June 2011




minutes of Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council 

delegate meeting Thursday 16th June 2011                               www.wolvestuc.org.uk



Welcome & introductions

Present:  Sis Elson & Astley (PCS), Petford (UNITE), Taylor(CYWU-Unite), Sharkey & Ceresa(UNISON)  Bro. Fraser, Everall, Turner, Marriott, Kelleher & Deacon (UNISON Gen), Grant (UCU) Grant (NUT) Clarke (POA), Baynham (UNITE 5/0758), Marris (UNITE 5/836), Thomas (Community), Childs (CWU)

apologies: Bro. Bostock (POA), Juss(GMB), Purchase (UNITE), Woodstock (PCS), Cole (NUT)
Sis Sebastian (UNITE), Kelsey(CWU), Halfpenny(NUT), Brealey(UNISON)


Minutes of last meeting agreed; matters arising 

Write to Workers Beer Company re low allocation of places this year

Write to Emma Reynolds re Morning Star

Sylvia Pankhurst new film – approached Sis Welch, UCU re possible screening at university

Campaign Against anti-TU laws – Invite speaker future meeting arrange as public meeting.

PSC financial appeal agreed £50 to be sent

Apply for TUC Development grant

Pheonix festival cancelled. One City marquee full.




Executive Committee Report

  1. Peoples Charter affiliation @ £40 AGREED
  2. Campaign Against euro-Federalism Mode 4  – determine whether worth writing to MEPs again
  3. Bro.Marris re payments to Chief Exec in addition to salary for being a returning officer – seek FOI request
  4. Disabled People and the Cuts – TUC Disability Conference 2011 report from Telford & Shrops TUC – info on www.wolvestuc.org.uk
  5. Anti-cuts group regional meeting details circulated Sec. attended
  6. Sunday 18 Sept assemble noon Moor St station, Birmingham to Rage Against the Lib Dem conference!  Midlands TUC demo
  7. agreed WB&DTUC Chairperson would chair future EC meetings as a result of welcomed increased size of meetings



Anti-cutsplanning for June 30th strike –  meeting between striking unions & WBDTUC was held 14 June to decide on arrangements

reports from: NUT & PCS and our President, Sis Taylor of EC discussion about Future of local Anti-cuts campaigning:

discussion about how to progress this work in Wolverhampton focussed on two areas:

  1. June 30th Industrial action
  2. Developing a wider anti cuts movement

Consensus that we need to work together to build the struggle, to build the confidence of workers as we prepare for action and to support each other to ensure members are informed about the reality of the cuts agenda and what this will mean to service providers and users – support each other in this task.

There was a view that unions taking Industrial action should take a lead on organising action on 30th June and Trades Council should support. It was agreed that it would be good to have some kind of showing in Wolverhampton.

Agreed: STRIKE RALLY pay more, work longer, get less – no thanks!                  

10-45am to 11-15am outsideMetro ONE – short speeches from local trade unions and leafleting of the public – use striking unions’ national leaflets at rally to leaflet passers.  Then strikers will travel to Birmingham for the huge regional rally. PCS, NUT, ATL and UCU strikers joined by the 10,000 UNISON Birmingham manual workers also on strike on June 30th over cuts to weekend rates for low paid manual workers.  We can help with: news release, PA equipment, contact student groups at college and university, publicise main picket lines so mutual support can be offered

  • Get list of local tenants groups

Agreed to call an open meeting of affiliates and community organisations to begin to develop a wider anti cuts campaign 7pm 30th June, Whitmore Reans Advice Centre

A Save our Services Picnic. It was further proposed that we consider a solidarity action that should be simple to organise This was an idea borrowed from the NUT in Birmingham. Agreed we meet together in West Park September 3rd around the bandstand, bring a picnic. Possibly leaflet in the area, few speeches and have our lunch.





















delegates' workplace reports:

CWUon postal privatisation Defeating privatisation was always going to be challenging for CWU but even though we didn’t defeat it we have gained good safeguards keeping the company intact securing the pensions maintaining the universal service.

Universal service provider (Royal Mail) not being changed for at least 10years and the minimum requirements of the universal postal service will be maintained for the lifetime of this parliament. Network of 11,500 post offices maintained till at least 2015

OfCom to have powers to stop excessive debt of any new owner.

Govt to take on pension deficit from March2012 as part of preparation for the sale

Royal Mail’s level of debt needs to be reduced and needs to be restructured Government has to get European Commission to approve this and informal discussions have begun.

UNISON– council cuts to be announced September. Breach of national conditions 5% pay cut threatened in Shropshire – ongoing strike in Southampton.

Potential TUPE of 1200 Wolverhampton staff to joint venture company (similar one went bust in Liverpool).

35 support staff at Moseley Park school threatened, since school not employing enough teachers plus merger with Heath Park into Academy, potential ballot.

POA – job threats at Winson Green due to privatisation.



May Day CommitteeMinutes of planning meeting circulated. £100 received from CWU. Sis Sebastian has found two potential performers. £300 agreed donation from WB&DTUC. UNISON West Midlands still to respond. UNISON Wolverhampton has offered further help to cover costs in addition to donation already made.



Palestine Solidarity– Pres. Obama now talking of 1967 border but with land swap, despite there being no Palestinian land to swap – so presumably means giving up land or Jerusalem.

Cuba Solidaritypublic meeting held in Bilston. £1500 donated to ICAP Cuba.



Any Other Business – Sis Taylor picked out 4 names for the UCU/UNISON Learning Survey prize draw organised by Bro.Marriott – 180 replies and new recruits.



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