June 2010

MINUTES of Delegate MEETING 17th June 2010

ATTENDANCE – BROTHERS Cole & S.Grant (NUT), Rahimi & Marris (UNITE), Grant, Dwight & Edwards (UCU), Thomas (Community), Bostock & Clarke (POA), Stoll, Kelleher, Frazer & Marriot (UNISON), (UCU), Renshaw (UCATT)   SISTERS Petford (UNITE), Taylor (CYWU UNITE), Sharkey & Ceresa (UNISON Gen), Halfpenny (NUT)
Apologies: BROTHERS Deacon & Turner (UNISON Gen), Childs (CWU), Hardacre (ASPECT), Juss (GMB).  SISTERS Burth & Brealey (UNISON Gen), Kelsey (CWU), Reynolds (GMB).

1. WELCOME Delegates introduced and welcomed.
2. MINUTES of meeting 20th May 2010 – agreed correct
Matters Arising: May Day – still need some grants towards cost.
4) a Anti BNP election campaign Will have stall at Phoenix festival 11am – 4pm 18/7/10. Volunteers needed. No knowledge of events at Northicote. Designs for T-shirts discussed. Polo shirts may be possible. Need to get testimonials from volunteers.
4) c CYWU/UNITE rally – 19/6/10 at Coventry Central Hall 12pm – 4pm.
4) g Cuba Solidarity Campaign – ‘Fireflies in Night’ – short film about Cuba to be shown at Bilston 19/6/10

3.1 Report tabled.
3.2 Telford anti BNP leaflets done by commercial company. Too late to use CWU Royal Mail. Leafleting of 2 constituencies cost £6000. It appears only 40% leaflets were delivered. Now legal claim against company.
3.3 Agreed affiliation to Shrewsbury 24 – £25. Future donation possibly.
3.5 Haldane Socialist Lawyers have led campaign against internment – Guantanimo Bay – Anti Iraq war – affiliation agreed. Bro. Clarke proposed. Seconded by Bro. J Grant.

a) Secretary written report circulated. 3/7/10 – Justice for Shrewsbury 24 pickets – to demand an enquiry.
another EDL demonstration in Dudley 17/7/2010.
14/8/2010 possible Red, White and Blue festival Denby may be Codnor as border near to each.
b) TUC disability Conference – Written report distributed.

c) Bro.Adam Dwight UCU – Due to strike 21/6/10 threat of compulsory redundancy was withdrawn. National United for Education protest against funding cuts in H.E and F.E to go ahead with protest in Bilston –Metro then walk to meeting at Wulfrun Hall at 12.30pm where there will be a rally. 11.45am for protest. Support needed. NUS in college are not particularly political, but have become more supportive since May.

d) Delegates Workplace Reports – none. Still working on Joint Union Campaign.
e) Morning Star AGM Sis. Taylor reported. 1 day strike due this Sunday, by majority of 1 by NUJ Chapel. No paper on Monday. Editor excluded from ballot. Deals offered have been rejected. It may not be a dispute about pay but about power. The paper cannot sustain strike action and will go in to receivership.
f) Pensioners report. None.
g) Palestine – meeting.

5. SPEAKERS: Terry Renshaw UCATT(one of Shrewsbury 24) and Mike Edwards UCU
6th September 1974 was the first National strike, demanding more pay and to highlight death and accidents. Deaths were 1 per day. 52 killed in construction & 4000+ accidents last year. Bogus self employment in industry; employers believe they have no legal duty to workers.
Went to Oswestry, escorted strikers from site to site and ended up at Telford New Town. 24 building workers were criminalised as a result of lawfully picketing; 6 went to jail, 18 suspended sentences. Charged not with criminal damage or assault, but under 1875 Conspiracy Act. This still can be used; should have been revoked by Labour. McAlpine, his son and Metropolitan Police involved. Papers pertaining to trial, refused release under 30 year rule. Jack Straw referred to Section 23 of Freedom of Information Act; threat to National Security! MI5 were involved but why? in cahoots with CIA; agent provocateurs. Seeking to get case back in courts and admit political and MI5 involvement. TUC and UCATT nationally is giving full support to this campaign. Charges were conspiracy to cause an affray. Pressure to plead guilty. “I am a Trade Unionist not a criminal”. WB&DTUC would like to be kept updated about campaign. Also talked about international problems – Australia. Recommendation of donation of £100 agreed.

6. AOB – Trade Union Studies Unit at Shrewsbury College 10 years ago. Gone from strength to strength.
No Trade Union Studies Unit in the Black Country and TUC has worked with Wolverhampton City College. There will be partnership between Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton College for TUC courses. At the moment Trade Union studies ticks boxes and funding is secure. Important to make it work. Hope to establish Trade Union Studies Unit in Black Country.
All the speakers were presented with History of WB&DTUC.

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