hate’ not effective.
Bro.Kelleher to check out bi-election in Redditch -17th July.  Anti-BNP candidates, help needed.  This will be on agenda of next meeting.
Stoke – economic deprivation is clear.  Anti-racism combined with class issues needed for disaffected working class.  It is New Labour we dislike.


Cuba 50 resolution from NUT.  Lloyds TSB has to pull out of deals with Cuba as £180m. fine as part of “International Banking Rules”.  Correspondence between Bro. Cole and M.P Rob Marris regarding possible British Sanctions against Cuba.  There are European sanctions.  US have targeted Cuba primarily.  Motion carried unanimously.

42 day detention legislation could be reinterpreted by other Governments later and used against others such as Trade Unionists.  Followed by good discussion.  Disappointed at Rob Marris’ stand i.e. voting with Government.  Lack of confidence in Governments motives.
6. AOB
Updating History of WB&D TUC needs to be done.  Will be picked up at another executive.

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