Saltley Gate 50th Anniversary Rally

50th Anniversary of ‘The Battle of Saltley Gate’

On February 10th 1972, 20,000 Birmingham workers struck to support striking miners in a magnificent display of solidarity and direct action. They walked out of their factories and marched down to Saltley Gas works where there was an enormous pile of coking coal, with lorries flooding in from all over the country to collect coal and undermine the strike. Miners and Birmingham workers blockaded the entrance to the coal dump and closed it down. This action was crucial in helping miners win the strike and a 30% pay increase! And they put the fear of God into the very guts of the ruling establishment.

See the Story of the Day here  and the Birmingham Mail report here

When Workers Unite WE CAN WIN !

Public Meeting held Thursday 10th February 2022, Birmingham
Arthur Scargill President NUM 1982-2002
Mick Lynch General Secretary RMT
Ian Hodson President BFAWU
Ricky Tomlinson Shrewsbury 24 Pickets 1972
Sheera Johal President Indian Workers Association
Chair: Ken Capstick former Vice-Chairman, NUM Yorkshire Area
Banner Theatre
Clarion Singers

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