Keep Wolverhampton fascist-free again

2016: removal of British National Party from register of political parties by Electoral Commission

2015: no bnp candidates in council elections in Wolverhampton


Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council took the decision to continue our successfull policy of campaigning against the fascist BNP whenever they stand. BNP were trounced in Bushbury North and Springvale again with their lowest ever votes.

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council organised 8 leafleting sessions of Hope Not Hate anti-BNP material in Bushbury North & Sringvale wards. Anti-ukip leaflets were also distributed to homes in Wednesfield South. Our message was to use your vote against the fascists.  Turnouts where we leafleted increased and were much higher than in neighbouring wards.

Spring Vale ward 22 May, 2014 local election results

Elected candidate: Malcolm Gwinnett Elected party: UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Name of Candidate                                         Candidates party                  Number of votes
Malcolm Gwinnett UKIP 1251
Ann Reaney Labour Party 861
Tom Stokes Liberal Democrat Focus Team 860
Vic Grainger The Conservative Party 190
David Bradnock British National Party 64

Bnp less than 2% –  lowest ever percentage and lowest number of votes cast here for a fascist candidate and lowest vote of any candidate in any of 20 wards.  

3236 votes cast above average turnout


Bushbury North ward 22 May, 2014 local election.

Elected candidate: Daniel Richard Warren  Elected party: Labour Party gain

Name of Candidate                                         Candidates party                  Number of votes
Daniel Richard Warren Labour Party 1069
Susan Bem UKIP 1014
Carl James Husted The Conservative Party 794
Simon Geoffrey Patten British National Party 116
Ian Clive Jenkins Liberal Democrat 90

Bnp 3.7% lowest ever percentage and lowest number of votes cast here for a fascist candidate.

3097 votes cast [2233 cast in Bush S  2674 in Oxley) again higher than average turnout


Previous results here

Turnout was 33%, Wolverhampton City Council now has 46 Lab councillors, 11 Conservative, 2 Lib Dems and 1 UKIP  Labour have gained 3 seats.

They got under 2% across the city in the euro election just 1,138 votes in total with the other openly-fascist group English Democrats under 1%

full results:

Blakenhall: Rowley (Lab) 2401, Dion (UKIP) 363, Ansari (Con) 358 LAB HOLD

Bushbury North: Warren (Lab) 1069, Bem (UKIP) 1014, Husted (Con) 794, Patten (BNP) 116, Jenkins (Lib Dem) 90 LAB GAIN

Ettingshall: Johnson (Lab) 1785, Jones (UKIP) 508, Photay (Con) 222, Cooper (ind) 105, Birch (Lib Dem) 71 LAB HOLD

Bilston North: Page (Lab) 1370, Lawley (UKIP) 939, Macleod (Con) 358 LAB HOLD

Fallings Park: Evans (Lab) 1390, Cooper (UKIP) 891, Hall (Con) 461 LAB HOLD

Graiseley: Sweetman (Lab) 1857, Cooper (UKIP) 515, Chubb (Con) 503, Birch (Lib Dem) 151 LAB HOLD

Wednesfield South: Brackenridge (Lab) 1217, Bourne (UKIP) 944, Holdcroft (Con) 657 LAB GAIN

Heath Town: Siarkiewicz (Lab) 1147, Adey (UKIP) 583, Lee (Con) 417, Shropshire (Ind) 157 LAB HOLD

Bilston East: Simkins (Lab) 1205, Rogers (UKIP) 968, Randle (Con) 326 LAB HOLD

East Park: Inston (Lab) 1151, Hodgson (UKIP) 692, Hall (Con) 411, Dinham (Green) 93 LAB HOLD

Wednesfield North: Bateman (Lab) 1192, Forrest (UKIP) 958, Keirle (Con) 616, Harris (Green) 85 LAB GAIN

Bushbury South & Low Hill: Sweet (Lab) 1252, Mackintosh (UKIP) 700, Pisarski (Con) 266 LAB HOLD

Oxley: Hodgkiss (Lab) 1192, Rudd (UKIP) 882, Hunt (Con) 585 LAB HOLD

St Peters Ward Singh (Lab) 1284, Ali (Con) 479, Raghoo (UKIP) 274, Gray (Lib Dem) 111 LAB HOLD

Merry Hill: Mills (Con) 1144, Pye (Lab) 1125, Griffiths (UKIP) 970, Wilkes (Lib Dem) 152 CON HOLD

Tettenhall Wightwick: Wynne (Con) 1922, Griffiths (UKIP) 853, Malcolm (Lab) 733, Hollis (Lib Dem) 163 CON HOLD

Tettenhall Regis: Findlay (Con) 1572, Ellis (UKIP) 965, Nasim (Lab) 818, Webber (Lib Dem) 178 CON HOLD

Penn: Patten (Con) 1490, Muston (Lab) 1454, Mackintosh (UKIP) 896, Hemsley (Lib Dem) 202 CON HOLD

Park: Collingswood (Lab) 1477, Hollyhead (Con) 617, Knowles (UKIP) 396, Cantrill (Green) 231, Lewis (Lib Dem) 131, Turner (Ind) 101

Spring Vale: Gwinnett (UKIP) 1251, Reaney (Lab) 861, Stokes (Lib Dem) 860, Grainger (Con) 190, Bradnock (BNP) 64 UKIP HOLD

List of council ward election candidates    

It seems that these are 2 of only around 50 BNP council candidates standing across Britain

The deadline for registration to be able to vote in the coming elections has passed. Register here to vote in future elections:


The election takes place for Wolverhampton City council on Thursday 22nd May, the same day as the euro elections.

Euro election candidates:

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