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for details of British arms exports to Israel see here:  https://www.wolvestuc.org.uk/wolverhampton-link-to-arms-exports-to-israel
Don't dance with Apartheid

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Wolves PSC Planning Meetings 

We meet once a month, usually in the Great Western Pub to plan our activities. Our meetings are friendly and informal.

All members are welcome. Let us know if you’d like to join us.

If you’d like to join in but you don’t want to attend meetings on licensed premises say so and we’ll meet somewhere else


What you can do to oppose Israel’s attacks on Gaza

1. Demonstrate! Protests are taking place around the country

2. Educate people about what is really happening – resources are online, including 10 things about Gaza and Israel’s timeline of aggression

3. Keep informed through PSC’s updates – news, actions and events on Palestine

4. Build the solidarity! Join PSC and donate

previous local activities:

Friday 29th November 2013
collection of short Palestinian films  (followed by a bit of a party and the chance to buy Palestinian crafts for Christmas presents.)

PSC lobby parliament on Wednesday 27th November 2013

EU Parliament

.By lobbying MPs directly we can put pressure on the government to support international law and end Israeli expansion and occupation.

At palestinecampaign.org/campaign/lobby you will find all the information you need to get involved.

There are lots of ways to let your MP know that you care about an issue, but the most powerful is to arrange to meet with them. When lots of people from around the UK arrange to meet their MPs in Parliament on the same day it is known as a ‘lobby’ or ‘mass lobby’ of Parliament.

A record number of local people wil be attending the lobby of all of Wolverhampton’s three MPs

Friday 15th November 9 Star Hotel filmshowing
The Time that Remains Director Elia Suleiman. 1st November 2013
Based on the memories of Elia Suleiman’s family, this is a unique and deeply personal depiction of Palestine from 1948 up to the present from the internationally acclaimed director of Divine Intervention.  Beginning with the surrender of Nazareth to the Israeli army, the film interweaves the personal and political in a series of brilliant and blackly comic vignettes of life under occupation. Suleiman himself plays a silent, Keatonesque observer of the absurd or tragic incidents. The film is at once a heartbreaking testament to his family, a lesson from history, and a poignant, subversively funny delight. (109 minutes).

My Journey Experiences in Israel/Palestine
Speaker: John Howard – Friday 13th September 2013

John is chair of the Methodist Church’s Wolverhampton & Shrewsbury District.
He spent three months with EAPPI, the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel.

Many thanks to all those of you who contributed to the Fundraising Garden party – we raised £355! – a great many thanks.


Over 4,812 Palestinians are currently detained by Israel; 12 of them women, 219 of them children, and 178 of them held in administrative detention – without charge or trial

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign works for peace & justice for Palestinians, in support of human rights & against all racism
Support Samer Issawi
After more than 8 months on hunger strike against his illegal detention, Ayman Sharawna has been removed by Israel to Gaza where he has been reunited with family members.
Samer Issawi is continuing to fight his imprisonment and has been on hunger strike for 244 days. Despite the urgency, Ofer Military Court has decided to hold 3 court sessions for Samer in April. He refused Israel’s offer to ‘deport’ him to Gaza. Follow his campaign on twitter and facebook and please continue to protest against his imprisonment to the Foreign Office.
Samer Issawi
Take action: Palestinian prisoners’ day
Join the global campaign to Stop Administrative Detention, a form of detention without charge or trial. Adameer – the prisoners’ rights organisation in Palestine – have launched a campaign against administrative detention to coincide with Palestinian Prisoners’ Day – 17th April. Visit the PSC website for information on protests and events.  
Administrative detention empowers Israel’s military commanders to detain an individual for up to six months. This process can be continued indefinitely. Detainees are not informed of the reasons of their detention; neither are their lawyers
Please ask your MP to sign this EDM or write to the Foreign Secretary to urge the UK Government to pressure Israel to release administrative detainees and to put an end to such an unjust, arbitrary and cruel system of incarceration without trial.

Stop Administrative Detention poster

PUBLIC MEETING was held on Friday 19th April 2013 – The Palestinian Political Prisoners

St Andrews Church Hall, Avion Centre, Whitmore Reans, Wolverhampton WV6

SPEAKERS: Ismail Patel Friends of Al Aqsa and Betty Hunter, President Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Leafleting of Sainsbury’s St Georges, Wolverhampton: Sainsbury’s has begun a dialog with campaigners about it’s settlement produce but we need to step up the pressure to adopt a clearer policy in line with the cooperative supermarkets. 

We are asking our local supporters in Wolverhampton to do two things:

1. Join us outside supermarkets to hold placards and hand out leaflets.  We will organise ourselves not to cause any obstruction.  We also plan to hand in a letter to the duty manager explaining our actions. Contact for next dates:
Wolverhampton PSC  Tel: 01902 450640   wolvespsc@yahoo.co.uk

2. Sign the online petition at: petition http://psc.iparl.com/lobby/94
This is an easy to use online tool, it will take only 2 minutes to activate and will allow everybody to take part.



Friday 15th March 2013 – FREE Filmshow  ‘Five Broken cameras’, promoting the struggle for peace with justice for the Palestinian people. 

Veolia’s activities in occupied Palestine

 §              Operate Tramway linking illegal settlements in East Jersualem

§              Operate Ayalon Sewage Treatment Plant treating Sewage from illegal settlements. 

§               Refuse collection from settlements for the Tovlan Land fill site 


Westminster on 28th November 2012 A number of Wolverhampton activists travelled to London to lobby our MPs and had positive responses from Pat McFadden and Emma Reynolds.
By lobbying MPs directly we can put pressure on the government to support international law and end Israeli expansion and occupation.

Over 100 attended a PEACE AND JUSTICE candlelight VIGIL FOR GAZA on 23rd November 2012, Queen’s Square called by Wolverhampton Palestine Solidarity Campaign against the Israeli attacks and siege on Gaza.

Operation “Pillar of Cloud” comes 4 years after “Operation Cast Lead” in which nearly 1500 Palestinians were killed, and Israel committed crimes against humanity in using White Phosphorus, a chemical weapon illegal under international law.

After eight days of brutal bombardment, which left 160 Palestinians dead, around 40 of them children and 5 Israelis, a ceasefire was called.
Atrocious weather did not deter 10-15,000 protesters from marching to show their solidarity for Gaza on 24 November in London from Downing Street to the Israeli embassy in Kensington. For a video and pictures of the demonstration, see:  http://bit.ly/10QiuCH

On one side you’ve got three generations of a family wiped out. On the other, a woman’s got to ring Autoglass. And we act like this is battle whose fate is in the balance. To start with, why do the news channels ask Tony Blair for his advice on conflict in the Middle East? It’s like asking Gary Glitter for advice on what to do about Jimmy Savile...…….read full article here 

Veolia success – see below

Some very good news (and then in August 2014 another contract was stopped)

–  Wolves PSC has received a letter from Assistant Director Alistair Merrick of Wolverhampton City Council that states that the council will not extend the confidential waste contract after September 2014. Instead it will seek an in-house solution. The council’s letter fell short of our demand that Veolia should be permanently excluded from all future tenders under the Public Contract Regulations (2006) but non-the less this represents an important sucess.  A great many thanks to everyone who came to the Clare Short public meeting, signed the petition and voiced their support – well done, we could not have done it without you.

Simon Cardy on behalf of Wolves PSC   wolvespsc@yahoo.co.uk     http://www.palestinecampaign.org/

Wolves PSC’s Campaign successfully called on Wolverhampton City Council not to extend its waste disposal contract with Veolia, a company involved with building transport links across Palestinian land into territory occupied illegally under International law.

The UK government and the United Nations have repeatedly stated their view that Israel’s building of settlements in the illegally occupied West Bank and its annexation of East Jerusalem are in breach of international law. The UN has demanded that the Israeli settlement activity and occupation should not be supported;

Veolia has accepted contracts in Jerusalem in contravention of international law and United Nations resolutions. In particular, it was a leading partner in the consortium which established and operates a tramway between West Jerusalem and the Israeli settlement of Pisgat Zeev, which is in clear violation of international law and relevant United Nations resolutions. It is still a minor shareholder in this operation and operates Israeli-only bus lines 109 & 110 to settlements;

http://westmidspsc.org/boycott/?p=327  details of latest more success to dump Veolia


Don’t Dance with Israeli Apartheid

protests held against Batsheva Dance Company’s UK Tour:  Hippodrome, Birmingham  Tues & Weds 13th & 14th November 2012

Don’t be taken in by the argument art and politics can be separated. Israel’s Foreign Ministry doesn’t separate them. They say:

“We will send well-known novelists and writers overseas, theatre companies, exhibits… This way you show Israel’s prettier face so we are not thought of purely in the context of war”; and, “Batsheva are [Israel’s] best global ambassadors”.

Batsheva are part of the BRAND ISRAEL initiative funded by the Israeli government to whitewash Israel’s image overseas.

Bin Veolia petition – petitioning in Queen Square took places on Saturday 22nd September 2012

Loss of Innocence – Art from the Children of Gaza

15th – 22nd September 2012  Exhibition at St Peter’s Collegiate Church,, Wolverhampton

The exhibition, compiled by Chester and Palestine Exchanges, draws on childhood experiences of the 2008/9 military offensive; the deaths, the trauma, the fear, and forms of resistance.  They also show the children’s hopes for a peaceful, rural life.

Opening Event at St Peter’s- 10.30am Saturday 15th September  Special guest speaker:

Nader Abu Amsha, Director of the Rehabilitation programme at the YMCA in Bethlehem which works with disabled young people in the West Bank.  The YMCA is a Christian Aid Partner, part of their Church Partnership Scheme and the focus of fundraising by Wolverhampton Christian Aid.

Palestine Solidarity Campaign public meeting on the Egyptian Election & the Arab Revolutions Sunday 24th June 2012 with Mostafa Bassiouny a senior journalist on Al-Tahrir newspaper, who is invited by Birmingham Trade Union Council – talking on the Arab uprisings @ Amanah Bordesley Community Centre, Camp Hill Birmingham B11 4A

Mostafa Bassiouny is a well-known labour correspondent, and has covered developments in the Egyptian workers’ movement for several different publications since the beginning of the big strike wave in late 2006, when he worked for Al-Dustur newspaper.

He shared his experience of Tahrir Square, the Presidential Elections and the current political situation in Egypt and its impact in the rest of the Arab world, including Palestine.

Saturday 26th May – West Bank Diaries local activists recounted their recent trip @Friends Meeting House,  Wolverhampton  also Wolverhampton ‘Bin Veolia’ Campaign

80 people attended a public meeting with Clare Short, organised by Wolves PSC on Friday 20th April  2012.

Speaker Clare Short, the former MP for Birmingham Ladywood and Secretary of State for International Development spoke about the moral equivalence of the apartheid situation in South Africa and the suffering of the Palestinian people, and the moral duty of all people of conscience to take action to achieve a just settlement.

Wolverhampton ‘Bin Veolia’ Campaign was launched to persuade Wolverhampton City Council to ditch it’s confidential waste contract with Veolia, a company involved with building transport links across Palestinian land into territory occupied illegally under International law.

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