May 2019

MINUTES Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council Delegate Meeting Thursday 16th May 2019

  1. Welcome & introductions to delegates & visitors present + apologies

Present: Bro Kelleher UNITE, Rahimi UNITE, Childs CWU, Simm PCS, Deacon UNISON, Baker UNITE, Turner UNISON, Oakley UNITE, Foxhall UNITE, Pugh UNISON, Taylor UNITE Brackenridge FBU / LABOUR, Juss GMB, Baynham UNITE Sis Dixon UNISON, Taylor UNITE, Simm PCS, Miller UCU, Welch UCU, Kelsey CWU, Weaver UNISON, Coogan UNISON, Whyte UNISON

Apologies: Martin Musicians Union, Grant UCU, Marris UNITE, Foxhall UNITE, Ceresa UNISON

  1. Minutes of April delegate meeting & matters arising

Cllr Brackenridge FBU asked to be added to apologies for meeting on 18 April 2019. Minutes agreed. Matters arising: Bro Kelleher following Unite Demo in Swindon for Honda workers, attended by WB&D delegates, there are now plans to close costing 3500 jobs in a town smaller than Wolverhampton. Part 7, Sis Kelsey confirmed that a discussion was had at regional TUC re The Women Chainmakers Festival and there should be enough space for stalls in new location, but it will be tight.

  1. EC report and Correspondence

WB&DTUC Executive Committee REPORT 8th May 2019 Bro Kelleher

  1. Future Speakers: Sis Taylor has asked for regional sec or steward from Unison to speak about the victory for the Birmingham Homecare Workers and Bin Collectors. Sis Kelsey has spoken to Lee Barron about the action and notes there is still one final meeting to be had. Bro Juss seconded that Unison should be invited as it’s a tremendous victory. Sis Taylor noted we could learn a lot about the power struggles involved for future activism.

  2. Gloves for Leafleters: Gloves were passed around for the delegates to see. In light of some injuries suffered by Labour activists in the local elections its important to keep using correct H&S gear. They should protect against cuts and dog bites when leafleting. Trades Council is responsible for the safety of its volunteers.

  3. Midlands Trades Council Conference: 18 May. Bro Kelleher and Sis Taylor will be attending as delegates and Sis Whyte will attend as a visitor.

  4. 2019 Re-affiliations: new from CWU and PCS ARMS Midland Branch. Still waiting for re affiliations from previous branches.

  5. Midlands TUC: We have been granted a stall at the Chainmakers Festival. Volunteers are requested. Sis Kelsey added that it will be going on until late as there are music acts who will be performing.

  6. Birmingham Pride 2019: CWU are sponsoring the TU bloc. All unions and trades councils have been invited to march to show solidarity with LGBT+ community.

  7. Documentary: A BBC doc about Rolls Royce workers who showed solidarity to the people of Chile 40 years ago. Recommended for delegates to watch as it shows the impact we can have.

  1. Reports

  1. Unite Bro Baker: HS2 Meeting with Metro Mayor. Contractors are unwilling to honour national agreement for TU representation on sites. Action similar to that taken in London is needed. Recycling plants and power stations also not honouring agreements for representation. Trades council has been asked to help with publicity and action.

  2. FBU Bro Brackenridge: Governance review, 11 Labour and 4 Conservative Councillors now want to hand over control to Metro Mayor Office. They pulled out of recent agreement at the last minute wanting to hand over control to unqualified body. Labour Groups are backing FBU to keep things as they are. Funding cuts of 52% and council tax money will not be ring fenced. Cornwall Firefighters have been expected to act as PCSOs.

  3. UCU Sis Miller: Wolves Uni Chancellor is looking to “future proof”. The restructure could mean redundancies.

  4. PCS Sis Simm: The pay ballot had a turnout of 47.7%, the highest ever. Still not the required 50% required by punitive TU Act. With all the work done unsure how to improve the number going forward.

  5. Labour Group Bro Brackenridge: All but one seat retained in Local Election. Wayne O’Brien lost Bushbury North by just 8 votes. Ian Brookfield has been elected as new Council Leader and is selecting new cabinet members. Sis Simm and Coogan both won their seats. The council now has 50 Lab and 10 Con. John Reynolds is no longer City Economy Cabinet Member which may effect future speaker at TUC. Sis Clare added that Homophobia day would be on 17th May and there will be ceremony at flagpoles by council followed by conference event in council chamber. Farrage has come to a rally in the area and some activists are attending in protest. Bro Deacon added he attended before TUC meeting and about 50 people were present. No sign of Farrage himself. A lot of the protesters were young and congratulations should be passed to Cllr Bev Momenabadi and the other organisers. Bro Kelleher added that Trades Council was not invited until last minute (by SWP) and it was Walsall TUC area .

  6. GMB Bro Juss: Mental Health campaign intended to give the H&S Exec more teeth to deal with mental health issues at work.


  1. Draft WBDTUC Rule Discussion. Bro Kelleher: Trades Council rule changes. Email has been sent out to check to bring us in line with rules. Change to affiliation fees. Changes would not take place until AGM. Bro Kelleher will send out emails again.

  2. Secretarys Report Bro Kelleher: Sec report is printed in new format to be used by delegates at branch meetings. Sis Taylor added Worker Memorial Day was excellent thanks to Bro Kelleher’s organising. Bro Kelleher thanked volunteers for helping with May Day event. 5000 homes were leafleted and had a great turnout. The cost was £1700 but £1260 was raised putting us £440 short and branch donations would be appreciated.

  3. Wodenstock Bro Kelleher: About 30% of funds raised so far. Volunteers are needed to help organise. We need all delegates to pledge to raise the funding to the Council funding threshold. Penny requested full colour leaflets that illustrate exactly what event is would be helpful to show to branches. Bro Brackenridge added he has contacted local businesses in Wednesfield that would be very interested in taking part. With regards to Council funding each Ward has been granted £10K to run events and promote community. Wednesfield South has agreed to donate £1K of funding to event. Historical Society would be keen to help out. Fire Service, Police and St Johns all agreed to attend. Sis Millar will try to draft a document for TU involvement.

  4. TUC Pensioners Bro Deacon: thanks to Sis Ceresa for supporting TUC Pensioners(banner) at Chesterfield May Day this year; other delegates took our TUC banner on the march.

  5. Wolves PSC Bro Deacon: 6 new signups at May Day which was very good. CWU are funding TU block at Pride. Pride are however sponsored by HSBC, some display against HSBC should be made but without causing too much disruption. HSBC picket at Bridgnorth next month.

  6. Speaker. Grace Miller of UCU speaking about her research into the collapse and effects of the mining industry. Details on

Meeting Close


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