West Midlands Million Voices for Affordable Housing campaign

Decent Homes parliamentary debate (27 Jan 2011)

Pat McFadden Wolverhampton SE MP: "Wolverhampton Homes, which is an ALMO that is a little more than halfway through its decent homes programme. It was expecting, according to the expenditure trajectory, some £100 million over the next two years. It has been estimated that if that were to fall by 40%, 5,000 non-decent homes would be left in the city in the public sector, let alone in the private sector, and there would have to be hundreds of redundancies. What kind of economic or social sense can that make, halfway through a programme in a city with one of the highest unemployment rates in the country?"

a new UNISON publication highlights the major issues and challenges facing affordable housing provision in the Region and nationally.  
This issue affects all UNISON members not just those who work in Housing. UNISON are seeking to run the campaign in partnership with tenants’ organisations and other Housing interest and pressure groups.
to sign the petition by clicking on   http://www.unison.org.uk/housingpetition/

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