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Electoral Commission statement on removal of British National Party from register of political parties

News release published: 08-01-2016

The Electoral Commission has today (8 January) removed the British National Party (BNP) from its register of political parties in Great Britain for failing to confirm their registration details with the Commission – a legal requirement that must be submitted annually.

full report 

on removal of British National Party from register of political parties



Two recent academic reports show EU migrants, especially those from Central and Eastern Europe, contribute three times more to the UK economy then they take out in benefits.

The number of European migrants in the UK is almost exactly balanced by the number of Britons living elsewhere in the EU.

40% of NHS nurses come from abroad. The NHS would collapse without immigration.


Even the Government’s own study — based on a review of ALL the research available — shows the negative impact of immigration has been greatly exaggerated.

When it comes to the economy, UKIP & BNP are looking for an easy way out. Rather than knuckling down and tackling real challenges, they’re ignoring the facts and blaming foreign workers.



for the best analysis follow this link to Hope not Hate’s pages 

A party of convictions     Terrorist Links    Thugs  As crime statistics show, racism is still alive and kicking in this country.  Where the BNP make  gains racist attacks and hate crimes often increase.  BNP activists have also  been convicted of petrol  bomb attacks, for racist and common assault, for violent disorder, for criminal damage and for  assaulting police officers.  They are not nice people  – in spite of their efforts to rebrand themselves as  respectable.  Do you really want them representing you? 

What a BNP Britain would look like:

The BNP would kick out all those people who were not born in Britain. What if every other country in the world kicked out the Brits? A staggering 5.5 million people would be sent back here – far more than would leave our shores. This includes 800,000 from Spain, most of whom are pensioners.
The BNP seriously damage  your public services
It takes a whole range of  people to provide public  services in the UK. If the BNP had their way, they’d  take some vital workers  right out of the picture –  leaving our public services to grind to a halt. Beneath the respectable image  the BNP is attempting to construct, it is still the same old organisation  that believes the only  ‘native Britons’ are those  who are white and that white Britons should be  given priority for jobs. This  makes everyone else a second class citizen.  If the BNP’s racist policies  were implemented our NHS  would collapse
16% of nurses are from minority ethnic communities, as are 40% of new dentists and 58% of new doctors!
The BNP would introduce apartheid into Britain. The BNP call for whites to be given first preference in housing, education and jobs. This is no different from apartheid South Africa, a racist regime which the BNP supported.
Mixed-race relationships would be outlawed. The BNP constitution opposes any racial integration. Articles in BNP journals condemn mixed-race relationships as “mongrelising the white race”.
The BNP’s answer to the rise in gun crime is to allow everybody to own a gun so they can defend themselves. We kid you not. They want to put more guns on the streets! This barmy idea was in the BNP’s 2010 general election manifesto.
The BNP wants to send criminals to an uninhabited island in the South Atlantic Ocean. Instead of trying to rehabilitate offenders, the BNP wants to do what dictatorships do and send them to rot on an island. The BNP’s 2010 manifesto says it wants to stick them on the UK controlled South Georgia island, which was once part of the Falkland Island Dependencies.
The BNP plan to solve traffic congestion through immigration control. The BNP doesn’t want to get people out of their cars but get them out of the country altogether! For the BNP, whatever the problem, the solution is racism.

Racists The BNP says the only  ‘native Britons’ are white Britons. The BNP says white Britons should be  given priority for jobs.  That makes everyone else a second class citizen.  


Use your vote  In elections you have the chance to send a  clear message to the BNP  – keep out. 
Use your vote to stop the BNP sowing their seeds  of hate in our community. 
Use your vote to stop the BNP from destroying our  democracy. 
Use your vote to protect all of our public services and the workers who provide them. 

 The myths  The BNP believes that  Black and Asian workers are taking jobs that white Britons should be given. In  the real world Black and  Asian workers are essential people doing  essential jobs.  Black and Asian workers  make up around 7% of  the working population  but contribute 10% of economic growth.  They put £6bn a year  more in the public purse  through taxes than they  claim in state benefits,  while overseas students contribute a further £3billion to  the British economy.  The BNP blames Black  and Asian people for the shortage of rented housing  – but the real reason there  are 1.5m people on the  housing waiting list is that council-house building is currently only 1% of the level it was in the 1970s.  

Use your vote to protect our public services and to stop the BNP from dividing our communities; for more info CLICK HERE



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