148th AGM Jan 2012




MINUTES of 148th Annual General Meeting  

19th January 2012



Welcome & Introductions

Present:  Sis Taylor (CYWU/Unite) Sagoo, Ceresa, Sharkey (UNISON Gen) Halfpenny (NUT) Kelsey (CWU)  Sebastian (UNITE)

Bros Kelleher, Turner, Deacon, Everall (UNISON)  Baynham, Taylor, Rahimi, Murray, Coyne (UNITE) Purchase (UNITE 5/836) Grant, Doyle (NUT) J.Grant (UCU) Bostock (POA) Childs (CWU) Minhas (UCU)

Apologies:  Bros  Bechler (ATL) Marris (UNITE 5/836) Cole (NUT) Juss (GMB) Dodd (UNITE 3210M)

Sis Petford (UNITE 0758m) Elson (PCS) Brealey (UNISON)




Minutes of AGM 20/1/11

Agreed a true record

Matters Arising:

Emma Reynolds signed EDM for Vietnam but not Pat McFadden.




Presidential Address – printed in annual report



Executive Committee Reports

a)  Secretary’s report

  • RMT asking if we want a Public Meeting to defend Public Transport. We will try to do something jointly, also ASLEF postcards circulated EDM
  • Empty envelope received, asked if anyone recognised it.
  • Tribute to Bro. Kelleher for his hard work.  Vote of thanks was given and agreed by delegates.

b)  Treasurer

 A little less in the bank as money still owing from ‘Workers Beer Company’.  Accounts have been audited by Bro. Turner.  Thanks to Bro. J Grant for his hard work – agreed.



Committee Officers

a)  President – Marie Taylor

b)  Secretary – Nick Kelleher

c)  Treasurer – John Grant

d)   Vice-President – Rob Marris

e)  Minutes Secretary – Marion Halfpenny

f)  Publicity Officer – Vacant

g)  Other members of Executive Committee – Vera Kelsey, Jayne Ceresa,

     Sylvia Sharkey. Vacancies on agenda for next meeting          

h)  Auditor Bro. Turner

i)  LGBT TUC Observer – 5/6th July – Vacant

j)  Women’s TUC Observer – 14-16th March – noted but Vera Kelsey will

     report as delegate for CWU

k)  Black Workers TUC Observer – Vacant

l)   Disability TUC – Vera Kelsey

m) WM County Association of TUC –Marion Halfpenny,

      Marie Taylor – 2 more vacancies

TUC Annual Conference – Coventry – 12/13th May 2012 – Vacancy



Anti Cuts Campaign

Update on local anti cuts campaigning

Youth Service – out sourcing

Lobby of Cabinet meeting – 19th February and support from delegates.  Young People and Youth Workers will attend

2 section 188 notices – 40 and 15.  City wants to outsource 3 leisure centres to leisure trust run by volunteers

25% of council workforce will be outsourced.  Bro.Turner in negotiations.

NUT have not signed pensions agreement.  Sample 10,000 members to see if they are prepared to take more strike action.  Members will be despondent.  Some Unions have signed up to Heads of Agreement.  NUT & NASUWT have not.  Support staff members are UNISON.  Newsletter sent to members.  School groups to discuss.  Some concessions made by Government but still unacceptable to NUT.  UNITE, POA also rejected Heads of Agreement. 

European Court of Human Rights has accepted POAs Trade Union Rights.



Speaker – Andrew Murray UNITE officer

Economic crisis – 3m unemployment, cuts imposed further.  Want Labour Party to articulate opposition to this misery.  Democratic Government dismissed and replaced in Italy and Greece by people with a ‘banking- Goldman Sax’ background.  Rise of far right 20%.  Democracy is under strain.

International crisis in conflict and war.  20 years since Cold War ended.  More wars than ever.  War in Libya – no Government at all.  Effort to prop up bankrupt Government in Afghanistan.  A war that cannot be won or achieve objectives.  Spread over into Pakistan.  Cut money being spent on wrong wars.  Maybe extension of war due to Iran’s potential nuclear weapons programme. William Hague says Britain would be able to support U.S with this.  This has to stop.  New and different policy of peace in Middle East.  Need to rediscover campaigning zeal for Socialists alternative. 

There followed an interesting and wide ranging debate.

Ian Murray was presented with a WB&DTUC History.
















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