AGM Jan 2009


MINUTES OF  AGM  15th January 2009



BROTHERS –Kelleher (UNISON General), S.Grant (NUT), J.Grant (UCU), Deacon (UNISON), Rahimi (AMICUS), Turner (UNISON), Cole (NUT),Woodstock (PCS), Juss (GMB), Baynham (UNITE/AMICUS), Sourani (UNITE) Plus 2 others.

SISTERS – Petford (UNITE), Brealey (UNISON), Smith (BCUIM), Reynolds-Tyson (BCUIM), Kelsey (CWU), Ceresa (UNISON), Halfpenny (NUT), Taylor (CYWU/UNITE), Dugmore(UNISON), Walters (ATL).

Apologies:   Brothers – Bostock (POA), Clarke (POA), Bechler (ATL), Ash (UNISON Gen), Marris (UNITE), Muir (CYWU/UNITE), Mears (UNISON Univ)  Sister – Reynolds (GMB).

1.         WELCOME   Apologies and Welcome to all delegates new and old.  Introductions made.

2.         MINUTES OF MEETING AGM 2008        Correct record.  No Matters Arising.


Salute the work done by Bro. Kelleher for Trades Council.  Strong Trade Union movement.  Morning Star only paper left and what is happening in the world.  Bad year in Afghanistan and Iraq with wars. Conflict in Gaza. 

Holocaust Memorial Day this month.  New Labour compact with Big Business.  Bubble bursting, greed destroys itself.  Banks failing so puts banker as Minister of Trade!!!  Labour tied in to U.S. led capitalist system.  Socialism is the alternative.  Look at Cuba to see how socialism works.  Cuba puts people before money.  Blockade by U.S.  Human rights in Cuba raised.  Viva Cuba Viva the Revolution Long live the Trade Union movement, Forward Together United We Stand.  Emergency appeal for Gaza, contribute what you can afford.


4.         REPORTS

       a)  Secretary- Written annual report presented along with Gaza support activity and information about Gaza massacre.  Report based on Trade Union Councils programme of work.  Higher affiliation base than in 1980’s.  Contact Bro. Kelleher if any suggestions by email if can’t discuss at meeting.  Email list needs updating.  Magazines and correspondence circulated..  Website re-launched:

       £500 raised by party night.  Would like to turn Workers Memorial day into more of an event.  28/4/09

       New Hope not Hate website to communicate with grassroots.  Searchlight day school 7/12/09.

       Bro.Deacon – Palestine Solidarity group several years.  Mosque – 213 Newhampton Road East and UK Islamic Mission have organised coaches etc.  Leaflet circulated.

       Cuts to council.  Bro. Turner – Council funding government.  Projected budget for next financial year.  Government is no where near £40m.  Lots of alterations in background. 395 redundancies but could get volunteers.  95 volunteers needed.  Changing current deal in mid negotiation.  Cuts are to reduce Council Tax over the next 2 years.  Budget not allowing for single status.  Needs to be regular agenda item.

       b)  Treasurer -Accounts tabled.  Good balance due to Bro. Kelleher’s efforts.  Signature needs to be changed to current President.  Regional Secretaries need to be encouraged to affiliate.  Treasurer’s report adopted.


5. Nominations received from branches.  Officers to remain the same.   


a] President Dave Cole NUT

b] Secretary Nick Kelleher UNISON

c] Treasurer John Grant UCU

d] Vice-President Marie Taylor UNITE-CYWU

e] Assistant Secretary Marion Halfpenny NUT

f] Executive Committee Brian Clarke POA

g] Auditor Adrian Turner UNISON

h]  WM County Assoc of TUCs Bros.Kelleher, Hardacre, Deacon Sis. Taylor 

i]  TUC Observers  – no nominations for: LGBT TUC, Women’s TUC, Black Workers’ TUC, nor Disability TUC observer.

       j) West Midlands County Association of TUC – Sis. Taylor, Bro. Hardacre and Bro. Deacon.

       k)  TUC annual conference delegate Bro. Kelleher 


6.         speaker: Sue Harris – Regional Head Employers Rights Units Midlands Thompson’s Solicitors update on recent employment law cases.  Discrimination and Equal Pay.  2004 Employment Tribunal cases had risen.  New legislation brought about more tribunals.  Disputes resolution regulation so even small businesses had procedures so less tribunals.  1/4/09 – no dispute resolutions. Equal pay cases – does complainant need to be named. Case against Government, 65 default retirement age.  Service can be a selection criteria for redundancy.  Discrimination of carer of disabled child.  Unfair dismissal.  If off on long term sick could get holiday pay and this would be possible.  Attorney General judgement.  Very many interesting cases given.  Invite back again. Presentation of History of WB&DTUC.


7.         AOB   – Industrial Mission leaflet on redundancies circulated. 

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