Two solid national strikes took place in July.  The Company have announced the closure of 27 factories which if they have their way will close by end of August, this year. Disabled workers are being made to pay the price for bankers greed,  with their jobs.

Save Remploy Factories GMB website

Remploy – Not for sale!  UNITE website

Messages of support to National Remploy Convenor 
GMB Les Woodward: 07977 436251.
Help to get a debate in the House of Commons to Save Remploy!
sign the Save Remploy Factories – e-petitions. We petition the government to stop the closure of Remploy Factories and the privatisation of Remploy Employment Services.

Since 1946 Remploy has supported thousands of disabled people return to work, from ex-service personnel to people born with complex disabilities.

On 7 March 2012 the coalition government announced plans to close 36 of the 54 remaining Remploy sites with compulsory redundancies for 1,752 people


This is part of a letter  received from a  Remploy worker:

“This has got to be one of the worst decisions it borders on the bizarre. Does the Government really think cutting funding for these disabled workers is cost effective ?????

Going into a Remploy work place is amazing, workers who want to work and enjoy their job’s, you can feel that, its a happy place, and at the end you get a product that sells.
THE QUESTION I WANT TO ASK IS how many of these workers will find a new job?
So many of my Remploy friends feel that we seem to be so unimportant and that maybe the next step will be going back to sticking us into institutions, so we can be out of sight and completely forgotten..
For goodness sake this country’s gone mad, it’s our government that should be put away and not heard from again…I and my fellows at Remploy feel like we are being put on the scrap heap. Help us please.”

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