June 2014

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council

Minutes Thursday 19th June 2014


The meeting was held at the Electric Club Chapel Ash Wolverhampton WV3 0QH










Present: Sis. Taylor (CYWU-UNITE), Halfpenny (NUT), Ceresa (UNISON Gen), Battell (NASUWT) Bros. Deacon & Kelleher (UNISON Gen), Childs (CWU)

also Sis Dugmore, Bro J.Goodall & Jones for the speaker

Apologies: Sis. Elson (PCS), Brealey (UNISON Gen) Bros. S Grant (NUT), Marris, Goodall, Rahimi (UNITE), Juss (GMB), Turner & Everall, (UNISON Gen), J.Grant (UCU)


Delegates were welcomed and introductions made.


Minutes of the last meeting were agreed correct with the following addition Sis Halfpenny had raised the fact that a report of the TUC Pensioners Network had not been circulated by the secretary since March. Bro Deacon requested that this report be circulated to delegates at the July meeting. NK Some affiliations still not received despite numerous reminders – PCS, CYW-UNITE, FBU all promised! Plus POA.


3 EC report /correspondence

1 Sis Taylor tabled a report of the Trades Union Conference in Cardiff which she attended. A motion concerning the West Midlands CATUC was discussed there. The Regional TUC requires a motion from trade union regional body to Midlands TUC to abolish/amend WMCATUC.

2 Agreed that a pre-loaded credit card is available for use by the secretary for purchasing stationery/printing bills etc. Treasurer to arrange. JG

3 Agreed to show North Staffs Miners’ Wives video ‘Going through the Change’ at a future meeting. Equipment to be organised. MT

6 Shrewsbury 24 meeting with Ricky Tomlinson 25th June

d) Press release was sent and sis Taylor chaired tonight’s meeting Behind the Violence in Venezuela


4 a) Delegates’ workplace report – UNISON – More jobcuts announced this week.

NASUWT – People being pushed out of jobs in teaching through competency, often older teachers. In future there is likely to be a teacher supply problem.

b) Secretary’s Report – Anti-BNP campaign and local elections – Trades Council organised 8 leafleting sessions of Hope Not Hate anti-BNP material in Bushbury North and Springvale wards. Anti- UKIP leaflets were distributed in Wednesfield South where there was a Labour gain. BNP vote was the lowest ever. It was agreed to invite a HOPE not HATE speaker to a future meeting in Autumn to discuss anti UKIP strategy. NK

Chainmakers’ festival – weather poor, attendance therefore poor, future??

c) Black Country Peoples’ Assembly -national demonstration 21st June – coaches paid for by NUT leaving Falkland Street 8am.

d) AOB Simon Cardy sponsored walk for Palestinian Solidarity Campaign agreed £25 from the Trades Council.



Speaker Dr Francisco Dominguez – Secretary of Venezuelan Solidarity Campaign

A Chilean political refugee, now head of Latin American Studies at Middlesex University.

There has been a 3 month wave of violence in Veneuela organised by the right wing. Places attacked – ministries, health centres, schools, buses, 15 universities over this period. Barricades were set up with razor wire and thugs with masks carrying out attacks. Sabotage of underground transport. 42 died. Further information available http://www.venezuelasolidarity.co.uk/whatisreallygoingoninvenezuela

Where does the violence come from. Efforts have been made to counteract reporting in Guardian, BBC, etc through letters via VSC and Embassy. The right wing are trying to overthrow government. Funding comes through US funding various groups such as “National Government for Democracy”. Public and Private money through the National Republican party think tank. The aim to destabilise Venezuela. Venezuela has large deposits of oil hence targets by the US. It is dependent on oil and lacks agriculture 70% food is imported. Now repairing the economic damage. Labour MP Venezuela group successful in making a stand. UN resolution.

Following this interesting explanation of the complicated situation in Venezuela there was a brief question and answer session. Bro Dominguez was thanked and presented with a history of WB&DTUC History



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