May 2011

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council
Minutes 19th May 2011

1) Welcome & introductions. Present Sis Sebastian (UNITE), Taylor(CYWU-Unite), Bro. Fraser,
Everall, Kelleher & Deacon (UNISON Gen), Clarke (POA), Juss(GMB), Marris(UNITE 5/836), Cole (NUT), Thomas (Community), Rahimi (UNITE)
apologies: Bro. Bostock (POA), Grant (UCU) Grant (NUT) Brookfield (UNITE), Marriott (UNISON)
Sis Elson (PCS), Kelsey(CWU), Petford (UNITE), Halfpenny(NUT), Burth(UNISON) Ceresa(UNISON)

2) Minutes of April meeting agreed as correct. Matters arising:
BPTUAA AGM Bro Deacon unable to attend.
5,000+ on Hardest Hit – disabilities London demo.
Venezuela film – attendance poor but may be able to set up local group.
Write to Workers Beer Company re low allocation of places this year

3) Executive Committee Report items of note:
a. Sylvia Pankhurst new film – approach Sis Welch, UCU re possible screening at university, other options Lighthouse, Newhampton Arts Centre, own venue. Wanted to tap into new audiences by using new venue. Autumn? Copy to Midlands TUC to see if they want to do similar event.
b. May Day accounts 2011- shortfall £800 still for this year, after £250 NUT donation .
Next year’s planning meeting Thurs 26 May @ Pegasus. Excellent food served there. Unedited footage of event on website. No photos of event.
a. Bro.Thomas re Electoral Reform society spending £1m on pro-AV campaign – they are two companies – not a charity spending money on campaigning
b. Campaign Against anti-TU laws AGM 23 May London. Invite speaker to June or future meeting arrange as public meeting.
c. PSC financial appeal agreed £50
d. ASPECT affiliation received.
e. Sent: Re affiliation Pensioners TU Action Assoc. £20
f. Sent: Agent Orange & Vietnam EDM1366 and Morning Star EDM1334 direct questions to Pat McFadden. Still to respond to Emma Reynolds re MStar.
g. Delegate paper mailings cost us £5/delegate/year + effort. Of the 66 sent each month, 8 delegates identified as never having attended any of our events, despite receiving mailings for several years. Sec to write to them asking for emails and ending those mailings. All branches will still receive mailings.
h. Council election – Park ward; intimidation of voters by Tory supporters at a polling station – complaint was made.

4) Reports a) delegates' workplace reports:
POA – Bro.Clarke reported little news from G4S, their bid has been accepted but not announced – local TU reps excluded. Staff cuts expected. Featherstone2 built with public money due to open by G4S with 400 jobs. Poor training, pensions and ppe.
Council unions – voluntary redundancy scheme ends in August. 200 jobs announced for next year when cuts will hit harder.

b) Anti-cuts – what next?
Contact with university Labour Club suggested by Bro.Marris. Youth council, and students at Bilston & Paget Rd college sites should be more affected by fees.
Apply for TUC Development grant
Wolverhampton Public Service Union Alliance has been inactive as a group this year. Need broader based campaign.
Thurs 30 June UCU, PCS, NUT and ATL unions to strike over pensions – offer to assist with lunchtime rally/march – emailed out
Organising for Midlands TUC demo against Lib Dems 18 Sept; could produce postcards advertising assembly points.

c) Bro.Juss spoke to a written report from Black Workers TUC. He highlighted affect of ConDem cuts on BME community, given lower incomes, higher proportion of public service workers and ESOL cuts despite Cameron’s call for integration. He argued that it is multiculturalism which makes Britain great. Film about Grunwick dispute was shown which would be worth showing at a future trades union council meeting; details to be sought.

d) Secretary’s report- May 1st 2012 planning meetings to be week following trades union council meeting 7pm @Pegasus. £20 donation from Community 17000 received.
Anti-fascist campaign –
anti-EDL conference in Leicester postponed to Mon 27 June Bro.Kelleher and Sis.Taylor now unable to attend.
seek future weekend of action dates from Searchlight – continue our campaigns; national strategy debate expected.
Latest campaign again successful (separate report circulated). Tory Neville & BNP nephew Simon Patten commiserated together at count. Leaflets which we produced were well received; need more helpers.
Stall at Phoenix Park festival – check if going ahead
City Show 9/10 July – write to Mark Blackstock to see if we can get free stall or can leaflet(Sat lunch/Sun pm). One City Marquee? Face-painting or mehndi to attract people suggested. Anti-cuts petition. Make new banner for stall front – clear wording?
Letter to St Marys church vicar sent– already telephoned and spoke to him and sorted issue – also requested a personal quote for anti-fascist campaign.
NUT has political fund specifically for anti-fascist election campaigning.

e) Palestine Solidarity campaign meeting 23/3/11. President Obama had today announced that 1967 borders should be recognised, however it was thought to have little influence since Senate in control of foreign policy. Interested in joining with other groups to form a Left Film Club showing regular films – public viewing licence costs could prove prohibitive.

f) Cuba Solidarity public meeting 13 June 7pm Olde White Rose Bilston.

5) Speaker: Bro.Kelleher on Trades Union Councils’ conference – spoke to written report and produced list of action points from conference. Agreed that it is us who should be putting forward an Alternative economic & political strategy since Labour’s view seems not too far, not too fast but cut all the same.
Bro.Deacon suggested redesign of EC and delegate minutes to include action column listing which delegate is responsible. (not reproduced online, only on printed minutes available at meeting)

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